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[Afterpay] Apple M1 11-inch iPad Pro 128GB $1019, 256GB $1146, 512GB $1401 Delivered @ wireless1_eshop eBay


Biggest discount to date for the new release M1 iPad Pro's. It is now possible to get an M1 iPad Pro for under $1K combining with discount eBay GCs!
Leave some $ for Afterpay payment for the code to work.
Other variants can be selected from the same link (bigger disk space or cellular).

Also M1 12.9-inch version here. Cheapest is 128GB, $1649 reduced to $1401!

Get the Swap GCs from the Shopback app store to save a bit more. The $500 GCs are now down to 3% cashback, the $250 and lower denominations are still 4%. You should get their email about cashback tracking within half an hour of using the GCs.

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  • I thought people saying that you can't combine discounted GC with the AFTPY15 code this time around?

  • Probably fixed the loophole…

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got it for $989 after afterpay referral.

  • yeah go with th 12.9 inch models they ahve the XDR displays

    the 11 inch models I don't think come with that.

    • +1

      Big jump in price though. 12.9 would be nice but damn hard to justify

      • -1

        a 32" XDR display will cost you 10,000 bucks your getting a 12.9 version of that display for under 2k if you get the cheapest storage option. Obvisoulsy if you don't do anything
        with HDR and you dont do photo editing or video editing then any cheap tablet will do you if all you watch is just movies and play games.

        • +5

          Yah that’s why it’s hard to justify. I’m watching simpsons season 4-12 on Disney plus mate.

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: This resonate with me. Do i need a $1350 iPad to watch Youtube?

            • @dstar012: No but wouldn’t you be kicking yourself if Apple rework iPad is and it actually kicks arse as a laptop replacement?

              (I’m actually still hard to justify the standard 11 inch.)
              As by the time you add magic keyboard it’s over $1500 which is insane.

      • +1

        And heavy. Unfortunately I bought the 11' a week ago. I'm not weak by any means but I find the 11' even heavy.

        • +3

          Allow me to lift it for you. ;)

        • Do you even lift?

  • ETA is Tue 13 Jul 2021 - Thu 15 Jul 2021 so I wouldn't order this if you want it straight away.

  • Are these ipads powerful enough for 4k video editing?

    Debating between ipad and a macbook pro. Already have a macbook air and older ipad which is struggling for video edits.

    • +4

      They're massively powerful but constrained by their OS.

      It's up to the app you use. Final Cut Pro would have been nice

    • +1

      It's an M1 so I'd say yes! But of course an M1 Macbook pro with the Mac OS would be even better.

      • +2

        Hoping we see some more commitment to fleshing out ipad os - at the moment the m1 hardware is crazily overpowered and borderline wasteful with current os. Good for future proofing I guess.

        • +1

          I was quite disappointed with the iPadOS 15 announcement this week.
          I was hoping for a much improved file management system (specifically ms server integration built in) and didn’t see anything about the files app at all.
          App,e did some improvements with multitasking but still a work in progress.

          Personally not sure an iPad Pro is worth the dosh anymore with the current OS (says he writing on a 10.5 iPad Pro). I reckon might as well get an iPad Air.

          • +1

            @entropysbane: The only thing stopping me from getting air is it’s already a lot of dosh. For not that much more you get the next generation chip amd a slightly smoother media experience.

    • +1

      I had a (non M1) iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020 and sold it almost unused a few months later. If you use it as a tablet, it's great. If you need to be productive, get an M1 Air laptop.
      As mentioned earlier, iPad OS is the biggest limitation here.

      • Thank you for your input. Ipad just seems convenient for editing videos; appears from all the feedback here the OS isn’t best for video editing.

        • MacBook Air M1 is only slightly bigger than the tablet and also comes with a built-in magic keyboard ($600 option for iPad Pro!).
          I find the laptop shape much more convenient for productive work.

        • Just get MacBook or an actual windows laptop

      • I mostly use the iPad Pro in bed for watching Netflix.
        Using the M1 Air in bed would be cumbersome?

        Also the iPad Pro screen would be better than the Air screen?

        • I guess… I’m not so sure pro-motion such a big deal

      • It depends on your use case.
        my now four year old iPad Pro has become my main home machine. It is great for reading the papers on the commute to work.
        At work I use it for meetings, and the main justification for getting it was disaster reporting. It is unbeatable as a remote field reporting device. Screen, camera and built in GPS and SIM card make it so. Some phones are getting so big now they are almost as good for that particular purpose, but it has the edge.
        Having the iPad also means my carry phone can be small which is a win in my view. 12 mini is a great little phone.
        I do do a bit of photo and video editing on the iPad Pro, but not that often enough to be efficient about it.

        The main thing it needs to improve is some work on the file management system. This is a software issue that Apple could fix but for some reason does not want to. To be able to access the work server network like a win10 machine would be fantastic. Ipad hardware is so powerful it is the OS that is really holding it back now, and at the price they are at and the fact the iPad Air has pencil support, I would go the Air and save the money.

        • ‘ To be able to access the work server network like a win10 machine ‘

          Yes this. I am planning to just use teamviewer to get around this even though that’s quite a messy solution to what should be seamless and easy built in feature.

        • Sounds like Samsung DeX would be much better better fit for your use case. I'm also an iPhone users I was looking at the the new iPads Pro or the iPad air but after the disappointing iPadOS announcement pulled the trigger on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (comes with an integrated stylus) and the keyboard book cover for $864 delivered. About half the price of the equipment iPad Pro setup and s much better option for productivity.

        • Accessing work server network

          If your work server network is smb/webdav/FTP file shares, just use apps to do it. I use FileBrowser which is really worth the money. It can access those shares, stream or copy data to local, and you can choose to expose those files to the built-in files app.
          Even Remote Desktop connections are officially supported by Microsoft on iPad.

          If the new thunderbolt 4 port is supported properly, then you can plug it in to any USB-c dock and use external keyboard and mouse and display, it could be a real work horse

          • @simonjo: Workplace does not allow third party apps to access work servers.
            Samsung isn’t bad hardware but has other limitations compared with iPad (and work has very string limitations on non windows and even iOS is grudging, let alone Android dex etc).

  • +1

    If only these devices ran MacOs or Apple version of Samsung Dex + desktop browser. I'd buy my first ipad in a heartbeat

  • Anyone have the link to the discounted gcs

  • +1

    It's on the Shopback app, looks for the Swap GC. Must be high demand because the $500 GCs now down to 3%, the rest are still 4%.

  • I want the 11 inch with mini led , 12.9 too big for me

    • 11 inch don’t got mini led

      • if only, then they would be flying out the door

        • +2

          Good old apple with their bs paywalled features
          ( I’m still going to buy an iPad Pro )

      • +1

        I knew that. That why I said "I want". The upcoming 2022 or 2023 11 inch pros will most likely have it

  • +6

    WWDC killed M1 iPad’s future

    • That is a very bizarre takeaway from the WWDC21 keynote.


    • Elaborate please.

      • +2

        Well, they just made it concrete that iPad is staying as Tablet will not be a stand alone laptop.

        Which means no easy file system or MacOS applications.

        So what’s the point of Powerful M1 chip when you can even utilise it?

        Davinci Resolve will run just fine on M1 if it wasn’t for iPad OS.

        • +2

          You are totally forgetting the fact that the M1 chip itself is future proofing the iPad as future iOS versions become more and more processor intensive, specifically all the cool AI tech that is yet to come.

          • -1

            @DoctorCalculon: Yeah, I envisage support until 2030

          • @DoctorCalculon: Tbh though I would not buy a machine for what it might do in the future. That may never happen (looking at you, Sony). I will buy when it does do it.

  • Thanks OP, but y am I seeing the cheapest for 12.9 is 1401 instead of 1349? Is 1349 the price you got with discount GC?

    • You are right $1401 before GCs, I might have looked at the wrong item or included the GCs saving when I did the calculation.

  • +1

    What a great deal.

  • +3

    Someone posted the other day that there'll be a 20/22% deal later in June. Tempted to wait.

    • Can you link the post?

    • I am sure those invited sellers will adjust their starting prices accordingly to maintain their margins.

  • Can the iPad 12.9 run Windows 10 via Parallels like the Macbook Air M1 or different os / not possible?

    I've never owned Apple anything but this would be the perfect combo for me if this is possible as it covers some short falls of the Macbook Air/Pro without too many cons (battery being the main bit not a problem for me)

    EDIT: okay did more digging, looks like the answer is no. That's a shame, the brighter, much nicer screen and touch are the 2 features that drew me but I'll get the Air probably, or Pro for the 500 nits and get by with that…

  • Can the iPad 12.9 run Windows 10 via Parallels like the Macbook Air M1 or different os / not possible?

    The iPad runs iPadOS (a variation of iOS). Maybe in your wildest dream you can hack iOS to run Windoze.

  • If you want to buy the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) + Magic Keyboard, it looks like wireless1 wants to charge you shipping for the two items separately ($14.50 each). This seems a little bit absurd as they should be able to ship the two items together.

    Is there any way around this?

    I have sent them a message via eBay, but I am not holding my breath for a reply before this promotion is over.

    • If you get a reply at all it will be a Christmas miracle

      • They are probably smashed with messages on eBay, and emails thanks to this Afterpay promotion.

        Great avatar, bud.
        That was one of my favourite Office episodes.

  • Just got a 12.9 256 WiFi+5G for $1749. Can't wait to get it.

    • 12.9" 256GB Space Grey WiFi Only

      I feel like I could buy another one as a birthday gift for a family member.
      But it isn't worth the hassle of buying gift cards to save ~ $50.

    • Did you pay using after pay or just standard gift cards? Apparently won’t allow the after pay work around anymore which is a shame since I don’t have after pay.

      • +1

        Had to sign up to Afterpay

        • Same here. It was a fairly easy process. Since they don't bother with credit checks, they force you to verify your ID against DVS before you can purchase anything. This also means people can't rort the referral system by creating as many accounts as they like.

  • I just registered afterpay, why am i being denied by afterpay? any workaround?

    • +1

      What's the error message?

      And, did you successfully complete Identity Verification?

      • +1

        Doesn't work for me.

        No balance owing on my after pay and buying under my limit.

        error message is -

        Sorry, we're unable to approve your order.
        Afterpay takes a number of factors into account when making a decision to decline an order and given this we do not approve all of the orders that are made on the Afterpay platform.
        What can I do?
        Please return to the store of purchase and use an alternative payment method to complete your order. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to shop with Afterpay ever, we hope you will try us again in the future.

        Tried on phone, on desktop, incognito .. nothing works.

    • ok, I used incognito mode and it worked, found the solution here jono_100's comment https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611537

  • Hi guys, wifey needs the 256gb for the work she does. She's a bit worried about not buying this directly from Apple or an authorised seller. I didn't know what to say to her. What are your thoughts on this? The price is a great deal though.

    • If it’s for work just use it as a tax write off? And I beleive this mob is an authorised reseller?

  • After checking my AfterPay account, I've only been approved to spend $800 (estimate). Can anyone suggest how I can purchase the iPad 12.9 Pro with the 15% off to take advantage of this offer? [Also have a similar question for the MacBook Pro if I decided to order this instead] Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • +1

      Use Discount GCs to pay balance (e.g. Swap GCs from ShopBack app).

    • +1

      I think they will ask u to pay the gap upfront, e.g. for a $900 purchase u have to pay $900-$800=$100 and $800/4=$200, so $300 upfront in total.

    • I had to pay $1299 upfront as I had to create an account for this purchase.

      • The trick is to use GCs to reduce your payable balance to the minimum before passing it through to AP.

  • +1

    Ordered mine 11th June, got it today.

    • Would that be an 11" M1 iPad Pro?

    • Honestly, I expected slow deliveries, say, 2-3 weeks but 30 days seems quite the wait. Which Model did you order? Also, did you get e-bay item shipped/tracking notifications at any point?

      • +1

        Yes, base model 11" M1 iPad, I got an ebay Order Update email with a tracking number in the morning 0828 and got it delivered in the afternoon around 1700.

  • I ordered a 12.9 256GB WiFi+Cellular Space Grey

    Have just been told they won't have stock for ages. Unlikely to get any on the 21 August shipment?

    • I was told 23rd a couple of weeks ago. Then the 10th August. Got same model as you except Silver. Looks like I’ll be cancelling I think. Stock seems to be readily available in store, I just lose the $300 discount, as they say if something seems too good to be true…

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