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[Prime] Roborock S5 Max $499.25 (Sold Out), Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum $399.50 Delivered @ Amazon


Amazon Prime day sale $749 with further 25% off.

Update: S5 Max is sold out

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • For a small house, should I get this or a Miele C3? hmm

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      This with compliment of Miele, once a month.

  • +2

    killer deal, thanks!

    • BTW
      was it FBA or who is seller?
      (i only saw Mobileciti listing pre-Primeday)

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    Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP.
    Been waiting for it go on sale

  • Absolute legend!

  • +3

    Is this lowest ever on s5max ? …. which one is better overall s5max or s6 ?

    • +7

      Ohhhhh …. those who negged me, may your babies are born naked.

    • +1

      S5max is better, but S6 is fine if you have only hard floor and/or low carpet with no pets.

  • Been waiting too long for this! Thx op

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    How is the s5 max for 499? It's showing 561 after the 25% coupon.

    • Are you on prime

      • Yah sorry my bad. 499 at checkout….

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    Thanks OP! Was bummed out when I missed out on the Kogan one for $479. I think this one is the australian model as well, even better!

    • +1

      Be thankful you did. Going by the reviews at Kogan, it appears they were swapped out for the S6. After reading those reviews, I stopped receiving Kogan e-mails, and will never use them again.

  • +1

    Kinda want to wait till CR revealed their cashback special then buy, Hope not sold out then

    • +2

      S5 max will definitely sell out by the morning

      • Already gone.

    • +1

      Since they reduce the price via 'coupons' odds are you wouldn't get CR.

  • +1

    Which is the better deal of the two

    • Depends on your budget. S5 max is the better vac though

  • +1

    Thanks, OP!

  • So the worst thing about the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 my Mum has is the app, it can be infuriating, how is the app/software for Roborock?

    • +1

      mostly ok but if connecting to the servers it can be long waits to load.

  • +1

    Is this any good for mopping?
    Was eyeing the S7 on ebay but the price got jacked…

  • +1

    Was waiting for exactly this. Thank you.

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    Very good price! I got one last time from the $479 Kogan deal….at this price I'm tempted to buy another and start a robowarz battle. Winner gets to clean up after the battle.

  • Finally got one, thanks OP

  • S5 max gone

    • +8

      thanks God … money saved :D

      • +2

        Me too

        • Also glad it’s OOS. I was looking up reviews and was likely to pull the trigger - in part just for FOMO!

    • Yeah, while thinking about whether Cashrewards applies to this they increased the price. FML! 😡

  • Oh missed

  • +2

    I need one with dirt disposal station since I have a pet that sheds a lot. Any recommendation?

    • I have pet too. maybe good I was unsure till it got sold out

      • Its good - I have one already. But I need to dump the small container in the middle of a clean at least once. That's why now I'm sourcing one with a dirt disposal station.

        • Every time? That's annoying. Needs bigger bin.

    • +1

      wait for roborocks auto empty dock thats coming soon™

      • Will that be compatible with existing roborocks'?

        • +1

          unlikely except the latest s7 but it is unknown at this stage.

    • +8

      Lol $200. Keep living in your own filth til then

  • Finally, pulled the trigger after looking at many Xiaomi models. Thanks, OP

  • Missed out on the S5 Max, but I guess it's always been bit too much. Ah well, I suppose that made the decision to get the S6 easy. Thanks OP

  • S6 Pure looks similar in spec but with smaller water tank. Tempted.

    I had a Roomba years ago. Looks like navigation and smarts of these things have come a long way but had reliability also improved?

    The Roomba would get stuck places or get hair in the wheels or have issues with parts. Keen on the ides of a new robot but don’t want to have it if unreliable etc

    • +1

      I have a 5 series Roomba, it's retarded compared to Roborock S5, so I'd be shocked if you won't be impressed by S6.

  • Grabbed the S6, thanks.

  • Totally sucked in.. (no pun intended) thanks OP! Prime day will be the death of me..

  • Who can tell me why the S5 max is better than the S6 pure? Not that I need one, just curious. I mean I do want one..

    • +1

      Was just reading this. Have a look and decide which one serves your needs better.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing

  • S6 seems to have had its price increased to $599.25? (with prime coupon applied)

    • Nope, still $399.50

  • S5 in stock, but $750 for me

  • +2

    Wow. One for the insomniacs and shift workers.
    Great price. Sadly I slept through it and missed out.

  • Missed out on this but got the Ozmo N8+ how do they compare? First ever robot vac, and wife is a bit pissed that I spent that much to buy a robo instead of mopping it all myself!! :) thanks

  • +1

    Missed out on this but got the Ozmo N8+ how do they compare? First ever robot vac, and wife is a bit pissed that I spent that much to buy a robo instead of mopping it all myself!! :) thanks

    • +1

      Wouldn't rely on it as a mop, but does well as a vacuum. The self-emptying dust bin is awesome though. Probably my favourite part of the robot.

      • Damn! Bought it mainly for the mop function.

  • Son of a…!

  • +1

    Hmmm… S6 Pure for $399.50 or Dreame D9 for $328.47?


    • +3

      S6 pure. Dreame isn't as polished as roborock

    • +1

      I was grappling with the same call and opted for the s6 pure.

      Fwiw this reviewer made the same call on the comments in this video, although the D9 firmware has improved since then: https://youtu.be/2XeSn9V40y0

    • Thanks, went with the S6

    • I don't know how good the roborock is when it comes to navigation and mapping but I could tell you to avoid the dreame.

  • S5 max seemed to be in stock for about 20 mins last night and then out of stock. Now back but with no 25% coupon code like the S6 Pure still has.

  • Bought S5 Max yesterday for $700 (after cashback, I was in despair). Cancelled it and got S6 puro for $400.

    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Wtf don’t you guys sleep? Freaks!

  • +3

    FFS! Literally waiting for what feels like a year for s5 max, went to bed at 11:30pm and missed it…

    Oh well… still waiting

  • How does s5max compare to ECOVAC t8?

    • Looking for answer to same question.

  • +3

    Curse my healthy sleeping pattern!

  • +2

    C'mon other sellers - its obvious you will sell a shitload s5 max if ghe price is right!

  • Is the s6 good enough, compare with all the xiaomi?

    • I’d also like to know this from those more in the know. How’s the S6 as a deal compared with other competitor around that level. Seems similar to the S5 but smaller water tank. Otherwise good, no?

  • the S6 Pure says 599 and save 25% with coupon, but the price isn't dropping at checkout.

    How do I get it down to 399? Or has it expired as well and just isn't updating properly?

    • Deal over…

      • Damn, I wish they'd update the website, got my hopes up :(

        • Try again! Just got one.

          And no cashback applicable for this category is there?

          • @fookos: did you get it at 599 or 399?

            I don't think there is at the moment, if there is its not much.

            its saying lightning deal applied 799 -> 599… weird

            • @sethowar: $399. Hope you sort it. Should still work.

            • @sethowar: Hey mate - did you click the little apply 25% coupon button before adding to cart?

            • @sethowar: Click proceed to checkout that should give you the discounted price

    • +1


      Deal disappeared for a bit for me but seems to have come back just now. You need to tick the "add coupon" box then "proceed to checkout" to see the final price. Good luck.


      • +1

        Thanks for the tip @whatboutbob, grabbed one.

      • +1

        Yeah I was either missing the add coupon box or it'd been removed from the page.

        Managed to snag one at $399, hoping it will go great in the new apartment!

        • @sethofwar The add coupon button was removed for a little while right around the time you were having issues AND there was a duplicate listing that never got the discount. Could've been either. Congrats to those who snagged one. To those who didn't, your wallet gets a temporary respite. ;)

      • looks OOS now

      • Mine has a popup on the app "failed to add to cart"…

      • Yep I clicked the Place Order button and it told me it wasn't available. I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out if this was the one I wanted. What a bummer.

        • Same here. Before I did the research, it was there. By the time I decided, it was gone. RIP

  • Done and dusted. Missed out.

    Any other vacuums worth buying? :/

    • -2


  • Bugger, I've got an alert on but wasn't awake! Keen for more S5 Max deals.

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