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Samsung 980 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD $159.20 Delivered ($155.22 eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


Was looking for a decent 1tb NVMe drive and couldn't see anything recent on OzBargain. This seemed well reviewed and ~$20 less than anything I can see on PCPartPicker.

Note: This is NOT the pro version and doesn't have DRAM nor PCIe 4.0.

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    Funny they call TLC '3 -Layer MLC'.

    • …. Uh 3 is technically multiple…

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        Yes. But we know for ssd mlc was widely used to refer 2 layer. Definitely multiple layer can be anything >2. It’s just funny.

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          I though Samsung used 64 Layer NAND. TLC just refers to 3-bit stored per cell, and MLC generally refers to 2 bits per cell. As far as I'm aware, doesn't really have anything to do with layers.

  • According to the description it does have DRAM and is PCIe Gen4?

    Not the pro version but replacement for evo?

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      OP is right according to Samsung official specs.

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      The product description in the middle claims 'DRAM-less design' and 'PCIe Gen3' but the specifications definitely imply otherwise.

  • I also don't see it as an eligible item for the cashback offer: https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-cashback-2021/

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    Can get the Pro version for ~$219 after cashback right now on eBay.

    • which seller? struggling to find one with both 20% off and cashback eligible

      • Should be Futu.

  • This or the WD Blue 1TB?

    • I'm also thinking the same

      • Thinking the A2000 might actually be the go if its for an OS drive as it has DRAM.

        • The wD has been up around $118 mark a few times.

        • I have the A2000, no issues, runs well.

    • I have a 1TB WD Blue and a 500GB 980 Pro. Unless you need really quick speeds for stuff like handling large files (if so, aim for 980 Pro and not this one), WD Blue is killer value. You won't notice a difference in tasks such as booting up or loading games between the WD Blue and even much faster PCIe 4.0 drives.

      • Is WD blue Gen4?

        • No it's not PCIe 4.0 (which is reflected in the price)

        • WD blue SN550 is good value for sure at $135 with the same discount code. But at that class, I'd prefer a Kingston A2000. Since the price difference between a A2000 and Samsung 980 is only $0 due to this discount, I'd go Samsung 980.

      • hate to say you're wrong.

        but Samsung Pro is all about endurance so if youre doing lot of writes/re-writes you go for that..

        and then WD green is cheap with very low endurance
        Blue is about average

        • +2

          Nope, The Samsung 980 Pro 1TB has an endurance of 600TBW.
          Samsung 980 1TB also has an endurance of 600TBW.
          WD Blue SN550 M.2 1TB also has an endurance of 600TBW.

          Endurance is the same for these two drives.

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            @Sleepycat3: Samsung Pro USED to be about endurance, until they realised they could "up-brand" a 980 Evo Plus as a 980 Pro because let's face it, that's exactly what it is - TLC and 600 TBW endurance. The 970 Pro, on the other hand, is the last "true" Pro SSD, with 2-bit MLC and 1200 TBW.

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              @dogsryummy: thanks for the info.

              i tend to shell out for Pros so dont need to worry about endurance and didnt realise things have changed

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                @Nilfunds: That’s why I’d get the 2TB for the 1200 TBW. I did this for the 970 evo and will do the same with the 980 Pro.

          • @Sleepycat3: oh yea. you are right. i didnt check my facts.
            its only the small drives that have lower endurance vs Pros

            its good to know!!!!! they bumped it up for 1TB WD Blue

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            @Sleepycat3: The advertised TBW are just numbers based on the expected DWPD for a length of warranty. These 980s can easily do 5000TBW, some Micron SSD up to 8000TBW. These are results from people who mine Chia coins. Head over to some China chia mining forums with google translator and you see TBW stats that people share. Many modern SSDs with clever wear levelling algorithm can outlive the TBW rating several times. Especially those PCIe4.0s powered by Phison E16 chipset. It's amazing how hardy these drives are.

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      This one is introduced by Samsung to better compete with WD Blue, if that helps…
      A DRAMless offering from Samsung with a good controller and quality flash chips, rather than el cheapo everywhere from another famous SSD brand (C?????).

      Looking at random read/write:


      You can see HMB plays a bigger role on Samsung 980 (typical for a DRAMless SSD), whereas WD Blue doesn't rely on HMB that much (again, still don't understand how WD managed). Do bear in mind, I am purposely picking a benchmark that shows the weakest side of 980. In day to day, real life usage, assuming you don't fill the drive up close to full very quickly, whichever the cheaper might be the one to get. 980's improved turbo cache does make it feel faster in standard and light usage.

  • Isn't that very cheap for a PCIe Gen4?

    Question will it work in my AMD x470 motherboard anyone know? Cheers

    • +3

      This is not 4.0

  • The pro (gen⁴) was 179 in April this year.

    • Oh snap. Where was that deal? I would buy a $179 1tb 980 pro without hesitation.

      • +2

        According to 3 camels, yeah I would too. But I missed it like everyone else haha.

        • +1

          Wait for the prime day deal.

          • @vihand: We're there any great 2T pro deals? Too compare if any deals for Prime days

            • @Italkdigital: There was a good one for the 2TB 980 Pro back in March. Just checked my receipt, it was $585 for the 2TB, off eBay (BPCTech), it had a 20% ebay code which brought it down to $468 and then there was also the $44 cashback from Samsung which ended up with a final price of $424. Not as cheap per TB as the 1TB back then, but only $45 more expensive than a 2TB 970 Evo Plus today ($515, discount to $412 and then $33 cashback to bring it to a final price of $379).

        • +3

          I think you might have been on the US camelcamelcamel. The lowest on the US one is $180 USD (~$240 AUD) whereas the lowest on the Australian one is $274 AUD

  • Will this be compatible with my Acer Nitro 5?from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/629953

  • anyone else had issue with claiming cashback from SS?
    it kept saying incorrect SN….

    • +1

      you gotta send the photo of the serial on the unit, not the box, or both. theres always a few numbers missing from the box.

      • thx.
        i counted. there's exactly 18 amount which confirmed as the format stated in their help pop up.
        also changed the O with 0 (zero).
        nothing worked D:

        • +3

          @squidz The correct length of the serial number on the drive for SS Cashback is 15. The label on the box shows 14 digits.

          • @Sleepycat3: ta, i stand correct..
            i did enter the 15 figures. i just remembered the number of digits incorrectly.
            reached out to samsung for help :)

            • @squidz: yep.
              took couple days for them to get back…
              so they have fixed it on their end.
              i sent them pictures of the SN n the error message.
              they reply n say fixed… so i could submit it online

    • +1

      I'm having the same issue claiming my 980 pro. Did you manage to fix yours?

      • +1

        fixed, refer to above

    • +1

      have the same problem with 970 EVO Plus … did u end up fixed ur problem??

      • fixed, refer to above

    • So at $120-130 AUD it's a viable options for DRamLess.

  • Just confirming that Futu is part of K.S Technologies and they are part of the Samsung cashback?

    • Not sure about K.S. Technologies, but Futu is owned by the same mob as Shopping Express if that helps. They're part of the Samsung cashback.

      • +1

        Futu is KS Technologies but this particular SKU isnt part of the Samsung Cashback

        • Ah cheers and good point. The 980 Pro ends up being $219 after cashback from Futu

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    So this does not have cash back

    • +2

      Thanks for a sharing a bargain that you found useful but has been out of date since November of last year, how is that supposed to help us now?

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    Kingston A2000 is better IMO. Often comes out at $130~ and you have much better sustained speeds as your SSD gets full and the SLC cache sizes shrink.

    • +5

      Fair. It's really hard to find any direct comparisons of the A2000 and the 980 because of the A2000's age. And few comparisons test at different levels of disk utilisation. I doubt you'll go wrong with either option though.

      If you want to post a deal for it, the cheapest I can find is this eBay listing. $124 delivered with PFYS20 or if you have eBay Plus $120.9 express delivered with PEOFY22.

      EDIT: Here's a comparison of the two. 980 performs equal to or greater than the A2000 in most tests, particularly sequential R/W. Seems the 980 also has better thermals. Up to people if better sequential performance and thermals is worth $35 and better performance when the drive is full.

  • Suggestion for a good enclosure for this please? TIA!

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