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KFC Bucket Hunt: Multiple Prizes (in-Store Redemption) @ KFC App


KFC just launched their Pokemon like game, you can go hunting KFC prizes and most likely get a free ultimate box for your first time, some got slushies etc :)

The first bucket will be available around you with first play. Just pan your camera around to find the red big spot, tap tap tap it then spin spin spin for a free win ^_^
Can stack up to 3 prizes at a time and each will expire in 72hrs: gonna do lot of walking for free KFC prizes lol

Prizes include (see FAQ):

  • Food
  • Cash
  • Experiences
  • KFC EFTPOS Gift Card
  • Merch

Prize quantity and value

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  • Got my self free double tender burger on first AR experiences. I think the app and AR experience is lagging and not working properly. First time using mountain dew freeze drink, try to flip coin, I am getting some error, so I tried again. It's stated that I didn't win but the drink is still in my bucket stash. Try again using another free drink, it stated that I win free double tender burger and I added to bucket stash. Somehow everything disappear. Today check the bucket map, nothing show up at all. Anyway it's good enough for me to claim 2 free meal.

  • Has anyone experienced problems redeeming the 15 piece bucket? Mine will try and bring up a browser window which will have a web page unavailable error, and when I try to redeem it, it applied a discount of $4 only, so you will still be charged $24 buck if you try and redeem it instead of being completely free. Has anyone experienced it or was able to resolve this?

    • Based on comments above, try changing the store. Have you been able to redeem anything else from this same store earlier?

      I was able to redeem a 15pc Chicken today, no dramas. Discount of $27.95 applied at checkout.

    • Removed DNS/ad blocker too..

    • clear cache. mine errored out a deal and i just kept getting redirected to the same page till i did that

  • +1

    Had my zinger ready today then when i went to check this morning, it had disappeared. Spent another 20mins getting another

  • After many hours procrastinating my work and domestic duties I finally got it to work! Thanks op. Got a free ultimate box!

  • Anyone get "Web page not available" when trying to redeem? Something about a web page not being loaded because net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME after I press redeem

    • +2

      Yes, it happens on the Bucket Stash Page. Bad coding I'd say, but it is a temporary holding page and it moves ahead and tells you to select restaurant for redemption. Works fine then.

      • I haven't managed to get past it at all, no matter how many times I try to redeem or how long I leave it on the page.

        • +1

          Maybe clearing cache of the App and clearing browsing history of Chrome may help?

          • @djoz: Figured it out actually, I use an adguard DNS to not get ads and that was causing the issue, cheers.

  • Redeemed another 15pc bucket and some more boxes today. all went fine

    • How are you redeeming multiple in a single day? Before/After 2PM?

      • I do have a big family and we all have our own accounts

    • Gee I hope you had some salad that day lol

  • mine is so slow, anyone having that issue at the moment ? ie bucket stash loading with no end result.

  • Mate just got a $50 eftpos card… kinda jealous

    • +3

      Decided to try my luck after he showed me his and just got the $200 eftpos card LETTSSSS GOOOO

      • Did you play the coin flip?

        • Yeah flipped a 15pc

    • +3

      I just got one too.
      Flipped a 15pc bucket to get it

  • Looks like good prizes are starting to run low as I just received my first "24 nuggets for $10" offer after many spins.

    • Yep, got a coupon for $2 sliders…. scraping the barrel there!

  • I have five slots now which is pretty awesome.

    Unfortunately the lame discount voucher "prizes" are now filtering through.

    • +1

      Five slots wow.. meanwhile I've got 2 mostly.

      Not surprised discount vouchers are started to filter through after one guy burnt through >10,000 freebies in three days - don't think they'd be getting replaced if we've hit coupons in Week 1.

      • +1

        Coupons might not be a bad idea. I just got a 24 nuggets for $10 coupon, flipped it (lost) but still got a zinger. Imagine what you'd get for winning that flip

        • Ah that's actually great, a $6.95 saving on the nuggets is technically less than a $5.95 saving on the Zinger leading to it thinking it's less valuable.
          Good thing besides the BOGOF Zingers ($5.95) and $2 Sliders ($0.95) everything is a $6.95 saving and up, will lend nicely to freebies but as always a chance of going from a burger to a discount.

      • I don't think that's how it works. Prizes should only be considered 'burnt through' when they have been redeemed.

        • I wish it is that way though. There's a lot of uncertainty with the app atm.

        • That's right, should.
          Time will tell if they actually do re-enter circulation though.

  • +1

    Won $50.

        • +3

          i’ve gotten boxes from flipping frozen cokes and chips

  • my account is stuffed, Only 2 items stashed and wasn't adding in another item. ie getting prizes that arn't going into stash.

    • Same thing happened to my account.

      • Any solution guys? I've lost almost 10 spins :(

        • My wife's has been like that for 2 or 3 days. Uninstalled etc, nothing worked. She gave up…meanwhile I've gained an extra slot

          • @whitelie: Was she able to redeem any of the already stashed 2 prizes?

            • @djoz: Yeah, claimed an Ultimate box not yesterday, the day before. Still only 2 slots afterwards

  • +2

    After heap of regular chips & go-buckets, finally scored an Ultimate Box yesterday - finally a decent win! :-)

  • There are more available buckets today.

  • +1

    Although it was mentioned a few times here "resets at 2pm AEST" - I ordered something yesterday before 1pm AEST and still can't order anything now and left KFC before 1:30pm.
    So no reset for me - the item I picked up stayed in "pending redemption" until way after I already picked it up.

    • +1

      The app has been really buggy today. I clicked redeem last night on free zinger burger but decided not to buy it. Wanted to get it for lunch today and now it is saying only 1 redemption per 24 hours. I still have the free zinger burger in my stash so it is not registering that I did not make the purchase.

      • So it's not just me then, it's probably better for my health anyway.

      • I redeemed a Freeze Pepsi yesterday BUT guy at counter didn't wait till it showed up on phone as an order - bought 1 Freeze mountain Dew got 1 F.P. free - he handed 'em across without straws - must be V frustrating if people aren't buying stuff. Do have spare paper and plastic straw in car just in case.

        What's weird is app should have mentioned redeem before 9:30pm - no sign of and NO blocked slot today.

        • Are you sure it was your order? lol pretty sure kfc employees don't actually know that you got the item for free. It just comes up as normal order for them.

          • @CodeXD: Yeah it was - no-one else in store at the time just surprised the app didn't bug out. Barely one car going through drive-thru too.

          • +1

            @CodeXD: If it was like the pizza hut and dominos freebies from last year, then staff know it's free. and treat you accordingly, lol

    • +1

      2PM and can't redeem another too. Hmmm…

      • +1

        Is everyone facing this issue today? Redeemed one prior to 2PM, cant redeem another one now?

    • +1

      Exactly the same happened with me. Stayed in Pending Redemption until I signed out and signed in. And now, I cant redeem anything today.

      Plus none of the prizes are getting added to Stash.

  • Can confirm. I redeemed one Regular Fries prior to 2PM AEST, the stash kept saying "Pending Redemption" even though I completed the order and ate it too. I couldn't add new prizes on that prize slot. Eventually, the expiry timer went to 0 and then started counting in negative! 00:00: -27 (Lol)

    I signed out of the App, signed back in and that time it alerted me my prize has "expired'

  • Three separate times I tried to redeem and it didn't work. I'm not sure if I should be completely mad or not because I'm not paying anything.

  • Does anyone know when or how I’ll receive the eftpos gc after I’ve claimed it?

    • nevermind just read they'll be in contact within 7 days, was really hoping to use it on amazon with all the deals right now…

  • +1

    Worth flipping an ultimate box?

    • +2

      Ended up with 15 pieces let's gooo

      • +4

        Looks like meat's back on the menu Boys!

  • What's Happening? None of my prizes are getting Added to Stash. What am I doing wrong?

    • been happening on mine today as well.

      • Almost 6 prizes lost. Were you able to find a way out?

        • nope

          • @domo653q: Working for me today (Tuesday). Nothing worked yesterday though.

  • Anyone know if the restaurants where discount wasn't applying at the checkout has been fixed? Don't want to trigger the timer and lose prize if it's still not working.

    • I guess the person that down voted is maybe lucky enough to be able to participate in this promotion?

  • +1

    I can never redeem mine. Always saids along the lines of redeem pending but never gets added to cart or anything.

  • I went to kfc app settings and delete storage and then restarted the kfc app, you have to give location permission manually in the app settings after clear storage. This worked for me when wasnt working, each day i have received an item now

  • +1

    I got a good error which I got and used 15pcs coupn yesterday and I saw the coupon is still in my stash and I uesed it again today then it's still there😂

    • The stash is fudged completely. Amazingly poor database system being used I reckon.

      • +1

        I think I did wierd thing when I ordered, that's why the coupon is still there. So I'll try the way tomorrow and if it works, I'll post here about that.

        • Did it work?

          • @toobzy: Sorry, I tried yesterday and today but it didn't work. It was just luckey error.

  • Red screen is all I see T T

  • +1

    I give up on the game, keep getting errors

    • What errors are you getting?
      "Something went wrong, please try again later." ?

      • the error when you spin the bucket, can't remember what exactly it said but it just keeps coming up no matter what location i spin the bucket

        • +2

          Try manually going into the Bucket Stash, sometimes it picks up "where you left" and gives you your prize.

          App is way too buggy than can ever imagine.

        • same was happening to me today, hasn't really happened before this though

  • -1

    If you can't get it reduced to $0 at checkout when redeeming your prize, try to choose a different store. It happens to me today that it doesn't work at KFC store I chose but it works with another KFC store.

  • Using 5g & app is rather slow (don't press minus button on map - places buckets too far away ALSO was sitting in car in KFC carpark yesterday - GET out of car B4 using - camera tried to place Red Dot on dashboard and mucked it up)

    SO - GPS sort of works, BUT app seems to require maybe 30°-45° degree angle while holding phone for AR and direction of red viewing cone on map to move.

    Have app running #yes not touching while driving# (in car - using other phone for nav) got out at Servo dot was right in front of car. While the red progress gauge is filling up I slowly move phone around left to right so the AR bit has something to target the buckets, or Red Dot on - got another bucket at shopping centre right at rear of car earlier.

    Now at 1 nugget & chip filler & 2 freeze Pepsi - all 3 were coin flipped & got exact same prize.

    Working better now - buckets mostly more time on (damn close anyway - had 1 behind & 1 in front of car in KFC carpark yesterday) just hoping for more chickeny prize - if I got a bucket would probs not flip - DON'T want another Freeze Pepsi.

    Redeemed the 50¢ Big Mac the other day - damn why don't they allow PayPal - mostly buy Frozen Raspberry & Frozen Coke with Raspberry added but with a $2 coin.

  • I somehow have 5 slots now.

    • I have only 1 slot working than 0 when I redeem the item, the app is all over the place.

  • +2

    Flipped a go bucket for an ultimate box! On another not all this free chicken grease is bringing back my teenage acne. This deal is gunna kill me.

    • Off topic here but ordered 3 Mini pizzas from Domino's last week, 1 is more than enough for each, but wanted Spicy Vegetarian too (Pepperoni is Drowning in fatty goodness) - got to store - they'd run out of bases so had replaced with Regular? X 3 no extra cost (also were Deep Pan 'cause all Mini's are too).

      We were eating pizza for 2 days [would NEVER suggest that OzB'ers get a bunch of friends to all order 3 or more Mini's at the same Dom's to let last 3 or more get the size increase ;) ]

  • +8

    Errors of the day for me

    • flip the coin has completely disappeared

    • all prizes give an error 'hold your horses, you can only claim only 1 prize per day' even though it has been over 25 hours since I redeemed something yesterday.

    • +1

      same i can't redeem anything!

  • finally managed to redeem some food this week but a new issue for me seems to be that if I try to order anything alongside that is >$4 (eg the 2 sides for 5.95), it removes the prize discount and then adds this random $4 voucher discount instead.

  • +3

    anyone facing issues redeeming today? i redeemed 10am yesterday and can't redeem at lunch saying only 1 day? wtf

    • +1

      Same thing was happening with me. But I have just been able to successfully redeem. You might wanna give it a go again!

  • +1

    Looks like KFC has changed when redeem resets. Redeemed at ~12pm AEST for lunch, and now not letting me redeem anymore.

    Maybe they have someone here changing things up as soon as we post about it.

    • I think there is a lot of stuff rooted atm as well. Im locked out of my stash as more than 3 items and it wont process a swap or delete

      • Same issue here. It sucks because you can't redeem any prizes while the bucket stash is overloaded. I have an ultimate box that I was planning to redeem for lunch! Oh well.

    • I hope they have changed it to 00:00 AEST, that makes more sense IMO.

      • Not midnight. I order for lunch yesterday and still can't redeem this morning. I'll try again at 12pm AEST

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