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Xiaomi Dreame TROUVER Power 11 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 120AW 20000pa $95.20 Delivered with eBay Plus @ Gohyobrand1 eBay


Thanks to the past couple of posts by goldonebowl and doweyy for my original $99 purchase

Great for hard floors since it has a fluffy head with brush

Wife very happy since it's light and fairly quiet and she loves it as a replacement for my much hated 6+ year old Dyson V6 absolute that always had problems with the contact between the dustbin and the vacuum which meant the head doesn't rotate reliably

Screwed the wall mount to the side of my desk shelf and it tucks away nicely with the rotating head

Bought a second one through this link for upstairs

Main Features:

  • 1.5 kg Host Lightweight: with an ergonomic handle, lightweight main body enable you easily clean up from floor to hig places.
  • 2500mAh Long Battery Life: the battery vacuum cleaner takes 3 hours to fully charge, and the continuous using time is up to 60 minutes. Removable and replaceable battery pack.
  • Powerful Suction: 20kPa,utilizes a super strong motor with powerful suction, more helpful in renewing your dirty floor and keeping your house neat.
  • Multi-cone Cyclone Dust Collection: 5-fold filter system can intercept 0.3 micron particles, and the exhaust is clean. The filter element has no pressure and saves consumables easily.
  • Dual Cool Air-cooling Self-regulation: the air duct structure of the exhaust channel is improved to avoid the accumulation of temperature of the core components or local overheating.
  • LED Large Color Screen: the LED screen displays real-time status, including suction gear, remaining power, etc..
  • Removable Split Dust Cup: the filter screen and dust cup can be finely disassembled for washing.
  • All-round Cleaning, No Dead Angles: with different types of attachments,can help you thoroughly clean the dust of sofa, wall, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas.

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  • how does it compare to the v6? I have a v6 now with a replaced battery

    • +3

      The V6 is quite old tech now and mines many years old now
      The dust bin mechanism is horrible since it always gets dust stuck in there an interferes with the power head operation
      The attachments are a pain because they don't clip to the vacuum
      It's noisy
      The trouver is copied from all the other iterations so it's a better design including a straight attaching dust bin so doesn't have all those problems
      Plus its cheap!

    • feel wise the v6 feels better, and feels more solid,

      prob the same,

    • +1

      It's not bad for the price. Negatives are that the duster head is narrow and vertically aligned with too much of an angle vs the v6, so it's hard to vacuum straight down (behind bed head or couch for eg). I'd say the v6 has stronger suction (both on max) but not by much (it is definitely much louder). The v6 has many more accessories, which I find very useful (thin duster with flexible shaft is my favourite). I only use it for hard to reach places and the dyson is better for that purpose. The v6 is shorter, so easier to use in tight places like cars. Otherwise great for the price.

    • +2

      I have a v6 and now this. This is now my go to vacuum cleaner. It's way easier to get dust out of it at the end where I always struggle with the v6 and wind up with a bit of dust and bits of dirt on the ground near my bin in the end. If you have a fully carpeted home then know that the head on this is okay but certainly not up to the standard of the v6. But if you only have a bit of carpet and mostly hard floors this is definitely better.

  • what's the current gold standard for stick vacuums?

    • +2

      Dyson V15 laser

      • +7

        $1,399. wow.
        too much for my cheap arse.

        what is the non-dyson, gold standard?

        • +1

          Bought the V10 absolute for my mother and I find it's heavy and the dust bin is a pain only comes off partially

          Not buying another Dyson I'd rather have 2 (or 10) of these

          • @s3n: thats what she said

      • thing apparently counts dust particles, my goodness

  • How is the seller?

    Yesterday's deal is from the Xiaomi store.

    • Decent feedback including for this vacuum

    • Xiaomi-Australia eBay Store is actually Gshopper (from their eBay Profile Picture), which I believe is the same owner of this store.

      • So they are jacking the price for this sale from $109.99

        • Hardly price jacking, it's been everywhere from $99 to $259 on here. Price fluctuates with every deal that gets posted. It was the same price in this deal 10 days ago without the coupon

          • +2

            @whitelie: if it is just the same store selling $109 yesterday and now it is out of stock, they are the same owner selling for $119 with a higher % of discount.

            It is not jacking?

            • @SnoozeAndLose: Potentially the same seller, not the same store.
              No different to there being a pricing difference in a product at TGG and JB HiFi really.

        • More favourable exchange rate for $A today than yesterday might explain the price difference.

  • What's the Dyson equivalent model?

    • 120AW which is better than the V8 Dyson at 115AW.
      Dustbin is smaller though.

      • Thanks

      • and a replacement battery from Dyson will set up back pretty much the entire unit of this deal.

  • My apartment is all carpet. Do I need something more powerful than this?

    • +3

      The main head is better suited to hard floors… probably want something with a brush. The little head has a brush bit may be a drainer to do whole apartment. Battery life on high (assume better for carpet) may also be a factor.

    • +3

      I would recommend something more powerful for carpet. 20k kPa is alright for small fibre carpet but it won't work well on thicker carpet or pet hair.

  • +1

    Is this the same? Xiaomi Dreame TROUVER Power 11 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 120AW 20000Pa

    $64.90 Delivered from Japan


    • +2

      dodgy seller no feedback for this vacuum hope you have protection

    • +1

      I took a punt last nite on this 1, marked as shipped 2day.. Feedback dates back over 12mths, admittedly from a lot of repeat usernames.. Paid with PayPal so I can't see there being an issue with refund if there is a problem..


      • +1

        yeah also all the feedback is for 'private listings'

        Definitely sus, but I'm in the same boat as you - marked as 'shipped'. Let's see what happens.

        • Per the link:

          Items are shipped by Normal Post Airmail . Usually it takes 25-35 days to most of countries. It may take even longer time due to less frequency of airline and inspection across the border. If you can not wait patiently in the shipping time we declared, please choose somelocal sellers.

          Please pay attention that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

          These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

          Check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying, Thank you

          • Effectively my take is that it may be a month or two before you get your item.
          • @patrick2u: I'm not fussed if it takes a while. I'm actually expecting the order to be cancelled.

            • +2

              @andresampras: Not worth flapping about for $30 by the time you have to contact eBay to refund it, check shipping status for 30 days, deal with customs/GST etc., the seller posts it in an empty box etc. etc. what a headache

          • @patrick2u: I just got my AusPost reference and its due for delivery June 2nd.

            • +1

              @wrxant: Better jump on the air purifier and rice cooker too
              Half price or better
              I'll pass thanks but let us know if you get it in good order

              • @s3n: I would have thought dodgy sellers of actual goods on Ebay were banned. I know the refund process is not really up to scratch sometimes, but I thought scam sites were a thing of the past for new items?

                • @marcozmitch: eBay works on an honour based system. It can’t predict a hijacked account suddenly selling products in a different category.

                  There is no feedback for this seller for electronic goods only chinese artifacts.

                  It could be that they are changing career but when prices are one third retail surely you start to wonder?

  • I'm wondering the same.

  • How are these compared to the dreame v9/10/11 etc? Obviously a lot cheaper.

  • How are these for carpets? We have a DC59 and a V6 and they are coming to the end of their life. Was thinking of picking up the Miele pet one but its like $900.

    • This is much better than my older DC59, but I use it more on floorboards. The main attachment works ok on small pile (ie rug/door mat). It’s more suited to floorboards with the soft roller. The small head has a spinning brush but may not be worth it depending on how big your carpet area is…

      • yeah the vacuum is mostly for carpet. Gonna skip then.


    • +4

      Get the bagged Miele C3 Cat and Dog if you have pets and carpet. Can get them for $450-550 pretty easily.
      This is ok for quick cleans but won't get everything out of the carpet.
      I think you need a good corded vac for once a week/fortnight cleans if you have pets and carpet.

  • Bought. Thanks OP.

  • Is this the same as the one xiaomi used to sell for $299 for the whole bundle?

    • No

  • Bought one, good timing though as I was missing the deal yesterday from Xiaomi Store.

    • it is not Xiaomi store, it is the same owner Gshopper

      • Good to know. Thanks

  • How does this compare to a9

  • +1

    The Xiaomi A9 is discounted down to $188 on ebay (using code PLUSTI20). Good reviews for this model, has some extra features such as LED lights on the head, trigger lock etc.

    Seems to outperform the competition for this price bracket in this comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sdTYkSDSxU&list=WL&index=1&...

    • yeah i would get this model - seems like better on carpet, bit bigger bin, etc

    • The Trouver has trigger lock

      • +1

        I think the majority of the competition up until now hasn't had this feature which is why I mentioned it. It was something that I hadn't considered prior to researching the A9.

        • yeah, the other thing with the Trouver is that it feels half the weight of the V6 (whether it is or not I haven't looked) but that really does help in a handheld. Trigger lock is an amazing thing. With the Trouver you just click the lock button on the back screen and it locks.

    • I couldn't find this deal on ebay - link please?

    • Is it worth an extra $90 if most of my house is hardfloor?

  • I'm so confused by the models. What's the difference between Dreame V11 and Dreame Trouver? Specially a TROUVER POWER 11.

    • +6

      Dreame and Trouver are 2 different companies (Trouver is subsidiary of Dreame)
      Dreame has joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain

      Dreame website: https://www.dreame-technology.com/pages/brand-story
      Trouver website: http://www.trouver-tech.com/index_en.html

      Dreame is selling handheld vacuum cleaner models V9, V10, T10, T20 etc.
      Trouver is selling models SOLO 10, POWER 11 and BEYONDER 12

      • Ty! Seems the title "Dreame Trouver XXX" is brought up wrongly in too many places

        • +1

          Probably because most people haven't heard of "Trouver" at all [only established in 2020]
          Dreame was not a well known brand either couple years ago
          So most early products were all marketed as "XiaoMi Dreame"
          now "Trouver" as a new brand / product line
          Then it is marketed as "XiaoMi Dreame Trouver"

          In reality, Trouver has nothing directly related to XiaoMi
          Other than some shares that its parent company Dreame owned by XiaoMi

      • Don't forget the Viomi range as well.

        • Roborock also belongs to Xiaomi

          • @Michael Lim: Yes, I am aware. We are only comparing the hand stick models in the Xiaomi family.

  • can you get a carpet head attachment for this?

    • No but the existing head does work pretty good on carpet in my home. It does come with two attachments one to do skirting that has the ability to be used with a brush or not and then a smaller head that does furniture and bedding (haven't used that one). The skirting one is great and fits well around my fridge where I struggle with the V6 head.

  • +1

    Got one last week. Very impressed with it so far. I have a V6 and I prefer this in every single way. Quieter and works well. Really impressed for $100.

  • -3


    SAME ITEM AU$64.90 on eBay from Tokyo, Japan!

    • Since you're recommending to buy this one could you order and let us know if you get a reliable shipping reference?

      Seems off to me

            • +1

              @Schpeltor: In My Opinion absolutely NOT worth it

        • +2

          For the sake of $30, I'd rather buy from a trusted seller (they've probably sold quite a few hundred to OzB alone) and know my vacuum will arrive in under a week than potentially stuff around with PayPal lodging disputes and waiting for funds to be returned only so I can go and purchase it again from a reputable seller.

    • +1

      Postage from Japan to Australia would probably costs more than what they sell for the vaccum these days, let alone ebay fees, price already included GST etc. I would not trust the seller at all.

    • +3

      You created an account just to post the same comment over and over again. Everyone beware!

      • And all related to this fraudulent listing. Nice try loser.

  • How does this compare to Kmart and BigW cordless vacuums?
    I would like one for cleaning my car.




    • +1

      I find a lot of sand and grit gets caught in the carpet that for example a hand held like Dyson V6 doesn't get out

      Car is all carpet and upholstery so needs strong suction

      The Trouver main head is fluffy which works very well for hard floors and whilst it has a separate small carpet motorised head similar to the one the Dyson V6 has I didn't find that great either for the car

      I'll let you know when I try it in my car but I'm not expecting it to be great for cars overall if you're looking for a detail level clean

      • +1

        I found the motorised head fine for my car carpet but it might depend on the pile you have. My only gripe with using it to cleaning cars is the length. It needs a flexi hose.

  • Thanks OP just boought one 👍

  • Possible to get a flexible hose adapter for these?
    e.g. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/203469982868

    • I'd love one (along with the floor stand and possibly a better motor head for carpet) but the attachment seems unique. The other Xiaomi vacs are even different

    • I reckon these won't fit as Dyson specific.

  • +1

    Just got it and paid by paypal
    Within 5 minutes, I get an SMS from +61458 729 725 asking me to login to paypal for my $119 payment (even thought it was only $95.20)

    A little worried now

    • yeah I also got the same message from paypal… but if you checked your paypal, it should show the correct amount.
      My only concern is if the buyer is legit and is AU based.

  • Nice, missed out on yesterday

  • OOS

  • Just signed up to ebay plus, but I missed up on this :-(

  • Yeah I just saw it was out of stock too.

  • Goddamit. My vacuum died on the weekend and I missed out on yesterday's deal so went and bought a Kmart one and then see this deal

  • +2

    How many of y'all got order cancelled by seller due to lack of inventory excuse in horrible English?

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