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Soundpeats Trueair2 Wireless Earbuds $39.94 (Black) Delivered @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


These are on sale again. Make sure you check the "Apply 15% Coupon" box before you Add to Cart.

With Shopback upsize at the moment, the extra 5% should bring them down to $37.94

The all time low according to Camel is $35.24 so pretty close.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Amazing value. Highly recommend these.

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      * this is my 3rd different bluetooth buds/headset, and this is only one so far where the call quality is acceptable (i.e. the person at the other end can actually hear me properly) and good enough for me to use. That's the main plus. They can still tell I'm on a bluetooth device (it changes the sound), and can hear ambient noises around me (e.g. can hear kids playing as I walk past a playground), but you can be heard clearly & always understood, which is the main thing, and is definitely not the case with other 2.
      * Sounds fine for listening (the others bluetooth buds/headset did too, so I think we're at the stage where the listening is largely nailed, it's the others hearing you that's the ongoing issue).
      * price is fine, you won't get better value for sound + call quality. (i.e. I'm sure you can buy better sound + call quality, but would pay a lot more for it)

      Small cons, hopefully these can be addressed in the next version:
      * I bought some foam pads to fit around these buds, because they felt a bit hard/uncomfortable inside the ear to me, and I felt like they might fall out. (Other ozbargainers had reported the same impression and said the foam pads helped). With the foam pads both of those problems are mostly gone. Ideally they would ship these with 2 sets of foam pads, and make the case/indent for buds about 0.5 mm thicker to accommodate the very slight extra thickness with the foam (the case does close with foam pads on, but have to push it closed sometimes).
      * The earbud controls are a bit convoluted. That's largely because a single press on each side changes the volume (left for volume down, right for volume up). So then if you want to pause or play, it's a double tap. Answer a call/end a call is a double tap. Voice assistant is a triple tap. IMHO, the controls would be better if you did the volume entirely through your phone, and single tap for pause/play/answer/reject, and double tap for voice assistant. Having said that, it's easy to single tap the controls because they don't seem to have a physical button, so maybe it should be a physical button? Unsure on that, but the current controls take a bit of getting used to.

      Overall I'd still recommend these, despite the small cons.

      • +4

        Where did you get the foam pads from?

      • +1

        I actually got these exactly because they have headset volume control.
        No need to fiddle with or find my phone to adjust.

        Also my Bluetooth transmitter from my TV connects via Optical cable so no volume control at all with the remote (plugged straight to TV with no receiver)
        If I use the Aux analogue out I get unacceptable lag.

        Also these are excellent but do need to be taken off to charge the peats- very comfy and good close fit.


      • Strongly disagree with the cons in your analysis nickj.

        Comfort is good enough to allow me to wear them for hours on end.

        Wearing them while exercising is no problem (skipping, jumping, shadow boxing, kettle bells) - as they have never fallen out once. I purchased a pair of silicone slip on covers as I thought they might be loose but that never happened.

        Also want to mention that they are water resistant so wiping them off with a damp cloth/towel etc. after exercising is not an issue.

        Controls are the best amongst 3 TWS pairs I have (Samsung Galaxy buds+, 1more Comfobuds Pro)I have due to their simplicity, particularly the volume control as there is no need to fumble around with the phone, or tap more than once. I wish I could duplicate the Trueair 2 controls on my other pairs but they don't allow it.
        The less taps the better for the most used functions (play/pause and volume) due to simplicity and less likelihood for user error and the command to not register on the earbud.

        The only thing that I would like to add is that they have some form of noise isolation/eartip as this is the only reason I purchased the Buds+/Comfobuds Pro (both at the same time hah, and I'd also be happy to recommend both) as the combination of call quality, comfort, weight and case design in the Trueair 2 are perfect for my use case.

    • How do you stop them hurting after wearing them for an hour or so? Am i wearing them wrong? If I pull them out further to stop hurting the sound isn't as good and they fall out at a slight head movement.

      • +1

        Same here, I find them hurting as well after wearing them for long.

        Got the Trueair1 and they fits my ear perfectly, wearing them for hours and no problem at all.

      • +1

        Buy a pair of these (see if you can find black ones). They are soft silicone , cant feel them at all , and your soundpeats wont move even doing cartwheels. I often forget the peats are in there


        • +1

          Bought something similar on eBay but the wingtip snapped off because I applied too much force trying to get the thing to fit properly. Also, it wouldn't charge whilst the silicon cover was on so taking it off/on all the time to is going to be a pain.

      • +1

        Same here. These aren't small ear friendly.

    • -1

      this ain't amazing value am afraid, coz so many commented it gets pain to ear in 10 mins. Secondly, the same one, a few days ago in same ozbargain was 36 or 34$, so this is NOT the amazing value

      • Do you mean this? Different model my friend.

        Camel shows best price ever was $35.24 so if you think its been cheaper on ozBargain, please share link.

        • no no my friend, it was true air 2, here it is https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604414

          • @DisabledUser359554: Link please? Thanks.

            • @Miyagi: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611509 <—- better one too in quality


              BTW oh, you the OP, thanks for sharing though, its always helpful for you to share, but yes we had better deals earlier

              • +1

                @DisabledUser359554: Thanks for the links! These were not from a few days ago though.

                These deals were the all time low price though which I mentioned also in deal description.


                • @Miyagi: thank you, appreciate your help for all. A few days ago I saw this too, maybe I located wrong links. It was 34$ or 35

                • +1

                  @Miyagi: You can't rely on the camels for the real all time low for these, because camel does not take into consideration the Coupons that very regularly appear on soundpeats products (also taotronics).

                  Base price yes, but not in-cart price.

                  I've been buying various soundpeats since December, I know what I am talking about :)

    • They’re not that great imo

  • +3

    i'd recommend these Kogan T3 Pro. $43. A few days in of owning them and I am impressed.

    • +3

      not sure why you got negged, getting recommendations on cheap brands is useful for me since the market is over-saturated. thank you RedTaco :)

    • -2

      i disagree, it goes inside ears and doesn't come out, had to operate lol LMAO

  • +1

    Does it have a multipoint connectivity?

    • No

    • +3

      No, it can only be connected to one device at a time.

      I am using these for last 4/5 months and highly recommended for its quality and sound.

      • Thanks.. How's the battery life?

  • +14

    These have great sound quality but one thing that really annoys me is the touch function on them .everytime i handle them for whatever reason (either trying to fit them in my ear or just moving them a bit) I end up muting or jumping the track or … really unnecessary annoying feature for fat fingers !

    • Absolutely agree with this!

    • Would you recommend this as a gift for skinny-fingered girlfriend?

      • +1

        Absolutely not because even if you have toothpicks for fingers it still triggers it.

        They also don't fit as well and fall out but that is probably person to person

      • +2

        No, this gift is too nice for a girlfriend with skinny fingers.

    • +2

      Try Mpow Flame Solo which have physical buttons and don't have this issue and are highly rated in reviews

  • +3
    • $33.99 after $6 promotional discount.
      Wireless Earbuds, TaoTronics CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm Chip, Bluetooth V5.0, aptX Codec, 29H Playtime, Touch Control, IPX8 Waterproof

    • Better than the Soundpeats Trueair2?


      • TaoTronics doesn't mention which Qualcomm Chip they use, makes it very hard to compare! Eg: QCC3040 vs 3020 etc… Most likely they have QCC3020!

        QCC3040 vs 3020:
        *Bluetooth V5.2 VS Bluetooth V5.0
        *Ultra-low power consumption only 5MA VS 7MA
        *Low latency and Seamless master-slave switch
        *Unique power self-adaptive between R and L earbud (This is absolutely the first chipset which can do this in the industry, which means the chipset can perceive which ear Master which one can be the Slave. It can save power to make two earbuds work longer time without the Master earbud shut off at first)
        *Support APTX Adaptive codec(including APTX, APTX HD, APTX-LL) Aptx Adaptive is downward compatible with Aptx and Aptx HD, it’s the most potent codec

        I was recently looking for a TWS and ended up ordering Edifier TWS1 Pro as they seem to have the best call quality (youtube reviews). After all, you use these headsets with a phone, not an iPod or Walkman! I am tired of talking calls on phone directly while wearing these headsets :-)

        • +3

          TaoTronics must be trawling OzB and paying attention to you - the Amazon listing now says QCC3040 chip…

    • +2

      These definitely look better, and don't stick out.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. Ordered on the 31/5, received it today and listening to them now. Fairly good SQ and comfortable.

      A bit bright in the higher notes, but nothing that can't be fixed with adjusting the phone's equaliser.

      Absolutely brilliant for the price - though strangely the ones that arrived have no comments what so ever regarding turning on or off the noise cancellation feature.

  • Is the mic quality better than the original version of these?

    I liked everything about the TrueAir, but people would complain all the time about how I sounded in phone calls, or video meetings. They were really only good for listening to music or podcasts etc.

    • +2

      Get constant complaints out in any wind. Indoors is ok though.

    • I have same issue with truefree 2. Wondering if going t2 will remedy it.

    • mic is terrible outdoors or in noisy env (eg: train)
      I am looking forward to try Edifier TWS1 Pro, which seems to have best mic quality among budget TWS!

  • +1

    Would these be great for MS Teams conference calls?

    • +1

      My main use of them, use them via phone or laptop with no issues.

      • +1

        Thanks, ordered.

      • Does your laptop recognise the microphone? Mine is only recognised as headphones (audio out only) . I cannot see it as an option in the drop down list for microphone / recording device.

        • My laptop recognises the microphones automatically when paired.

          • @rickb: ditto, no issue with pairing.Windows 10

        • +1

          You should see both headphones and headset for audio out, headset for audio in. Headphones is for listening to music, headset for calls (terrible sound for music).
          Maybe try to delete and re-pair them

    • +1

      Yes bought last week and find them very useful for Teams call indoor .No complaints from other side about sound quality or lag

      • Thanks, ordered!

  • +1

    Anyone know if left and right can be used individually?

    • +2

      Yes they can.

      • Cheers

    • +2

      Yeah they can. I’ve had mine for a few months and have found they work better when used singularly.

      Annoyingly when used together the audio cuts out momentarily occasionally. I’ve reset them, reconnected them to the iPhone, hasn’t fixed it

      • I have the same issue with my work iPhone 12 at certain angles and distance - e.g. 30-50cm away at a very specific lower angle in front of me.
        As soon as I move the phone or put it in my pocket the issue goes away. Walking while listening to music with the phone in my pocket works fine.

        Don't seem to have the problem with my personal Android phone. Perhaps something to do with the antennas on the iPhone or the earbuds?
        I still recommend these however, they have exceeded my expectations for the price.

  • +1

    For the price these are good quality and I wear them for hours watching TV. They have very little audio lag and the Bluetooth signal is not bad - no Bluetooth is great in my experience - but these are okay.

    The only thing I have found is that they won’t automatically reconnect to my TV on headphone start-up. I have to manually connect each time - and I have two pairs of these. Or they will reconnect and then immediately disconnect. I have also found if I turn on the headphones first, then start the TV, they will mostly connect.

    The mic is not bad - it’s a bit soft in comparison to my Plantronics Backbeats, but the Plantronics pick up more room echo.

  • +2

    Would not recommend these if are coming from airpods. Size is larger than the AirPods.

    I would go the Q's. These fit great and isolate better.

  • Currently unavailable

    • Still available, just tried.

  • Pretty good price, I got them at $35.24 with discounted gift cards, so $34.18 for me in Jan.

    Cashback wasn't available for the category then and FYI ShopBack is back down to 4%.

    FWIW, I gave these to my wife, I absolutely can't stand all the miss-clicking with the Smart Controls, I much prefer Buttons.

    If you want SoundPEATS with buttons, look for Sonic (at ~$45) or TrueFree 2.

  • Highly recommended. Bought purely for zoom meetings but have become my daily drivers for laptop use.

  • +3

    They sound great but I found the fit was abysmal. They didn't stay in my ears at all and fell out with even the slightest head movements.

  • PSA: Mine were faulty after 3 months (power getting drained during standby). Contacted customer service and they sent me 2 replacement pairs without question. Granted they were refurbished, but still excellent support!

    • i never tried refurbished earphones… does that been it used to go in someone ears or they completely changed the cover?

      • -3

        this ain't amazing value am afraid, coz so many commented it gets pain to ear in 10 mins. Secondly, the same one, a few days ago in same ozbargain was 36 or 34$, so this is NOT the amazing value

      • no idea, just that they didn't have original packaging.

  • +2

    Has anyone found a way to disable the touch controls?

  • Anyone else having issues with Windows laptop not recognising the microphones on this? i.e. They're not appearing as audio input device.

    • No issue for me.

      • No issuea for me .Check if it's already in pairing mode with other device .

  • Bought these last time deal appeared on Ozbargain. They are pretty good except one of the controls activates the assistant (which in my case is Bixby, boooo), and for some reason they sometimes don't immediately connect to the previous device.

    • You can change it to Google Assistant. Reset the defaults on the Google App.

  • Got a pair of these in the last deal, they have exceeded my expectations… the sound quality and bass is really good for bluetooth airbuds.

  • +1

    These are excellent. Bought mine a few weeks ago for work calls. Great sound quality for both music and calls. No issues with people hearing me.

  • The issue with most of these china brand TWS sets is, without fail, the case designs.

    I end up leaving the case at home if Im going out as both sets I have, the case is too bulky to put in a normal jeans pocket.

    until more of them adopt a similar case style to the airpods/pros with vertical insertion that should always be something to be mindful of when purchasing.

    • The first version of these had a vertical AirPods-style case, but then they changed to a horizontal design for the second version for some reason.

    • +1

      How skinny are your jeans? The case for the Trueair 2 is 19mm thick

      • +1

        I have no issues with the case in Jeans pocket as case is small……

  • +4

    These things are TOUGH. I had a pair go through the washing machine at the weekend (in the case) and the bloody things still work. Amazing.

  • these are fantastic price / value, highly recommended

  • +1

    Grabbing these to see how they fare up against Airpods for arguments sake.

    I'm curious to see how far electronics have come / if they're comparable.

    • Would love to hear your comments after you've had a chance to compare

  • Have Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Find the SQ not the best. Comfortable but want to get something cheaper to throw into my work case. How are these compared to the Samsungs given that they are only 1/4 of the price?

    • Hardly good to compare as not exactly Apples for Apples. I hope you were not expecting anyone to come back and say they are close to same quality :-)

      • Not sure what you mean. They are both wireless bluetooth earbuds. Was hoping somebody might have both for comparison already.

        Personally had good experiences with Taotronics branded wireless bluetooth ear phones in terms of quality of construction and sound so might go for the Taotronics earbuds recommended above. 9 hour playtime also a bit better than 5 hour of this one.

        At least both have aptx compared to the Galaxy Buds Live.

        • What I meant was that its like comparing a Porsche to a Corolla. Both are cars yet quality between the two are very different. The Samsung sound is much better but I am happy using these as well when listening to Audio books when out and about. They are great for call quality if in quieter locations.

          Comes down to how much quality you are looking for when listening to music. Apple airpods and Samsungs are a lot better sound wise for music but that doesn't phase me too much so use these a lot as well.

          These fit fine in my ears (if perhaps a smidgen loose). Others say they are too tight.

          • @Borg: I agree to a certain degree. My daughter was given as a BD present an Anko branded bluetooth set of earbuds and they sound like crap. Checked the price of them and they apparently cost $45 at Kmart.

            Ordered the Taotronics ones and they arrived today. Listened to them back to back to my Galaxy Buds Live and they are very good in fact, though admittedly have a little less clarity in the mids, which I adjusted with the equaliser to give the SQ that I like [using Samsung S20 FE 5G, black player and Alphaville tracks - I also have Audio Technica M50 and Bayerdynamics DT 700 Pro headphones for comparing SQs though these are usually used via IPOD and FiiO amps]

            So I can't speak for the Soundpeats ones but the Taotronics are actually Corolla priced buds but definitely perform really well and are not going be junked after buying.

            I'd still recommend the Samsung ones but cost ratio to the sound quality here is not linear, but rather exponential (though the Samsung ones can also be conveniently charged wirelessly).

    • I had that same question, see the response here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/620345#comment-10407725

  • Bought this last time it popped up… can’t really say I recommend as after about 6 weeks the right bud suddenly stopped accepting charge in the case. So now it’s dead. Left one fine. Very disappointed!

  • -1

    Will grab TaoTronics when u check price on Chinese shopping sites. TT/2=this one….

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