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[eBay Plus] Dell 27" Monitor $359, Sodastream Spirit $29, Galaxy S21 5G $959, P'mon Snap $45, Golf G80 $0.99, FIFA21 $15 @ eBay


Some nice deals coming up for the ebay plus weekend.

I believe the Dell monitor on sale for $359 will be the S2721DGF.

Full Credit to Press Start -

Thursday 27th Of May

Friday 28th Of May

Saturday 29th of May



Sunday 30th of May



Monday 31st of May

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                  • -1

                    @NotBritishorUK: dude why u trolling me ?
                    seller never said it's in US sizing.
                    all it said was

                    "*For AU Footwear, Refer to US sizing"

                    which not necessarily means they ar in US sizing, specially when they put this in

                    Weight: 333 g (size UK 8.5)

                    it could be in UK size.
                    im not saying hes wrong, all im saying is

                    it doesn't say the number u could select ar in UK or US

                  • @NotBritishorUK: also im not saying something what he already said !
                    did he mention anything about au size = us size +0.5 ?
                    where ? i didn't c that !

    • +1

      I've purchased from Adidas ebay before, it's definitely US

      • good to know, cheers

  • Somewhat better than the last Tuesday's offers.

  • +1

    Damn it, ended up getting the air fryer as well

    What even is an air fryer…

    • It's fancy marketing for a mini oven.

    • It's fancy marketing for a mini oven.

      • Thanks for sharing knowledge twice :P

  • +1

    Got the shoes but forgot to use the gift cards.

  • Stupid US sizing (let's add 1 so we look bigger)
    trying to return the shoe 😤

  • Thanks. Picked up the Air Fryer and adidas shoes.

    • Air Fryer already arrived today.

      Next day delivery.

  • Thanks got the shoes. For $29 surely can't go wrong

  • +4

    Air Fryer just got posted, damn I guess I wont be getting the $5 late shipping ;(

  • Oh ffs. I thought I'm done with these stuff, but I forgot that I still have a game I'm interested in.

    Also, man, does it feel painful to see a monitor drop by 120 dollars in 5 months lol.

    • I'm really hoping its not Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2721DGF. Or I'll probably try and price match :\ cause I bought it for 428 that was the other offer rn.

  • I'm looking to get the Soda Stream, is there a way to get the link beforehand or at the time?

  • Can $50 eBay plus credit be used with this ?

    • I guess nope only one voucher per shop

    • +1

      No, and even if you could you wouldn't want to use it (on most items) as any amount under $50 is forfeited.

      • +1

        Lesson learned the hard way…ouch

        • For many, I think. And eBay doesn't help by actively encouraging you to use the $50 voucher even on a nominal purchase (with no warnings).

          • @ash2000: Indeed, quite frustrating tbh…paid 50 for 4 dollies of goods thanks to that encouragement

            • @catchthemall: I have the $50 voucher in my list of vouchers at the moment. I also have a voucher for $1.69.

              I've just added an item for $2 to my cart, ebay asked if I want to use the $50 code even though it will result in a loss of $48 . Bastards.

  • +1

    time to get that power bank

  • +2

    I see $10 off using Afterpay at checkout lol

    • Yeah same, I see that voucher even tho I don't use afterpay…

      • -1

        You can use ebay digital gift cards to pay the full amount, it will work

        • not anymore. it will say the gift cards cover the entire amount so the voucher can't be applied.

          • @InfamousCalf: Oh really? Was just about to buy some gift cards lol. Oh well, it worked last time

            They must have patched it…

  • -1

    So what's the code for the powerbank.. how do we find out what it will be.

    • +1

      wait 2 minutes

  • +4

    Golf G80 Candy Dual USB Slim 2.1 Power Bank – $0.99 – 12pm - 1500 available - PLUSPOWER
    Vibrant Harvest Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 (12 Bottles) – $89 – 12pm - 280 available - PLUSWINE
    SodaStream Spirit – $29 – 12pm/5pm - 1000 available - PLUSSODA

    Called it ;)

  • PLUSPOWER baby

    • Yes, got the same.

    Damn it - seems like this could have been used on any Plus Items?
    I hope I haven't just wasted this coupon on an useless Powebank

    • Is it? dammit!

    • +1

      wait what

    • +1

      Just tried on a very random Ebay plus item and no it didn’t work ;)

      • Thanks, I feel much better now

  • PLUSPOWER as predicted

  • +1

    got the power bank :) thanks @rompastompa

  • Got it!

  • Got one thanks

  • +1

    got both power bank and SodaStream :)

  • -2

    Was only 50cents last time

    • Even if it's $2 I think a lot of us will still get one if needed.

      • A lot of us will still get one period. Regardless of needs

  • +1

    Power Bank - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383290354280

    • Not sure if it's out of stock as after I bought one, it's now showing the old discount of 20% off
    • Nah because you've used the code so the 20% thing will show up instead.

      • Ah, ok

  • Bought both pb and ss.

  • Got the power bank, thanks!

  • +1

    sodastream link? cant find :(

  • +1

    Got the golf!

  • got one of each

  • +3

    sale bit slow heh.. still available after 2 seconds it went live :)

  • Thank you, got both the SodaStream and Power Bank :)

  • +1

    Anybody receive confirmation email yet?

    • No mines still stuck on payment processing.

      Edit: got confirmation :)

    • Got powerbank confirmation (which I ordered first), nothing for sodastream.

    • yeah got both

  • +2

    honestly didnt think it would last this long

    • 1500 units, it would last a while

    • yeah I also managed to get both the power bank and Soda Stream, surprisingly.

    • Imagine if this was airpods….

  • +2

    Wasn't planning on buying anything today. Dropped into ozbargain at 12pm by coincidence - now I've got a powerbank and sodastream on order!

  • +1

    Yay got the sodastream and powerbank!
    What a bargain

  • Thanks! Got myself a SodaStream and Power Bank! :)

  • Is Sodastream any better than just getting $1 bottles of Sparkling Water from Woolies/Coles ?

    • Depends i found myself hardly using them, But yeah the refil itself on just gas cylinders is worth like $19 so why not get the machine and bottle for the extra $10

      • yeah fair enough. I'll probably just stick to the woolies $1 bottles

        • I plan to use it as a gift to people, like its a good gift for those who drink a lot. (and ofcourse a Very cheap gift cause of eBay plus weekend offer)

  • Bloody slow today, it's 10 past and things are still available.

  • Damn air fryer coming today, so bloody quick. Guess no $5 late delivery voucher ;(

    • Got mine today. Haven't bothered to open yet

    • OCD Completionist on 27/05/2021 - 13:47
      +3 votes
      Air Fryer just got posted, damn I guess I wont be getting the $5 late shipping ;(

      Give us another update when it arrives ;)

      • Air fryer arrived, can confirm no $5 late shipping voucher. Leaving negative feedback for seller

        • I feel no more late arrivals $5 discount coming now

  • Got the power bank but had to get it in white as black was sold out.

  • Is it worth getting this Sodastream just for the gas bottle?
    RRP is $35

    • Didn't you just answer your own question ;-)

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