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[Kogan First] Apple AirPods Pro $199 Delivered (First 250 Orders Only) @ Kogan


Update 2: Deal is working now as of 9:57am

Update 1: Prices haven't been updated by Kogan yet. Refer to comment. Likely an issue with all "portable tech" items. Added temporary "10am" time to allow Kogan to update their prices, however, please check comments in case it is fixed earlier

The largest discount yet on AirPods Pro ($200 off RRP). Kogan trying to distract us from Prime Day 😂

Flash sale began 10am on Monday 21 June

According to their email, it is for the first 250 customers only.

Not only will Amazon Prime Day be extremely tempting, but Kogan have announced a massive flash sale for their First members and there are some serious bargains to snap up.

For example, if you have been eyeing off Apple AirPods Pro for a little while, you’ll able to snatch them up for $199. It’s a saving of $200. Yep, half price. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of that before and I feel a little jipped.

The flash sale begins when the clock strikes 12AM on Monday 21 June and ends at 11:59AM on Wednesday 23 June. If you haven’t signed up to become a Kogan First member, you’re able to nab yourself a 14 day trial right here.


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    trolled by kogan

  • +3


  • +3

    is the deal ON?

  • +3

    What a letdown lol

  • +5

    Created a Kogan First account just for this?

    • +1


  • +1

    Still $297

  • Donuts

  • hmmm their website hasn't updated yet.. front page still showing "flash sale coming June 21"

    • +4

      Maybe their eCom manager didn't wake up to update the site.

    • hold on.. are YOU the kogan manager!! Was this all a tactic to get more Kogan first subs?! You genius/bastard!

  • :(

  • Scam.

    • How is it a scam?

  • +1

    Kogan Krap

  • Price still $297

  • Kogan manager on Perth time?

    • shouldnt be, their HQ is in melb

  • I am Kogan First Member and I can see the deals but not on Airpods. There are other Kogan brand products but price seems same is existing sale price.

  • I guess the source was just fake

  • Is this just a ploy to boost their Kogan First subscriptions…

  • +4

    Well I just waste a night and $6, never trust them.

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • To be fair, the radio station probably got it wrong. Today's their day of flash sales, but not everything will flash at 12:01am. They'll likely roll out during the day. There's a silhouette of them on the flash sales page, so definitely in their mix. Go to bed folks, I'll keep an eye on things for you ;)

  • Jebaited

  • nothing showing, really not surprised

  • Still people wasting their sleep for Kogan 🤣

  • I would like to call out kogan on this BS. Waited until midnight for this and the price is still at $299.. and stock is still available.

  • +3

    Waited for 7 min and still nothing.

    Is it false?

    • Who knows at this point 🤦‍♂️

    • well they sent out an email to everyone with the banner of flash sales, AirPods Pro as the silhouette and the tag "first 250 customers only"


      • Did it say that the AirPods sale starts at 12am, or just that their general flash sale including other Kogan junk starts at 12am?

        • here's the banner

          • @skido: That doesn't say 12am though, I figure it's randomly during the flash sale period.

      • What if Kogan don't even have stock for the "First 250 customers"?

  • +5

    Time to downvote or revoke

    • +1

      Absolutely, what a waste of time.

  • +2

    I don’t know why I expected anything more from Kogan.

    Stay classy Ruslan.

  • “ The flash sale begins when the clock strikes 12AM on Monday 21 June and ends at 11:59AM” they said 🤦‍♂️

  • +4

    What a facade by Kogan, stayed up til midnight for this waste of time. Will be blasting the customer service team tomorrow.

  • Flash sale begins 12am on Monday 21 June


  • 19 in stock but still $299 :(

    • Where do you see the stock? And I thought it was supposed to be 250. Sigh

      • Added to the shopping cart and entered some random number

  • +2

    Anyone else still spamming the refresh button on the Kogan website hoping to see the price change, even though you know it won’t?

  • Total waste of beauty sleep lol

  • So… when can I get some sleep?

  • +1

    Good night all

    • Goodnight

  • Can't believe that many people are waiting for this deal :) May be sold out in secs even if change the price.

  • I think imma refresh a bit until like 1 and then if nothing take a quick sleep and wake up at 5:00 to keep going, whats everyone's plans?

    • I’ve set a macro on my pc to refresh page and once the price changes it will trigger this YouTube video.


      • I'm interested. What exactly checks the price in your macro?

      • will your macro not trigger the Captcha page? I've got it a few times refreshing now

        • Yeh good point. I’ll wait for that to come up, might add a step to clear the cache. I’ve set it to 60 sec interval.

  • +4

    sorry everyone :-(

    didnt expect this from Kogan.. I digged further and noticed the "portable tech up to 76% off" link under the flash sale landing page seems to be broken. All other category links work fine. Perhaps all the items including AirPods, under the "portable tech" category, have some issues..

    • Yep I noticed the same thing. I'll keep going for a bit longer then take a nap just in case they can get it fixed. Not your fault :D

    • It’s not your fault mate don’t stress

  • Anyone been in touch with Kogan or have any information on these limited kogan first deals and how they work?

  • +4

    Sold out!! Different seller now.

    • what a fail

    • LOL

    • shouldn't trust your post

  • Epic fail from Kogan

  • Did it ever go down to $199?

    • No.

      • Ok. So I didn't miss it.

    • I dont think so, I've been sitting here for almost 10 hrs now with a auto refresher that refresh the page every 30 sec. What are the odds of 250 other people sitting infront of their computer and take all of the stock in 30 sec, I only notice the price go to 299, then 302. going to bed now

  • It’s on now for $199. Quickly Grab it!!

    Edit: For late comers, Click on 13 other offers from $299, scrolled to the bottom and it is there for $199

  • AirPods Pro’s $199 sale is on boys!

    • All gone now. Thank god for my macro, I managed to get one!!

    • I checked out but price changed in cart back to $302.

  • How tf do they get away with this shit

  • 10am now and so sale :(

  • Nooooo

  • +3
    • +1

      amazing dude, got one with ur link

    • +1

      You’re a bloody legend mate. Was refreshing since 6am and thought I missed out but your link saved me. Much love!

  • +1

    Got a pair, had to click "Other offers" to see the $199 price: https://imgur.com/a/TlBR3vN

  • +1

    Clicked on 13 other offers from $299, scrolled to the bottom and it was there for $199

  • Bought at $199, had to click to view all seller prices.

  • got one!

  • +1
    • Thank you!! , Ordered one using the link . Got a confirmation email now

  • +2

    Still available as of 10:05am


  • Got them!

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