Do You Keep Your Phone on Silent Mode outside Your Work Hours?

Do you keep your phone on silent mode? and if so why?
I have recently noticed many friends and family keep their phones on silent, even on the weekend and outside working hours.
Its just become a habit?

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    What do you mean by silent? Completely silent or vibrate only?

    I never have ringtone on, I just find that that annoys other people.

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    mines on silent 100% of the time, if its a genuine phone call i miss, they will leave a message

    the only time its not, is if im expecting a very important phone call, then and only then will it be on maximum ring

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      "then will it be on maximum ring"
      all or nothing

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      Exactly! And the amount of spam missed calls with no voice mail is insane.

      I have blocker dozens of numbers the past few months.

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        The sad thing being that often they have spoofed a legitimate number :-/

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      This! Mine is always on silent. Not even on vibration.

    • Same!

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      i thought i was the only one, mine is always on silent unless im expecting a very important phone call..
      my reason is i get so many emails or notifications or texts that the dings get annoying, so i always have it on silent. with iphone you cant turn off notification sounds and only have ring volume. i know its retarded

      • you can actually, you just have to do it for each app individually in settings

      • You can change that in notifications so some apps will sound while others won’t. You can also change it that some text beep while others don’t.

    • 100% that

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    My phone is always on silent (vibrate only)

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    Everyone I know has their phone on permanent silent mode, even at work. Who uses loud ring tones anymore?

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      last time i remember having a ringtone was my nokia 8210

      the only people that i know that genuinely have their phone on loud are tradies, other than that, i never hear a mobile phone ringtone, its not feasible most of the time, especially in an office environment.

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        Boomer? im a millennial fool

      • +1

        Boomers weren’t in high school 20 years ago.

        • +3

          Unless they were a teacher.

      • +12

        You must be one of those clown who throws the word boomer and Karen when ever there is opportunity. Many time is used wrong

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          NoPe, just personal experience. For some reason I only catch 60+ year olds with really loud ringtones,

          They also seem to be the ones who more commonly decide it's a good idea to watch YouTube on the phone speaker full volume in a public space..

          • +10

            @buckster: You dont sound too intelligent there buckster

            60 year olds + loud ringtones, could it be because your hearing starts to go when you get older?!

          • -7

            @buckster: Maybe, but they are an annoying minority. Often the reason is that they are either hard of hearing, or suffering a loss of 'discrimination' [it comes to us all eventually] and have trouble picking out one voice from the hubbub around them so need the speaker even when held against their ear.

            The YouTube video part tho - Get earplugs grandad [ and I'm 66]. It takes me back to the days of annoying tinny transistor radio horse race/ footy game commentary from tradies radios and pensioners backyards from when you needed three turns of wire the perimeter of the back yard to listen to non-Australian broadcasts.

          • +8

            @buckster: As opposed to the Millennial pumping crappy music at high volume through their crappy Bluetooth speaker in a public space. This is way more common than it should be.

            • +1

              @pufffdragon: More like Gen Z.

            • @pufffdragon: One I saw at a Port Adelaide rail had an elegant solution - an outdoor party speaker on a shopping trolley. I think he also had other issues tho….

          • @buckster: Just remember Boomers invented the internet, WI FI and all the patents and technology that runs your beloved “smart” phones. They also invented the technology that takes you to many places on earth and in space.

            And guess what - they don’t need a “smart phone” to socialise with their friends.

            That’s pretty amazing huh.

        • Found the boomer

          Hi Karen

      • people without crippling anxiety by the read of this thread lol who cares if your phone rings out loud ooh scary

      • +1

        Boomers invented the internet and the vast majority of everything that runs the internet and social media.

        Have some respect or get off the internet!

      • It's ok I get you @buckster. My Mum is 70 and when she is over and her phone rings everyone looks around and freaks out. It sounds like my alarm, which btw is the only time my phone makes any notification noise.

    • +5

      I'm often on a factory floor with ear protection on. Without a loud ringtone, I'd never hear it.

      • +8

        Ideal use case for a linked smartwatch.

        • +1

          I’ve considered one, but haven’t found a decent one yet (I’m not charging yet another device every night). And I also have to get my hands into tight places on the machinery so would probably damage it pretty easily.

          • +5

            @mattkenny: The miband's have good battery life. Mine has more than two weeks of life from a single charge.

            I put a butterfly clasp band on it so taking it off takes less than 5s

          • @mattkenny: Garmin Instinct Solar. If you want more fitness features vs. smart features then this is a great option. It still does all the notifications well, just has a super basic screen.

            A full charge lasts 3+ weeks and it charges when exposed to the sun. You probably won't be able to live off solar charging alone but that 3 weeks can get to 4-5 if you're in the sun a decent amount.

      • How do you have a call with ear protection on?

      • I always found that while the earplugs cut down on the noise from the 250 Ton presses, grinders, forging and hammering, it made radio and conversations easier to hear. Maybe changing the ringtone to a favourite tune of [depending on your orientation] Margo Robbie's voice inviting you over might help…

    • The only people in my office who have their phone with an audible ringtone are those who also have the maximum zoom display option on also.

  • +9

    Mines completely silent, not even vibrate 100% of the time but my watch will vibrate for notifications which is easier to notice than a phone vibrating in my pocket while walking for example. Also easier to see who is calling, read the message etc while being more discreet and can acknowledge or silence it quickly.

    Do not disturb mode when I go to bed.

    But mine has been like this for near on as long as I've had a phone, well before smart watches were a thing. Never liked loud, obnoxious ringtones.

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    Always, phones usually on a desk so can see it anyways

  • +3

    Mine is always on silent but that said I have a Smart Watch which will prompt me with any important notifications.

    The idea is to reduce picking up the phone randomly and browsing even if no notifications are received.

    I don't have work emails or Teams on my phone as that would ruin my work life balance - I simply have a status saying to text me if it's urgent

    • +3

      I have teams set to only notify me in work hours, otherwise they're blocked.

      • I'd like to do that but I'm in multiple Teams & Channels and people seem like to tagging @all so I still get those notifications despite muting the channel/team.

        With the lockdowns I thought I'd end up having to install it on my phone so I could go out for walks or mini breaks whilst still being active but then I realised people should be able to be Away or Inactive without having a reason.

        • +2

          In the app you can set hours and days where all notifications are blocked. If I couldn't do that I wouldn't have it installed at all.

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    Too many spam calls, best to keep silent.

  • +2

    Dont know anyone who has their phone on silent 'all the time'..
    I dont see why you would?

    • +24

      I prefer to be discreet. Same reason I won't answer the phone when if it rings when I'm on the train, I'll call back when I get off.

    • +2

      I don't like the sudden noise of either the ringtone or the vibrate. I check my phone pretty often as I'm addicted to mindless browsing, so generally see a missed call pretty quickly.

    • +1

      I thought the same thing before I got an iPhone years back. Now I never take it off silent mode.

    • +4

      To not be rude?

  • +3

    I just use do not disturb 100% of the time.

    People that I want to speak to are in my favourites list and will ring with about 30% volume.

    If it's important others will leave a message and I will see it eventually.

    • +4

      I've recently started doing this also and it's been great. No more checking my phone every few minutes when I feel it vibrate - now I check it when I feel it's time to check it rather than have it control me.

      • +2

        I only have 6 numbers in my favourites. I will quickly star a contact if I'm expecting or need to answer a call from a contact then un-star when complete.

        Some people get savage when it takes a few hours to call them back for a non urgent matter. Losers.

        • -8


          Just like they have no right to your time, you have no right to their time.

          If you don't want to talk to people calling you, don't callback.

          Screwing them around for a few hours, wasting their time and energy is incredibly disrespectful.

          Calling them losers for being frustrated when you make their life hard makes me loose respect for you.

          • +1

            @This Guy: Eh? 🤔

          • +5

            @This Guy: "If you don't want to talk to people calling you,"

            Where did MS paint state that?

            "Screwing them around for a few hours, wasting their time and energy "

            Your suggestion that calling someone somehow imposes any obligation whatsoever on the receiver, and the apparent value you bizarrely imagine anyone here places on your "respect" speaks volumes about your concept of your place in the scheme of things, I sincerely hope that your ultimate disillusionment is gentler than you deserve.

            • -3


              Where did MS paint state that?

              MS paint wrote they block all but six numbers.

              Your suggestion that calling someone somehow imposes any obligation whatsoever on the receiver

              "If you don't want to talk to people calling you, don't callback."

              Delayed communciations is a form of bullying to project the idea that the bullies time is more important than the instigator. MS Paint continued to call people annoyed at being manipulated "losers."

              the apparent value you bizarrely imagine anyone here places on your "respect" speaks volumes about your concept of your place in the scheme of things, I sincerely hope that your ultimate disillusionment is gentler than you deserve.

              If you see someone being a bully, and it is safe to do so, you should intervene. No one likes being treated like garbage. AND I AM SURE THAT IS NOT MS PAINT'S INTENT. Saying something doesn't mean I think I have some authority here. It means I don't like great people acting horribly.

              • +1

                @This Guy: Lol check out this guy.

                I feel it is an "old person" mindset to feel the need to answer a phone immediately. And by "old person", I don't necessarily mean chronological age - I mean someone who hasn't adapted to the change in the last 2 decades of using text for non-urgent matters. It is far easier on both person's time. They can send and receive at a time that suits both parties

  • +5

    I wish most people at my work (large open plan office) would keep their bloody phone on silent/vibrate!

    • There is a phone nearby in office that vibrates very similar to how mine does. It gets annoying! :)

      • Motorola? Handy when doing small concreting jobs…

  • +4

    I've had this phone a year and I have no idea what the ringtone is

    • +1

      [insert mobile number here]

      Turn up your volume.

      Let's test it out.

  • +30

    On silent/vibrate unless I am on public transport, where I like to turn up my music so all the other passengers can enjoy.

    • Open back headphones on PT ye-yeah

    • +1

      Better than the sound of people huffing/Asphyxiating on co2 canisters and balloons all through the trip though……

      • +1

        Never seen nangs on the train, but you gotta respect the hustle of those overachievers not wasting any downtime!

  • +5

    Interesting so many people always have them on silent. Guess they always have them in hand or within line of sight?

    Mine's always off to the side or in pocket so I'd never notice it on silent so it's on ring or I'd never answer it. I only ever answer known numbers anyway but after hours I'll only answer certain people.

    • +6

      Not at all, I don't want to be disturbed or distracted by my phone ever so it's always out of sight and silent. I'll check it in my own time. I control when I give attention to my phone, my phone does not dictate that. Nothing is ever so urgent as to need to be seen to immediately.

      I do have a notification light on mine so I can walk by and see if call or messages has been received. No other apps/events generate a notification on there.

      • +1

        Nothing is ever so urgent as to need to be seen to immediately.

        Not with what I do. If I'm getting called, something is wrong and needs attention. I get not everyone is in that situation though.

  • On my iphone I set it to silent outside business hours unless it is a person in my contacts list. That way the spam calls from Russia and Europe don't bother me and if it is an emergency call from a contact, I can still be reached.

  • +7

    You receive calls on your phone?

    • +1

      dunno, never hear it ring

  • My phone is on silent, but I have a smart watch and a tablet.

    One of those are always in my sight, so I rarely need to have the phone ring.
    Another thing is that, even if I do miss a phone call, people who really need to contact me urgently normally writes me an email or FB messages me anyways.

  • +3

    As of the last few months I now leave mine on mute (no volume or vibrate) all the time and check it every few hours or so.

    I control how much time I spend on my phone rather than let the notifications control me.

    Before that I was a slave to notifications.

  • +1

    Always on silent except for people in my favourites.
    I prefer communication via text messages or email so both parties can answer (and sort out answers if necessary) when it suits them. I was getting sick of calling people, leaving messages, waiting for return calls, listening to their message, returning calls etc. I also prefer everything in writing, which can come in handy when dealing with companies and tradies. The downside is that still a lot of companies struggle with email but tradies and SMS go quite well.

  • +2

    I'm quite surprised by the partial results, in a good way.

    Started leaving my phone on silent mode about a year ago, except for Favourites. I check my phone a few times during the day and return important calls when required. If I am waiting for a particular call, I might turn silent mode off.

    If it's important, people will leave a message or send an email. Otherwise, that's probably some wine seller or a scam from the ATO.

    • +18

      It's called Do Not Disturb mode and is configurable in Android for many years now.

  • I always put my phone on silent & vibrate mode coupled with my watch

  • +2

    My phone is always on silent with vibrate. Ring tones are annoying.

    My wrist also vibrates, so it's not an issue for me.

  • +1

    Mine is silent 24/7. I check my emails more than anything else.

  • +1

    My phone is permanently on silent with no vibration because I get notifications through my watch, which I can then silence but still get haptic notifications when needed.

    But it also means I could miss phone calls during the period when the watch is charging in the morning. Worth the trade off.

    • Charge watch at night

      • -1

        That, or turn features off that don’t get used. Wife was complaining that her smart watch needed to be charged every day. I turned off heart rate monitoring every 2mins to only when she activates it and turned the screen on timer down to minimum. It now only needs charging every 4 weeks at best, 2 weeks at worst.

      • I use the sleep tracking features at night, so charging it while I do my morning routine works best.

  • Absolutely yes. Don't like to be disturbed when I'm not working, people barely call me nowadays, mostly getting text and emails which are not urgent.

  • If I put it on silent, how will I know when the real estate agents call me?

  • Can't stand it beeping or vibrating every thirty seconds.

    Always on screen means I can see any important notifications I want to deal with and ignore the rest.

  • Silent with torch flashes for notifications and calls. It's an accessibility setting in ios and android.Works great if your phone is usually on the desk. Watch vibration is also fantastic especially when driving.

  • Always have it on silence. My smartwatch always notify me of incoming calls and caller ID, no need for a loud ringtone.

  • I always have mine on full silent. Whenever I get a call my Apple Watch just notifies me so no need for vibration to be on my phone when I have it on my wrist always with me.

  • The only time it’s not on silent mode it’s I accidentally switched it off lol.

  • My phone has been on silent since the Nokia 6110, cant stand the ring tones and i dont feel that others should hear it either.

  • Also on silent. If I miss a call I call the person back. I do look at my phone a lot for browsing ozb though so I dont miss many calls.

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