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Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $95 Delivered @ Officeworks / Officeworks eBay


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    I'll be the first to ask…
    Does anyone know if this is Shuckable? is it an SMR (not good for a nas)?
    Thanks OP for this.

    Edit: according to this… probably shuckable.

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      yea i took one out recently.. model is Barracuda ST4000DM004.

      has a warning, hdd sold as component of OEM solution and not for resale.

      the product warranty does not cover HDD if removed from OEM solution.

      not sure if it's smr .. model number is here, do your own research.

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        Thanks cezasu. looks to be an SMR drive according to here, probably not a good thing to use in a NAS.


          ok thanks for the link..

          that's good to know.. i put it into a network video recorder which is powered 24/7..

          didn't see any issues at all.


        i got 2 from officeworks local store not ebay last week and 1 drive was the usual ST4000DM004 just like the other 4 x 2 = 8 drives i have (i backup everything twice) and the other was ST4000DM005 both have 2021 on the box and the serial numbers on the box start out the same so it looks like they are from the same batch and not old ancient stock or anything so it looks like they are using both types of drives now
        ST4000DM004 5400 rpm, 256 Mb cache, 2 platters, 4 heads
        ST4000DM005 5900 rpm, 64 Mb cache, 3 platters, 6 heads


          wow 3 platters 6 heads.. u got a good deal!

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      Yes they are shuckable, quite easy too, look on YouTube

      These things are even better shucked than in the case, they run quite cool, don’t head park excessively, and have good speed.

      Yes they are SMR but if you accept that and use them appropriately as a data drive you should not have a problem.


      i threw one in a nas a while ago but i am not really into IT nor read manuals


      SMR drive and one without any TRIM function.
      Basically becomes useless once more than 4tb is written to the drive, even if shucked (irrelevent if you delete data from windows, as the drive doesn't know without the trim function), it just keeps trying to overwrite what it's told.

      I have 3 of these, and once i moved some stuff over to a new one as one was full, I saw 4MB/s writes tanking to 0 for long periods.
      Useless tech, strongly suggest avoiding.

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        Not my experience.

        I had two of these, filled them up totally. One mirrored the other with a Robocopy script.

        Ok speeds.

        Later I deleted the data on both, formatted them, shucked them and put them both in an old PC as a semi-server.

        Speeds are again good.

        Yes they don’t support TRIM do a defragment on them then read event viewer. It says TRIM failed.

        These are cheap data drives, anything else is often 50% or more expensive


    Postage:AU $5.95 Standard Postage

    Is this for all or just regional areas?


      Ah looks like free postage with eBay Plus - I'll make a note.


      Looks like free postage for items over $55 as well as free C&C. Code didn't work for me, however. Not miffed as these seem to be SMR drives which is not suitable for my NAS.


    Any good for an Xbox Series X?


      its fine as storage for One/360 titles.

      it is cold storage only for series titles.

      this is information easily found on the xbox info site and a hard drive is a hard drive is a hard drive. literally any hard drive suits the job.


    looks like the discount PAPPSS2 is not working on the APP, anyone tried?


      Can confirm that the code is not working with the app.

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    These have such a high failure rate.

    My opinion is that these are not suitable for backup as an external device, and neither is it suitable for use in a desktop. It is only really suitable for use in CDN servers in datacenters where it is always online and where you are writing once and then reading multiple times and serving content. If in a datacenter the VPS clients are writing anything more than just some minor database changes, the drive will fail prematurely.

    If you are using it as an external HDD, you should leave it plugged in for longer to allow it to finish rewriting to another area of the drive. It seems like everytime it dumps the data to the CMR cache before moving it to the SMR causes it to wear out that specific CMR area of the drive.

    If we look at the SMR drive geometry, we can understand it also means that to store a certain amount of data, you are writing to the platter many more times than is necessary for a CMR drive. Anyway I am no expert, but this is what I've seen personally from my own usage.

    I suggest people do their warranty returns, even if you have shucked it, and over time the HDD companies will realise the high level of failures and move to other technologies.

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      Which hdd should I buy then? I need one to store photos/videos long term, not for NAS. Prefer something that's at least 4TB.

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        For important stuff, buy 2 and mirror. You are reducing the likelyhood of loosing data by mirroring it.. I know more expensive but if this is valuable data…

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          I agree this is the only way.

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      Do you have info on the source of the "high failure rate"? Just curious as I have 12 of these for cold storage. All have been sector tested with hdtune before writing.

      Sofar only 1 has developed 'weak sectors' which were recovered with spare sectors…
      Amongst all the old brand/model drives in use, these appear to be no more worse/better than other drives (doing the numbers)

      For my case the worst drive I have is the WDRED 6tb NAS drive, i'd say i have a 1 in 4 death ratio. But they have been in operation for over 3 years.

      Caveat on the reds' they have been working in a NAS 24/7 so there is that.
      The 4tb's are cold storage, and probably have only had max 8tb written to them… and much reduced spinup hours.


    Don't know much about these hard drives so need some help. I need some extra space on my PC. I already have two 1 TB M.2 NVME will this be alright for just storing movies and stuff???
    Edit: Don't care much about the warranty and data safety but how is the speed for normal use???

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      definitely too fast for movies. you want a slower drive that will play them back in real time.


    I wonder why this expansion drive with ST4000DM004 most probably inside is significantly cheaper than ST4000DM004 itself if you buy it separately. $95 ($99 before) vs $150.