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Pre-Register Now for 50% off Shipping on Sendle Day (30th June 2021), $10 Discount Cap, Max Savings $250 @ Sendle


Saw this promo link while I was browsing eBay, you need to register via the link and any parcels you put through on the 30th June is discounted by 50%. Also note one of the terms is that they are only applying this discount to the first 10,000 parcels on the 30th June… from reading the promo page I'm guessing that the discount will show prior to booking the shipment.

Discount applies for deliveries up to $20, so max discount you will receive is $10. Applies to a max 25 parcels, highest amount of discount is $250.

Good little promo to register especially if you regularly send with Sendle.

Terms to take note:
* Must register to have the discount applied
* The Promotion period begins on June 30, 2021, from 12:01 am - 11.59 pm (AEST).
* The Promotion will automatically expire after 10,000 parcels are booked or on June 30 2021 11:59 pm (AEST), whichever comes first.
* The Promotion is limited to 25 parcels in total per user.
* The maximum parcel delivery cost (before discount) is $20.00.
* Domestic parcel deliveries only.

Full T&C's are on the registration page.

EDIT: Looking through the promo, it may apply only to new accounts signing up via the link and might not apply to existing accounts. Going to contact Sendle to double check… I signed up to a new account with a different email and didn't receive any confirmation of registering for the promo.

EDIT 2: I received a confirmation email from my existing account that I have succesfully registered for the promo. So this does apply to existing accounts!

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    Are Sendle the one with NO customer support number?

    • +1 vote

      Never noticed that to be honest! Can't seem to find one on their site though… from my experience they tend to respond to queries within a hour for most of the queries I've sent them.

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      Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the deal, and will happily resend my comments if I’m mistaken.

      But I’m pretty sure when I used Sendle that and it was only then to my horror that I realised I couldn’t call them and had to go through labourious process when an item was lost which took about one week.

      Just a warning to fellow OB’s.


        I've had a few hairy ones with them too, so my experience hasn't always been positive. So I agree that there are times when it is difficult as sometimes you just need an answer urgently. From memory all the times I've had to log a missing parcel query it took about a week to, as they wait for the courier to complete their "checks".

        Just in case anyone was curious, their standard insurance payout is capped at $100 (unless you paid for additional insurance) and they do not refund the original cost of sending the parcel.

      • +1 vote

        I've tried to deal with sendle a couple of times when things went wrong and it was painful. Coupled with Fastway or Aramex or whatever they call themselves these days, it's a recipe for frustration.

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    Used to ne good. Now very unreliable and ofter more expensive than auspost.

    • +2 votes

      Depends where you're sending. For me sending to most metro areas it is cheaper than Australia Post, but if I'm sending to rural or certain some areas where the courier doesn't have standard delivery channels then Aus Post is cheaper.

    • +1 vote

      Agree. They were good in the beginning. Cost well below Aust Post (both metros and regional) and better insurance. Max insurance was $1500. I had the odd package loss but besides the inconvenience, got most of the insured value back.
      Then rapidly down hill since 3 years ago, costs went up, while service response times slowed down. Insurance dropped like lead to $300 and now $100. Surcharge to regional nearly double the cost of normal shipping. Service is now as bad as Aust Post but at least the latter is cheaper with flat rate to all areas (no surcharge outside metros), have a contact phone number, much more stores to drop in and you can send to Parcel Lockers or Parcel Collects.
      Sendle is also restricted to using Couriers Please or Fastway (the latter is notoriously bad) and you cannot choose. If you must use a 3rd party courier booking company, Interparcels or Pack&Send are better, they have contact numbers, and more choices of courier companies that you can choose.

  • +1 vote

    How did you sign up for the promo with an existing account? Tried going to the link, and it have the option for signing up a new account.

    But when I signed into an existing account, nothing seemed to happen. No confirmation…..


      You should get an email after you login, my confirmation email came through about 5-10 mins after I logged in.


        Thanks. I’ve tried but didn’t seem to work for me 🙄


    Would never recommend Sendle.

    I live in an apartment block. The courier never rang our apartment and left a card even though the authority to leave was given.

    Response from Sendle. The driver said no one was home and it's not procedure to ring a doorbell (so how do they determine if anyone is home is anyone's guess). And instructions to leave were not clear enough.

    Managed to organise a redelivery with clear instructions (and photos), only for the courier to do the exact same thing.

    I know they only really subcontract couriers but even auspost ring the doorbell! YMMV

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    Great timing. We just left a sendle package for pickup, no notice of pickup but the package was disappeared. Courier turned up the next day to collect the parcel that no longer existed, sendle had no record of it, neither did the courier.
    3 days later the package tracking link shows the package in transit. Based on my last crap sendle experience I expect to get a canned response from sendle in a few days.

    Not worth it. Use Auspost.