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Large Pizzas - Value $3ea, Traditional $5ea, Premium/Super Premium $7ea - Pickup Only @ Domino’s


Tuesday July 6 only. Stay safe, and enjoy.

See working codes & locations here, here, here.

Credit to the original Facebook poster.

Mod: Domino's has sent us (OzBargain) some unique coupon codes, the deal has been updated with those now instead.

603322 – Value Range $3
867176 – Traditional Range $5
391745 – Premium Range $7

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        Looking forward to that one!

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        I believe that's about when the large will become the size of the current mini, the extra large will become the size of the current large and the New Yorker will become the size of the current extra large. The mini will then be approximately the size of an English muffin. The new extra New Yorker will be the size of the current New Yorker.

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          I used to make mini pizzas with English muffins! Delish

    • Do they still have regular unleaded?

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    get "INDI CHICKEN TIKKA" , remove chicken, add salmon = $5, it tastes great!

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      • hahaa seriously mate

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      This was a great idea - thank you! I did the same for chicken supreme too

      • +1

        forgot to mention, it is better with "thin & crispy"

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          That's the only base I get from Dominos as I find their traditional and pan pizzas doughy and undercooked

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    Dinner and lunch tomorrow sorted. As much as I love to support the local Pizza joints, sometimes the hip pocket needs to be considered

  • Thanks for the cheap dinner TA. Super premium for $7 is the best.

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    thank you TA healthy dinner sorted

    healthy because Domino's extra large pizza is barely enough to feed family of 4, which is actually fantastic long term

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    Domino's are terrible quality!

    • +1

      When was the last time you had one? Times have changed.

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        for that 10,000 free pizza promotion thingy….there was a minimum spend so I had to add 1 "luxury" pizza to make it work, so it wasn't "free" as advertised and the prices jump around all over the place and the pizza was shithouse with barely any toppings, it was very dry with no flavor.

        • Ah fair, you gave them a go so I can't say anything more than that.

          I don't mind them - I find them to be better than most Aussie pizza shops that have that horrible shredded ham. I used to dislike them because I thought they were crap, but recently got back into them and I personally don't think they are horrible like they used to be - they are consistently average enough with a price to boot that I won't think twice about ordering one (and picking it up) if I can't be bothered cooking.

          The staff at mine (High St, Prahran) are champs and efficient.

          In regards to the prices jumping all over the shop - I just stick to the OzBargain pizza guide and never pay more than $7.95 for a pizza.

          • +3

            @appxl: I would rather pay double for a "normal" pizza from a pizzaria, than a "premium" pizza from these places like crust, and domino's. What they call premium doesn't even cut it for a quality pizza place.

            • @9hundred: Yeah I feel for the schmucks that pay like 18 dollars for dominos 'premium'.

              The only time ill go above the $3 personal prediction $5 value range for a quick guilt meal - is for a 7 dollar supreme, remove pineapple & add cheese ;)

    • I find quality between stores varies a lot. I have 3-4 stores within 5km of me and one local store stacks the toppings the other 3…. let's just say I don't particularly like eating crust

  • When does this deal expire? I couldn't see a date.

    Is it only for today? And if so, this should be updated?

  • Do you get an email or some other confirmation when you pre-order? I cant find any confirmation for what i ordered last week.

  • Valid only for today?

  • +1

    Thoughts? 1 periperi chicken, 1 vegorama, 1 godfather swapped Italian sausage for beef brisket-all pizzas thin crust, large total $18 pick up.

  • Prices showing as $5 Value, $7 traditional for me. Is it the store I'm using?

  • Is it just me or are others also seeing online that the stores are closed in QLD and you have to book a time slot for the Pizzas (whilst not knowing if the store is even open)?

    Late edit: this has just changed after I wrote this post…

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    Just went to pick mine up (traditional supreme) and it has barely any toppings on it. like, very few.

    Asked the store manager what's up and he goes "Well, you paid 5 bucks for a pizza, what do you expect"

    I guess he's right. Ended up getting a refund and giving the 5 dollars to a homeless person.

    Hope he has a better day.

    • +5

      You should make a formal written complaint to the head office.

      • +4

        I don't think it'll achieve anything to be honest. Maybe the store manager is on ozbargain as my post got negged. Oh well.

        • +1

          Well you paid nothing for your comment, what do you expect?

          I once made a complaint about the lack of prawns on a prawn pizza to head office and the manager of the store called me and had an extremely aggressive attitude.

          I was caught off guard a bit, but I know now what I would say. "Please sir, can I have more toppings?" in my best Oliver Twist voice.

        • +1

          they will send you vouchers; I've done it before :)

    • +3

      What a cnut

    • +1

      Where was this? Save other people the trip :D

    • Weird response, my local dominos (zetland) is always good quality and lots of toppings, regardless what promotion I use.

      I think it's really store dependent.

    • Domino's should make it so that total price doesn't get printed on the receipt if you pay upfront online. This would remove the initiative for store managers to put less toppings as they wouldn't know how much you paid.

      • Good idea, but it leads me to the question of food and vouchers.

        Whenever I've used a voucher when it came to food, I find in nearly every case I've always been short changed or received a product of lower quality with the exception being the dine and discover vouchers (NSW Govt).

  • Mine was great. They might have changed the thin and crispy base. It was more like naan than pizza bread. Got 1x salmon & prawn, 1x chicken and parmesan.

  • +1

    I eat pizza every year or two, but last week I tried Domino's Premium & Super Premium pizzas at a friend's place, and I thought they were excellent. Especially considering the price.

  • +9

    Indi Chicken Salmon Tikka, replacing chicken with salmon. Thanks to bazingaa. Picture. Traditional ($5)

    The Roasted Veg Deluxe looked better (ingredient wise). Picture. Super premium ($7)

    • +3


    • whats wrong with chicken?

      • +1

        🐔 < 🍣

    • +1

      Tried the salmon instead and it was pretty good cheers boss.

  • Trying the salmon and prawns supreme.. hope its good

    • Just did likewise - wished I'd tried the Indian Tikka Salmon combo instead.

      Six prawns and four visible pieces of salmon with a distinctly ordinary taste profile. I presume there's a bit more taste on the non-voucher code orders…

      • +2

        I decided to go for the Indian Tikka Salmon instead, was great! Salmon has a nice pepper taste and plenty of it. For once all three pizzas were excellent and very well topped. Good value for $11.

  • +1

    bought some for the work staff ! thanks!

  • +6

    just picked up a value and a premium on this deal. both had nearly half the toppings. bit dodge. i know it's a big discount, but the standard shouldn't change.
    plz mind the lowercase. .. in a dough coma.

    • +2

      Name and shame the stores. I'm sure corporate is watching having sent the "special" ozbargain codes.

      • No, I don't want to harm somebody's franchise/ livelihood. I just won't go back, personally.

        • -7

          there is always one sook

        • +1

          I had the same issue too, I don't want to harm the franchise but I like you won't be back.

          If they are skimping on toppings, what else are they skimping on, hygiene, safety, paying staff/entitlements, etc?

        • +2

          I'm a franchise manager for many brands, rather let the bad ones fail and fail fast and keep the good ones. Cutting corners isn't going to cut it. If money is good generally, they should respect discounts and promotions.

      • +4

        I don't think Dominos corporate gives a f

    • Woah,why neg the deal if you have this experience with one of the hundreds of store?

      • Because that's what it's for, to share negative experiences with others. That doesn't necessarily mean your experience will be like that or that others have that experience.


        Negative Vote
        To let others know about issues with the deal, merchant or product.

        Negative Vote
        The deal is not the cheapest available
        Issue with product
        Issue with retailer

        You are welcome to disagree but questioning users for using a function of the site appropriately, spreads misinformation.

    • mine was fine, same as it's always been. You having a single bad experience at your local store doesn't mean others will too.

    • +5

      Lol, why the negs? I'm just relaying my own experience. There's zero prejudice.

      • +4

        The man has a point, esp since plenty of other posters have been querying the promo topping count and asking to name and shame.

        Thanks for the insight, darkmoss. I've had plenty of good experiences at my local store, but like you, was underwhelmed by the quality of this promo offering.

    • My Large size pizza looks like medium size with less topping

    • +2

      Agreed, loaded pepperoni was pretty much just a normal one and same with the loaded supreme. Can't believe they charge close to $18 for it and I agree, you should get exactly what you order voucher or no voucher. La Porchetta is much better value if you're going to charge that much. For those who are curious, Marriot Waters.

      • Loaded Pepperoni appears to be the same as a Value Range Pepperoni. This has been discussed before on ozbargain. If you want a loaded pepperoni, get a Value range Pepperoni on a thin crust and they will put more pepperoni on the pizza, have tried this at several different Dominos and Pizza Hut.

        Don Meij mentioned that pepperoni was one of the top sellers and the 1st or 2nd highest seller depending on the week, so maybe loaded pepperoni item is a marketing tactic to try and get more revenue. Maybe the Supreme and Hawaiian are also top sellers, and this may also explain the loaded Supreme item.

    • Agree the standard should never change, if I was to buy a Cheeseburger on sale from Macca's for $0.50, and they would behave like Dominos, I would just get a bun heel with a pickle on it.

      I have picked up a few pizzas and they were almost with no cheese and toppings… grr

      Will definitely avoid Dominos from now.

      • Having worked at Maccas and wondering why we were always so much more popular than the other fast food chains in the same complex. I only realised later on that its due to always getting what was ordered and for having a certain standard that was pretty much always the same and for the customer service if there was an issues. At that time i never actually ate much fast food, but after coming across a lot of deals on ozbargain and trying other fastfood places, i realised the service and standards in some other places like KFC or pizza hut etc, vary so much and the customer service especially for KFC is appaling when somethinggoes wrong. They dont care.

  • Just ordered thanks!

  • +4

    Thanks OP - great codes and prices.

    Took the opportunity to try out three premiums from the Emu Plains store, which normally does a pretty decent job of the Traditionals and the Value staple of Thin'n'Crispy Pepperoni. Should have been skeptical when they failed to post pictures of two of the three on the Quality Dom Pizza Checker - as it turns out, it was not by coincidence.


    The Peri Peri Chicken was great. Highly recommended.

    The (non-photographed) Prawn and Salmon had a grand total of 10 pieces of topping meaning most of the eight pieces didn't even have a piece of both prawn and salmon on them. Ordinary in quality and taste.

    The (non-photographed) modified and upsized Mega Meat Lovers was supposed to have double pepperoni and double italian sausage in place of ham and beef, in addition to the 50% extra topping and base size. We've only had half of it so far, but have only found two pieces of pepperoni across the four slices and only one other piece is visible on the remaining half. Whilst it's possible there are a couple of pieces buried, and the tastes has been ok if not remotely pepperoni-ey, the headcount of roughly four pepperoni pieces on an extra large pizza with double toppings is very poor. Especially since there was no such skimping on the Italian sausage. My child said they'd have preferred to just have "the cheap pepperoni" instead and it was a fair point.

    Mixed results on the promo front. Great opportunity to push the boat out on some flavours I wouldn't normally, but two of the three I won't be returning to - as they could probably have anticipated by the none-too-coincidental absence of the Quality Check photos from the online order.

    • +1

      I have noticed, 90% of the time when a photo doesn't show up, is when the store has really reduced the toppings. The system is a bit useless as no store actually wants to re-do the pizzas and I think the store manager just overrides it as a "mistake on machine's part" and thus, it doesn't show up in the system.

    • My local is always very stingy with pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese. They happen to be my go to toppings on pizzas. I don't really care for bacon, ham or Italian sausage on pizza, all of which my local dominos seem to put in over abundance on their pizzas even when I ask for extra pepperoni or mushroom I always get more of the stuff I don't want lol

  • +2

    Anyone else getting ‘The voucher ____ is not accepted by your selected store’?

    Tried two closest stores to me in SA, neither worked.

    • If you haven't already, try the original codes?

      • Thanks for the help, didn’t work neither :( Tried both logged in and out, switched between wifi and 4g, nothing clicked. Is my phone’s device id or whatever its called banned? I don’t recall doing fraudulent purchases ever.

        • Ignore my previous reply. I didn't realise the problem was with the codes.

          • @ozbpro10: Ah I didn’t even saw your comment haha.

            Reckon maybe just the stores decided not to take the codes anymore? I tried entering codes from leaflets i gotten last week and they worked alright :/ albeit at a much smaller discount

            • +1

              @Brrrrt: I think it depends on the store. When I checked with my closest store, code didn’t work. But after switching to another store, it worked. I’m also in SA. Hope this helps!

        • It worked for me at Blackwood SA and the pizza was 10/10.

  • Thanks TA 🙏

  • Thanks TA finally trying indian spicy panner tikka for $5 saving myself $10+.

    With code

    • it is $7.95 everyday with 687198 or 191541

      • I loved their vegan avocado pizza
        Would have happily paid like 8 bucks for that if was super hungry

        But they discontinued that one
        So bad good things dont last long well said i guess

        Otherwise to be honest i am quite an arse too and dont really wanna spend even a single cent more than needed

  • +1

    Domino's just opened across the road from me this week.
    Just used 391745 to save $9.40 on a Large Premium Peri-Peri Chicken for dinner.
    Too easy! Made my day! Much thanks!

  • ordered one xlarge chicken and parmesan for dinner

    last time I had domino's was in january lol

    • You must be very skinny now…

  • dinna sorted, thanks!

  • Ordered 13 thanks

    • +1

      Picture or didn't happen

  • Ta - dinner and tomorrow's lunch sorted for $3 (spicy veg trio on the deep pan base which I swear is what the standard base used to be years ago)

  • The voucher 391745 has expired.Ended Already?

    • +1

      Still working here. Are you trying to order for tomorrow? You can only order for today.

      • Yeah, Today only,promo cannot apply for future orders

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