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[Prime] Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $149, "A Promised Land" $25.42, Fossil Gen 5E $289, Echo Dot (4th Gen) $39 @ Amazon AU


Edit - based on the UK press release, my guess is that the Echo Dot (4th Gen) will be $39 (50% off).

Confirmed -

Some early Prime Day deals have been announced. I've listed the price of what I can work out from the info below in the title but will update the post as I find our more.

Small Businesses

Save on products from small Australian businesses including Meluka Australia, BIGSOFTI, Song Saga, UpFlow Brewing, Little Archer & Co., Milkdrop, Patch, Baresop and more.

Amazon Devices

Save up to 50% off RRP on select Amazon Echo devices, including Echo Dot (4th Gen) and Echo Show 8 (1st Gen).
Our lowest price ever on All-new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote.
Save $50 off RRP on Kindle Paperwhite 8GB, plus up to 50% off select Kindle Paperwhite protective covers.
Save 40% off RRP on Amazon eero 6 mesh wifi.


Save on select renewed Apple iPad, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro products.
Savings on Sony WH1000XM3 over-ear phones, select bluetooth speakers, soundbars and more.
Save on select Marshall bluetooth speakers and headphones.
Save on select Bang & Olufsen speakers and headphones.
Save on select LG Earbuds.
Savings on select Nikon Z Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.
Save on select Panasonic LUMIX Cameras.
Save on select Manfrotto Tripods.
Save on select Joby GorillaPods.
Save on select Yamaha YSP2700B Soundbar products.
Save on select Xgimi portable Projectors and accessories.
Save on select Denon HiFi products.
Save on select Epson Home Theatre Projectors.
Save on Bose 700 Noise-Cancelling Headphones.
Save on select Jabra Elite 85t Noise-Cancelling Earbuds.
Save on select Withings Body+ Scale.
Save on Freebuds 4i products.
Save up to 50% off RRP On select Garmin Smartwatches.
Savings on select DJI Drones and Gimbals.


Save up to 43% off RRP on select Faber Castell.
Save up to 30% off RRP on select Kensington Office Equipment.
Save up to 30% off RRP on select top-selling DYMO products.


Save up to 36% off RRP on select SanDisk devices.
Save up to 30% off RRP on select ASUS networking devices.
Save on Wacom Intous Graphic Tablet – Medium.
Save on select Dell laptops and monitors.
Save on select ASUS laptops.
Save on select Lenovo laptops, tablets, monitors, and accessories.
Save on select Dell laptops and monitors.

Home & Kitchen

Savings on select V8, V10 and V11 Dyson Animal Stick Vacuums.
Savings on select Thermos products.
Savings on select Tefal Cookware.
Save up to 38% off RRP on select Philips Series 2000 Air Purifiers.
Save on select Arovec products.
Save on select Ecovacs Vacuum cleaners.

Home Improvement

Save up to 41% off RRP on select Bosch Tools.

Lawn & Garden

Deals on select Worx Robot Lawn Mowers.
Deals on select Worx Garden Power Tools.


Save on select NOCO car jump starters and chargers.
Save on select Bushranger 4x4 Gear.


Save 25% off select Business and Investing Help Books.
[Save 60% off RRP on ‘A Promised Land’ by Barack Obama.](https://www.amazon.com.au/Promised-Land-Barack-Obama/dp/0241...
Save 60% off RRP on Ottolenghi ‘FLAVOUR’.


Save up to 50% off select TV and Movie Boxsets.


Save on select Calvin Klein clothing and underwear.
Save on select Bonds clothing.
Save on select Champion clothing.
Save on select Tommy Hilfiger clothing.
Save on select Oroton products.
Save on select products from 2XU.
Save on select products from Lacoste.
Save on select Skechers shoes.
Save on select products from New Balance.
Save on select products from Crocs.
Save on select products from Merrell.
Pay $289 for the Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch.
Save up to 60% on RRP for the Michael Kors MK6641 Watch.
Save on the Seiko SNK809 watch.
Save on select Timex Watches.


Save on select Samsonite and American Tourister.
Save on select Trunki.

Pantry Food & Drink

Save on Coca-Cola 36x375ml Cans.
Save on Cocobella Coconut Water.
Save on select Snacks & Sweets from brands like Cobbs, Chupa Chups, Pringles and more.
Save on select T2.
Save on select Lavazza.

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Save on select Spirits from Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray & Baileys.
Save on Southern Comfort, Glenlivet and more.
Save on select Penfolds Max's wines.


Save on select Big Brand Baby Monitors from VTECH, Kodak and Oricom.
Save on select Tommee Tippee Parent Favourites.
Save on select Mustela products.
Save on select Car Seats, Boosters and Carriers.


Save on select LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter and Super Heroes.
Save on select LEGO Duplo, DOTS, Disney, Friends and VIDIYO.


Save on Breeders Choice Cat Litter, 30L.
Save on select Pet Treats from GREENIES, PEDIGREE and More.
Save on select Pet Toys from Total Care, Chuckit!, Smartcat and Scream.
Save on select Purina Felix products.

Beauty, Health & Personal Care

Save on select Skin Care from L’Oreal, NIVEA, Sukin, Weleda and more.
Save on Olaplex No.3.
Save on select Philips Male Grooming Range.
Save up to 35% off RRP on select Quilton tissues, paper towel and toilet paper.
Save on select Oral-B Oral Care.

Musical Instruments

Save on select Alesis TurboMesh drum Kits.
Save up to 40% off RRP on select Pioneer DJ Equipment.
Save up to on select PreSonus equipment.

Sports & outdoors

Save on Wilson Triniti Tennis Ball (4 pack).
Save on Harbinger 213 21 1/2-Inch Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps.
Save on select Polar Heart Rate Sensors and Sports Watches.

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +7

    Now I hope some BNPL companies would run some promo to combine with this sale.

    • What is 'BNPL', please?

      • Buy now, pay later.

      • As mrklaus said, companies like AfterPay, Zip, LatitudePay etc.

  • DVD's?

    • +6


    • +2

      That's a Drink Veneration Device AKA coaster.

    • betamax

      • +1

        Where are my 78s? I ruined the last bunch of carusos throwing em at young people on my lawn

  • +2

    Expecting 58% off or $25.20 (100pk) on all L'Or coffee capsules.

  • 'Renewed' iPad products means 'refurb'?

    Also, OP - no biggie, but you've listed Save on select Dell Laptops and Monitors twice :P

    • Yeah, renewed is the name of the retailer and they deal in refurbs.

  • I just need a good price on a 4tb portable HD

  • +15

    PSA: Hold off buying new (non Apple) smartwatches as Wear OS is about to get a complete overhaul (coming in a few months) and no one know if existing watches will be upgradable (read: everyone knows they won't be, but they can't say it).
    There is some hope for Snapdragon 4100 smartwatches (Only found in Ticwatch Pro 3 and Ticwatch E3), but not even that is confirmed yet.

    • Very true, and especially when there are leaks about Samsung based wear OS watch..
      definitely that will be a good one to look forward for as it can be based on 5nm.. far superior than SD4100+

  • +1

    "Pay $289 for the Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch." already $257 on fossil's website currently..(but only 2 model variants)

  • Time to finally buy myself the Kindle Paperwhite?

    • No library support yet I assume (eg libby)? Only thing stopping me.

      • +6

        Get a Kobo instead. Bit pricey, but for the wide content support it's worth it.

        • Yeah Libby would be sick indeed! Looking at the Kobo options and the Nia has the same price as the discounted Kindle Paperwhite. The differences would be lack of waterproofness and text-to-speech. Considering buying the Nia

        • +4

          I upgraded from the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kobo Libra H2O, no regrets.

      • What do you mean by this? I've been considering the kindle paperwhite.

        • +4

          In very simple terms, it means the Kindle is tied to Amazon, whereas the Kobo is unrestricted and can be used with Libby (borrow library books).

          • +4

            @brotherfranciz: Can't comment on the library support, but Kindle isn't tied to Amazon. Had a few since the first gen, always used calibre and been able to load pretty much anything onto it.

            • +1

              @ely: same. calibre is updated quite often by devs and the process is actually quite convenient.

      • I did some looking up on this, and could see people having a "read with kindle" or similar option in their Libby app. I had a look in my libby app and can't see that option but have an option to get the epub version to send to a device. But you'll need to convert it for Kindle. Not sure if there's an easier way.

    • Piggy-backing off this comment, but are all Kindle/e-readers in monochrome?

      Like is it possible to get a reader that can read a colour-magazine? Or is it just a regular tablet that does this?

      • +1

        Yes, they're all in monochrome. There are also colour e ink displays though. For example the PocketBook InkPad Colour.

      • +1

        Not as far as I know. You’ve gotta keep in mind that the kindle is oriented towards low power consumption, so it’ll last weeks in between recharging

    • Kobo Libra H2O much nicer and 7"

  • Yes! No video games!

    • Some early Prime Day deals have been announced

      Not all deals. Most video games will be discounted up to 30% off on Prime Day.

  • +8

    No please, no more sales!

  • +2

    Waiting for Instant Pot Duo Nova Plus.

    • They are my favourite noodles too!

  • +17

    I'm ready for disappointment. Last Prime sale was a big letdown. The real bargains on Amazon are the random finds/price fluctuations.

  • Hmm wonder if the Bose 700 headphones will be decently discounted.

  • hey guys, how can I contact Amazon customer service ? I just bought two Echo Studios at full price and they will be on $229. Bit upset about that so want to contact customer service and see if I can get a discount or just return them and buy the ones on special.

    I find contacting Amazon customer service, or any seller almost impossible.

    • There is a live chat you can access through your accounts area

      • I am struggling to find it, where do I go ? thank you.

          • @westical: thanks, after clicking through and kept chosing other it offers option for chat , thanks again

        • +1

          It's a bit tricky to find. I usually access it on my phone app. If it's within 30 days you can do it through your orders screen. If not Go to the menu (bottom right) and go to Customer Service > Contact Us > then chat/phone/email customer service.

          Their service is quite good.

    • Buy them again, return the original order…

      • +1

        yeah, thats what Im doing. returning both of them and will buy two in the sale. $200 back so worth it !

  • +1

    I hope the new version of the kindle paperwhite will be released soon…. must resist urge to buy.

    • Same here. Rumours are the new one should come out on Prime days, but who knows. Still waiting…

    • Does that mean this version will be further reduced?

      • I doubt it will be reduced much more from a 50% off pricepoint.

        Edit: I misread, it said $50 off device rather than 50%. So it may drop further.

    • I was going to pick one of these up in the sale. What are the details on the 'new' one?

      Wouldn't mind the Kindle Oasis also.

      • +3

        USB C + other stuff.

        I have a "USB C only" policy so I am hanging out for that.

    • library support yet??

  • +1

    am I the only one still waiting on switch under $300… sigh…

    • you can wait until switch pro come out..

  • +1

    Sounds like some good possibilities here.

    Does anyone know why Amazon AU has such a rubbish selection of things like TVs and hardly any whitegoods? The US site is full of them.

    • Still building out their warehouse network for bulky goods I'm guessing. They wouldn't want to ship them too far, so it might even need to get to the point where they have 3-4 warehouses throughout each of Sydney and Melbourne, and 2-3 in other cities.

      Have a look at how many warehouses they have in comparably sized states/cities in the USA - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Amazon_locations

    • Australian market just isn't as big and postal services in the US are a lot faster, they also have a lot more fulfilment centres already set up in the US so pretty much anywhere is easily reachable except Alaska and Hawaii

  • Dell laptops and monitors are in the list twice.

    I only hope that means double savings!

  • +1

    Apparently, Amazon ads on TV say if I have plans on Prime Day, I should change them. Such false advertising.

  • Asus networking devices "up to 30% off RRP".

    Sounds like the current eBay deal will work out better for Asus RT-AX88U.

  • Does anyone know whether I can get JB hifi to match Prime Day prices? I have JB gift cards from work.

    • i think it has to be a brick and mortar store only.

      • +1

        No, JB hi-fi will usually match Amazon. Unsure if they do it on prime day. Can be a bit hit and miss. They also technically don't need to match on anything that requires Prime membership.

        • i overheard a guy in jb hifi trying to price match something in the store today, and they said it has to be a physical store. i was in there getting the iPhone mini deal.

        • +2

          I just price matched $229 (early Prime deal) Echo Studio with JB Hifi today!

      • +2

        I’ve price matched Amazon AU at JB many times.

  • i want a paperwhite, but too lazy to read. can it read it to me?

    • Audible can

    • The old Kindles could do text to speech.

    • Yes it can, when you buy the book with the Audible option, usually cost a few dollars more (in the US store)

  • +1

    Thanks for the thorough post OP

  • Cat litter, electronic drum kit and compression shorts on my list.

  • I hope to see the Withings Body+ for around $89.

  • I could be talked into buying a robot lawn mower from worx

  • Looking for a basic Kindle to throw into my work bag for the commute.

    Regular price is $139, so hoping for $99 or so.

  • -1

    How many Amazon shills are on here? Mostly vague deals

  • Will eBay run a surprise sale to crash it like last year?

    • I would rather have eBay sales than amazon @ if at the same price

      • I would too as I have heaps of eBay GC. But the problem is that you cannot tell how long it will take to get your goods. The seller says that they are in Aust but they take 3 months to arrive. This is not an issue with Amazon.

  • Waiting for a decent amazon prime deal or it going to be shit this year? Last year was good but i Fuc*ed up my account order last year

    • What happened? I am not very expert at amazon and do not want to make any mistakes.

      • I cancelled my order to change delivery address slightly without seeing if the item is in stock to order again. End result do not get the item

        • Thank you.

  • Does the sale start at a particular time tomorrow or will it just start at midnight ?

  • I have a Kindle device related wish list set up on my account which indicated that some Kindle deals will drop at midday today (AEDT).

    • +1

      Just dropped: Basic Kindle: $89. Paperwhite: $149. Oasis: $299.

  • Is this the lowest price for the paperwhite yet?

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