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[Prime] Culley's No 10 - Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 148ml $8.76 Delivered @ Amazon AU


No. 10 enjoy!

Minor description from the listing -

If you think hot sauce begins and ends with Sriracha and Tabasco sauce, you don’t know the true meaning of spicy. Made with the World's hottest chilli peppers, New Zealand grown Carolina Reaper, this sauce is definitely not for the faint hearted! A classic red super-hot sauce with a whopping content of 70% Carolina Reaper chillies! The flavour of the Reaper chilli is complemented by notes of rich sweet tomatoes.

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  • +3

    Definitely tempted but not brave enough for this.

  • Just bought one, thanks op

  • Love the number 3 but never in stock

  • If anyone’s looking for something REALLY hot, look up Crowleys Hot Sauce Hallucinator. That stuff is hot.

    • Try putting 1-2 drops of Blair's 3AM Reserve in your mouth and let me know your verdict.

      I had the original one (much smaller) and that was quite hot.

  • Just two drops per taco is plenty for me lol

  • +1

    No. 10 is great, had a new one in the cupboard but grabbed another at this price- the stuff wouldn't go off for ages.

    Blair's ultra death seems a lot hotter again, so don't think No. 10 is really 2.2M scoville

    • Have Blair's ultra death. Wow,oh yeah hot chili in da furnace that ol girl. Highly recommended

  • awesome..
    I pre ordered 3 hot ones sauces a few weeks ago.. will add this when I do my wings next

  • Can anyone advise if this is hotter than Shit the Bed sauce?

    • +1

      100% yes, not even in the same league. Bunsters stuff isn't really hot at all. Great flavour, relatively healthy but heat nothing compared to other sauces.

      • Excellent! So this one or Blair's Ultra death?

        • Ooh I don't know. I can handle scorpions but haven't elevated to Carolina reapers, yet…

        • +1

          Depends if you want to still enjoy what you're eating, or if you want your doors blown off (or to give guests/ for a dare).

          Still very hot for most people, I'd go with No.10 bit nicer taste, ultra death for cooking.

          • @G-rig: Definitely a dare for an overconfident family member 😜

            • @Qbagger: ha, or mate's who think they can take a lot of heat
              Actually tried Ultra death at a mates and that seemed crazy compared to No. 10.
              Ended up grabbing a Mega death for $11 (better discount and reviews on the flavour seem good too)
              nice to have a little variety of sources like on Hot Ones

  • +2

    Haha nice. Went with the Blair's mega death, one stop lower than the ultra 😂

  • thanks op, got 2

  • Dropped a bottle of this on the floor…FML. Luckily I had bought 2 bottles! (Meant to buy a 9 and 10, but accidentally grabbed 2x 10) :)

    FWIW, for chilli fiends, these sauces are not really that hot, but they have good flavour. I have their Brutality sauce (their hottest sauce, which they rate 13/10 for heat), and it’s pretty mild…definitely doesn’t live up to the “brutality” name.

    Tasty though! Would recommend. (I’ve only tried the 10 and the Brutality. Keen to try the 9 and the No.1 Reserve - not sure if they still make this one, as the new 1 is different)

  • Link seems to show it's out of stock…

  • Spewing, went to order & OOS..

      • Cheers mate, ordered a cpl..

        Wonder if it compares to this stuff i have called "The bomb - Ground Zero"

        The Blair's has double the Scovilles so ill see.. Should be good..

        • Sheet, haven't tried Da Bomb but it is the killer on Hot Ones
          It should taste nice at least, lol

          • @G-rig: update: Blair's has nothing on Da Bomb - Ground Zero..!

            Dipped the toothpick straight in, hardly any bite from the Blair's, Da Bomb gives u burn for a good 5mins..

            • @Bunsen: Yeah the bomb meant to be pretty hot but nasty lol. That Blair's mega is more of a smokey flavour I think. You may like ultra death, pretty hot (more similar to no.10)

              • @G-rig: yep, that shit is nasty.. Went looking for the ultra but cheapest i can find is like $60 + US delivery, fark that for a joke.. Just eat a real chilli, Carolina or habanero, lol..

  • back in stock @$10.95 though, still a decent price..

    • +1

      Agree. It is a good product even at the standard RRP.

    • Yes bought it at that a few times. A lot of similar sauces are $15-20 in the stores

    • Yum, just poured about a teaspoon full of no10 with a tin of 'Dynamite Hot' Stagg chilli, now it has the zing i like!

  • Nice It's a unique taste with each dilution combination.