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[PC, Pre Order] Battlefield 2042 $79 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


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For those who want to play as soon as possible

Release Date - 22/10/21

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    I didn't pre order BF2142, BF3 , BF 4 and they were fantastic. I pre ordered BF1 and BFV. Nuff said.

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      The fate of the game rests on your decision to pre-order or not

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  • I read open beta will be accessible to those who pre-ordered first.

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    No single player campaign means its a pass for me

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      why….? genuine question
      I've never met a person who buys a BF game purely for its campaign. It's never been what the series is about. Myself, alot of journalists and Youtubers are glad as it means they have more devs working and fully focus on MP

      • I thought the campaigns were good, and play BF only for that. The only MP I played with BF was BF2 and 1942 with the desert storm mod.

        • They were good to an extent, I really enjoyed the BFBC2 and BF3 campaign, BF4 was meh/alright. The rest were hit n miss. But I'd play them once or twice and kinda dont touch them again

    • There are multiplayer bots, so that will be awesome.

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    Hope they bring team balancing in this one…

    • Noidea why team scrabbling isnt default on consoles after a map ends, not hard to realise most of the losing team will leave after a map, so one team will be stuck winning forever.

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    Thank god for a 'return' to the future.

    I hated the WW1/WW2 settings of BF1 and BFV.

    • Me too!!!

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      Completely agree. The WW1/WW2 genre has been run into the ground.

      • Lol. Back in 2016/18 people were begging for FPS games set in the past after people were tired out from all the modern/futuristic shooters.

    • Same

  • There's absolutely no reason to pre order a digital copy of any game.

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    General rule is to wait 3-6 months before you buy BF games or just be prepared to shelve it until it is fixed. There hasn't been a smooth launch since before BC1. There is a lot going on in BF games with infantry, vehicles and physics/destruction and EA aren't known to release when done and fully polished or balanced. It will be fixed so don't lose interest and trade it or sell it if you do buy it day one, you will just be missing out on an eventual great game.

  • Will this be on ea play or another subscription to play on release without owning

  • Stopped BFV cos of hacking.

    But man, how good were the BF2 days. That games rocks

    • yea. bf2, when squads actually mattered

  • They destroyed what should have been a WW2 classic with BFV but I'll still preorder this goddamit

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    Subscribe to EA play for a year, then buy the game after a year once it dropped in price, probably works out cheaper or the same.

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      Great logic. I didn't think of this. I'm so casual I'll probably play it for less than a month anyway.

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      Wouldn't it be EA Play Pro for $20 a month?

    • It won't be on EA Play on release, EA Play Pro most likely, a year sub is $240.

      • Sucks if that's the case, Battlefield V was on EA Play on release.

        • EA Play members (including Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers) will have early access to Open Beta and a 10-hour trial of Battlefield 2042 starting on October 15, 2021.

          EA Play Pro members get the Ultimate Edition of the game, and all rewards associated with it, including early access to Open Beta and access to the full game from October 15, 2021.

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    This should be out on EAPlay if you don’t like it can always cancel the subscription instead of preordering

    • It will be on EAPlay Pro, because they want the people on xbox game pass to pay for it.

      Also the Year 1 pass will probably be $50+ if you don't get it with the "Gold Edition".

      • I wouldn't be surprised as it's a multiplayer, to see a 10hr access on the basic plan.

        • That's correct, it's 10 hours access, pro gets the full ultimate version etc.

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    Nothing beats Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat.. that was the peak of BF

  • Since BF3 the gfx have gotten better while the gameplay went downhill…..

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      BF2 best overall game. BF3 had the best multiplayer levels. BF1 had a great single player mode. If they going to skew the retelling of documented history like they did in BFV, then a plot in the future might be a good idea.

      I also suggest waiting on this one, EA and the Battlefield franchise has been going downhill for a long while now and I don’t think they have got the message things need to change yet.

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    How can anyone know if this is a deal/bargain before the game is out? BFV, Anthem, No Man's Sky, CP2077..

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    Anyone remember BF 2142? That game was the balls

    • For sure, loved it. BF2042 looks like they maybe heading that direction again in a future development.

    • yup. was really hoping this was a remake..

      i want walkers back

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    You can get the pre-order code by ordering now and cancelling in 4 days.

    Then buy the game on release if the reviews are good.

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    If I was a shareholder I'd be angry at EA for not having cross-play, when the direct competition has had it for a couple years now.

  • Yeah BF3 anyday. I think I'm kind of scarred from any new BF games. I might wait 6 months before Purchasing this sadly.

  • Most EA games are half price by the end of the release weekend haha

    I really hope they don't screw this one though. Was really looking forward to a Bad Company 3 but happy to get a modern battlefield shooter nonetheless

  • I miss BF BC2 multiplayer…. Those were the days…

  • I think my 2080s might be a bit old for the game.

  • Apparently they'll be running a similar game like Warzone? That's be cool

  • Honestly want Bad Company 3 more than anything. The newer entries are so fast-paced it's hard for my peanut brain to keep up, especially when you've got ZouZou jumpers and tanks that can flick their turrets around like they're made of cardboard.

  • Don't understand the need for pre orders. Especially for games that will have plenty of stock at any retailer on release day. People haven't learnt from cyberpunk?