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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Wi-Fi 32GB $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I was looking for a tablet for my son's birthday and come across this last night on Amazon. Went in to JB-Hifi today and they priced matched it down to $299. Yesterday when i was researching it they actually had it at $379 however they've now priced match with Harvey and BingLee
They also have some refurbs of an older model at $299 - so pretty good I guess.

OS ‎Android 9.0
Product Dimensions ‎15.74 x 24.76 x 0.7 cm; 476 Grams
Batteries ‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Item Model Number ‎SM-T500NZAAXSA
Wireless communication technologies ‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Connectivity technologies ‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

This Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet's 2 GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor allows you to run complex applications with great speed. Take advantage of excellent system performance with its 3 GB of memory. Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab features a 10.4-inch TFT LCD display with 2000 x 1200 resolution, so you can see everything vividly. Its 32 GB drive allows you to hold onto your favourite apps and games. Take advantage of video chat services with the Galaxy Tab tablet's front camera and rear camera. It comes with an Android 10 operating system. This tablet features 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can interface with close by hot spots instantly. Access cool apps on the go with this Samsung table

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price in title plz

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    3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage* Not 32GB RAM

  • lol didnt realise that 32GB of ram. haha good one Amazon… nice description. Thanks guys.

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    You might consider this deal if you have a telstra id


    • I did consider it but couldn't be bothered to try and get in to a telstra store to see if they would link it to one of my existing contracts. They probably would have.

      • I bought one from Telstra online using an old account with no active service.

        • Yep did the same this week, got it delivered after 2 days

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      Is thi tablet network locked to Telstra or can I use an Optus Sim?

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      Telstra deal is much better, you also get 4g wow. That’s a cheap tablet

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      Strange why the Telstra deal has less votes that this one. The Telstra deal is for the 4G version of the same tablet and it is $35 cheaper. Am I missing something?

      • Most can't be bothered with the hassle of getting a Telstra ID

        • I had a few IDs from old accounts/sims and also have one from existing Boost mobile. There were no issues or hoops to jump through buying or checking out. At $264, it was worth the little effort.

    • Thanks for that link. Just bought for $264 and incl the SIM (only 4G) option, not that I need. Nice (I hope)!

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    Officeworks PM would have this at $284.05 if they don't drop the price overnight

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      lol I'm a shitty dad and bought my sons birthday present the day before his birthday. hahaha otherwise would of been good to get in earlier. :-P

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        The worst

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        Would have*

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          geez - im already a shitty dad. bit harsh going in on the grammar too. talking about kicking a man when he's already down.

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            @cashby: don't worry, everyone else knew what you meant. typos on the internet don't matter when there's obvious context :)

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            @cashby: Hey, sorry about that, didn't mean to be like that! Yeah these thing don't matter so don't worry about it. :)

    • FYI, not available from the web.

      This code can't be applied. You can only use it via: eBay app for iPhone, eBay app for iPad, eBay app for Android.

  • Does this work with Netflix HD?

  • Are any tablets worthwhile? I have a lenovo, can't do things like kindle, just slows and dies.
    tablets I've tried all seem to suck.

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      I picked up an iPad from one of the recent deals and I'm pretty happy with it.
      I'd suggest buying a tablet like this one to be okay for video calling, web browsing, and media consumption.

      • ipads are a diff beast
        android ones don't seem to last beyond installing about 10 apps. :(

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          The unbranded tablet that I bought from a Chinese store on AliExpress, for about $115 four years ago, is running Android with over 50 extra apps installed and still works fine.

          • @RickyJ: any big diff on unbranded apart from no updates?
            once had an unbranded phone, couldn't install gboard on it.

            • @furyou: No update, no warranty and won't play HD stream service like Netflix/Prime/Disney+ due to Widevine L3.

              I have Tab A7 64GB with book cover for $305 from Samsung Education Store. It does what I need it to, stream Disney+ and Prime in FHD, stick an SD card to download movies to, surfing web and play some mobile gaming. When I need to play more than light mobile gaming, I use Steam Link and play Cyberpunk 2077 with Ultra Ray-tracing.

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      iPad is basically the best if you really need one. No idea why but I’ve had Samsung tabs in the past and they just slow down to a crawl and there’s almost nothing you can do about it

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    Happy Birthday to your son OP.

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    Up voted for your son's birthday 😉

  • Hey guys,

    I have been looking for a tablet for reading for a while now. I already have a 7inch sm-t280 but the screen is horrendous.

    How is the tablet in the current deal for reading? Is it good or should I look for an amoled tablet on Gumtree?

  • Alternatively I believe big w has this tablet with a case and Jbl wireless headphones for $319 during the current toy sale. Bit of luck required to find stock though.

  • Arghh! This (or the telstra deal) might actually finally tear me away from my original 10.5 tab s which is still doing what I want from it perfectly.
    The resolution of the A7 seems fine but I reckon I would miss the super amoled screen brightness.

    Anyone else been in this position?

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      Trust me, once you go AMOLED (or any kind of OLED), LED screens will always be a downgrade.

      • +1

        Cheers mate. You have helped a lot. I think I will give it a miss

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    Bought this a couple weeks ago. Thought it was decent, but ended up returning and buying a Samsung tab s7 instead. Slightly bigger screen, way faster and a lot nicer screen. If you can afford it, defs would recommend upgrading to the Samsung tab s7

  • I bought one of these last week. It's pretty good. The lower ram definitely makes it feel slow opening and switching apps or typing on the screen compared to my android phone but it feels perfect for watching netflix, playing music of reading the internet on the go.

  • Stupid question - can I connect this to my aldi android TV? That is, broadcast what’s on the tablet to the TV

  • Deep discounts on tabs7 and plus please!

    • Where ?

      • Nowhere thats why I am saying please.

  • Australia Post has the 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10 for $249. No 4G, if you don't need that.

    2GB RAM, 10.1", Android 9, TFT screen, smaller capacity battery.

    Can also do Dolby Atmos, for what that's worth to you.

    • That has a much slower SoC, less RAM, two speakers (A 10.1) vs four (A7) and doesn't get Android 13 (this one is listed to receive Android 13 and it's already on 11 with last month update).

  • I picked up a 64GB factory 2nd one for $280 on ebay. It's a budget tablet no doubt, but bang for buck it seems fine so far.

  • Bought this for my son two months ago, with a huge thick protective case plus a screen protector. Last week the screen shattered in the corner and there's two cracks running the entire length of the screen. Surely dropping it a couple of times from a very low height with all this protection shouldn't cause this type of damage?? The case is super thick.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or has any advice? Replacing the screen is almost as much as just buying a new tablet. We contacted Samsung and they just told us to book an appointment which is over an hours drive away. Just thought I'd share to see if anyone has had a similar issue before or knows what to do?

    • Why type of case was it?

      Higher quality durable cases such as Gumdrop have better all-round protection, especially shock-protection and structural support. Lower quality cases tend to quite finiky, so you have to pay closer attention to specs and reviews.

      Plastic screen protesters only protect the screen from scratches. Glass screen protectors help minimise impacts, but won't help with weak points (see below). Some heavy-duty cases come with hard-plastic front screen protectors which add structural support to the overall frame of the case.

      But you are always going to be more susceptible to damage if you drop a tablet at weak points i.e corners. Notwithstanding the fact that tablets are inherently more susceptible to damage by the mere fact of having a large screen with a thin body.

      Better off selling for parts, buying a new/used tablet and looking into getting a higher quality case. The cost to repair tablets is ridiculous.

      • Hi mate thanks for your detailed reply. We used a glass screen protector and used this case:

        We've used these types of cases before on an iPad and an old Galaxy tablet and those took many drops without any damage. Very frustrating that this one is shattered within two months, despite them advertising as "Raised bezel edges to protect the screen from being scratched and shattered". What a load of rubbish hey :(

    • I've got the Tab S7 which is similar with the Samsung keyboard cover (provides no protection to the edges), dropped it off the bed a few times (floorboards) and the couch onto tiles once, the sides are roughed up but the screen is still fine. I think it will depend on the angle of impact but I imagine a case would provide better protection.

      • Yeah I'm just amazed that the screen shattered so easily with the case it had on. Complete rubbish. The company who makes the case refunded me for the case itself but obviously I'm not going to see the money for the tablet ever again. Replacement screen literally costs more than what the tablet is selling for on sale at the moment. Absolute joke. Oh well, unfortunately nothing I can do now :(

  • Was cheaper on amazon a few months ago. Hope it gies back to that price

  • I just bought the same tablet from Telstra for $264.

  • +3

    $249 for Prime Day

    • +1

      You're quick!

  • down to $249 on Amazon, might want to update title


  • Back to $299?

    • Yeah seems to be. I was looking at this 10mins ago for $249 and was also going to make a note here. I paid the $264 for Telstra deal (incl 4G which I won't use) and thought $249 is decent……..or was while it lasted for 15mins!

  • Bought one at $249 some seconds ago.
    Thanks OP :)

  • I regret buying from telstra for $264, can I cancel the order or return it?

    • Telstra one has 4G included, these don't (not that I need) but might add resale value. Got shipping notification today, due for delivery tomorrow. Its not worth the hassle cancelling just for $15 (for me at least).

      • I got the same notification regarding delivery, can't really be bothered with the $15 but for $19 I can get another Amazon echo (which I don't really need)

        • Well if you do decide to return, let me know how you went (& method), in case I decide to do the same (unlikely).

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    I bought one 2 days ago at jb for $298. Rang them today if i can get a refund and get the one from Amazon. Lady on the phone said no need to return the tablet to them. They can just refund the difference. 😁

    • Tried that trick and was told I could return it and reorder. No instant refund.

  • +1

    Ha. and Shopback now offering 15% off all catagories (Max $20). Could save an additional $20.

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