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4" 800W Handheld Electric Chainsaw (Requires Makita 18V Battery) US$19.99 (~A$25.91) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Low price on this handheld chainsaw that works with 18V-21V Makita batteries, but it's not a Makita product. I don't own one personally but looking at the videos on the product page it seems to work well for trimming a few branches and things.

Best of all you won't get into trouble with the CFO of the house for buying more tools because it's cheap, has no Makita branding so the missuses knows you didn't spend the big bucks on it and compared to a chainsaw it's discrete… in size.

  • Apply the coupon BGb21c56 at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting and AU stock.


  • Rechargeable electric chain saw, light and portable, long battery life, no damage to the bark.
  • Lightweight body, light and convenient, lightweight design, long time holding and not tired hands.
  • Pure copper brushed motor, strong power, fast cutting, improve efficiency.
  • Practical, fast speed, low power consumption.
  • Fine quality switch, fast and slow adjustment, stepless speed change.
  • Intelligent circuit control board, overload protection, to meet your different construction needs.
  • Small size, can be held with one hand.
  • Fine quality guide plate chain, deep quenching, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.


  • Compatible for 18V B series lithium battery, such as BL1850B(197285-8), BL1840B(197270-1), BL1830B(197602-2), BL1430B(197618-7), BL1820B(197487-6)
  • Compatible for BL1850, BL1840, BL1440(196391-6), BL1415(194560-3), BL1815N(196781-3);
  • NOT compatible for G Series battery such as BL1813G(196663-9), BL1413G(196882-7), BL1415G, BL1430G, BL1815G and so on.
  • NOT compatible for 18v Ni-CD battery such as 1822(194465-7)

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  • +11

    Thanks Op!

    This should come in handy for a zombie apocalypse.

    • +2

      can use that for mother in law apocalypse

    • +6

      Or in the meantime carving up the Sunday roast.

    • -1

      ……without battery and charger, how can you use it?

      • They use Makita batteries

        • Battery and charger aren't included? time for slash, slash and slash.

  • +1

    Oh, the power tool Facebook scammers love to flog.

    • Just get a $2 Makita sticker off Redbubble and bam you've got the real thing.

      Surprisingly I haven't seen these being flogged on Facebook marketplace yet.

      • +1

        Not so much a Marketplace thing, doing the rounds in sponsored posts. Not just the Makita coloured or branded one, also Stihl as well.

        • Ahhh right, you mean the GTA 26?. It certainly would be more functional than this.

  • +2

    Product is not Makita but will take a makita battery. Description is blurred enough to mislead a few people, I'm sure.

    • Good idea. Amended the first line of the description.

  • +7

    Product is not makita nor will it work with makita batteries it over cooks the batteries not covered u der warranty
    Also eBay is trying to stop the sale of these in australia

    • -1

      Product is not makita

      Doesn't claim to be :)

      I'd love to see more info on the overheating and eBay related issues though. I wouldn't want to be sharing something that's a concern.

      • -1

        I'd love to see a plausible use-case

        • -2

          There's Youtube videos on how chainsaws work and what they do. I'll give you a hint… they can cut.

          • @Clear: 800w palmsize saw is somewhat limited, I would suggest.

            What's it good for?

            • -1

              @0jay: Well yeah you're not chopping down trees unless you want to pass some time in lockdown. Like the Stihl GTA 26 and Bosch it's intended for some garden pruning. Chopping off branches from trees where a proper chainsaw would be overkill and when using a tree pruner could be too time consuming.

            • +2

              @0jay: slicing Sunday roast turkey

            • +4

              @0jay: Opening cardboard boxes if you’re a YouTuber or want to be one.

            • +2

              @0jay: Cutting tree branches and such.

              My 70yo mother, on 4 acres has enough shoudler and back pain that a hand-saw isn't feasible.
              And a Reciprocating saw 'jolts her around' if it grabs.

              I've got her one of these, and it's her favourite thing she owns.

              It can take down branches about the side of an average persons bicep, if you come at it from both sides .


              So to answer your question:

              What's it good for?

              They're amazing things, it's good for cutting sizable tree branches.

      • +1

        I got a warning email from eBay abut fake makita stuff being sold on eBay

        • There's a big difference between pretending to be an official Makita product and being compatible with Makita. This product is the latter.

          • +2

            @Clear: The turquoise blue would suggest otherwise

            • @Oldmate88: Where does it claim to be a Makita?

              • +1

                @Clear: It doesn't have to explicitly claim to be a Makita tool for it to be misleading. There's a reason why you had to edit the description and put it in bold writing.

                • +3

                  @Oldmate88: Yes after my many years of posting a thousand deals I've learnt one thing. Ozbargainers aren't good at reading and good at taking things the wrong way. The edit is to help people such as yourself who can't tell the difference.

                  • @Clear: Never said I couldn't tell the difference. Thanks for your hard work over many years and for posting a thousand deals. I hope you at JV live a long and happy life.

                    • @Oldmate88: Nah you were definitely struggling. The colour had you thinking it's the real deal.

  • Did Bunnings sell an equivalent in their shop?

  • +3
    • +1

      Would have been useful when a meth head followed me for 80km a few years ago. Looking back it was quite fun leading him around all the suburbs making him think I was "driving home" when in reality it was a rendezvous with the cops.

    • +1

      just his luck that he was holding up an arborist. but noone is going to take you seriously if you are wielding this tiny thing …

  • +2

    Dodgy website with dodgy reviews.

    Typical 5 star review: "there is no battery - nor a charger I can't just go to Walmart to get them I just wasted good money - and it took three months to arrive".

    • -1

      Chinese website only has 5 star reviews? 😱

      Yeah they won't publish anything lower so it's a good way to get past it.

      • -1

        If I was wrong there would be 1 star reviews.

    • +1

      Banggood is hardly dodgy. Half the time dipshits don't correctly read the description I find. Got plenty of great items off there.

      • +1

        I miss the days of useless crap for a few cents a pop. Totally worth it to get a random happy meal toy in the mail months after you ordered it! I used to make up silly names on the spot and have them posted to myself addressed to Prof Schlumpeldinkel Furrdurrgurrmurrson, and when they arrived it'd give me a chuckle. Simple pleasures!

  • +3

    i think i'd take a reciprocating saw + pruning blade over this

  • +7

    No way this thing can be 800W as it means 44.4A for a 18V battery. Even the bigger (double row) Makita batteries can supply 40A max and the lower capacity ones can only do 20A (continuous). Either the power rating is a lie or worse they will overheat and kill your battery.

    Edit: Please don't buy dangerous power tools (such as angle grinders and chainsaws) from unknown sources. It's not worth it.

    • 800W refers to the power rating of the motor. https://www.electrical4u.com/electric-motor-power-rating/

      • Where does it say that?

      • -1

        one thing i'm confident of is that the chinese aren't going to over-engineer anything they sell

    • Makita batteries would cut out if you exceed the current rating so the tool wouldn't work if it really was 800W. I would guess this is lower power than rated but still work fine with Makita batteries.

  • +2

    I bought one from Kogan instead.
    Faster shipping, comes with 2 batteries.
    $41 delivered

    Works well. Better than using a reciprocating saw or big chainsaw for smaller branches

    • phwoar! that one is "88V" and 1080W!!

      • +1

        Well, you need to be able to squeeze 25 x 3.6V batteries inside that battery pack to get 88V. Sounds legit.

      • Yeah I love the marketing.

        It's 18v nominal and I think 2A battery.
        Not the most powerful thing but it's great for small branches up to 10cm diameter and it's very light weight, not to mention also quiet.

        The batteries are very very similar to toolpro ones but don't fit without small modification.

      • +1

        88Vf, it's a funny thing chinese sellers are going at the moment; it's to do with the resistance of the batteries discharged via a vacuum tube; it's not Forward Voltage.

        Absolutely stupid, but it makes for bigger numbers, and moar sales.

        • They mainly do it because 88 is a lucky number for them.

          My other recip saw says the same thing.

          It's a 20v pack though.

    • I like that it says CHAIN SAW so if you tell someone you have a chainsaw and they see this dinky little piece of crap and laugh, you can point to the words on the bar and be technically correct!

  • Good deal.. for that price I'm going to give it a crack as I need something like this.

  • Remember to oil that chain between zombie limbs.

    • +2

      Just chop up fat zombies - built in lubrication!

  • +1

    I am sure this will satisfy any itch

  • I kinda just wanna try cut some bread with this, like with a vengeance.

  • Oooh baby, I'm in!

  • I don't care if it works. I want one. Like, NOW…

  • Just 4 inches?

  • Perfect for cutting my A3 prints into A4!

  • Well this was a lot of fun. It's a shame they had no cheap coffee maker for Makita. The real thing is expensive and tbh… not that good.

  • just grabbed a similar one from eBay, with 2 batteries- impressed so far. cut through a 15cm trunk with ease