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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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        It depends….

        It doesn't matter what you spend using Coles MC, your "win" on the GCs are only at the time of purchase, it costs you $93.50 less to get $1,250 worth of cards. Once you have them it is nothing more than another method of payment from your "assets", you can pay with cash, cards or any other method, but you don't get any further discounts beyond the initial time of purchase of the Coles MC. Holding the cards may have another opportunity loss and certainly the potential to buy less in the future due to CPI, but CPI is rather low at this time. Even at the effective 7.48% discount on the Coles MC, if you have a loan costing you more interest and you can pay that down, with reduced interest cost benefit and no penalty, then you'll save more doing that.

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        not affecting your cashflow, if you buy 10 using credit card, you'll have $2500 to spend but will have to pay back to the bank by end of month. If you buy 1 with credit card and using it for inceptioning the remaining you'll only have to pay the bank $237 by end of month and have 9 x 18.7 to spend on something else.

        • May work for people with 12 month interest free CC.

    • From an environmental perspective, cycling them this way feels like a waste of a lot of plastic cards in quick succession..

    • I did this today, Why have money come out of my account when I can get the same reward using thre gift card.

  • Picked up $250 X 2 in the morning. Nothing else left on the shelf except for $50 and $100

  • Plenty of stock at Footscray - 4 rows of 5

    • which one????????

      the one inside Footscray Plaza Shopping Centre?????

      • Yes

  • picked 5x250, was suprise there were still heaps at 4pm. i think we can use these to buy the TCN cards right?

    • Where at?

      • westfield helensvale

        • Definitely cant go there from Sydney haha

  • What's the deal with expired gift cards? I have a couple of Coles gift cards that expired last year. Any way of still claiming on them?

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      I don't like your chances if they are expired already. If sold today, they tend to (perhaps by law), have a minimum of 3 years from purchase. The Coles systems seem to stop any cards from activating if they do not have at least 3 years validity left at the time of purchase.

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        All the Coles MC cards I got today expire in Sep 2026 which is 5 years+.

    • Are you talking about the Coles gift MasterCard or actual Coles gift card?
      I’ve had an occasion which I found an unused Colesmyer gift card (with balance of $100+) which I forgot about that had expired. I emailed the customer service and they were kind enough to reactivate the card for an additional few months. If it’s the same group, they may be able to help you. I found their customer service to be terrific. I’ve also had 2 instances where I misplaced my gift cards (but had the receipts), and they were able to send me a replacement both times.

      • That is really great and good to know. I have some Good Food and Best Restaurants GC's expiring soon and since I am in Melbourne have not had the opportunity to use them. Its really been a year now. I wonder if they may extend. Anyone have any experience?

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question/has been answered before, but am I able to use these cards at ColesWorth to buy SIM cards like the $10 and $22.50 Belong and $10 Boost? I know they don't allow use of their own store gift cards for SIM cards.

    I've already bought a few of these and will probably use them mostly on fuel otherwise.

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      am I able to use these cards at ColesWorth to buy SIM cards

      Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems buy SIM cards at Coles or Woolworths.

      These cards are prepaid Mastercard gift cards, and the Coles POS system processes payments from these cards as Mastercard payments. (I know this for a fact, because I have used these cards as payment methods at Coles in the past, and they only show up as Mastercard; there is nothing on the receipt to show they are prepaid Mastercard gift cards.)

      The Woolworths POS system should also treat these cards as Mastercard cards as well.

      • Thank you! :)

      • If you are going to do multiple split payments especially with different cards do not use your loyality flybuys./rewards card.
        It can flag your account

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    So the 10% actually applies to the total price (including activation)… I was charged $257 but actually had $25.70 off. Great DEAL!

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      7.48% off for $250 card

  • Castle Hills has heaps of $100 ones if anyone is interested. I luckly found 5 $250 hidden away behind some optus sim cards.

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      Haha, the person who did that is not very smart.

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    can you do pre-auth on these cards and see it pop up on balance check? I want to buy a giftcard at the aami lucky club and this is the only way to verify it.

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      I was able to use one of these cards on the AAMI Lucky Club (including pre-auth check) at the end of last year, but I’m not sure if they still accept these cards now.

  • I tried to buy 5 cards today at my local coles and the lady at checkout only scanned 4. I realised it after I paid for them. Then she apologised and paged the supervisor. I waited there for a long time. But eventually supervisor paged her back to ask me go to service desk so that she can fix it for me. I went to service desk and supervisor wasn't there and was told to wait. I waited and waited then I had to go as my lunch break was over. I have 5 cards with me now. I will go back tomorrow. Question is shall I explain the situation or just simply purchase the one that wasn't activated? And how do I tell which one wasn't activated? By checking barcode on the back of packaging? I haven't really got time to check them yet.

    The other thing I noticed at my local coles while waiting was all checkout guys/girls page their supervisor, Jade, about customers buying these gift cards and letting Jade know the quantity. No checking of ID. I didn't even bring my ID.

    • +3

      Probably easiest to sneak it back in and just pay for it.

      On your receipt there should be approvals for each of the cards. One of the numbers for each card should be 502125 (not sure if this varies, but it should be a 6 digit number right under the date) followed by a 3 digit number. That 3 digit number should be the last 3 digits of the Card ID on the back of the card.

      • Thank you so much. I will probably just do the simple way. The checkout lady told me that she could find out which one she didn't scan and wasn't activated by checking barcode. But the print was too small for her and she worried she made another mistake. She told me to hold onto all 5 cards and not give to anyone apart from Jade.

        • Just had a look and the list 3 digits of the Card ID are the same as the last 3 digits of the barcode. I didn't think about the fact you'd have to open it to see the cards.

          • @Miss B: Thank you again. I had a quick look of the receipt. Tomorrow I will just check the receipt and match those 3 digit numbers with the last three digits on back of packaging. Then I will only open those 4 cards to check the balance making sure those 4 card have the correct balance, leaving the other one unopened.

          • @Miss B: If you checked back my comment above you will see that the last 11 digit of the barcode is the card ID. You just need to match it with the last 3 digit on the receipt to find out which card has been paid for. You don't need to open the packaging to check. Once you find out the 4 cards, open it and check the balance to confirm. Then you can go back to Coles to buy the last one.

            The first 13 digit should be the product code for this GC.

            • @samehada: This is exactly what I will do tomorrow morning before going back to Coles.

          • @Miss B: I just wonder what happens if I bring back a card which was already paid and activated and pay for it again? Still take my mmoney?

            • @apple0604: you are asking for trouble, the payment will go through then the activation will failed so you will have to ask for refund. This is usually happen if you staff made mistake and scanned the card that has been paid for. For example you have 10 cards and staff scanned 5 for the first transaction then they mixed up with the unpaid one. Many staffs don't know how to issue refund so avoid that at all cost. They will usually issue refund under miscellanous item refund. The other way to fix it is that they just put through the purchase for the blank card as cash payment to get it activated.

              • @samehada: Ok I will. I will do what Miss B suggested to find out which one wasn't activated before going back to Coles. It is not that hard to match those numbers and check the balance. Alternatively, I just don't go back at all, in which case I end it up only with 4 cards.

              • @samehada: My locals Coles was already very careful/suspicious with those cards. Every checkout person reported to supervisor who bought how many.

                • @apple0604: Sounds a bit like invasion of privacy and ma rights of buying what I like.

                  Hell I bought 8x60m of foil which was on sale for $5 each today, staff didn't care.

    • Read in an earlier comment transaction above 1k needs supervisor approval, may be that's why? Go back again tomorrow to pay and activate the other one?

      • +1

        It might be the case. But the young lady after me bought 3 and same checkout lady also paged supervisor Jade before she put them through. Before checkout lady scanned mine Jade actuslly came over and she didn't seem to care. All Jade did was nodding and checkout lady scanned them. But what Jade said over paging I had no idea.

        While I was waiting at the service desk, I saw assistanted checkout guy sent people over to service desk to pay. But one gentlemen refused and insisted on doing it himself. I was thinking good on you. This way he can make sure everything is right. Can't blame him for that.

        Good thing was my local Coles has quite a few $250 when I was there around 1pm. I didn't hid any which I thought I should have later on. Well, just thought I would let other people have a go.

  • Any $250 left around metro Melb???

    Please share if you have seen any thank you

  • -3

    Bought another 5 x $250 tonight, 10 in total today. They'd been hit hard since this morning but still some left (including the 5 I hid lol, might put them back if I decide not to buy them).

  • Anyone know if you can use multiple of these cards in a single transaction?

    • Yes I purchase 5 at once.

      • @Daza0166 said use multiple of these cards, not buy.
        If it's buying it's 5 at once (best to use a manned checkout though; self checkout assistant stopped after 3 GCs because of an additional warning that popped up in the system. And they need to approve for each card.).

    • If split payments are allowed: yes. (e.g. coles/woolies grocery checkout. In the Coles/Woolies I go, they refuse split payment if there's a giftcard included.)
      I do not know of online merchants that allow split payment with CC though.

    • Yes split payment works, I wasn't allowed to use the self serve for split payment.

      I purchased a $250 using heaps of Mastercard with $18.70 left on them.

  • -2

    Managed to get 24 cards in total from several stores…

    Not a bad haul indeed.

    Thanks guys

    • metro melb?

      • Adelaide

        • are they $250 cards? Been to a few stores in Adelaide but no $250…

          • @birdnw: Yes all are $250 cards, not really worth it with the $100s.

            Recommend checking in freezer section as read here some people stashing cards in store so they can buy once it goes on sale

          • @birdnw: Perhaps cause he took all?

    • Which stores?

  • Can someone please confirm if these prepaid cards are accepted by Amazon (for purchase)?

  • Hi im new to this,
    but would you be able to buy this and use to to buy the him/ ultimate gift cards when they are on their sales as well

    • Yes but they are on 100 X higher security watching for these cards buying gift cards than last year .

      Still no problems working though .

      • I tried that on BIGW two months ago, BigW system went through, but activation failed.

  • -2

    None at Narellan! Someone got in early and cleared the place out! :(

    • +2

      It did start wednesday

  • Sorry, quick one:
    Can I stack this deal with 4% Coles GC via Rewards?
    Would I be able to use this Master card to buy groceries at Coles?

    • Yep

    • +1

      Can I stack this deal with 4% Coles GC via Rewards?

      Yes, but only in certain circumstances (e.g. no split payments at self-service checkouts, you may need to purchase at least one grocery item in the same transaction if you are redeeming a digital gift card).

      Split payments are allowed at serviced checkouts and you probably don’t need to purchase anything else to be able to pay with Coles GC, but you’re at the complete mercy of the person at the checkout as to whether they will allow you to pay for it using Coles GC. Coles GC terms and conditions forbid the purchase of gift cards with Coles GC, so don’t be surprised if the person at the checkout (or service supervisors or even the store manager) refuse to let you redeem Coles GC.

      Would I be able to use this Master card to buy groceries at Coles?


      As an aside, what is stopping you from buying a 4% Coles GC via Rewards with this Mastercard and repeating the process…?

      • +1

        the complete mercy of the person at the checkout

        I find that it is more likely the store policy. At one of my local stores they are very strict but at 2 others they do not care, no matter who the staff member is.

      • that's a good one.. even better.. yeah I will try my luck today :)

        • where to get 4% discounted Coles GC?

          • +2

            @makeorbreak: This is a good place to start looking. However, I think the major issue is that a lot of places that sell 4% discounted Coles GC also charge transaction/card fees, so the discount may end up being closer to 3%.

        • I forgot to mention that the portal you use to purchase the 4% Coles GC may not allow you to use prepaid Mastercards, since prepaid Mastercards can be purchased with no ID checks (and hence unverified). There’s no harm in trying though!

      • If you can use egift cards it would net a much bigger profit

        Spend $231.30 cash on a $250 mastercard (A)
        Spend $250 mastercard on $250 egift card @ 3% off = $242.50. Mastercard has $7.50 left (B)
        Spend Egift card on another $250 mastercard. Egift card has $18.70 left (C)

        Total profit = $18.70 + $7.50 (B) + $18.70 (C)

    • What is this 'Rewards' you speak of… obviously a place to get discounted Coles gift cards - but which Portal is it?

    • where can you buy 4% coles GC, through which portal?