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[eBay Plus] Lockwood T-Lock Digital Smart Deadbolt Lock $107.55 Delivered @ Sellit1212 eBay


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Hi All,

Due to the massive popularity of the last deal were running this again.

For those without eBay Plus, please DM me.
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  • Fuggedaboutit with cash back on coupon

    • what ??? im feeling lost…. and yes im in sydney

      • You need to be fluent in ozbargain


    thats a bumm….. but how easy/cheap to get a zigbee?

    • If you dont use a Zigbee you can set it just to open with a code. You cant use the phone.
      Zigbees are about $30.

      Have a read of the previous sale lots of info there.

  • What happens if the board fails and you have it on your entrance door ? Big fan of smart homes but the front door lock , mechanical is better than electronic me thinks. No locksmith can open this..if the board fails even a hacker will not gain access. An electronic lock with a fall back old school key.. that is ideal.

    • -1

      If you can gain access from the inside you can just turn it open

      • -1

        Yes I do realise that :-D ..I was talking about coming in from outside..if I was inside a locksmith is not really required :-D ..Another thing is I do not get Zigbee compatibility barring marketing..only reason for zigbee is if you want to integrate it with your smart home.. I think just the app and wi fi connectivity is adequate for a lock..why would someone ever want to go Alexa/Google open the door when you are inside the house and obviously if you are outside you cannot do that anyway. The other thing you can do is use Home assistant or equivalent to track people using the lock but doesnt really make sense to me.. rather I do not have a similar use case..Forgot to mention that I bought in the last sale.. works as advertised and is very cool and well built but not going on my front door ..I put it on the garage access door. Now if I lose my front door keys I raise the garage doors and waltz in with my phone so the product is great just if it was a combo of a key and a board plus motor to turn the spindle that would be ideal

      • -2

        Oh hang on..after all these days after OP posted I just realised.. it does not have wifi only Zigbee.. if the hub is down no phone only keypad.. yeah nah..I wouldnt put in on the front door..but still a great product ..have had zero issues so far but the smarts have too much reliability on other things for something as crucial as a lock.. Not just this product mind you..if the board fails.. wi fi fails, key recognition fails and in this case Zigbee fails .. do not use it as an entrance lock IMHO ..product is well built and works as advertised

        • +4

          If your hub is down how hard is it to enter the pin. If your hub is constantly down then you have issues with your home setup.

          I don’t get your concern with the front door. It sounds like you have internal access by your garage anyway so why not put this on the door and use another door as the alternative access. The reliability is only a major issue for places where you have only the one door, such as a unit or apartment. The fact you already use the garage door when you “lose your key” suggests you have a plan B and that your front door lock isn’t a foolproof solution anyway. In fact the number pad on this seems like it’d be better in the scenario where your keys are lost since you don’t need keys or a remote to get in.

          • @Smigit: My Zigbee hub has gone down maybe once or twice in the last 2 years I dont even need the smarts to be honest..why have a smart door lock.. why have a smart anything that doesnt make your life easier..I do have alternative access , easiest is through the garage with a clicker to open the doors…Only one problem rock up in a Uber 2 AM the front door lock board has failed , no clicker for the garage, cannot call a locksmith because he/she cannot help cannot call a mate because there is no key to the front door and we do have 2 clickers so no backup to give to our mates. Swap that lock with a key as a back up and a mate who has a key .. no more monkeying around on the roof at 2 AM with the neighbours dogs barking…still that is just me and my scenario..not sure if that fits onto everyone. I am one up now since if I do have the clicker then I can get in with the code..it would be perfect if I would need nothing as a backup except my mate who would hate me :-D

            • @shaidas: Add one of the wifi garage door openers, then you can open your garage door with your phone too.

    • +1

      Do you only have one external door in your home? If the digital lock fails then you can use the old school mechanical lock on another door. I almost always use the garage door when leaving or returning home, but if that ever fails then I have a single door key in my wallet.

      • Yeah bud only one entrance door .. forgot to take the key a few times, Mrs out of town…Once climbed in through the roof , twice called a locksmith then bought this now can get in through the garage access door.. would be perfect if it had a key as a fall back..has worked flawlessly in the last few months months but electronics can fail and I shall be back on the roof… I know I am a bit of a Klutz but that is why this product is perfect for someone like me

    • I have the version of this that has the physical key option. It is nice to have, although in the four years or so since I installed it we've never had to use it….

  • any video installation/ review please?

      • Damn! These are exactly like the Yale Assure SL digital deadbolts (YRD256-NR-619) that I had purchased last year for $170 each from the Amazon Global Store.
        I guess I shouldn't be surprised as ASSA ABLOY owns Lockwood, Yale and a whole bunch of other companies.

        I don't get the neg on our comment, OP. Someone here simply hates you.

  • +1

    This is a quick personal review.

    I like this lock. My first smart lock. Now from what I know I would probably spent a bit more money and get the newer version.

    I had higher expectations initially when I bought from last deal, so to set your expectations right. This is what the lock can do.
    - lock the door by touching the front of the lock face
    - unlock using a PIN number.
    - can set up multiple pins manually via the lock face.
    - if you have an Echo with zigbee it will detect it as a Yale lock and you can have one way communication to lock. For example tell Alexa to lock the door. Set a routine that lock the door.
    - can lock/unlock with Alexa app

    What it can not do.
    - send info back to Alexa. For example Alexa doesn’t know if the lock is locked or unlocked
    - can not access log of failed/successful times some interacted with lock
    - there is not Lockwood or Yale app to use this lock with.
    - trigger other smart devices in the home from this lock (only one way communication to lock)

    Installation was simple enough, but I had to drill a bigger hole.

    Overall I think this is a good lock that we are enjoying at home. Great to lock the door when going to walk the dogs and not have to take the keys. Kids at home can open the door with no keys. No need to wait for mum or dad holding the keys to open the door for them after getting off the car.
    I set a night routine that includes locking the door. Usually is locked anyway. I haven’t yet tried opening the door remotely for anyone.

    • +1

      Some of the things you say it can’t do are possibly related to the use of Alexa as the hub. I’m using Home Assistant and it reports the lock state, and from there I can expose the lock and it’s state to the Apple Home app and other platforms. I can also do automations off the state.

      I don’t get failed login notifications with my setup and there’s no first party app, but the second points moot as I have both the Home Assistant and Apple Home apps for that.

      Might be worth looking at other hub options.

      • So if you manually lock/unlock it, it updates the lock state in HA?

        • Yep. And that then also replicates in my Apple Home App.

          I have automations set up that rely on the locks state. For example, I also stuck a contact sensor on the door and then set up an automation that triggers 5 minutes after the door is shut (contact sensor) which checks if the door is still unlocked (lock state) and if it is, locks it. Its a big improvement over the locks own "auto lock" capability as that would lock irrespective of whether the door is open or not and also lets me pick lock intervals other than the 3 or so the lock supports.

          • @Smigit: This is what I do not get..how does that make your life easier.. why take all that trouble ..how does that help you ? I have home assistant routines that turn off and on bathroom lights with pressure sensors on my bed, light sensors for the curtains with an automatic blind roller, temp sensors that control the aircon, my sprinkler system is linked to my home assistant ..all of these took a lot of time to get them just right and even then there are hiccups..why would you want to automate a lock..how does that make your life easier..If it does I can replicate it

            • @shaidas: If my wife or son close the door but don’t turn the lock, it secures the property. My other family members are terrible at locking things behind them.

              That’s one automation. I haven’t set it up but I can also easily do something like unlock the door if I arrive home in my car too so I don’t have to interact with the door. I had this with the August lock I replaced with this one which did that over Bluetooth and it was great. I haven’t gotten around to re-implementing that just yet but.

              If a relative is coming over I can remotely open the door for them. Tradies I could give a temporary PIN to for the day.

              If I’m not sure if I locked the door and didn’t have the above automation in place to auto lock, I could ask “hey Siri is the front door open” using hands free and find out without turning the car around to physically check.

              Then there’s the little thing of not needing to carry keys with me. Ohh and a lost key doesn’t require replacing a lock, I can just change the PIN.

              The automations I have in place only took a few minutes to set up. Wasn’t hard to add the lock into my existing setup and they aren’t overly complex. Literally about 5 minutes to set the automation up and expose the lock in Apple Home, given I already had Home Assistant running. Granted for new users it’ll be a lot more effort, but I’ve been running it for 3 or 4 years so it was easy to slot the lock in.

              • @Smigit: ok dude if you say it makes your life easier that is awesome..good for you..I am not sold on the electric lock for the entrance much less a smart lock yet but sill this is a good deal for a smart lock

              • @Smigit:

                Tradies I could give a temporary PIN to for the day.

                Just to be sure, you haven't found a way to send temporary PINs to it have you? You just mean setting a PIN on the pad and deleting it manually after?
                Are you using the Zigbee module or August module?

                • +1

                  @bamzero: No not with ZHA. I think the device may support it but ZHA doesn't currently have the capability to do that. I thought I saw something along those lines being discussed for zigbee2mqtt, but as I'm not using that I didn't really look into it.

            • @shaidas: Don't need to carry keys (do still have keys hidden for emergency, if single entry then get lock with key override).
              No key to lose requiring all new lock barrel and keys if that's a problem with family members.

              Remotely let guests/tradie/delivery in.

              Access for cleaner/housemates/Airbnb which you can revoke easily and they can't clone.

          • @Smigit: Cool thanks. Had a look at Home Assistant and seems that is a long process to set it up and requires lots of patience and knowledge ( something I lack)

      • +1

        I'm assuming you used zha right? Did you at any point migrate from deconz to zha? I'm just wanting to know how much work is it to do. I don't want to go around re-pairing all my devices just to add a lock into HA.

        • I started in ZHA other than testing one device on Deconz before setting it up, so can’t say what a migration might be like. Even now I’m using the lock, 4 or 5 sensors and 4 or 5 smart plugs, so not a lot. Otherwise I have Hue lights but I’ve opted to keep them paired to the Hue Hub.

        • +1

          I moved from deconz to ZHA. Did it to accomodate this specific lock (from the last deal). It was a headache, and my xiaomi multi sensors havn't worked since. ANd my Ikea Motion sensors are massively lagged now. As for lighting, I just had to turn them off and on and they flashed a few times and showed up in the new network.

          • @maxwellian: Thanks, better not migrate then. Don't really feel like having to stuff around trying to get things working just for a lock.

            • @zorrt: Yeah, not the easy option although it has improved dramatically over the years. There might be more out of the box alternatives though. Maybe someone using a Xiaomi HUB or something can remark on whether those report device state.

    • Hey Mahalo, what technique did you use to to drill a larger hole? I'm in the same situation, and it ain't easy to use a hole saw second time around given there's no middle to drill into to keep the saw in one spot. Whoever installed the original lock on this door did a crappy job!

      I was thinking of clamping to bits of ply wood - either side of the door - and doing it that way.

      • +1

        I had a drill kit from Bunnings.
        Also start slow from both ends and meet in the middle

      • +1

        If you've got the right size smaller hole saw as well, use them both on the arbor at the same time.

        It should sit forward enough to center the larger saw as you drill.

  • -3

    Grabbed one. I didn't want to buy it outside of eBay from seller, only because he wanted same price as eBay price. If he gave a price minus eBay fees(13%) I would of bought it outside of eBay.

  • Would this work with a Xiaomi v2 or v3 hub?

    • Yes it will communicate..I have an aqara but a number of other cheaper smart products..working as a mesh .. I didnt even notice till now that the lock was zigbee dependant ..so yes it works great

      • Thanks for the reply.
        Is that through the Mi-Home app or do you run it through Home Assistant ?

  • Is this fire rated? Suitable for apartment?

  • Bought 2x. Thanks OP!

  • How is it powered? With internal batteries that needs to be recharged from time to time? Thanks

    • +1

      4x AA, with 9v battery for backup

      • thanks mate, tried to look for an online spec but no luck!

        • Specs are the same as Yale Assure Lock SL with ZigBee module.

          • @bamzero:

            Specs are the same as Yale Assure Lock SL with ZigBee module.

            Yet so much cheaper than a simple Yale Assure Lock SL (*) without any network modules.

            (*) Cheapest price on Amazon AU was ~ $170 AUD.

            • @DoctorCalculon: I believe these were part of the Telstra Smart Home range which is discontinued so guessing this is clearance stock that the seller got in bulk lots dirt cheap.

  • Great deal

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