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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    Heaps available at Coles Baulkham Hills NSW..


    • just saw this. prob none left.

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    Can I get a rain-check?

  • For legends who scored tons of these gcs, how do you manage and keep track balances etc?
    Is having a reloadable card way to go to consolidate them all?

    I can imagine it's a pain to use for online purchasing esp most places do not support split payments

    • I just write on the cardboard cover and of course you can check online.

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      I keep track using my budgeting chart. I also write the leftover amount on the card with permanent marker as I go. I deplete one card at a time to minimise confusion. Sounds like a hassle, but really no big deal once you get used to it.

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      Marking the reming balance on the card/post it note on the card.

      Sometimes what I do is say a payment instore is $260, I’ll use a full $250 giftcard then the extra $10 on a normal credit/saving account.

      Also use these credit cards to buy other giftcards, Amazon cards available at auspost/Coles entire balance is then loaded onto Amazon.
      Buy Bunnings giftcards- they’ll give the change back in smaller giftcards and upto $9.95 in cash.

      Next time Coles/Woolworths has a 10% discount on on Ebay/jb hifi I’ll hit them up.

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      Keep them in the safe until used, use the entire value in one hit. Paying bills is the easy way to do it. Power and water all let me log in and pay an arbitrary amount. It'll be rates due in a few months too so if I have any cards left at that point they'll go on there.

  • Tried to purchase $100 gift card at Grote st adelaide with a $100gc but doesn’t work? Those who managed to do so, did you select “credit” option after scanning card for payment?

    • It should work. Yes, you select "credit" just like a credit card. What was the error message?

      • Error….code…..payment not accepted . Can’t remember the exact reading on the screen

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      There are only Card , cash or gift card. Select card then swipe the gc and enter the PIN then it is done

    • i don't think i've ever selected credit or savings. i've just swiped and then it asks for a pin.

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      it cost $105, so your $100gc as payment won't work.

      • +1

        10% off $105 will bring it to $94.5, and therefore the $100gc will work.

    • I selected gift card, scanned the barcode from the card then entered the pin.

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    a few in vic that ive been to had restock yesterday but all gone in a few hours when I went back,
    ive got plenty but wouldnt mind some more, will be checking regularly enough

  • Does anyone know and Brisbane Northside store have restock?

  • How the he'll can you check the balance?

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    Can confirm heaps of stock at Elizabeth St Melbourne. Whole rack of the $100 ones. Counter staff saw me looking around and started waving the $250 card at me, and then ask me 'five'? At first I didn't want scan flybuys for tracking, but staff asked so I did for extra $5.5 of points. Very good experience overall.

    • Guy at counter told me no $250 left at around 9pm. :(

    • Didn't bother scanning Flybuys.

      Last time when I purchased heaps of Coles/Myer card during Zippay promo, they decided to put them as grocery spending and put my account on high tier for later promo.

      Used to get $60/4 weeks for 10000 points but now $200+/4 weeks etc.

      • Can’t you just throw it out and get a new Flybuys? Win-win, right?

        • Not really, a new fb card does not usually have certain types of promo offers until it has been used for a while.
          I have a fb card dedicated to buying these gift cards.

          • @truetypezk: Ahh okay, I’ve never noticed a difference. Everyone’s mileage must vary.

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              @vetopower: You can just get a new fb cards when you buy these gift cards though. A temp one will also do and you can register it later.

    • Omg man went to Coles Elizabeth st melb tonight @9:45 attendant told me $250 were sold out 30 mins ago!!!! ;(

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    Zero stock in Coles Middle Camberwell (Victoria). Checked the last three days running.

  • Did any one try to use the card to pay credit card bill over the counter?

    • I thought I found a new gold mine to cash em at Betfair but after 2 X $250 was told only to use cards only in my name . Successfully withdrawn to bank account but I made sure I gave them some turnover .

    • Not yet
      I miss the Westfield XS days
      Put about $200,000 through with that one

      • you don't need to get XS card, just the standard Red card, it is the same card with cheaper fee.

  • I got in total 5 cards and it should last me for a while. For those who got 30+ cards, thats like $7000 up front.

    Thats a lot of money laying around…….just saying…..

    • I only showed the one that failed in converting .
      Many others work fine that no way I will display here hehe . :)

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      Just think how much you spend on eBay JB or whatever gift card it sell in Coles and bills you need to pay for 6 months, you may have been well over that figure.

      With interest rate this low, the saving is outright the interest you paid.

    • Use credit card, then apply for a 0% balance transfer on another credit card to cover first card's bill.

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    In Tassy on holidays, popped into the Kingston Coles on Wednesday (was plenty so grabbed a few) went back on Saturday and still quite a few of the $250 ones left and heaps of the $100 ones.

    • No 250$ left in Launceston lol :)))

  • Do you need to activate each card online first before using or can be used right away?

    • They should automatically activate at the register when you pay for them and you should be able to use them pretty much straight away

  • Zero cards in Coles Hawthorn (Victoria) as at Sunday 1pm AEST.

  • Can anyone help me please how to use this card at aldi/bunnings ?

    I used it to slide and selected Savings then entered PIN. It declined 😔

    • Choose credit not savings

    • Try credit and enter the pin. It works in Aldi. But .5% surcharge in aldi

    • +3

      Why didn't you select credit?

  • Any luck in Victoria today? None at coles, springvale and waverley gardens

    • I've seen re-stocks at Berwick and plenty at checkouts in Parkhill Plaza. Not sure about other stores, but it seems like re-stocking is more common this time around. Last time it was much harder to get them if you weren't very quick off the mark.

  • -1

    Doesn't work at 7-11?

    • +1

      yes, I used one today to pay for the fuel.

      • Cheers, I'll use it for the fuel locks

  • Can we use these cards to make cash-out while paying grocery at supermarket (e.g. WWS, Coles)?

    • they count as credit so no cashout

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    Remember to scan your flybuys. I bought a card a year ago and decided to use it 6 months later. It wasn’t activated properly and I had no receipt. Fortunately I had scanned my flybuys and coles could find the receipt so I got a refund.

    • +1

      I would rather check the receipt on the spot, then check the online portal to make sure it was properly activated with the ""card id" and "access code" on the back of the card.

      Using flybuys gets you extra points, but if the spend is too big, it will also adversely effect the offers you get.

  • There are heaps of $100 gift card at Coburg Hill North, VIC. Unfortunately, none $250 left.

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    Will it work $250 -$25 + card fee then rinse a repeat untill you made profit? Can’t see how coles is not loading money

    Why don’t ppl just rain check the cards or buy online so much easier…

    • +2

      You can’t buy these online. Also no rain checks.

  • I just bought 5 $100 but the online transaction was rejected. I don't know if it was blocked by Coles as I bought too much gift card before? anyone have similar experience?

      • It was successful to do online purchase few days before.

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      I am wondering that if I buy a total of 20 gift card ( 5 per store), am I violate any laws?

      • +1

        No. Just keep buying if you can find the cards. This is not in the criminal code.

        • -1

          It might be a problem in the US as they tend to stretch a law relating to terms of use related to computers and the checkout is a computer…. nasty, but true. We lost an excellent person, Aaron Swartz, to suicide due to the abhorrent application and use of that law :(

    • Same problem here. Can't add to paypal, can't purchase.

      • Is there a problem with their system?

        • Can someone else confirm that they are also having problems here. If that is the case then it might be their system

  • Anyone have any idea why i can no longer add my cards to PayPal

  • Yeah I used my card to pay some Gov payments a few days ago with no problems but it just stopped working just now. When checking the balance on Coles website, it briefly showed as $0.00 before changing to the full amount $100.00. Not sure if it's a hiccup on Coles side.

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    I am stuck paying at fuel station lol

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    You can use these to buy Amazon AU gift cards, directly from Amazon AU website and send them to yourself. I tested with small amounts to "finish" off a couple of cards, both under $20.

    Just enter the value, your own email address and buy with one of these cards; I used "None" for name, it worked fine.

    When you get the email with the code, redeem it in your Amazon AU account (apply gift card to your account).
    As a bonus, see below quote, your balance will not expire at Amazon AU

    You can do this multiple times to increase your Amazon "Gift Card Balance" and use it when and how you want for purchases subject to the following:

    Your Amazon.com.au Gift Card will not expire. We'll automatically apply your Gift Card Balance to eligible orders when you checkout. If you would rather not use your balance, you can deselect it in the Payment Selection step of checkout. Limitations: Your Gift Card Balance cannot be transferred to other accounts. See the Amazon.com.au Gift Card terms and conditions for further information.

    And of course, this may be improved using cashback…. I just created a Shopback account and purchased an Amazon GC via their mobile app, added that to my Amazon account okay (2% bonus).

    • +1

      Thanks for the great info. Managed to consolidate half a dozen cards and also added an unused $100 Coles MC GC for the get $5 credit promo

      • +1

        Thanks, I did that $5 promo as well now. Didn't know about it before.

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    Anyone else have issues with loaded cards (activated) showing $0 balance and 0 transactions? Have a few I bought an hour ago but can't use them.

    • -1

      double check the card ID with the last 11 digit of the barcode to make sure it is the same card, then match the last 3 digit with the one on the receipt as well.

      • +1

        yeah went online also - I just spoke to them - she said it's been OzBargained (not really but basically) and that due to the volume, there is currently a 3 hour delay in the cards being usable. So patience is the word of the day…

        • Thanks mate. Bought a $100 one at lunchtime using a Coles GC I got from the Citi promo.

          Receipt checked out fine. Checked balance online straight away.

          • Available funds $105
          • Current balance $0
          • No activity

          Was concerned that it rejected the load as I bought with a gift card. But gift card balance said I had spent the $94.50

    • I'm noticing a delay in the activation of my cards.

      If you log in to check the balance, you might notice the card says 'Inactive'.

      • +2

        Can confirm 3 hours is the magic number when they become active. Can see the balances now.

  • +1

    Can you use these anywhere to pay off Zip?

    • Can?

      • No

        • How come. It is Master card. Have you try?

          • +1

            @aiyoyo: You can’t add this card to your zip account.

  • One good idea is to photograph the front and back of all your cards and store the images safely.
    Good to have backup

    • -1

      just record the number is the better way, it can be search.

      • -1

        Yes but its nice and quick to take photos- just store them on a USB. I agree leaving it on your phone or online anywhere is a bad idea

        • you can put it on Google Sheet with 2FA turn on for you Gmail account. Or put on an Excel file with password protected.

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    I’ve started purchasing the $100 cards (one at a time) with the HSBC everyday global card as items under $100 will result in a 2% cash back. Effectively a 7.39% discount.

    • +1

      wouldn't it be better with suncorp 3% off coles eGC?

      • And card reward pts, two $100 card per staff approval.

  • +1

    Alright fellow OzBargainers, since I’m in a generous mood I stumbled on some $100 gift cards tonight at Mac Centre Coles (someone hid them behind some Bunnings GCs lol).

    I’ve left one in aisle 10, located under this product. The other cards I activated had correct balances so I’m guessing this one will be fine too.

    • +2

      lol, OzEaster Egghunt.

      • +4

        Seems I’ve been downvoted for trying to help out fellow OzBargainers. I just don’t understand the people on this website.

        • +1

          Upvoted ya

        • understand ppl on this website… lolol.

  • Will they restock these soon presumably tomorrow?