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Toolpro Automotive Tool Kit 138 Piece $149.99 (Was $299.99) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Pro: good price, quality of tools based on my limited experience of owning a discontinued 216 piece set.
Con: not 100% metric

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  • Looks to be a decent beginner’s or occasional-use kit, although missing what I would consider a lot of ‘essential’ automotive maintenance tools like screwdrivers and hex keys, unfortunately the “bits” they use often struggle to fit into narrow holes. Still a decent kit for a pretty good price.

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      Agree, a good kit but missing pliers and decent screw drivers.

      Would make a great gift to someone starting out.

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      I disagree. Those additional tools are not missing. Making a single toolbox with all that stuff in makes it too big and heavy - this one is already very big and heavy. I own one of these. Instead, a few boxes with pieces are way easier to manage.
      Do you need to fix your kid's toy? Easy, grab your screwdriver box. There is no need to grab a full 200 piece toolbox with 1/2in ratchets in it.
      Additional benefit: after your screwdrivers get lost or worn out, you replace the whole screwdriver box. Change brands if you want to, there is no need to get the exact same brand and shape so they fit in your 200kg toolbox.

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        I find with these things it's so frustrating when you don't have the correct tool that it justifies having them somewhere on a shelf.

        Doesn't mean you need to carry them everywhere every day. I may not use any imperial for a while but that doesn't matter at all, because likely I will at some stage.

      • I disagree. You don't want to be stranded needing a tool. It's heavy because it's too comprehensive. I would rather pliers and other tools as opposed to all the sockets. I've also never worn a screw driver down, and I've used a screw driver more often then a socket set.

        I have several friends who have these types of kits and they regret them so much. Going to a wrecking yard they need to take several kits just to get a part off.

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      … Because its a socket set…

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        It's a "automotive tool kit"

      • for an "automotive kit", it's missing many critical tools.

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    If they let me swap 30+ imperial sockets for just 10mm ones, i'm sold.

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      10mm, 12mm & 15mm sockets are basically all you need to pull apart most Japanese cars

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        and motorbikes. i only needed 2 sockets out

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    I bought this set last year and very happy with it.

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    Con: not 100% metric

    Might as well throw the whole thing in the bin.

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    Thanks OP been looking for a kit like this for a while. Sick of looking through a drawer full of random sockets looking for the damn 10mm

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    if you're an eBay plus member, probably order through eBay and get an extra 10% off. I believe these have lifetime warranty and made in Taiwan.

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      How do eBay plus members get an extra 10% off? I just joined eBay plus so not sure if I'm missing something, however can't see any extra 10% off offer for this.

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        Just bought it on ebay with 10% off + pickup. Go to checkout then choose discount/code, stick on 10% off code there

        • Great thanks.

          For others wondering, the 10% off eBay plus code that is working at the moment is:


          • @retailsaver: The code doesn’t work but it’s already cheaper and includes shipping.

            • @DingoBlue: Um, just worked for me right then, ordered to collect from the local store, $134.99.

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                @Maximum64: Sorry I didn't realise the other link provided was just some random guy selling his.

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    Been using the Toolpro 87-piece kit for past 2 years for my novice home use. Good set of tools, can't complain.

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      Forgot to add: My 87-piece kit has quite a decent weight, so I can assume this 138-piece kit is going to be quite heavy, not something you want to carry around for long. Just something you have to beware of before you buy it.

  • Good kit. I bought one last year.

  • +3
    • $134.99 if you are an eBay Plus member and order from Supercheap using the current code, though would need to collect from a local store if you have one.

    • Limited quantity and it's a better deal using the Supercheap eBay store if you have eBay Plus like mentioned

  • Better than the repco one on sale

  • +3

    Been using for year, awesome piece of kit.. rock solid tools n case

  • Nice kit to add to other tools, thanks :)

  • I have had this kit for a few years now, it part of the set of tools I take to the track. It is a good kit but I'm pretty sure it was cheaper a few years ago (everything seems up a little nowadays). I did replace the imperial spanners with metric ratchet spanners.

  • Thanks OP got one.

  • I've had this kit for about 4 years now, use it every day at work and it's been great.

  • So tempting to get. But I have enough tools.

    Great thing about these are lifetime warranty at any supercheap

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    I wouldn't say that having imperial inclusions is a con. When you've got nuts/bolts that are imperial, still relatively common, you'll be thankful.

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    imperial is a joke

    metric is the worlds standard

    imperial is trash

  • Can the trays be removed or cut out for use in a tool chest drawer?

    • If you know how to use other tools like a reciprocating saw or a multi-cutter, anything is possible

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    Honestly, I think this is a much better kit…

    Maybe less pieces (it doesn’t have any imperial even though it says imperial), but higher quality and more useful bits.

    Just FYI, if you don’t use tools very often I can tell you that high quality sockets/tools are much less likely to strip or round stuck bolts, seem to actually take less effort (usually longer handles that are softer in your hands) and generally make the job nicer.

    For very occasional use or to be kept in the car either of these kits are ok, but to the people in this thread saying they use these kits regularly honestly spend some money and get good quality tools. My biggest regrets was buying super cheap tools when I was younger, I should have just spent money on something a little better in the first place

    • Unless you have a specific need all the imperial is useless. The Bahco from Sydney tools is very nicely priced and offers everything you would need in basic sockets and drives. The only thing imperial in the Bahco is the 1/2 or 1/4 drive size which is universal to any socket set.

      • Agreed.
        I'd rather buy a better quality kit with just the metric items for the same price.

        Only time I use imperial is to smash a random socket onto a rounded off nut to get it off.

        • Also there are only a handful of imperial sizes where a metric doesn't fit.

    • +1

      Genuine question: Does Bahco offer lifetime warranty on their stuff as well?
      For many like myself that (and cost) is the main draw for Toolpro and Repco stuff.
      I sometimes don’t use tools I’ve purchased a good year or 3 after purchase date so it’s good to know I can just swap it over the counter should I discover a defect later.

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