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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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        • True. I don't know… A far fetched guess is that it preempts having to refund annoyed customers that bought at the full price due to inattention when completing purchase… Not my experience, but can imagine it..

          • @3sky: They can not refund gift cards, as they are activated already. it's pretty much a loss for them if they do

            • @Turd: Oh right.. even worse for the staff who have to deal with frustrated customers who bought there… I can totally understand if Raine Square staff put them away. It's a compromised win-win for all.

      • Yes, some Coles stores do not stock sale items/sell at sale price in the catalog. Usually, they are Metro stores.

  • Tried my 2 closest Coles at 8.30am this morning. All sold out. Then went further afield to a store where I have had luck previously with these deals and found many of them. Will remember to only go there in future.

    Unfortunately was not allowed to use Coles gift cards to purchase them and was also told to not bother scanning by flybuys card as I would get no points.

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      False you will still get FB points.

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    No $250 cards locally in Adelaide. People buying at midnight.☹️☹️☹️

    • 10 minutes ago I went to Coles in Chinatown and Rundle Mall, they just restock heaps. I am not sure there is any available now or not.

    • No $100 or $250 at Coles St Clair (SA)

      No $250 at Coles Welland (SA)

  • Got 3x $250 at Coles in Richmond NSW 2753, and they still have lots on the shelf if anyone around the Penrith/Hawkesbury/Lower Blue Mountains areas is looking.

  • Anyone knows if we get the Masterchef credit if you buy these?

    I know the TCN doesn't but this one accrue flybuys points so maybe it also increases the masterchef credit?

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      No you do not get it.

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    Lots of $100 and $250 cards in stock at Colonnades SA. Bought 5.

  • How do I make a purchase with these mastercards? Do I need to swipe it or can I tap it at an eftpos machine? And can these be added to Google Pay? I just tried adding it as a credit/debit card but this did not work.

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      The cards don't have names, so many online retailers will reject them (Amazon, eBay, PayPal, etc). I was able to use the cards for council fees and water/power bills however. I usually use the cards by swiping at checkouts.

      • Are you speaking from experience? Did PayPal stop accepting them?
        I used some via PayPal last time, no issues.

        • I tried to use the cards back in February and was unable to.

          • @Cluster: I did too, and no issues..
            Haven't tried again with the GCs from today.

            • @johnmelb: Great, I'll try again with my new cards.

              • @Cluster: Cheers.
                Please let us know whether it works or not. I was kinda hoping it would still work with PayPal now that suncorp doesn't work anymore.

                • @johnmelb: Playing with Paypal and prepaid cards is like throwing away money, and speaking to a robot about where your money is.

                  • @Turd: How is it throwing away money?
                    If a site doesn't accept the prepaid card, but it does accept paypal, then you can still use the prepaid card to pay via PayPal.
                    If you add a bank account or regular CC in Paypal, that's even giving more information to a robot about where your money is …
                    Some sites also block your account when you add/remove too many cards.

                    I've not had any issues paying with PayPal, so not sure what the point is you're trying to make.

      • usually use the cards by swiping at checkouts.

        Do you select cheque or savings when swiping?

        • it's a mastercard, so if you have to select between credit/savings/cheque you select credit

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      Swipe in store, enter pin if asked (pin at back of the card - scratch it off)

      Dont add to digital google/apple/alibab/we/russia/usa/australia pay etc - causes fraud/verification issues.

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    Can we use these gift cards to send money abroad using Skrill or any other platform

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    • yes wise.com worked for me last time

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    I rushed to Coles North Balwyn early this morning and grabbed 5 $250. There were plenty of $100s and $250 when I checked out.

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    Revesby Coles has heaps of $100 behind the click and collect counter.
    5 max pp.

    Southgate Coles only have $100 as well.

    • Can confirm Revesby has heaps of $100 GC. No ETA on $250 though.

  • Got asked for my ID and even took down the details on a seperate receipt despite my protests.

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      Wow thats odd

    • I would have requested the manager or stood aside and phoned head office.

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        Store has the right to check your ID so calling head office won't help you.

    • Mine checked ID matched the credit card name.

      • Can't check the cardholder name when using Apple Pay - the name is not shown on the digital card.

        • Yeah, I knew this thus I used my physical card.

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    Bought 5 ($1250) of these and sent them all for free to my bank using Western Union and Money Gram using promo codes so I don’t get any transfer fee. Free Money

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      So was the Transfer fee $0 or was it offset by using the promo codes?

      • Transfer is $2.99 for $250 card. Promo codes void the fee, so no fee.

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          What's the promo code, can you use it multiple times?

          • @david1215: FirstFreeAU for Western Union

            • @joelhinch: No fees at all?
              It may look bad in case of tax audit to get all those $250 payments on your account though…

        • You added multiple card on same transaction or used same code on multiple transactions? Please confirm

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            @VC1: @userGM Congratulations - You have been reported to AUSTRAC for doing money laundering.

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              @Ash-Say: It's not laundering if the origional money to buy the gift cards is legitimate.

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              @Ash-Say: Who cares? If the transaction doesn't breach any law then there is no problem.

          • @VC1: It seems like FirstFreeAU for Western Union works multiple times, you have to wait up to 3 days to see your money in your account. Long process making an account too. Better than the $6.63 fee from PayPal though.

            • @joelhinch: They only allowed me to use it twice before blocking my account from sending more with cards:) I can still apply the code, but it will say my transaction could not be completed at the last step. Well at least I cashed out $500 for free, thanks to this thread.

              • @truetypezk: What transactions are prohibited with my Coles Gift Mastercard?
                - Any form of gambling and gambling related services

                • Purchase of money orders

                • Transactions or transfers to financial institutions

                • Transactions related to any form of money transfer service

                - Transactions which may result in the ability to access cash

                Anyone successfully receives the fund from WU yet???

                • @Markbk: Will find out in 2 days time!

                  • +1

                    @cloudie9: Already in my account, faster than expected. It is done via SWIFT but amazingly no fee charged by bank (I used ING).

                • @Markbk: Nothing to lose anyway, worst case refund back to card.

    • Have you actually gotten the money yet? Coles Financial Services' T&C's explicitly forbids this type of transaction. So if their systems don't detect "Western Union" as the merchant and it goes through without the transaction reversing and the card being blocked ,then you're very lucky.


      What transactions are prohibited with my Coles Gift Mastercard?

      • Transactions related to any form of money transfer service
      • +1

        Its amazing what works if you don't follow their t&c's lol :)
        No way I'm saying my one . :)

      • Already in my account, faster than expected. It is done via SWIFT but amazingly no fee charged by bank (I used ING).

    • Western union ask for bank code and branch code maximum of 3 characters each… is the bank code and branch code the pre-hyphen and post hyphen numbers on your bsb?

    • What's the promo code for MoneyGram?

      • RAFHGVGXZI - Paste in when at final page.

        • Thanks, could you use the codes for WU and MG multiple times?

          • @haru: WU have clued on to that their being sent with Prepaid cards and no longer allowing me. Not sure if you’ll experience the same things. However haven’t had any issues with moneygram

            • @UserGM: My Moneygram account got shut down after a few transactions. Perhaps shouldn't have done so many in quick succession.

              • @vetopower: Wow that is a little extreme, WU simply stopped allowing me to send by card after merely 2 transfers. I sent 2 using MG without any problem and will sit on it for a few days before sending it again.

          • @haru: Yes for both but do note that sending money using multiple cards in quick succession is EXTREMELY suspicious. They don't care if you breach the T&Cs on your prepaid card, but they are on high alert for stolen/fraudulent cards, because if a chargeback is lodged they are the ones who bear the loss.

            • @truetypezk: How did you receive the money with moneygram? It won't let me send to an Australian bank account and is cash pickup only.

              • @baskinghobo: Cash pick up only or you can get it transferred to your account at a 7-11. Either way you still have to head in-store to have your ID verified as the receiver for each transaction.

                • @truetypezk: Lol I swear these people are reading Ozbargain 😂 Now moneygram is blocked. I think Skrill might work with a referral but I already have an account with them.

                  • @baskinghobo: Blocked how? Won't accept prepaid cards anymore?

                    • @truetypezk: Yep came up with an error.

                      • @baskinghobo: They have probably just blocked your account from sending online. I have just tried sending another 2 after lying low for a few days and it still works without problem. Their referral system seems to have a bug that as long as there is no "completed" transaction (i.e. receiver picked up money), you are still considered a new customer and you can use the referral code over and over and the referer still gets 1 free transfer for each repeated code usage. However I think sending too many transfers as a new customer might result in a pretty swift account ban so I'd rather take it slowly.

  • None at St Marys or Cambridge Gardens at 8:30am. I wonder if they would've had any if I went at 7am.

    • You mean there is absolutely no card leftover?

      There were over 50 X $100 cards when I went this morning.

      • There were only $50 ones there when I was there, which aren't discounted.

    • +1

      Heaps of $100 at Cambridge Gardens this afternoon. Ask staff for the $250 if none are displayed, they have them stored behind the front desk too.

      • Will do, thanks!

      • +1

        Got the last $250 and 4x $100. Thank you! There were about 20x $100 left.

  • Quite a few left in all denominations at Coles Norwest 2153. Front desk + gift card stand. Got 5x 250.

  • +2

    Kmart Campbellfield(Victoria) still has heaps of $250 and $100 gift cards.

    • Are they discounted at K-Mart?

      • No, and taking them from Kmart to pay/activate at Coles wont work.

        It's also called stealing.

      • +2

        Sorry I meant Coles Campbellfield!!

        • ahh ;)

  • Tried to pay my zip balance online but this card was rejected.

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    Heaps of $100 and $250 at North Park SA, I just bought 2, there's no 10% off sign here, probably the reason no one buy it.

  • Lots $100 on the shelf, none $250 at north parramatta.

  • +1

    Never able to found stock

  • +5

    Got the $250 ones. Make sure you check the balance after purchase to confirm that it is showing on the card. One of my cards was still showing $0. Need to go back to Coles to get it reactivated.

    Link to check the balance is:


    • +2

      If you bought the cards from Coles (which I assume you have), the $250 should be loaded onto the card pretty much instantly.

      Does the Card ID on the back of the card match the last 11 digits of the barcode on the back of the packaging that came with the card?

      • +1

        Yes the Card ID does match the last 11 digits of the barcode. There are no transaction history on that card so I assume that it just wasn't activated.

      • There are certain, small, situations where the matrix glitches and the receipt will say "Not approved".

        @Crazynic does your receipt say not approved for the GC transaction/activation?

        • No they all say (00)APPROVED , which is weird…

          • @crazynic: Very weird.

          • +1

            @crazynic: Check that if you have any ad blockers or website pihole blockers.

            when it says when you check the balance - loads for a 2-3sec it says '$0' balance, then it changes

            Try a diff PC and or different browser

            • @Turd: I tried that, still showing $0. Rang customer service and they confirmed that there is no balance. Will head to Coles soon.
              Thanks for your help!