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2% Cashback (Max $30 Per Transaction) Using Tap & Zip (Excludes Fuel Stations & Grocery Stores) @ Zip


Hi All, Zip have brought back their cashback! (Finally)

2% Cashback Using Tap & Zip (Excludes petrol / groceries)

Full details here
Note: I found this deal whilst in the IOS app

Ends August 31 2021

Must add your Zip card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Note: $30 must be accumulated in cashback by 31/08/2021 in order to be rewarded. Otherwise cashback will be voided

Referral Links

Referral: random (540)

$30 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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  • What are the key terms of this promotion?
    This promotion is governed under Zip Reward Program T&Cs. Your Tap & Zip transaction:

    (1) will earn 2% cashback, up to a maximum reward amount of $30 per transaction
    (2) must be made instore
    (3) will not earn cashback on grocery or fuel. The cashback you earn will go towards your Reward Target. Once you hit the Reward Target, you can redeem it via the App into your Zip Pay account
    (4) Promotion ends at 11:59PM AEST on 31 August 2021

    • What does grocery mean? If I buy chocolate bar from Woolies?

    • +21

      Rewards target is $30. Meaning you'd have to spend minimum $1500 before 31/08/2021 in order for this to have any benefit to you. Otherwise you're just wasting your time

      • +11

        I imagine that would be fairly difficult when you take out groceries, petrol and online shopping..

        • +1

          Challenge accepted!

        • You could pay your council rates at the office

          • @bonezAU: … with HSBC with no minimum rewards target and instant cashback without the need to redeem… you can split payment at Post Office.

            • @samehada: Could you really be bothered splitting a bill at the post office into 10 or 15 transactions though?

              • @bonezAU: Council Rate is quarterly bill and for many it is not $1000 per quarter so realistically speaking it is 6x split. If you are really bother with the Zip Rewards for 2% then I don't think splitting 5x is a problem. If you are the next level of "professional" you already use Coles MC gift card for these… and you can pay it online that way.

                • @samehada:

                  Council Rate is quarterly bill

                  That is the default installment. You can pay it one go, or pay it monthly if you choose, or have other alternative payment arrangements.

                  for many it is not $1000 per quarter

                  If you choose to pay it in one go, for some of us it may be close to $1.5K.

                  • @DoctorCalculon: For 2%, why do you even bother to do that when you can pay anytime with HSBC. You'd better keep that money in your mortgage account.

                    I have paid mine with the 10% Zip promo back in December, but for 2% and I can just get 2% anytime with my HSBC card I won't bother paying it off.

                  • +1

                    @DoctorCalculon: Some councils have transaction fees if paying rates by card

                    • @megadeth:

                      transaction fees if paying rates by card

                      Good point! That would kill the deal then.

                    • @megadeth: I pay by card anyway for the points, it's worth it with the fee my council charges (YCMV). This way I get 2% back on what I would have paid.

            • @samehada: Hi, what actual bills for example can we pay at post office and ask them to split?
              I've never done this.

  • +44

    Should have been at least 5%.

    2% can be obtained anyways via HSBC debit card

    • +10

      True. Upside - can be used on petrol and groceries. Downside - transaction needs to be under $100. Some place look at you funny when you ask for split payments.

      • +19

        Petrol and groceries you should be using discounted gift cards.

        This promo allows you to 'double dip' on the 2% and credit card points used to pay off the Zip balance.

        • Nice to see a Smart Cookie here :)

        • We primarily use Costco fuel which needs physical credit cards, other fuel stations too expensive even after discounts.., so all our Woolies fuel vouchers are typically wasted

        • +2

          Too much effort to keep track of the gift card

          • +2

            @ln28909: Woolworths money app to store them all?

        • -2

          isn't using credit card to pay off zip balance considered using cash advanced? Will this also work on afterpay?

          • -1

            @chen: agreed, couldnt use my credit card to pay off the balance last time.

    • +2

      Those without HSBC card but have zip pay can still be benefited

  • +40

    Bring back 10% saturdays

    • +1

      didn't know this existed before - thanks for bringing it up!

    • +2

      Wait until Christmas

    • Good times

  • +20

    So you need to spend $1500 by 31st Aug before you can redeem the $30?

    • +8

      There can be no cash back at all considering the restrictions on category, instore, and offer period. Unobtainable deal…

    • +3

      If reward target is still $30. And is spending blocks of $1500 to get $30!

  • So gift card offers from Aus Post , Target etc should be ok but from Coles and Woolies is a no no right ?

    • It looks like it. No furthur explanation yet. Aldi, IGA, Costco, fruit & veggie shops should be all excluded too.

      • Have used zip pay at Costco warehouse in the past, it works like a normal visa, but not sure if the transaction is eligible for 2% Cashback or not.

        • (3) will not earn cashback on grocery or fuel.

          • +1

            @Neoika: Suprised, I got the 2% cashback from Costco for my yesterday's transsaction. Didn't even know about this before this post!

          • @Neoika: Costco transactions are also not all groceries. You end up often spending 5x of what you have on your mind when entering the store for all those bargains on non grocery stuff.

            • @megadeth: How exactly do they differentiate between groceries/fuel and everything else? Is it just by store I imagine?

              • @eyebrows7: Of course just by store.

              • @eyebrows7: Can confirm it doesn't work for any type of purchase from Coles & Woolies. Bought SIM card from Coles and a cable from woolies, didn't count.

                • @deliriouss: Can also confirm not just the major chains they've blocked so must be merchant category. Buying milk at spudshed (WA) didn't earn.

                  • +1

                    @jasonb: and some idiots just downvoted my comment above about merchant code.🤦

  • +6

    Haha. I think they will need to up the Ante if they want to boost their revenues for quarterly or 6 monthly reporting.

    ZIP shares have been zipping down since January if they don't get revenue their with be RIP on stock market.

    • +5

      I think they are the best service in this sector . The others force users to pay off in x amount of weeks/ months the full amount . Zip take full advantage of the people that don't want to pay off fast with the rip off interest rate ballooning there profits .

      • -4


        People aren't dumb. The other similar BNPL services have had ongoing bonus offers and no interest.

        Nobody wants another BNPL if it's no better than a regular credit card.

        I know I haven't used zip this year. Afterpay and latitudepay I have.

        The winner in this market will be that one that is subsidised longest (iirc they often aren't actually profiting yet?) until the others fail.

        • Well Bud plenty of people are paying the rate with this service as well as credit cards . Look at the billions owed is my best proof :)

        • +3

          Zip is more like an interest free day extension to your credit card. Unlike a typical BNPL, almost all merchants are acceptable.

          • @Neoika: Good point. Although it would make some protections (phone screen, price protection) invalid to do that.

            • -1

              @justtoreply: I have afterpay and zip but I use pretty much zip only. Repayment are more flexible with Zip, I can repay whichever amount whenever I want, instead of fixed amount at set intervals. As long as you pay the $40/$80 min payment each month, the cost of borrowing is just $6 per month. You don't even need to pay the $6 account fee if you clear the balance before the end of the following month, that makes it better than other BNPL for me.
              I moved all of my expenses (except rent and automated payments) to zip to give myself a better overview of how much I am spending each month. I can check exactly how much I need to repay by the end of the following month at any given moment in app, something that I can't do with afterpay.
              Yes, there are 0% APR and $0 annual fee credit card for the first year out there but you can't keep the perk on-goingly unless you keep applying and cancelling CC, which risks hurting your credit score anyway. For people who clear their balance every month, CC is a better option as CC comes wth more perks, but if those who want the flexibility to ocassionally repay over a longer period without interest, zip works well.

  • +1

    i can't find rewards in my zip app — is it targeted?

    • I don't see it as well, but I called them up and they confirmed the update just went through this morning and may take some time to show up. I was reassured that all accounts are eligible for this promo.

  • +9

    If the 2% is not successful Zip will be tempted to bring back either the 5% or 10% Super Saturday!

    • +4

      The only popular places to participate may be AU Post, Kmart, Big W, Target, IKEA, liquor shops. Most of them have better discounted giftcards available.

      • +2

        except Auspost, all other shops in your list have better discount gift card.

        Why even bother with this deal when you can get the same with HSBC and even better without the $30 minimum rewards balance.

        You can even get $150 for opening HSBC account with Bupa link.

        • +2

          People who can get 3.41% off (mentioned in the Coles MC GC/Big W Swap cards deal) wont be bothered.

          • @Neoika: What Coles MC/BigW Swap deal?

            • @samehada: You appeared. Zip deal wont help further as it excludes Woolies.

              • +2

                @Neoika: The one you mentioned is only for WW staff. This Zip deal is not attractive at all with so many restrictions.

          • @Neoika: Talking about going cashless, I have not used cash for a while and to the next level not even use my ATM/Debit/Credit card as well…lol…

            I have Care Package from Liven app for Sharetea and a few others last time, shopping from Coles with Flybuys/Coles GC. Have enough WW Rewards credit for fuel for more than 1yr, 7-11 GC from the last 10% Zip promo for fuel lock. TCN Restaurant GC if I need to eat out. Coles MC GC from Coles promo for everything else….

            Just a few small transactions with HSBC Tap&Pay when I shop in Aldi.

            Talking about #goingcashless with expert level.

        • +1

          Agreed. Here's where I first described the issue I saw, and I got negged for that comment too. I guess we OB'ers don't take too kindly to somebody hating on a popular and hugely successful deal 😄

  • +2

    This reward target $30 thing is a deal breaker.
    That means once you start, you have to spend minimum $1500 to rip the 2% off benefit.

    • +1

      And the promotion ends 31 Aug, so you have about 3 months. So you have to spend $500 per month with many exclusions.

      • +1

        Council rates, car rego, and utility bills can possibly help to achieve $1500 target

        • You can pay all of those with Tap and Zip?

          • @JHoliday: You can if you pay at the post office, but then you get charged more…

            • @Hintswen: any idea how much is the fee the post office is charging for paying the council rate in the store???

          • +1

            @JHoliday: I'll walk into the council office instead of paying it online this year shrug

  • +2

    not even worth it to re download the app for this 2% deal

  • HSBC transaction account gives 2% cashback on all transactions tap and pay under $100.

  • +2

    That means I have to spend $1500 before I can claim the $30 reward block. Might just stick a hsbc.

  • +10

    meh, 2% with $30 max is low alredy, excluding petrol and groceries is a joke

  • I know its a bit of far sighted thinking that 1K of gift cards( 10% off standard promo ) with a extra $20 is powerful lol .
    Then even more far sighted thinking repeat :)

  • +2

    I don't rate this promotion, last time I remember I didn't reach the $30 reward quota so essentially just lost what I earned, making it completely pointless.

    • +1

      Yes this promo is not that good. But last promo was a killer, I think it's your own fault for not hitting the $30 target, as it was basically spend $300, get $30 back, which is not very difficult at all.

      • +2

        This one… I just use my HSBC for all small purchases. 2% instant cashback rather than having some silly $30 redemption any day.

  • I joined halfway through the month for the 10% cashback saturdays but still profited $200. Have been using Zip Pay ever since, increasing my limit so I can buy more gift cards.

    They’re probably testing 2% out and will increase later on.

    Curious to see where I can get gift cards from now that aren’t grocery or fuel stores

    • Does zip do a credit check?

      • Yes, I was just speaking to my banker yesterday for loan and completely forgot zip. He came back saying it came up on my profile when he checked at his end. So yes.

    • True genius here. I’ve still got the default $1k
      What’s your credit limit?

    • Curious to see where I can get gift cards from now that aren’t grocery or fuel stores

      post office… if you expect further discount on the gift card probably online but you won't get 2% from spending

      another choice probably from the liquor store… Liquorland is selling coles giftcards and BWS is selling WW giftcards

  • I have been using zip as my default mode of payment mostly (except when using gift cards) and can see the cashback being built up already.
    Thanks Op! For bringing this up , else wouldn’t even have known!

  • +10

    I feel like I should downvote this because of the trap card that you can only redeem at $30 intervals. That means $1500 spend is optimal, but you can’t go any less than that else you forfeit all cashback, and any more is a waste.

    Just use hsbc.

    • +2

      You summed up this deal well.

      The min spend before 31/08/2021 ($1,500 cumulatively) to redeem the lowest interval ($30) before being forfeited if not met should be added to the final paragraph in OP

      It's a no deal for me too, especially with restricting it from being used for groceries and fuel

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