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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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Coles Prepaid Cards
Coles Prepaid Cards

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        • It's believable completely.
          Unsure why you would think it's not

      • Good work man, glad to see someone can understand how to make the most of this promotion.

        If you've got the cash just buy 5 cards to begin with, makes the process much quicker.

        • Mate, it's like reading the Bible, reading between the lines ;-) .
          With you there mate. Would you kindly consider revising your imgur post? . In the spirit of sharing and not flagging things, we know how that would end.

          • @chyawala: Of course, i assume you understand now :)

            • @MrrMagic: Best be quick on those two posts as when someone replies it cannot be edited.

              • @chyawala: What's the concern? I think Coles is well aware that a lot of people bought more than 5.

                • -2

                  @capslock: yeah the concern is with the hypocrites and jealous ppl on this forum.

                  • +2

                    @samehada: yes but he raises a point, why draw unnecessary attention to a bloody good promotion/loop hole

                    • @MrrMagic: I'm calling BS.

                      Where is the evidence!

                      • @shoppe: He uploaded a photo with all the cards earlier today. Whether they have value or not we don't know, and to be honest doesn't bother me.

                        If he reckons his time is worth it to accumulate the cards, more power to him.

                        • @t25: So where is the link now?

                          • @shoppe: It was taken down a couple of hours later.

                            • @t25: Why was that. And I assume he has uploaded a copy of the receipt, which would then prove how they were bought.

                              • @shoppe: I don't have all the answers mate. If you want an answer you'll have to ask MrrMagic yourself.

                              • @shoppe: It was literally just a photo of around 60 grey cards stacked in 3 piles. That was all. Nothing more. Another poster above then told him to remove the photo.

                                • @capslock: I didn't see the photo. But it sounds like the photo was just for show i.e. It didn't prove anything.

                    • @MrrMagic: How did you get around the fact that for over $1,000 the checkout operator has to call the supervisor to authorise the transaction? That takes a while and the supervisor would always be the same even if you go to another checkout after.

                      • @Mad Max: Not to answer for MrrMagic, but I was told of that rule only once in the several times I bought, and even then the staff asked for my permission to split the purchase to 4 cards and then 1 card to avoid that rule. May be shop dependent?

                      • @Mad Max: I generally went to the first refuster or front desk as they always had permissions.

                        I never had the same supervisor in twice in one day.

      • +2

        Maybe no next time. Anything going up on a large scale will be restricted.

        Woolies hasnt done any decent VISA/EFTPOS cards deal for a long time, possibly never again.

  • +3

    Coles are Champs today I saved $200 + paying a $3107 bill in 13 X $250 cards . No need for CVV .This time on the phone .

    • -1

      which bill are you paying? even pay via phone asking for CVV.

      • Was a Coles Insurance claim collected by recoveriescorp.com.au .
        Previous deal had no problems with rates and all of my utilities bills .

    • 100% i paid my water bill, gas and electricty

    • I'm still waiting for a preauthorisation to be credited back. About 15 days and still waiting.

  • Does anyone remember when the previous time Coles had this sort of deal? I did a quick check in OzBargain and could not find a link to that deal but I think I remember something like this pre-christmas 2020. Can anyone confirm?

    • +4

      First time 10% off in Feb. Pts rebate in Dec 2020, the best stacking on Zip.

    • +3

      Last 10% off was this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603167 - Feb 2021

      Previously it used to be get flybuy points only and that was end of nov/begin of dec 2020.

  • Can the funds on these be refunded back? Like when you buy something with the card then return the item if it is faulty and get refunded.

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        I don't think these prepaid cards be refunded back but you can still request the refund on any Debit card or credit card in your name

        • Yeah that would be my preference, will try that first then go from there.

        • Huh. Most shops will only refund onto original card. And yes it can be done.

    • yes it can.

  • +3

    Successfully removed money from card to bank account using Betfair, sadly i didnt win on the horses in between.

    • +1

      My 2 X $250 turned to $611 at least before withdrawal at BF :)

    • update, did it twice, then account got locked. Wouldn't bother wasting time.

      • Why?

        • They wanted proof the card was in my name. They don't allow these type of cards although there systems allowed it twice.

  • I have a record of my card IDs and codes which I manually lookup to track value.
    Is there an app that can track the value on these cards? Something similar to the TCN app?

    • Not that I'm aware of.

      I just have to manually update the value in my spreadsheet.

    • +2

      I get a black marker pen and write the values on the cards as I use them.

      • yep, this is the easiest way

        or write the remainder as you go

  • I use stickers and a marker .
    Just make sure you don’t go below $2 as some bills providers don’t accept below that amount online when clearing the scraps .
    That method is a lot faster than store split payments .

    • Just use the small amounts at Coles/Woolies self serve checkout. Hassle free. Alternatively I just use the whole amount and pay more than the bill is worth putting my account into credit.

  • Is anyone having issues using their card? I constantly get errors instore and online. Check the balance and its still $100/$100. Can't add it to PayPal, cant use it for anything.

    • No problems at all.

    • +1

      Some places will not accept prepaid cards, I was unable to use mine at woolworth petrol (I normally use discounted giftcards anyway)/ I have succesfully used mine at shops including chemist warehouse (online) coles, woolworths, paid utility bills etc

    • -3

      Yep, I have even had one where when I tried to use it in Coles it said the pin was incorrect, twice. Tried it elsewhere, same problem the pin is on the back of the thing, how could it be wrong? Honestly, for me this deal has been more hassle than it is worth given I could only find $100 cards and I have just been spending them like crazy to 'get rid of them'.

      • Definitently avoid in the future if these don't work for you. I'll be buying as many as I can find.

        • Couldn't find any $250s couldn't move for the $100 ones and grabbed 15. But to have $50 locked on a card I can't use means the $75 I 'gained' is nearly all gone.

          • @cc23: nothing is locked, you can spend every last cents

            • @samehada: I've got $50 I can't spend, when I try and use it on ShopBack it fails, when I try and use it in store the pin is wrong. Tried to add another card to shop back and got an error "Unusual Card Linking Activities" honestly, just a right faff. Got another card that I tried to use to pay some of my Zip off and it failed, but held a $1 pending that has been there for 12 days now, meaning I have $1 I literally can't spend on it. Bunch more issues. I'm entitled to have had a bad experience and warn others off this as a golden goose.

              • @cc23: I get the same problem. Half of my cards worked on PP and shopback and all of a sudden it stopped. Then some started working even though it didn't before.

                Had same problem in store. Bought sushi hub with it then came back and was rejected on two cards.

  • Does anyone know where to check the balance of the coles master card, the website it says on the card is colesprepaidcards.com.au. However the form on the website wants a 17 digit number and the card is only 16.