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[PC] Free - Control @ Epic Games (11/6 - 18/6)


The next vaulted freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control.

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  • +43

    Crazy that Control is a freebie!!

    • +37

      Spent my younger years waiting for Steam Summer and Christmas sales. Now all I need to do is to wait for games to become free a year or so later. Already have enough games now haha.

    • -18

      Not really, already been on all other major services like Humble Choice, Gamepass and PS+.

      • +11

        But those are all paid subscriptions?

        • +8

          How exactly is that relevant to what I said? Im getting negged for saying it is not suprising that this game is going to be free because it has already been on every major 'cheap game' subscription service, this would obviously be the next step in getting people to play it.

          It is by no means crazy or even suprising that a game that has been sold for effectively a dollar or two on most major platforms at one point is now going to be free.

          Im not saying it being free isnt a good deal, im saying it is not suprsing at all that it is free.

          • +1

            @Vinodra: Ahh yep I understand what you mean now. Makes sense.

          • -1

            @Vinodra: I guess you're being negged for not specifying what you're saying "Not really" to, the "Crazy" or "Freebie". And now you explain it.

            • +1

              @Deal Hunter Go: Not my fault that so many people here lack reading comprehension to be honest. It is a reply to a comment, not a reply to this post itself, if it is looked at as such, I shouldn't have needed to specify.

              Even so, I still got another 11 negative votes even after I specified.

              • +1

                @Vinodra: You're gunna be stuffed applying for a home loan with all those negs against you mate.

                • @PSEACT: Refer to my previous 2 comments.

                  • +2

                    @Vinodra: Oh no you negged me just for making a joke. Now I can't get a home loan either.

  • +4

    Great share OP, I thought $2x was cheap

  • +1

    Heard good stuff about the name. Anyone with experience?

    • +16

      Combat is pretty amazing but can get monotonous. Otherwise it's a brilliant game, especially (only?) if you've got a decent rig to play it on. Tech/style/story/combat are all AAA.

      • -4

        That's exactly what I thought. Was so excited for this game pre-release, everything I had heard about it sounded right up my alley. I gave it about 4-5hrs and realised that's all there was to it and put it down. Monotonous and boring. Building walking simulator broken up by occasional fighting.

      • how different is this to Quantum Break?

        • +1

          Quantum break had one bit of weirdness where this has all sorts of weirdness. Control is a bit more combat focused with weapons and perks etc. Both differences are good things in my opinion.

          I thoroughly enjoyed QB and the entire journey of Control.

        • This is heaps better, especially since you don’t have to watch the weird TV show part of it instead of playing. Control is a great game.

      • +2

        Yeah, agreed. I loved the setting and story, but the gameplay got really tedious - I ended up giving up on it without reaching the end.

      • +3

        I just found it a bit too weird to be able to enjoy it, but it's free so what have you got to lose

        • Time cost for starters?

          • @gosund: If you're so busy you can't afford to waste a few hours, good on you bro

    • +4

      It's very cool, and gets better as you gain more powers throughout the campaign.

    • +3

      I'm about half way through (I think) and am enjoying it. Interesting story and setting. Abilities are fun (see telekinetically hurling an office chair at enemies face at about 100kph). Not quite as good as Prey (imo), but no stealth and not as much backtracking/exploring to slow you down either.

      • I'm opposite.

        I have sunk about 15hr into prey, want to go pure human abilities but the constant bullets refill and all.. I find that's taking away from the progress of the games so I've drop it.

        Control is nice, you can concentrate on the game and progression instead of worrying about bullets and what's not.

    • +5

      It's a very well made game, but it's about walking through the story with an incredible amount of cutscenes and not really much gameplay. The gameplay there is is absolutely meh. Walk around the building collecting stuff, get interrupted with the occasional battle sequence where you just kill all the bad guys. Trick to doing that is never stop moving (the game tells you this over and over, although really put something between you and them is the real solution), run around and shoot/throw stuff at the dudes, figure out the singular trick involved to kill each boss and repeat on them until they're dead.

      Story is very good though, but if you want gameplay look elsewhere.

      It's part of the xbox game pass as well.

      And if you've ever read the SCP wiki, you'll know where they got most of their ideas from.

      • +5

        Which game in your opinion, has amazing gameplay? I believe you just described every game there expect games like RTS or those with complex management systems.

        • +2

          METRO games - just amazing

          • @botchie: I haven't played, but aren't you running around shooting dudes and stuff? lol

            • +1

              @RocketSwitch: no, its not Doom, but yes you are shooting things, look into it, first few games are pretty cheap to get - get Redux versions

          • +1

            @botchie: Playing through exodus and its my favourite of them.

            • @gakko: yeah I just finished my 2nd play through with EE and that ending just make me so sad :) - hate replying the end part

              • @botchie: Where there is a widow? (trying to word it nonspolierish) You can get an ending where there isn't.
                All the metro games have two different endings, depending on the choices you make through the game.

                • @Gammanone: nah, I got the good ending but Cornel always dies ….that last car trip back to train…too much for me :)

        • Good point, I really didn't explain it well :P

          It's not like Assassin's creed where you can pick your fights, use stealth, or hide or flee, you can't accidentally draw in other enemies, you can't enter a battle any way besides the front door, you can't think through when best to attack an enemy and approach from different angles. With Doom the weapons you choose, how you manage your ammo and health, feel like they make the difference in how you progress.

          In Control you just walk into an area and shoot the predetermined set of bad guys until you press the button to make that area your happy place over and over again. Fighting a boss? There is one specific way to kill that boss. The first one you wait until he's about to shoot you, shoot him, then dodge that attack. You cannot kill him any other way, simply repeat that until he's dead. Then the room is clear and you walk out. If you take too long attacking him random guards spawn but if you kill him quickly those bad guys apparently never existed. Considering every bad guy is meant to be a possessed employee, it's not clear how that makes sense. Enter room, shoot bad guys that spawn, hit happy button, repeat. No health, no stealth, no tactics, no ammo management (besides recharging, which is when you run like the wind), no climbing and wall and raining death from above, no deciding not to kill these people today, not employing different tactics besides bullet to the face or concrete to the face or their own grenade to the face. It's very, very simple gameplay.

          • -1

            @freefall101: Yet the game was a million times more engaging than Assassins Creed has been since the first. Both games have pretty mediocre combat, but Control makes up for just "okay" combat with amazing style.

        • +1

          Which game in your opinion, has amazing gameplay?

          metroid series
          GTA series
          zelda series

      • +4

        The combat is fine. Its nothing special, but throwing stuff at enemies never got old.

        • Throwing had the opposite effect on me over time. Didn't like the bullet-sponge enemies a great deal but I really like how visceral all of it felt. That's an art.

    • +1

      one of those games where if you have never played it, you should play it

    • Powerful beginning, gets repetitive as times goes by. They didn't have enough different encounter set ups to make each fight different. Still, one of the stronger titles in recent years.

      • +1

        Same. Found the start of it interesting but felt quite repetitive quickly.

    • is free, get it a go, i really enjoyed and will play again

    • My favourite game of the last few years, probably since Bloodborne. Takes a couple of hours to get into the groove of things (unlocking powers, mostly) but really as soon as you get the telekinesis it's very fun.

    • I'm playing on Xbox. It's really good story

    • one of the worst map system.

    • The gameplay is great, though there were a few spots that I was kind of stuck, but worth pushing through. The mythos and world-building is also most excellent!

  • +8

    OMG, I just bought it on Steam about 2 weeks ago.

    • you can always request for refund if you have less than 2 hours playing time

      • It's probably about 2 hours since I sometimes leave games running minimised. Also refunds are supposed to be requested within 2 weeks which just passed. Maybe the Ultimate edition is worth the extra $25.

        • +1

          If it makes you feel better, the AWE and Foundation DLC is way way way better than the actual game. Well worth it and overall fantastic game!

          The haptics & adaptive triggers on DualSense were very immersive. Looks like they're slowly rolling out compatibility on PC with games like Metro too.

    • That's okay, if you bought it on Steam you got Control Ultimate Edition which includes the 2 DLCs. Well worth it over the free version.

      If you redeem this free version on Epic or the version included in the Humble Monthly on Steam then you have the base game of Control (standard edition).
      After redeeming the standard edition you can't buy the Ultimate Edition and the season pass has been removed for sale on Steam.

      The standard edition is 6 months old in patches and doesn't have any of the "next-gen" free upgrades, the game is a very old build by this point.
      Buying the season pass on Epic/Humble Store won't give you the ultimate edition either, you are stuck with the outdated version.

      You have to remove the free standard edition from your account (can do it on profile page on Steam, probably have to contact support on Epic) and buy Ultimate Edition to get the proper experience.

      • So even if you buy the season pass on epic you still get an old build? If so that's pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I guess it is worth the $25 to me.

        • Yes, you would need to contact support and somehow get them to remove the free title activation & refund your DLC so that you can buy the Ultimate Edition to get the updated build.

          • @Agret: That's messed up. Well I got the ultimate ed on Steam and the free base game on epic.

  • Wow great freebie. Excited to add it to my ever lasting list.

  • +2

    Great game, gameplay was better than Quantum Break but I preferred the story in that one more. The DLC for Control is good especially for Alan Wake fans. I just felt like they could of gone more extreme on the wackyness. I just basically wanted more Doctor Strange stuff happening.

  • Niiiice.

  • Bought this last year with my Epic Coupon - Havent played it and a year on and they've stiffed me! lol

  • +2

    Here I was thinking it was cool to get in a humble monthly recently…

  • Whooo almost bought this last week but decided I have too much to play still

  • +6

    Do yourself a favour and make sure you play at least until after going through the Ashtray Maze. It's very epic/awesome. The game is also very stylish/atmospheric.

    • Such a big smile the whole way through that mission :D

      If you didn't know, in the AWE dlc there's a place to replay just that mission, very fun.

  • +3


  • +6

    You know, I'm starting to think I should just sell my xbox. Why do I even bother buying games when epic keeps giving them away? Lol.

    • +1

      This has been included on gamepass for a while fyi.

  • wow

    will 1660Ti laptop play this?

    • -2

      Nah on low maybe. You would want a 2060 at least to up it to a higher resolution via DLSS.

    • +2

      Yeah should play fine on 1080p without the ray tracing stuff

      • +1

        thank you mate

        couldn't care less about ray tracing, so I guess I am good

        fantastic deal here

        " The desktop version of the GeForce GTX 1060 should be powerful enough to play Control in 1080p on the High preset, while we would recommend a GeForce GTX 1070 or GeForce GTX 1660 Ti on a laptop."

        • Yeah I play this on my laptop,1660ti med high settings no problem, 1080p.
          1440p on low settings.

          • @whoareudd: thank you! my Metabox has been handling this on High 1080p smoothly without spinning the coolers much (1660Ti).
            solid fun this game! love it.

    • +1


      I think youtube has bench marked every single possible combination of game and graphics card

  • No friggin way.

    I was just thinking of playing this next as an RTX title

  • No way

  • Me oh my

  • I'm starting to think I should really play this all the way through.

    Started on Xbox Game Pass, given it with the PS5 upgrade for free, and now on PC.

  • +1

    Jeez, control is a surprise.

    I can't see any other info backing this, where you getting that from OP? Control seems too big of a giveaway

    • Deal also appears on Dealabs where proof is sent directly to the moderation team. Verified deal.

  • Big if true!

  • +1

    Finally a game posted that has decent graphics

  • Is this the ultimate edition or the base game without the DLC and extras features? Still crazy that it's going free either way, but obviously ultimate would be the best

    • +1

      Base game.

  • +1

    This game is a legit excellent single player experience.

  • wow

  • +3

    if you want a game, don't buy it and Epic will give it for free eventually!!

  • Damn ! I was thinking of buying this one

  • nice looking and weird game. rtx on.

  • +2

    Hell yeah. Loved this game on Xbox, sold my copy planning to get it on PC down the line and then kept waiting through every sale because I knew it'd go $5 or cheaper in the long run. I love it when a plan comes together.

  • +1

    Nooooooooooo :-(
    I am not buying any more PC games!

    • +7

      I have excellent news for you about the price of this deal

  • Oh my. That is Epic!

  • Great game. It was free on ps5 too

    • +1

      Not exactly free… Still had to pay decent $ to get it.

  • Bummer..
    already paid for it :(

    Had it free on PS4, sold the console, free on PC
    I bin blessed twice

  • +1

    Remedy have almost always made good games - never my favourite but props to them for always trying new things instead of just pushing out another sequel of the same game every year.

    We could easily be up to Max Payne 10: Max Gets a Parking Ticket and Reacts Disproportionately but instead we get different IP's, and I'm happy with that.

  • Well this is one way to stop piracy.. just make every game free!

  • Very good game

    Better than fortnite, COD, Metro series

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