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Ryzen 7 2700X Budget Workstation/Office PC [X470/16GB 3200]: $599 + Shipping (Mid June) @ TechFast


Hi folks

Something a bit different today, and kicking off our EOFYS clearances with a budget workstation PC featuring the 8 core/16 thread Ryzen 7 2700X and a GT 710. Makes a fantastic budget workstation or grunty home/office PC.

Ryzen 7 2700X | GT 710 Workstation Desktop PC: $599 after 2700X-JUNE

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8c/16t processor
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 240GB SSD (low base for those bringing own storage; brand/model may vary)
  • Biostar X470GTQ motherboard
  • 750W Allied power supply [Bronze and Gold upgrade options available]
  • Leaper Air Mini case (shown with RGB lights off, achieved by holding RGB button down for a couple of seconds. Same with the Lance-V upgrade option)

Shipping mid June for these ones.


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    I couldn't find any live prices for the 2700X PCPartPicker Part List but it should stack up against a comparable 8 core CPU price.

    Type Item Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor $285.00
    Motherboard Biostar X470GTQ Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $79.00
    Memory Team T-Force Zeus 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL20 Memory $115.02 @ Amazon Australia
    Storage Kingston A400 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $43.00 @ Amazon Australia
    Video Card MSI GeForce GT 710 2 GB Video Card $69.00 @ Computer Alliance
    Case Deepcool MATREXX 30 MicroATX Mini Tower Case $45.00 @ PLE Computers
    Power Supply CoolMax 750 W ATX Power Supply $60.00
    Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
    Total $696.02
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-05-26 14:09 AEST+1000
  • Are the components (specifically the CPU and mobo) brand new?

    • All 100% brand new, yes.

      • Will you have a more stable 24\7 workstation\server coming up?

        • A Zen 3 Ryzen 7 or 9 version is unlikely due to supply but we will look at 3000 series.

  • +4

    Just what I was looking for. My daughter wants a desktop instead of a laptop now.

    • The gt710 won’t be any good for gaming if that’s what she wants to do

      • No. Mostly for her schoolwork. She's more comfortable on a desktop when at home and I'm sick of her using mine.

        • +21

          plug her laptop into a keyboard, mouse and monitor and she will never know
          If she is extra smart and doesn't fool easy, put a cardboard box on the desk and tell her it is the tower

          • +8

            @UNFKNBLVBL: Maybe she understands thermal throttling and gets sick of the slow down / fan noise?

            • +1

              @Mechz: how much homework are kids doing these days :o

              • @UNFKNBLVBL: Sweet f**k all.. According to our schools teachers it's for the kids mental well-being so they don't get given mandatory homework… But we can have the homework grid and then mark it ourselves…..

            • +31

              @Mechz: She said something about even with a 7nm fabrication process, the confined space makes heat dissipation difficult. She says the resultant fan speed increase and noise makes it hard to concentrate.

              No idea what she's on about.

              • @locknuts: Me neither but sounds about right.

              • @locknuts: If it’s a 7nm process laptop chip, it would be either a Ryzen 4000 series or 5000 series (released last year and this year), kids these days so unhappy even when their laptop has one of the latest processors SMH

            • @Mechz: then teach her the wonders of liquid metal

          • +1

            @UNFKNBLVBL: Lol nice. It has HDMI out so it might actually work.

  • +1


    The GPU I dreamed of in 2016.

    • +12

      You had low standards in 2016 ;)

    • +1

      Probably one of the worst performing GPUs released in 2016

      • +2

        Probably one of the worst performing GPUs released in 2016

        • +1

          It performs fine for heaps of applications perfectly decent GPU and way better than integrated graphics… It's low power and passively cooled too so perfect for a home/office PC.

          Edit - are you referring to gaming? You'd have to be a troglodyte to expect this to perform well in games.

          • @bkbone: It's far worse than integrated graphics… Intel UHD 620 iGPU from 2017 smashes one of these.

            • +1

              @Xenatos: Yeah I looked it up and your right.. I'm actually kinda blown away by that!

              Still stand by that it would be fine for most applications by tho.

  • Does this specs is okay to edit 4K videos?

    • +3

      Haha gpu gl

    • If you swap GPU for a 1050 then yes.

      • I’ve got a 1050ti and it struggles a lot with 4k. Unbearable

    • +1

      I have a 2700, 32gb ram, gtx1070, and using da Vinci resolve.
      It's not a nice experience editing in 4k.
      After an overclock, it's more bearable, but not great.

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    What parts of this wouldn't hold up to gaming if you swapped out the GPU with something grunty?

    • Following

    • +1

      CPU and memory would be fine, although 3000 or 5000 series Ryzen would be better, not going to be a big deal for most people.

      Depending on quality of power supply, that may be an issue depending on how powerful a GPU you go..

      240GB SSD won't hold many modern games, but could always add a second SSD or a HDD for storage.

      • So the newer 6C12T Ryzens are better than this 8C16T one? Or are you suggesting going with a modern 8C16T one? The newer 8 core ones seem to be a fair jump in price.

        • Obviously varies game to game but for gaming a 5600 is far better than a 2700. But that is assuming you are CPU limited so unlikely to matter as much at 1440P or 4k or with less powerful gpus (if you are still running 1000 series or 2000 series)

        • +2

          It's fine. I have no idea why anyone would think anything above 6 cores would matter in gaming. You guys trying to stimulate an universe or something?

          • +1

            @Wonderfool: Universim recommends 6 or 8+ cores for best performance according to the steam page.

    • +3

      None of it really, throw a 3060 in and you've got a pretty good gaming rig..

      Maybe a bigger HDD or SSD too..

    • If you only care about gaming; get the latest gen AMD 6-core (5600X), or one of the last 2-3gen 6-core Intel (9400F, 10400F, 11400F).
      Note that you'd also require a different motherboard when buying Intel.

      This 2700x is OK for gaming, but not great value.

      • +4

        2700X is fine people these days just comparing against benchmark websites and get scared. I had 2700X with a RTX3070 and no issues whatsoever. the 3600 is a negligible upgrade against a 2700X imo just keep it as a 2700X

        • Sure, it's fine. But if you're buying now, I'd get 5600x over 2700x.

          • -2

            @sdfgsdf6478: Disagree.

            Games will need more than 6 cores very soon.

            Benchmarks now dont mean much as all the games are 2 odd years old tech wise.

            Looking at cyberpunk and valhalla a 2700x is more than fine.

      • +5

        2700x with 5700 xt is still plenty good for 1440p gaming. Most of my games run between 80-120fps max settings.

    • If adding a GPU for gaming then you'd want to upgrade the power supply.

      The case is pretty small so won't fit a long GPU, so get the case upgrade (or may be fine with a small GPU if you can get hold of one, max 230mm stated)

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    @OP will this biostar motherboard handle 5000 series CPUs in the future if I needed upgrade?

    • +2

      Yes the X470 handles Zen 3 chips with a BIOS update. We're not able to perform this prior to shipping on this occasion but the 2700X installed will allow it.

  • Any gpu upgrades? ;)

    • +24


      • Luke died and face rolled the keyboard?

      • This is the part where you should offer the purple/pinkish Yeston RX550. It's a decent card and has a few different sizes including a 4x HDMI variant.

        Can also be easily overclocked and available in boring black. YouTubers have started to review the card too.

  • A 3060 pc soon?

  • +6

    How time flies PC Market changes

    Like 15 months ago you could have get this for $4 cheaper

    Thank You COVID-19 Crypto for ruining the PC Gaming Community

    • -2

      Hold off until after COVID-19

    • +1

      Yeah bring back the Tight AF deal haha. Pretty sure techfasts sales sadly would have taken a dive in this market with their increased prices. Most of their posts don't even make top page any more.

      • Considering how well they've done thanks to the OZB community, Techfast should already be very greatful regardless. COVID impacted everyone :(

  • no code for multiple orders? and combined the shipping.

    • The code can be used as many times as you like, but we ship each system via Auspost in one box so the same postage fee would apply each time.

      • hope you can sell it without the case.

  • Crypto will crash and we will get some sweet payback.

    • +1

      Minings already nowhere near as lucrative as it was a few weeks ago.

  • When paying with Zip money, how long is the interest free period?

    • I believe it is 6 months

      Edit: think there’s a $5 monthly fee or something too

      • Thanks Nomad.. yeah.. it's either 3/6/12/24 months and nothing mentioned on the website. Bought a bit of stuff through Zip and like the no interest option. $5/mth for free finance is too hard to pass up.

        • You could do a test checkout using zip and double check the interest free period, most seem to be 6 months but I think the 12 months is usually a special offer kinda scenario. Yeah I like the no interest payments, even if I have money still helps spread the money out more

          • @Nomad2233: I don't think they want people to pay via Zip as it incurs a 5% surcharge. So a $1280 order costs $64!!!

  • +2

    Can't say that I have had a good run with Techfast and could not honestly recommend them. Ordered and paid for my system on the 22nd of April and informed them of payment by bank transfer then duly waited 14 business days before inquiring about my order. Told that they had no record of any payment and this for a 3090 build! After a bit of a panic and scrambling to providing screen shots of the transfer details they said they would process my order and I was told that it would be built, tested and shipped last week. After hearing nothing again I finally contacted them Monday night this week. Today I got a reply and now I am being told that they don't have my video card in stock anymore and are hoping for/expecting new stock next week. Looks like I will need to wait a minimum of another 2 weeks to get my system. Leaves me regretting purchasing from them but nothing I can do about it, just hoping the wait is worth it.

    • +2

      I always wonder if this is the full story when I read comments like this. If so, I hope Techfast offer you a better deal to compensate for the lack of customer service there.

      • Techfast blamed the initial delay on the fact that they didn’t receive an email from the ANZ when my transfer was received. I had used their contact form to tell them I had initiated the bank transfer on the day I did it and I received a reply that they would keep an eye out for it which obviously didn’t happen.

        • Give us updates when you hear back!

        • +5

          I got the 10400 deal, paid on april 15, still no sign of it being posted.
          They used the same excuse of not being messaged by the bank after my 14 day wait

          Not loving the false promises and lack of communication.

    • Doesn't make great reading and is the first I've heard of this, so I will follow up tomorrow for you.

    • +2

      Just to clarify for those reading, the order was always in our system. There was a payment verification delay, but the order itself was not delayed in any way by this. The 3090 didn't come in and then go to someone else as

      they don't have my video card in stock anymore

      reads here, and this wasn't communicated to the customer as such - they just haven't come in yet due to the global delays. Had the 3090 arrived and the order still not had payment verified, we would have contacted the customer to ensure the order was valid/paid for, before moving onto another order in the queue.

      I understand the frustration here but the order is very much live, fully processed, and will be fulfilled as soon as 3090 allocations come in.

      • +1

        On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 3:11 PM [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
        Good Afternoon Michael.

        At this current stage we are pushing for your order to be fully built, tested ,and shipped by late this week, as we will be finalizing all 3090 orders, including yours. >When your order does indeed ship, you will indeed be notified by email, and your order will be updated to fulfilled, This email will also have the tracking number for >your system within it, so you can track your order from our warehouse all the way to your door.

        Kind Regards,

        Sales/Support Agent

        Apologies Luke, I may have misinterpreted the above email to infer that you had stock of the card on the 17th and that is why I was so disappointed when I had heard nothing by the following Monday and was then informed of the further delays. I eagerly await you securing stock of the 3090's so you can complete our orders.

        • No problems at all - this is one of the situations that has been happening a lot, with short or no shipments coming from distributors. We were advised of allocation the previous week, which just didn't arrive. It makes communication extremely difficult as we often get information that turns out to be incorrect. It has been the plague of the RTX 3000 series all over.

          • @luketechfast: The last email I received about my order on May 26th said that you were expecting a delivery of 3090’s early to mid this week. Do you know if you received the shipment?

  • Can this at least run CS GO and L4D2? I know I'm old. 😁

    • I played CSGO on a system with a slower processor but a GT760. Worked fine at 60fps as long as you don't mind 720p

  • FYI, the bog standard case, CPU cooler and PSU in these builds are quite loud. They are REALLY built to a price. In a quiet environment, it will probably bother most people - even if it sits under a desk. Swapping those components out to spare your ears will cost somewhere between $150-200 if you want to factor that in.

    Otherwise, I can say that the workmanship is pretty good. Neat cable management, well packaged and decent after-sales support. Also, be prepared to wait as delays could add weeks to the delivery.

  • +1

    Can anyone here recommend the best bang for your buck gaming machine in Luke's arsenal?

  • Will there be any new no GPU deals before EOFY? Or should I bite the bullet and grab this?

  • Hey Luke, is there a version without the 710?

    I have a spare Asus GTX980, Galax GTX1060, and Galax GTX2080 Super - looks like the Lance-V case and PSU should take any of them but I'm hoping your experience can help me here.

  • Hi Luke,

    I'm one of the those who made order for 3080 system since Feb, and still haven't received the order

    May you provide an update?

    Anyone has any idea?….

    • +1

      wow, really?

      I had an order submitted and payment get verified by TechFast people on 14th May, hopefully I don't need to wait for that long.

      Seriously, your order in Feb has not been shipped???????

      • Yep, a few other buyers, too

        We have problem with 3080 stock, Galax

        Most recent update we have been given was somewhere around early April

        Not really anything else from there…

      • +1

        Its just how 3080's are some people still havent got orders from other retailers from September last year. I waited about 3 1/2 months for mine from techfast and they are selling for ~$3k for just the card now so its well worth the wait.

    • +1

      The order queue has significantly shortened as cards have been coming in and more are in bound - please email [email protected] so we can search up your order and give you your queue position, thanks!

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