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[eBay Plus] LG OLED C1 4K TV 77" $6645.25 | 65" $3415.25 | 55" $2465.25 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Looks like the LG C1 range had a price drop for most retailers over night. Go to Good Guys eBay and apply the coupon for another ~$350 off on the 77".

Delivery is listed at $55 for me.

LG C1 77" - $6645.25 + Delivery
LG C1 65" - $3415.25 + Delivery
LG C1 55" - $2465.25 + Delivery

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  • gather this would work with the 65C1 then and make it about 3415 plus shipping?

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        I've been chasing the 65C1 for a few weeks. Almost ready to buy at that price. Can use shopback giftcards at 3% discount too (i hear you can get 5% somehow?) so thats another $90 minimum if you grab 3x $3000 giftcards or $180 if you get 6!

        • I got it for $3500 (65) from the Good Guys around the 1st of May. Awesome TV. You will not regret it!

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          Just a word of warning before you go buying thousands of dollars of gift cards, from eBay T&Cs:
          "No more than a total of $1,500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per transaction, no more than a total of $2,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers)."

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      Looks like it, I've added it to the description. Thanks:)

      • should update the header, majority would be after 55"/65"

        [eBay Plus] LG OLED C1 4K TV 77" $6645.25 | 65" $3415.25 | 55" $2565.25 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay

  • Wow great prices

  • Does this use the same panel as the BX?

    • If you mean G1, I think it may

  • Nice! 77" getting cheaper!!!

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    Just a heads up for anyone curious, LG kind of did a funny this year regarding some of their panels. I don't know all the details, though suffice to say some C1 models use the same panel as the G1, others use the CX panel (capacity issues and slow transition from one of their manufacturing facilities.) Provided you have the new panel you can apparently unlock G1 like performance (I wouldn't recommend due to potential issues with warranty claims.)

    Anyway this can all be investigated on avsforums for those that want to look deeper into it. I'm undecided as to exactly what to do with this information so far. I'd highly recommend said forum if you want some of the more nitty gritty on these sorts of things and just owner updates in general.

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      Vincent Teoh also noted that. But if you use the speakers in the TV they are in very different positions C1 vs G1 so the G1 firmware will likely stuff up the sound on the C1

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        Vincent Teoh is a YouTube king.

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      Most recent firmware update (not in Aus yet) has disabled this possibility.
      All panels out of China are the new EVO panel, the Korean ones are the older, non EVO G1 panel.

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    Getting very tempted on the 77"… :)

  • As much as I keep getting excited by this, i am still unsure if spending over $3k on a OLED tv is worth compared to a nice 50” Sony LED I already have (I paid under 1k for it. Is it really worth 3 times more??

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      For 4K HDR or DolbyVision content, abso&&inglutely :)

      But, yes, it is pricey compared with other televisions (that aren't OLED).

    • Agreed!

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      I had the same hesitation, having spent almoat a year with the 65"CX, I can comfortably say I'll never buy anything except an OLED again. It's just that good.

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      It's certainly a lot of money to spend. I have a 4 year old 50" Samsung LED TV that is still going strong.

      The fact of the matter is that these OLED TV are truly the best of the best (excluding things like projectors), if you're not looking for that and you just want decent quality TV for occasional movie/TV show watching then it doesn't make that much sense to spend this kind of money. These TVs are more for enthusiasts and for people looking to create a home theater type setup for whom these TVs can be well worth the price for the picture quality they provide.

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      I replaced my 13 year old Sony Bravia 57"(?) with a 65" LG CX and the HDR / 10bit and 4K clarity for movie watching has been a literal eye opener as to how much detail I was missing with muddy grey / blacks and 1080p resolution. If you're just casually watching TV then it's probably not worth it, but if you settle in to enjoy 4K UHD blurays and / or have a PS5 or XSX then you'll really notice and enjoy the difference between an OLED and your old TV.

      • Any issues with audio sync? I currently have a Sony Bravia, purchased 4 years ago, after my first choice was a LG OLED at the time but I quickly discovered it a some annoying issues with audio syncing on some inputs - can’t remember but could’ve been with the plugged-in Blu-ray player or Apple TV unit or even TV broadcast itself. Very frustrating. So exchanged it for the Sony, which has been a terrific TV, but looking again at LG OLED, but want to be sure they’ve sorted the audio syncing issues. Cheers.

    • Ok so I ended up getting a 65 C1 and I am glad I did (many thanks to the people here who helped me). I am initially a bit unimpressed as I was watching free to air TV but as soon as I switched to Netflix 4K I was blown away!

      Any tips on improving the TV channels (understand we are restricted by the broadcast quality)

      • FTA will look awful on anything 4k, even with things like smooth gradation turned so the way up.
        The quality just isn't there unfortunately.

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    For anyone interested, the C1 48" is $2295 at JB.

    Could be good if you have some spare gift cards.

    Tempted to get for a monitor, but I won't get it past the missus given the stuff I've bought recently. Also waiting for a 43"

  • Decent pricing for this time of the year.

    • What's the realistic price when comes to October for the 65"?

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        Look at sales from that time in 2019 I reckon. Last year not a good indicator.

        • I had a look at 2019 for the 65c1 and it looks like around $3000 is approx the lowest it ever got to. Im not sure we will hit those levels but hey its still a difference.

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    I have the C1 77" and it is am epic TV. I cannot recommend it enough and that's a good price 100%
    Beware though OLEDs can have vertical banding on their panels. I got my 1st unit and needed it to be replaced with another one. It's a luck of the draw on what sort of panel you get.

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      Beware though OLEDs can have vertical banding on their panels

      Yeah the CX was notorious for vertical banding. Apparently the Evo panels are better but people over at AVS forums are reporting raised reds in the centre with pink tint on the edges during slides, even after calibration.

      Still tossing up between this and the A80J - mainly for VRR/Gsync with the LGs.

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        Pink tint is on all the new evo panels (G1, C1, A80J, A90J) only at off angle viewing and you'll have to have a white screen to show it properly. Can see it on some content too but very rarely. Sonys are very good OOTB. LG does have black crush and bluer whites that need to be calibrated out. These are nitpicks though and most people might not notice these things unless they know what to look for.

        • I've seen that the Sony's are using the Evo panel but none of the places i've looked at are reporting the pink tint. That's interesting.

          Yes the black crush is an issue on the C1s and apparently eArc is extremely troublesome. The only thing that i was leaning towards the LG's for is VRR/Gsync.

          Agree that the average punter won't notice these issues. I work in Film & TV Post staring at expensive grading monitors all day, these things will bother me.

          • @f0x13: The Sony's should get vrr though. I do like the android tv as well.

            • @kulprit: Yeah i'm a x9000H owner and been struggling through 4K120 issues. ALLM just rolled out but VRR is scheduled for December-February, pending a delay.

              I do prefer the A80J but i've had almost a year of issues with the x9000h and unsure if i want to wait 6 months more

            • +3

              @kulprit: Never EVER buy a tech product based on the promise of future updates.

              • @theory: Totally agree. I wouldn't be buying one until it is actually updated.

          • @f0x13: Then get the Sony. The clarity is noticeable compared to the LG, thanks to the XR processor. Enhances details more

            • @Monstalova: Classy Tech just released his comparison video of the A80J vs a G1, OOTB and uncalibrated.


              A80J is impressive for being 1K less. If only VRR was present. I've already been burnt by Sony promises with my soon to be returned x9000H. But that PQ though.

              • @f0x13: Yeah I hope to hold out until it's definitely added before I purchase.

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    I feel the TGG eBay store specific discount event should be around the corner. I will hold until ~15% off coupon coming!

    • what makes you think that?

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        OZbargainer's intuition + still time left during EOFY

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    Tossing up between 65 inch C1 OLED and 85 inch Sony X900H.

    Living room depth is 4m so really want max size but also great picture quality. Also looking at not breaking the bank (budget under 4.5k).

    Can't decide if I want a 65 inch but OLED quality or max TV size!

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      77 " C1 it is then.

      • Haha Mrs says no to spending that much.

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          It's easier to beg for forgiveness then to ask for permission. Buy it and you will both not regret it.

          Keep it for 5 years and it only costs you $4 / day.

    • If its the same tech then ALWAYS go for size.

      But in this instance its Oled vs LED, and the LED (x9000h) doesn't have features like smooth gradation that the C1 has. Still a pretty picture though for an LED.

      Best to take the boss to the store and let her view them for herself.

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      I'm basically in the same boat. Can't decide between 77 oled vs 85".
      Was considering the X900H, but now also eyeing the QN85A or the nano91..

      • Don't go Nano91 - I am returning my 86Nano91TPAafter one week - terrible backlight bleed and local dimming issues.
        The QN85A doesn't have Dolby Vision, therefore a no for me.
        I am definitely leaning towards the 85X9000h…

      • Yep, stay away for the Nano unless you need real wide angle viewing, they are an IPS panel, so they look very bland with washed out blacks.

      • Each to their own, but for me I would 100% (1000%!) go for the OLED. There's a lot of truth in the saying that once you go OLED, you can't go back.

        • There's a lot of truth in the saying that once you go OLED, you can't go back.

          I think the saying "Once you go blackest of black, you won't go back" :D

    • If you are not sure whether 65 inch will be big enough then it probably isn't and you will always regret your purchase despite the picture quality. I was in your shoes last year. Got the CX 65 inch, loved the picture it produced but never fully enjoyed the size. Eventually ended up returning it.

      • thanks mate!

      • What's the distance between your lounge and TV? Mine's ~3.2m and I'm not sure what size would go well.

        • 3-3.4 meters as well.

  • Can someone check The Good Guys commercial price and see if it's reduced?

    It'd held at $3604 (65") and $2573 (55") last time I checked… but it'd held that for weeks/month now before these rrp discounts.

  • Appliance Central has had the 77 for 6750 with most areas free delivery for a few days now

  • Can someone pls help with TGGC price for
    C1 and G1 65 and 77
    Currently got a g1 65 on order for 42xx. And been offered C1 77 for $6666 don't really want to step up that much intact was thinking would the C1 65 be better to save money and get soundbar?

    • +1


      C1 65 - $3595
      C1 77 - $6863

      G1 65 - $4117

      G1 65 has been $4045.50 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/627709

      • Thx for that yes I saw the 4045 but expired.

      • How about G1 77 on TGGC?
        WP post someone got it from TGG for 7337

        • Not listed.

        • 77 isn't on TGGC

  • So I’ve got a 2nd gen Lg OLed 55EC930t. Only full HD but have a fetch tv which can do 4K. I was holding off until it died. What am I missing out on?

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    Lg C1 55 is $2470 at appliance Central with free delivery

  • I hear that LG customer service has been a bad experience for certain ppl.

    Would anyone know when Sony XR 55 A90J will be released in Aus & pricing?

    I have seen the 65 A90J on sale at TGG

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    Just wondering, Myers has 10% shopback on all electronics, does that mean that this https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-cinema-series-c1-65-165cm-4k-ai... will be $3239 after cashback ?

    • +3

      You don't get cashback on tax paid, so it'll probably be more like $323 cashback making this ~$3276. Good find though.

      Edit: For those playing at home it should bring the 77" down to ~$6369 after cashback.

      • Unless my math is wrong, it should be C1 77" for $6437.73 and C1 65" for $3346.82 including the $75 delivery fee.

    • That 10% offer ends today by the look of it. Myer only seem to offer delivery, no pick up.
      I haven't used Shopback, and their T&Cs are vague, do you know if it works if paid with gift cards?

      Edit, from their site, not helpful:
      Will I still qualify for the regular store cashback if I use a gift card to pay?

      In most cases yes, however, some stores will invalidate your cashback or calculate cashback on the amount after gift card usage. If the cashback is affected by gift card usage, this will be explicitly mentioned in the individual store’s terms and conditions.

      EDIT EDIT: No, gift cards won't stack with Shopback at Myer:

      Cashback is ineligible on transactions with Myer team member/staff discount
      Returns, exchanges & cancellations
      Cashback not applicable for Products from CHANEL, Dior & Jo Malone
      Purchases made on the Myer app, Purchase of Giftcards and Purchases with the use of Giftcards ( Whether Partial / Fully

      • Nice find but looks out of stock :(

        • They show as in stock for delivery for me.

          • @snuke: Hmmm… wonder if it's state based (I'm in VIC)

            Edit: oh, maybe because I'm referring to the 65

            • @Tikester: Both 65 and 77 show as orderable for delivery.
              77 shows as no stock in stores.

              • @snuke: It lets me add to cart, but when trying to pay/complete order I get an OOS message

                • @Tikester: I can get all the way to entering card details without that message. Maybe location is relevant.

                  I just don't trust cashback offers though. Had far too many not go through,

                  Edit. I just clicked back out of the final payment screen and got his: Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver your items due to insufficient stock