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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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Coles Prepaid Cards
Coles Prepaid Cards

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                @crazynic: dang. good luck

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                @crazynic: You may need to take it up with Coles Financial services. I found them quite helpful when I purchased scammed ones.

              • @crazynic: Hi @crazynic, I'm having exactly the same issue and my local Coles keep repeating that the transaction got approved so the card should have been activated automatically. Did your local Coles sort the issue out?

      • Can you explain to me the procedure Monster how the Scammers bypass the pin that hasn't been scratched ?

        Is it simply removing the card and putting in a dud .

        • PIN doesn't need to be scratched to be used online :|

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    Went to Coles Caulfield and they told me they didn't receive any. Went to Brighton and they said they were all sold out already.

  • Heaps of $250 and $100 card were available at Coles Westmead this afternoon.

  • no more $250 but plenty of the other denominations at kellyville coles

    • Just went to Kellyville - they have the $250 and $100 at the service counter with a sign at the gift card stand saying “5 per person”. Went with my mum; the service guy said he’d only do 5 “per group” and when my mum asked if it was meant to be 5 per person, he shouted at her 🙃. Wasn’t worth the argument so just got 5 and left.

      • It's amazing how they just make up their own rules. You would think it's the local milk bar. Last week in Liquorland they wanted to see my driver's license If I purchased more than 4 GC to make sure that the name was the same as on the CC.

        • The staff are scared of being scammed, and fraud, as it may involve the police etc…

          Yeah it's a PITA

        • Last week in Liquorland they wanted to see my driver's license If I purchased more than 4 GC

          One time when I went to Vintage Cellars to buy 1x $100 Coles Group & Myer gift card, the bloke at the counter asked for my ID. I didn’t try to buy or show any interest in buying any alcohol in the counter, but he still wanted to see ID, and I’m not entirely sure why.

      • Oops, sorry, I meant Rouse Hill, not Kellyville.

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        I would have gotten my camera out and started recording, then post on Coles website or news7 etc get them famous and yeah you'll see them change their tone

        Hate these overzealous power tripping people.

        • I might’ve been being a pushover but just wanted to de-escalate the situation because he was pretty cranky. I went back in to take a photo of the sign at the gift card stand though.

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          surely this is not an isolated incident, they just make up bullshit about limit per group/household. Nothing will change with these a**hole doesn't matter where you post it. Some stores do get a same shit attitude manager so even getting the manager out won't solve the issue.

          Unless there is some penalty for these a..hole, complaint with Customer Service won't get them to change. These a..hole think that they are the law.

          • @samehada: Yeah, depends how far you wanna take it I guess.

            For $90 or so dollars is it worth it? *shrugs

            • @Turd: Even if you want to take it further, you won't get much further anyway, just end up wasting your time. These ppl won't care since they know nothing much will happen to them.

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                @samehada: I dont know… I once called up Coles with a complaint about an aggressive, rude bastard manager (when I was returning a DOA item) and the area manager made him call me up and apologize - it was just beautiful listening to him squirm.
                I think the key word was 'aggressive'. Coles seem to take a very dark view of this from manager to customer.
                If some Coles bastard yelled at my mum, I would 100% take action. Photograph him and take names. Phone in a report and try to speak to supervisor
                It is absolutely unacceptable for a manager to shout at a customer. Even worse when it is a mother in front of her child.
                Please make a complaint, iamnikon. That prick should get fired.

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    Plenty of stock at my local Coles. I was even able to use my Coles gift card from yesterdays Cashrewards promotion

    • $50 Coles Gift Card from CR?

      • He bought a $100+ by the look of it.

        • Purchased $250 card from Coles, I used my $50 Coles gift card from the cash rewards promotion last night

          • @MrrMagic: can you use multiple payment cards to pay for a gift card?

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              @mtg: I used my gift card and credit card as split payments, this can only be done at registers

              • @MrrMagic: interesting. Counter staff told me this won't work - using gift card to purchase a gift card.

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                  @asc: I have had them tell me this. One time I had just done it at a manned checkout 4 times when they changed the operator and the new guy tells me it cannot be done. Duh…I have also done it many times at self check out but the GC needs to cover the full cost of the purchase. I think management tells them this but if you get them to try it will work. Best to go after house and get a newish and young casual.

                  • @Yola: Thanks for your input Yola. MrrMagic said he was able to use split payment.

                    • @asc: Split payment at mannes checkout can be done if they let you.

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                    @Yola: My local coles has a lot of middle aged women working there. I just got very annoyed and nervous about all the rules they made up. They really made people feel like criminals.

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                  @asc: you can definitely purchase a coles prepaid mastercard using a coles prepaid mastercard.

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                    @mtg: Normally Gift cards cant be used to purchase other gift cards (system shouldnt allow it)

                    In this case, Since its a Mastercard it works fine to purchase other Mastercards, Once I explained that to the cashier they allowed me to use it.

                    A profit of $559.30 tonight. Hopefully my wife will allow me to buy a PS5 now.

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                      @MrrMagic: LOL I don't know if your wife is going to happy that you have $7.5k tied up in gift cards

                    • @MrrMagic: So you bought 30 x $250 cards!

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    Just went to my local and they were STOCKED with cards. Dozens and dozens of them!
    The checkout chick asked if I was paying an ATO debt and I straight up said "nope I'm in it for the discount".

    • Should have said some King in GooDooLand needs help with legal costs getting his inheritance .

      • On a serious note, if you said that, you will straight up flatly denied to purchase these gift cards.

    • Many ppl really use this card to pay ATO tax. Those who run business even have a hugh tax bill.

      • WHAT do you mean by using Coles card to pay ATO tax, how do they work???

    • Where is your local?

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    Mount druitt nsw around 20 for $250 and around 30 of $100 available.

    • Just came back from this one. About 10 of the $250 and 20 of the $100 left. They've kept these right at the front when you walk in.

  • So if one was to look at putting these towards an Apple iPhone purchase, let's say waiting for the next release… That's 7.48% off RRP so far.

    How could one make the journey even more worthwhile, is there a way to put these prepaid MC's to good use to purchase another stores' giftcard when it's discounted, say through a b&m store or online rewards website (e.g. 10% off JB Hi-Fi gift cards)?

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      Yes I use these cards to buy discounted woolies gift carda

  • Woodgrove (Melton, Vic) had heaps of $100 and $250.

    • Out of $250s,still $100s

  • any easy way of consolidating the amounts on multiple cards? (besides paying bills)

      • Would like to know this as well.. which one do you use?

        • Looks like all of them have fees to load, unfortunately.

          • @vetopower: if comments elsewhere in the thread are correct then it is possible to pay for a coles prepaid mastercard at a register using split playments, so i should be able to combine smaller value cards into a $250 card.

          • @vetopower: Does it matter if you load X amount in x amount of cards ?

    • Yeah, do a BIG shop @ Coles..

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    Visited 5 Coles stores in the last 2-3 days
    Lots of dodgy practices from staff and (I assume) shoppers..

    • Pretty much all $250 gift cards taken off shelves
    • Decent amounts of $100 cards left

    In some cases $250 cards are hidden behind the counter
    In other cases.. it is pretty clear that Coles staff themselves are putting aside those $250 gift cards for (I assume) friends and family members - I even found around 10-12 of the highest denomination cards in zip-lock bags at the back of the gift card stands!

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      Which stores? Name and shame or talk to the store manager or divisional manager or head office.

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        Good point, will speak to head office next time.
        I will collect more evidence (have some other stores to visit this week) and then name and shame here!!

        • If you're speaking to the store manager, maybe try and record it too, make sure you let them know you are recording to this historical and record keeping purposes :P

          • @Turd: As its private property you'll most likely be asked to stop filming and then leave if you refuse.

            • @MrrMagic: Just be a youtuber and vlog your whole day!

              A lot of people do this already.

        • Still waiting on your name and shame

    • I hope you got your load of $100's ? :)

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        Nope, I am only keen on the $250s!! :)
        I left the $100s on the shelves for now..

        • For me no way I leave $100's behind , by about day 2 they are mostly gone as well .

        • If I made the effort to go into the Coles im at least walking out $27.50 in front

    • behind the giftcard stand is where Coles keep the extra giftcard stock and refill when it is empty.

      It is unlikely these card are kept behind the stand during this promo.

      • I have photo evidence of stacks of $100s being kept behind the stand, including some well-hidden $250s in zip-lock bags

        • why don't you ask the staff to take it for you if you saw it.

      • Same as last promo and I know from experience what happens . $250 are impossible day 2 and $100's dry up seriously .
        Sure you get reports of handfuls of cards at some locations but absolute minority.

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      It is not true. The store I visited took out loads of $250 today (none yesterday) and still available after 5pm.

      • Store name & location?
        And yes, I would hope that most stores would do "the right thing" during this sale, just some bad experiences..

  • does anyone know whether i can buy this with a coles egift card?

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      Not allowed but can possibily be worked around if you use the self-serve. The e-guft card must cover the whole amount though. It can be done, but takes some effort

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        I purchased a $250 card with a $50 coles gift card from true rewards, then paid the remaining on my card. Split payment for gift cards can not be done at self serve.

  • Visited Coles Fairfield this morning, again out of stock of all cards. Every time the gift cards go on sale someone must wake up at the crack of dawn to get to Coles Fairfield so early. Who are you dammit!

    • Early bird gets the worm

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    Heaps at Nedlands and Claremont when I was there this morning, but the odd thing is, a friend of mine was at gosnells/armadale, nothing at all.

    Maybe go to a richer suburb instead of a poorer suburbs instead. Kinda makes sense as the rich might not be too worried on a 10% saving but the poor see a huge differences

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      You dare to assume my net worth Sir!?

      • LOL! Only stating the possibility of rich vs poor mentality here……

    • +3

      Its actually the opposite. The poor are poor cos they lack the ability to see this oppotunity for free money and stay poor. The few poors with decent IQ would not be able to pull $1.15k to grab 5 cards cos they got to pay rent and food and centerlink only doing sub 700 a fortnite.

      Rich ppl are rich cos money savy and tight with spare cash so will stock up 20 of these.

      • Yes I was in Malvern store in Melbourne yesterday all the cards were gone while last Fri there were about 30 $250 ones there.

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    Still a whole stack of $100 ones at Coles Local in Town Hall. No $250s

    Didn't see any at World Square either.

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    SA stock update: Westfield Marion, zero $100 and $250 cards. Colonnades had 2 $250 and about 20 $100.

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    Where can we still find $250 in brisbane? Went 7 different Coles after 5pm today and they’re all gone. Coles Loganholme, Springwood, Garden City, Upper Mt. Gravatt, Lutwyche, Taigum, Bracken Ridge.

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      Brisbane çity….heaps.

      • Brisbane city stores are 'express'; didn't think catalogue specials apply there but I could be wrong.

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          Yea Express = No Deal.

        • There were literally "heaps" at the express store actually…that was yesterday though. There are still some $100 today but no $250.

    • Damn.. Did you visit all the listed Coles… The day itself 5PM is way too late… Even 2 days before the deal was on, half the Coles I visited didn't have the $250 on display.

  • Does this count as grocery for zip pay 2% cashback? has anybody tried

    • I nearly maxed Zip limit today, no cashback. Just use it for longer interest free days.

      • Thanks for confirming. Have to go through the trouble of splitting in to 3 with HSBC card then duh

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          If you can find stock, I think it is not worthwhile to use HSBC card, too many times approvals needed. Just buy more…

    • Nothing you buy from Woolies and Coles count, it is filtered through merchant category.

  • Question.

    What is stopping someone from purchasing a coles prepaid mastercard using another coles prepaid mastercard?

    Ie, inception with their gift cards?

    Obviously it would take a while, and you'd need to have plenty of stock, but still…?

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      I think someone did this already earlier in the comments

    • Think about it, what is the benefit of doing this?

      • You get 18.7$ profit on each of the 250$ mastercard.
        Let say you successfully bought 10x 250$ with that way, so you gonna get 187$ for total of 10 cards. —-> Pay only ~231$ , get 18.7$ each card + 250$ gift card, how's that sound :))))
        With each of the mastercard you can do a lot of things…. Think about that.