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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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  • There don’t seem to be any $250 or $100 anywhere in metro Adelaide, and reading comments, this mirrors the rest of the country. Coles seems to have been well and truly taken by surprise by demand, and the number of disappointed customers has the potential to turn a marketing triumph into a public relations disaster.

    • There don’t seem to be any $250 or $100 anywhere in metro Adelaide, and reading comments, this mirrors the rest of the country.

      People are mainly interested in the $250, which are indeed largely (but not entirely) gone by now. Whereas with the $100 cards, while some locations may have none, others still have plenty.

      Coles seems to have been well and truly taken by surprise by demand, and the number of disappointed customers has the potential to turn a marketing triumph into a public relations disaster.

      I would suspect not on any of those points. I doubt they're surprised or care whether they run out of stock; it may even be preferable (if this promo is a loss leader).

      This promo would never qualify as a marketing triumph. If you surveyed every customer going into stores, many wouldn't know about it and many wouldn't care even if they were told.

      And it's very doubtful that the shortage of cards could become a PR disaster that makes it onto ACA or elicits an email apology from Steven Cain.

  • +5

    For not a whole lot of effort, this netted me 17.5% off groceries this month. Maths:

    Outlay was $250 purchashing Coles egift card from Cashrewards.

    CR deal plus 0.1% discount: $5.25
    Used a cc which gives 0.5% cashback: $1.25
    First transaction was $231.30 for $250 Coles Mastercard so $18.70 left for Coles groceries
    Used $250 Coles Mastercard to buy $200 Coles Egift Card at 3% off in HCF portal for $194, spent remaining $56 on a $58.33 Woolworths gift card
    Used $200 Coles Egift Card to buy 2 x $100 Coles Mastercards for $189, so $11 left for Coles groceries.
    Used 2 x $100 Coles Mastercards to buy $208.33 of woolworths gift cards.

    $302.86 value for $250 outlay, and I have ignored the ~$2 of flybuys points I earned (using my burner flybuys card - I'm not stupid).

    • +3

      Maybe you should have done the no brainer thing early and just simply buy 5 X $250 and you smash your hard work lol .

      • +1

        already did that, and more. Not everyone has lots of spare cash to spend though, so I was just showing an example that limited outlay to be used for everyday spending (everyone has to buy groceries, right?) can be had with a decent discount with this promo. Yes, could have gone further and talked about buying coles mastercards with coles mastercards, but I was trying to keep it simple (ish).

        • You did well. Good on you mate.

        • The buying MC with MC is a bit of a cat and mouse game with more staff I'm sure being advised to look out for it in my area .
          Just more bankroll required .

      • This is a very good example of capital at work and why the rich got richer much more easily :)
        For the unfortunate ones with limited capital, they have to put in much more labour.

    • Can you buy Coles MC with e-gift card?

      • You can buy Coles master card with Coles master card and increase your profit.

    • It doesn't matter if you used your coles mastercard or your normal credit card to buy the woolies/coles egift cards. Your net profit is still the same.

    • Hi sorry could you please explain how to achieve this part of your equation. I understand the rest.

      'CR deal plus 0.1% discount: $5.25
      Used a cc which gives 0.5% cashback: $1.25'

      • last week there was a cashrewards promo with an extra $5 cashback on any gift card purchase of $30 or more. Plus the standard cashback on Coles gift cards of 0.1% which is $0.25 on a $250 gift card.

        I used my HSBC credit card which earns one per per dollar spend and those points can be redeemed for $0.005 per point. Effectively a 0.5% return.

  • Are FlyBuys points credited immediately? I purchased the cards yesterday but I don't see any points earned?

    • They can take week before it shows on your account. Sometimes less.

      • normally is the evening on the next day, I think 0.01% take up to a week.

    • I bought Wednesday morning and by Thursday late afternoon saw flybuys points added

  • Does anyone know if we can use these cards to repay zip account? I want to buy something more than $250, is there a good way to do that?

    • Tried adding a $100 card to my zip pay account, couldn't do it.

      Doesn't work with Apple pay either.

  • -1

    none at my coles. only 50, 100

  • Can i pay ATO with these cards? Does ATO accept split payments

    • +2

      These are the giftcards officially endorsed by "the real ATO" :)
      When the supermarket dudes ask why are you buying the cards, just give them a noob look and tell them you are paying the ATO lol.

    • +1

      Yes and yes.

      • Thanks for your reply.

  • Question for the experts:
    I understand that over three cards athe the self-checkout causes a stop and needs to be checked by the attendant and over $1000 price also needs approval.
    Can we buy three $250 cards at the self-checkout AND pay with a Coles gift-card without any hold ups?

    • +1

      Not in my experience but others will tell you
      that it works. They may have fixed the loophole

    • +2

      It needs approval atleast once and then you can pay with gift card no dramas. I

      • Do you know what the approval is for? I thought 3 was OK and under $1000 was OK?

        • +1

          3 or more cards produces a scam alert warning that needs to be cleared by the assistant. >= $1000 needs approval (assistant or someone senior). pressing pay (for any number) produces a message about writing the expiry date on the card and also needs to be cleared.

    • +3

      but note it must be a single payment iirc. no split payments on giftcards through self-serve

      • Yep was going to try Suncorp (3%) as a single GC
        EDIT Ahh looks like their maximum card is $200 so no good

    • +1

      Yes, you can pay for these cardd by other Coles master cards (which you could buy earlier). Just prepare them and have them ready in your pocket or wallet in order to not raise suspicion.
      If questioned you can say that want to pay for each one separately.
      You can do multiple transactions. The attendant will just have to authorise each transaction.

  • +1

    Plenty of $250 and $100 in Coles Myer Centre Brisbane CBD and plenty of $100 but no $250 in Coles Queens Plaza as of lunch hour 18 June.

    • +1

      Are they discounted? I seem to remember Coles metro don't do discount, hence why there are so many left.

      • +1

        Just bought five $250’s there. Discount applied.
        They also have the deal advertised in store.

  • Anyone know if there are any of these left near Mac Park or Fairfield (NSW)?

  • +1

    SA stock update: Lots of $100 cards at Colonnades SA. Zero $250.

    Here's how to increase the value of the $100 card discount from 5.5% to 7.39%: Buy it using a HSBC 2% debit card.

    • But pay one card at time because 2% cash back only for less than $100 transaction. Isnt?

      • Yes. One at a time. And if you buy 5 $100 ones, you only pay 50c more than 2*$250 ones. But I guess most ppl prefer using CC to get points

    • No $250 or $100 at Parabanks SA and Greenacres SA, only a few $50 left.

    • No $250 and $100 in the two Coles on Anzac Hwy and Burnside as well.

      Please update if any stores have them in SA.

      • I went all over Coles and there are none $250 left. Quite disappointing to be honest.

      • Warradale had heaps yesterday

      • I haven't been to Warradale because it's too far from me.

        I have been to the two Coles in Adelaide city today, only $100 ones left in Grote St.

        I haven't had any luck finding $250s in Adelaide.

    • I would suggest you don’t do too many $99 or similar transactions as HSBC specifically points out that if the system detects too many under $100 transactions or similar from the same vendor they have the right to cancel the rebate and stop you from receiving the rebate in future. In addition the 2% maxes out at $50 for each month. Assuming you haven’t used the discount anywhere else that equates to $2,500 in gift card value or 10.8 x $250 gift cards (allows for $7/$6.30 fee).

  • +1

    Plenty available atm in Heidelberg, Ringwood, Bulleen if anyone in Metro Eastern Vic looking about 60-100 $250 cards in each

  • Does Coles Express sell these?

    • +1

      You can find them in the Coles Express but best to check if they are discounted before buying. My experience, they aren't.

  • Plenty of $250's at Coles Elizabeth Street but they are at the counter so you'll have to ask staff.

  • If I use Coles Mastercard for online shopping (eg. Myer), will I still receive cashback from Cashrewards or Shopback?

    • Yes

    • +4

      You can also use them to swap for gift cards in shopback. Does not work with Cashreward though.

  • Some shops only have tap and pay on a tablet. Is there any way to use this card there? Or another card I can buy for the value of this card that has PayPass enabled?

    • +1

      Only if there is the ability to key in a number. From memory if they use Square the basic machine can’t do it.

      • Ok I'll check with the retailer if they can key in the number. Thank you :)

      • Square readers can swipe cards.

  • SA Central Market has both $100 and $250 in stock 30 mins ago

    • -2

      Were there many left?

  • +3

    Such a pain to deal with older staff members who seem to make up a new rule every other day. Today she told me that "from next time" I need to know that I can only buy 4 cards totaling no more than $600 in value. From whose arse did she pull out this rule, I wonder.

    • +7

      Lol. I had a “fun” encounter with an older Coles staff member who refused to give me the product free under scanning policy. I scanned a fan and it was the wrong price. She insisted large value items (it was RRP $45) were not subject to scanning policy. She flat out refused. She said to go to the service counter and check the rules. Funny thing was the rules were not there but a link to the scanning policy was there so I checked using my phone. The policy said any items $50 or less are subject to scanning policy and when I showed it to her she said it was wrong!!! I said that I would like to speak to the manager and she said she was the customer manager! Eventually after a protracted discussion she decided to call the store manager and insisted to the store manager I was not to get the fan for free. The store manager went to check the price and immediately asked the customer service manager to give me the fan and mark on the receipt that the fan was free due to scanning policy. You can imagine the look on her face as I walked out of the store with the fan. 😆

      • Well done for standing your ground. You would think they get a percentage of the profit.

    • +3

      "seniority" doesn't seems to make you wiser, they are slow to learn and always acted like they know everything.

      Another type is the talkative one, including young staff, these ppl are lazy. The introvert talk less but do work not like these talkative but lazy and slow.

    • This is just ridiculous. Put a written complaint online to Coles.

  • +1

    Some shop restock today. I saw heaps on the shelf but only can buy 5pcs since the older staff stopped me.

  • My local store is keeping $100&500 in the locked cabinet front desk. Limited 1 per person. Oh well.

    • +6

      You mean $100&$250?
      Grab a paper catalogue. On page 2 it clear states ”Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer." If the guy ignores it ask for manager. If manager ignores it just never shop again at that store.

      • +1

        then it means you get nothing and they still get away with their own law.

        This is not how it should be done, these stupid manager doing this way is very ridiculous, they should be fined for misleading ad. If the printed limit is 5 it should be at that. First come first serve basis, if you missed out then you missed out. They just do what they did because there is no consequences otherwise.

        • When i asked for 2, the girl who was serving me get her supervisor to open the drawer. He said limit to 1 only. The girl surprised and even show him the promo, the guy said it was manager's instructions. He said if there was no instruction, he wouldn't careless and sell as much as needed.

          Not bother to make a fuss as staff only do what they being told.

        • @samehada: Then you should definitely ring Customer Support, as per my comment below. That's the only way (hopefully) to stop these managers exceeding their authority.

          • @robinCTS: I very much doubt it. From my past experiences, customer services would take manager's side if manager insisted on it. I was even told once by HQ customer services supervisor that manager do have discretion on a lot of things and they are not covered by T&C. It is Coles' internal policy. I said then T&C would be misleading. She agreed but she said thing won't change unless she passed it onto regional manager and there would be a good chance regional manager side with store manager. If this was the case then nothing HQ customer services can do.

            • +1

              @apple0604: I'm sorry, but the manager has no discretion to override Coles' advertising or consumer protections - no matter how much discretion the managers think they have.

              In my case even the manager agreed the alleged requirement to provide my personal information was strange. He blamed someone else.

              I mean, what were they going to do with that information? Coles needs to have a written privacy policy about the collection of the information they requested. I am within my right to make a privacy complaint about the matter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

              If the response was as you have portrayed it above, I would have asked to speak to that person's supervisor. There are many factors at play here, including how you portrayed the issues you raised and so on.

      • @tigerjmu: Instead of never shopping at that store again, if you can afford the wait, ring Customer Support and explain the situation. Hopefully they'll ask to speak to the manager, or they'll contact the manager directly.

        The way I understand it1, even though some managers do do so, they don't have the authority to make those kinds of changes.

        1. As an ex 20+ year Team Member. 

        • CS phone wait times too long. Just use Facebook Messenger quicker

          • @lilkid28: Well, not everyone uses Facebook, and there isn't the opportunity to hand your phone to the Team Member /Supervisor /Manager and get Customer Support to tell them to let you buy five of the cards. 🤔 On second thoughts, maybe just showing the message thread to the appropriate person would also work.

            • @robinCTS: I had an issue at one of the stores, manager on duty ask me to ring CS, waited half an hour, couldn't wait longer. That manager on duty definitely had an attitude problem.

              Btw, I didn't neg you.

        • Just out of curiosity, is there any additional team discount on gift cards at Coles?

          • -1

            @truetypezk: No AFAIK. If you scan it, it has no effect and will not appear on receipt, either(as if it was not scanned).

        • +2

          these managers think they are god and they can do whatever they want. They are infact doing the disservice to Coles and it clearly leave bad experience for customer.

          Since they made up rule on the fly and even making more lies when customer confront them, staff under those stores then make up further inconsistent rule on the fly like 5 per group limit. Coles needs to stop this.

          It is ridiculous that you have to be wasting your time to call CS service to get what is clearly advertised. Not to mention that you are buyer but feeling like a beggar begging for something.

          • -1

            @samehada: On the flip side, the store manager made one customer angry but created four "happy" buyers who would not be able to get any, and now they can get 1 each.

            • -3

              @fatice: They are no god to decide that, the T&C is there for a reason.

              There are plenty of $100 left, and this is not essential item. If you can't get it, bad luck you can't win all the promo game. It is different from the shit experience from these aggressive managers.

              • @samehada: Exactly, T&C are there for a reason otherwise why bother. Store manager run the store but has no right to change the T&C.

            • @fatice: It is much easier to achieve it by set flybuys bonus pts to a limit of 1-5 stead of straight off discount, without human intervention.

              e.g. 20 times bonus pts on these cards, max 5 cards per membership.

            • -1

              @fatice: What world do yo live in .
              Some Managers have a power drive that they think they can not abide by the clearly written max of 5 per customer set by Coles .
              Good news is for us the next store is in play down the road hehe :)

            • +1

              @fatice: they make another 4 angry as they also want to buy more than 1, it's better to say "out of stock" rather than limit the purchase (of course need to base on their own policy which is max.5)

          • +7

            @samehada: I agree. These rogue managers need to be reported.

            I had one store ask me to put my name and address on a piece of paper because the purchase total of the gift cards was greater than $1000.

            I politely asked for the manager to be called. I advised him that I was not writing my details down on their blank piece of paper. (What privacy policy applies to this?)

            He gave me the cards.

            I made a complaint via the Coles phone complaint line.

            I am now waiting for an apology from the Regional Manager. The frontline staff (who gathered around to back each other up and made me feel like a criminal for not wanting to comply with their crazy made up requirement) will receive 'extra training'.

            • +1

              @YesPleaseThankYou: Good on you. At one store while I was purchasing the cards at a self check out the female assistant called a male staff member over and both watched me. I was only using a CC and being a pleasant 65 years old lady. The male left as soon as I did. This would normally sound paranoid untill you read all the comments here about the attitude of some staff.

            • +1

              @YesPleaseThankYou: Do come back once you get a call from regional manager. I am curious how they will handle this. It is just so ridiculous. Never heard of leaving your details down for buying a few gift cards. Especially those staff gathered around to back each other up. It did make people feeling like criminal. I had similar experiences.

              Last time when the same special was on. We drove around a few coles and didn't find any $250 ones. But the last Coles had heaps of $100. I bought 4 first. Then wanted to buy another 3 but I was stopped. Lady said I wasn't allowed. Then I asked her if it was 5 per person. She said yes. Then I asked if my partner could buy 3 more. She said absolutely. My partner went to restroom then came back. When I tried to put through 3 cards she rushed over, cancelled transaction and took the 3 cards away. She was so rude and pushed me away from the machine. We were shocked. She said not selling to us unless my partner physically scanned the 3 cards and paid for them and can't use my credit card to pay. Assistant manager was called over. Of course he took her side and then another 3 senior lady staff gathered around supporting each other. It was a big busy Coles. Shoppers watched on. It was humiliating. For the sake of buying 3 $100 cards plus 4 I already bought. Caused such a big scene. Assistant manager even tried to give us a lesson about Coles policy of 5 cards per transaction. There was no way to reason with them. Assistant manager eventually said he would let us buy another 3 just this time though. I said to him you could keep them. He even said to me they had no trouble selling them. At that point my partner got angry and I just told him not to say anything and we left.

            • @YesPleaseThankYou:

              I had one store ask me to put my name and address on a piece of paper because the purchase total of the gift cards was greater than $1000.

              This could be because the ATO requires a tax invoice for > $1000 to have the customer's contact details (or ABN) on it and they were going to put it in their system later on. Although if it's that you'd think Coles would have better systems and be able to give you an invoice that complies with the law straight up.

              • @jasonb: You raise a very valid point.

                However, the gaggle of staff didn't indicate anything about it being a requirement of tax invoices.

                Further, I have completed multiple transactions at Coles stores (for other things) with a value greater than $1,000 at Coles and I had never been asked for personal information. The machine just spits out the usual tax invoice and you walk away, the same as with a transaction for $1.

                If it is an ATO requirement (as would appear to the be case), then I would suggest that Coles Supermarkets has a compliance issue.

                As you have noted, it would be expected that Coles has a more elegant solution to this. For example, it could stop the transaction until the purchaser either supplies the cashier or the so-called Assisted Checkout operator with identity information (a name would appear to suffice ATO requirements) or an ABN.

          • +1

            @samehada: The problem is that Coles and WWS dominate grocery shopping market in Australia. Both of them are very profitable. This culture won't change unless competition increase dramatically, which will never happen here in Austrslia.

            What these manager did gradullay passed onto their staff who eventually have the same mentality. Between making up their own rules and bad attitude, I hate later more. In any case there is no need to be rude. Why they behave dishonestly and belittle people.

            Isn't it suppose to be first come first serve?
            Talking about market economy load of rubbish.

            • @apple0604: Samehada, I think you are conflating two issues here: bad customer service and market power.

              The examples provided are rogue store managers and supervisors. They can easily be dealt with through the internal complaints process.

              • @YesPleaseThankYou: I might be. But Iike I said I had bad experiences with customer services siding with their store manager regarding rain check policy. HQ changed their tune each time I spoke with them.

                I have to say there is a certain culture within Coles. At the end of the day if they don't have market power and need to struggle to survive then they would definitely change their way of thinking. Their managers and staff would be nicer.

        • -4

          People who have breached the T&Cs themselves by buying more than 5 should not be complaining that store managers are not following the T&Cs either. It is hypocritical.

          The T&Cs says a limit of 5 per customer, not per visit or per store.

          • @capslock: did you call ScoMo or Peter Dutton to tell them that 🤔

          • @capslock: the problem is that sometimes they won't allow some customers to buy 5, or any, has nothing to do with "per visit or per store".

            • -2

              @Swiftz: The maximum is 5. Nowhere does it say that the store will or should allow you to buy the maximum.

              If a store has a limited supply, why shouldn't they only sell one per customer. I'm sure they would prefer to give a customer at least one, than sell them all to the same customer.

  • Any idea if "Coles Local" stores participates in this promotion? Coles Express doesn't yeah?

    • +1

      yes. have bought max 4 days running at Local store

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