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YouTube Premium via Argentina - ARS $119/Month (Single ~A$1.62/Month, Family ~A$2.45/Month, VPN Required to Register)


Now $0.18 less (per month) than 6 months ago due to favourable exchange rate (with full credit to HiDave for the original find). Been on this plan for a while now and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • Can I do PayPal?

    I assume this is for the first payment And how about subsequent payments?

    Thanks heaps.

  • I have individual India plan. How do I upgrade to family? The official guife doesn't work for me. I tap on my profile in YouTube app, then purchases and membership. But I don't see any family plan. Thanks in advance.

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    If, like me, you get the price in AU$ then check to see if you have an IPv6 address and disable it.

  • When using VPN got the below. Can anyone tell me what currency R$ is? And can I use PayPal payment? Thanks.

    1-month free trial
    Then R$20.90/month
    We'll remind you 7 days before your trial ends
    Recurring billing • Cancel at any time

    Also while proceeding it’s asking CPF and date of birth. ?

    • Might be Real, so Brazilian dollars

  • Which card for no foreign transaction fees ?

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      • ta! now have to open another account

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          You can also use a referral for a $5 bonus. Also, you get an instant card to add to your digital wallet.

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      Also have the option of Revolut at the moment with $30 referral bonus. Extra handy because you can create virtual cards to use specifically for online websites you don't trust with your real card details. And also handy for free trials too!

  • Can anyone please suggest safe and competitive VPN provider ? Thanks

    • For something quick and easy, use the hola plugin for Chrome.. Just make sure you are logged out of Facebook, email etc first.

      Once finished uninstall it

      • i downloaded the extension on chrome. How do i make sure its setup for argentina or india

        • Choose the country in the chrome plugin to which ever country you want

    • TunnelBear free.

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    Thanks. My family and friends have moved to Argentinia. Surprised the card doesn't check the new billing address?

    • You have too much faith in merchants (and possibly the payment card industry) to protect your credit cards :)

    • I moved to Argentina for a few seconds with VPN, and no they dont check my fake Argentina address.

      • At least we managed to get out of India

  • For the India YouTube premium I used the Australia Post prepaid MasterCard to activate the account. You link it with your own bank account and top it up when needed. Ideal for those shady online purchase that don't accept PayPal and your not comfortable about handing over your real credit card details.Mod: Removed inappropriate URL

  • All my email services are with Gmail what are the chances if I make a new account that my legitimate ones will be banned

  • Thanks OP for letting us know about this deal.

    Super easy to follow instructions.

    Used PIA VPN which I’m subscribed to already. Used address generator in instructions. Signed up for free trial for a month and ARS$119 thereafter.

    Got charged ARS$10 as a holding charge I assume?

    Never felt so free and burden free when I don’t have to wait forever for the ad to finish or press skip ads constantly!

    • Hey mate , i have PIA as well but cannot find Argentina in the region. how did you find Argentina?

      • I did it on my iPhone. In the PIA app click on VPN server. Argentina should be the 7th item below Andorra?

        • ah ok. im on PC. il check on the phone and see if the server pops up! cheers

  • Successfully signed up finally but not before my credit card company placed a temporary block on my card because they felt suss about the Argentinian transaction.

    Bye bye ads.

  • I'm still getting my YouTube from India… Has been a couple years now 🤣🤣🤣

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    no need for vpn, just an argetinian proxy suffices

    • Had to use VPN to join family plan.

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  • Can google actually ban me for getting the Argentina version of premium for my family? And will they ban my family members accounts?

  • signed up but when try to add wife, it states you are in different country then the family manager , anyone know how to fix it ?

    • Yeah I had this problem last year.

      One option might be to create a new Gmail account with the location being in India, then add that account to your wifes phone. Then add that account to your family.

    • This happened to me too. Use the VPN to join your wife to the family plan or it won’t work

      • Does that work even if the wife is using an Australian address?

  • Always seemed to risky for me to lose my Gmail account unfortunately.

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    Stupid question, but what do you actually get ? Normal price is 19 bucks a month? Seems lime a lot to be able to play YouTube in the background as for their music catalogue, Spotify has more and is cheaper?

    Could be wrong.

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      +1 What's wrong with just using adblock and a youtubevideo downloader for offline viewing?

      • It requires effort

      • Feel free to point to AdBlock for my TV

        BRB just downloading YT vids to USB, sounds so much easier

        • Htpc.

    • You're asking why somebody would pay $1.62 per month for ad free YouTube and YouTube Music instead of AU$14.99 a month?

  • Can someone give a quick run down of how to set up family YT. And do we need to set up a dummy gmail account based in Argentina and link all Aus accounts to that main account so nothing will be affected in terms of our genuine accounts. Kindly appreciate all help.

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    Hey all i need help. When i sign up to YT premium via argentia, it asks for my cc details and address. DO i use my real aus address or a fake argentina address? Will the bank get suspicious?

    • I put in a fake Argentinian address generated by this link as instructed in step 4 of this post. My credit card company did flag it and placed a block on the card but I think it was more to do with the transaction being in Argentinian currency other than the address I provided for the subscription didn’t match the Aussie address on file. Nothing a phone call to the credit card company couldn’t fix though.

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    If you go to pay.google.com you can view your payments profiles separately for each region. You can see here I'm quite the world traveller, having lived in Russia, India and Argentina without any affects to my Australian Google payments profile.

  • I signed up for premium single Argentina plan 4 days ago as a 30 day free trial and I decided I wanted the family plan so I switched over 3 days later and I got charged 54.67 ARS

  • Got there eventually. I had to put CC details into my google account first. When trying to put the CC details directly into the youtube premium payment page, it came back with an 'OR-CCSEH-05' error

  • Anyone switch from the Indian payment to this one?

  • what kind of card doesn't have a foreign exchange fee

    • Macquarie Bank debit card

  • good deals

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    Hey OP and everyone who’s provided insight on this, thank you for this finally bit the bullet on a family membership.

    Some may receive an error regarding not being in the same region, it turns out the other person needs to be in the same region too.

    As I was already registered with TunnelBear, I logged in into my family members phone and got onto the VPN and set the region to Argentina.

    Then when you click the link in the email, the site might come up in Spanish. Just need your family member to login using their credentials. At a point they might even ask you to verify your identity by either one of the numerous ways due to logging in a unfamiliar location. Once you do that, your mission will be successful.

    Spanish is tricky- thanks google translate!

    Good luck!

    • set the region to Argentina.

      How did you set the region to Argentina for your family member? Was it from Google Play? Does that mean that your family member's Google Play store is now set to Argentina?

    • Great. Connecting to Argentina via Tunnelbear is the most effective workaround.

  • It's a shame you can not pay this with your google dollars balance. Only with real money.

  • Trying to get this sorted via using express VPN. Selecting Argentina as location seems to take me to Brazil. I then follow the instructions and it is mandatory to input Tax information CPF as well as DOB.
    Anyone got a work around or do I need a different VPN?

  • I was able to use tunnelbear on PC to view YT offer in Argentina. Grouse.
    I was able to sign up for "UP". Cool.
    I was able to transfer funds from my bank account via payid to UP (and vice versa). Wonderful.
    But.. when I get into gmail (on PC/desktop), I cant see the "UP" credit card, and yet in the same gmail account on mobile I can see the the "UP" card. So I guess "pay.google.com" is somehow tied to the device.. How to add the "UP" card on PC in a gmail account? On PC its asking for the credit card number (for UP), but I havent received it yet.. Confused, how the same gmail credentials can see the UP card on mobile, but on PC it cant.. ? I can probably configure tunnelbear guy on my phone, but just on PC seemed a tad easier but I will have a further looksee. Thanks..

  • How to add other members to family group, keep on saying they are from a different country.

    • Get a VPN for your family members and change it to Argentina and then they can join

    • I can't seem to do it either, i've tried everything - vpn and all. I give up 😩

      • Try X VPN trial or hola. They work perfectly for me on the family plan

    • I have the same error. Have tried various VPNs and still didn't work. One possible work around is to delete the Australian Google Payments account and open one with new Argentina. I'm on a family plan and 3/6 family members had no issues joining just via VPN. I suspect that one of the family members currently have a Crunchyroll subscription linked to their account which is causing the error. If anyone has any methods to get this working, would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  • Heya guys a little confused on the process for family members accepting.

    Will they need to
    A. Accept invite via Argentinian vpn server
    B. Create Argentinian payments profile
    C. Both of the above and do a little dance


    I've had a lot of trouble accepting. Getting the country user diff family manager error


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      Hey dude, I just connected to Argentina with PIA, signed up with my normal Gmail account and a fake address, sent the invites and the others didn't have to connect to a VPN.

      • Thanks

  • I've just done it, but (gasp) it's pretty clearly against their terms of service:

    Geographic Restrictions. The Paid Services, and certain content available within the Paid Services, are currently available only in some countries. You agree that you will not present any false, inaccurate or misleading information in an effort to misrepresent yourself as a resident of a supported country, and you will not attempt to circumvent any restrictions on access to or availability of the Paid Services or content available within the Paid Services.

    You pays yer money, you takes yer chances

    • Also, I struggled to find a good VPN solution that didn't want me to sign up for three years. Settled on Hola, but did it in a virtual machine, not my main browser. Even that felt pretty yick. Use with caution.

  • I cant' get it to work with my Bankwest card + a generated address.
    I can see the $0.14 Authorizations come pop up as notification in the BW but for some reason it doesn't go through.
    I've called BW last night and they said there's no block on the card and they didn't block those auth payments.
    Any ideas ?

    • I could see it try to make these payments 3 times last night in 1 hour intervals while a subscription appeared under "Subscriptions and Services" in pay.google.com (but not active on youtube). This morning it changed to "cancelled".
  • Hi guys I signed up with Tunnel Bear vpn for family account. It went well no issue.
    However I just cant get my family members to join. They tried Hola and it didnt work.
    Can you suggest if they must use a better VPN to join the family account or is there another way to do it?

    • +1

      Update - I used Tunnel Bear and I can accept invitations. Hola did not work.

      • NFI why previous combos didn't work but I just used Tunnelbear to accept on my wife's account and it finally worked. Weird as, but thanks for the tip.

  • Keep getting the message "YouTube Premium is not available in your country" using SurfShark VPN to Argentina.

    Quick check of my IP reports back "Buenos Aires, C AR".

    Any ideas?

  • Anyone got a spot under a family account?

  • After entering details I get a never ending loading spinning circle.=\

    I can see my card charged 0.14 but the youtube premium page never completes.

  • Used 28 Degrees and getting error "your card issuer has declined this request. Contact your bank or use a different payment method". Cannot seem to bypass whatsoever. Even going to pay.google.com and adding payment manually there aint working. And this is under an Argentina payment profile. Any suggestions? VPN used is Nord

    • I have literally the same issue, but wit Citi!

      • Yeah I can't seem to get past no matter what I do

        • do you use the 'fake' address (indian/argentina)?

          • @aec: yeah I used one from the generator

            • @I Smell Pennies: problem sorted. my transaction was inactivated, 'cos i have not used for very long time. Talked to the bank, reactivated the transaction account and the debit card. all good now.

  • I am currently on YT India. When I tried to change the payment to Citi plus debit, I got a message "your card's issuer declined this requese". Anyone can help?

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    I don't know if this is accurate (feel free to reply and correct me), but it seemed to fix the issue I was experiencing:

    I created a disposable Google account to sign up to Argentinian YouTube Premium
    I realised I had to disconnect the VPN (was using PIA) before creating the YouTube Family Group
    Then invited my main Google account to my disposable account's YouTube Premium family
    That seemed to avoid the "Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager" issue I was experiencing

  • The steps I went through were:

    1. Turned on VPN
    2. Attempted to sign up to family subscription and pay through YouTube app
    3. When there was an error while trying to pay, deleted the Argentina payment profile on Google Pay and tried again with different card/address
    4. Kept repeating step 3 until there was no error
    5. When prompted to invite family members, chose to skip and invite later (only because it was the middle of the night and didn't want to wake my family)
    6. The next day, invited family members at the page: https://families.google.com/families
    7. Family members accepted invitations with VPN turned off

    With step 6, not actually sure whether I had VPN on or off, but don't think it would matter. I think Step 6 could also be done before Step 1.

    • If family members accept invitations with VPN turned off will they not get the "an error regarding not being in the same region"