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Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Space Grey $307 + Delivery | Apple Watch Series 5 Nike 40mm $311 @ JB Hi-Fi


My first deal posted so apologies if this is a noob but just went on JB HIFI who were posting deals for ZIP and found this Apple Watch that was lower than all the others. Thought would post to put back to the community as I missed the deal a few days ago for $381. End up being a better deal.

I think it stacks with the ZIP Pay of the $20.00 credit however unsure.

revised with the links for people who found the Nike one. Would of gotten this one but didnt know about it.

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Space Grey $307 (SOLD OUT)
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 40mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular $311

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  • OOS :/

  • So Cheap!

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    Thank you heaps OP, got the Nike+ version for $309 instead.

    • whats the difference?

      • I don't think overly much, but the one in the OP was sold out and this was close enough for the same item.

        • Thanks for the tip, managed to snag a Nike 40mm for $316 shipped literally less than a minute before that page turned into 404 too.

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    There are several Apple watches on sale at the moment in JB. Probably have to be quick.

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    This one is gone, error page

  • No gps only version?

  • i really want the blood oxygen meter, probably have to wait for the 6 to get to these prices

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    Cracking deal!!!!! Nice!!!!

  • looks like all the $300ish ones are gone

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    AWESOME, got the " Nike Series 5 44mm Silver Aluminium Case GPS + Cellular" to replace my series 1 :)

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      got this one too, series 5 44m nike cellular for $324 delivered.

  • Does this mean new models imminent? What’s with the big clear out?

    • series 6 came out in September last year

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    Good first post. Cheers
    Nike link $311 if anyone looking for it

  • I'm confused between the stainless steel vs aluminum vs ceramic?

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      Excellent comment. Got myself the 44mm Aluminium one.

      Tempted by the stainless for $120 more but ultimately I will probably break it anyway.

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        I've had both the aluminium and stainless steel versions and the SS version holds up much better.

        I've banged my watch against kitchen benchtops, door frames you name it and not one single scratch or dent in the sapphire glass face.

  • Also picked up a 44mm Nike.
    Thanks OP

    Edit- think I got the last one too.

  • Oos

  • How much are these normally? Don’t follow Apple Watches but am looking to buy one for someone

    • Between $500 and $1500. However these are an older model that's 1 year behind the Series 6.

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      Buy first, think later :)

  • Oos

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    bought the one below. WOW

    Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Silver Aluminum Case GPS + Cellular
    Cost summary
    Description Price
    Subtotal $334.00
    Shipping $4.99
    Total paid AUD $338.99
    Includes $30.81 GST
    Updated total price: $338.99

    • Managed to score the same one! They aren't lasting long at these prices!

    • Same!!! I’m stoked!
      Thanks OP!

    • its funny how the series 5 now all has gone up on price on the jb site. I bought mine at your price too but lets hope they dont cancel the order

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        What do you mean? They haven’t gone up. The $4xx prices you’re seeing are for the stainless steel variants. The price hasn’t changed since I saw them this morning while the aluminium ones were still available.

        This particular deal is for the aluminium ones.

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        they haven't gone up, they are out of stock.

        The ones you see, are stainless steel versions.

        • Oops sorry guys!!! but yeah snagged one to!!!

    • the only thing is its white, will just replace the strap.

  • Still on my series 4 SS model. Was considering a upgrade but maybe not warranted. Will wait until a deal for series 6 next year.

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    damn OOS missed it.

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    Missed it

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/search?query=apple%20watch%20serie...

    Buy now and thank me later

    • edit -

    Gone. Only milanese versions are left, still under $500.

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    Good prices (especially for cellular if that appeals to you) but remember that Apple Watches are released each September (series 7 will be released next) - so in a couple of months series 5 will be 2 years out of date. Series 5 40mm retailed for $650 two years ago but Series 6 actually dropped in price to $600 when first released nearly a year ago, so 40% off 2 year old tech in a colour you may not really want perhaps isn't the best deal ever.

  • Do these have full functionality without having an iPhone?

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    Managed to secure a 44mm Silver aluminium GPS + Cellular model for $343.99 (wanted express post for a family members bday), used zippay for cashback too! Hoping it brings it down to $323.99!

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      Managed to secure

      unless you bought it from the store. it isn't guarantee yet ;)

      • You're right, however I received a confirmation email already, so hoping that seals the deal!

  • Is it all gone? I can't see the deal.

  • (profanity) i’m upset i missed this

  • Been using a Series 5 over a year now, still going strong (bought it at $399 last year EOFY ebay sale)

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    After seeing how fragile the screen is on my wife's SE version, get a slim silicon full case (as minimum) ASAP.

    The frame material will not help the drop.

    Repair/replacement was about 300-400$ (Without AppleCare)

  • 50% off RRP, this one.
    Just search "Apple Watch" on JB, still a bunch of great deals left!

  • Thanks OP, purchased a Series 5 44mm silver aluminum one for mum as a replacement for a series 1 I purchased her yrs ago. It has recently gone into a logo boot loop, I purchased a battery thinking that would fix it, but no cigar. But a newer version is even better.

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • Thanks
    Grabbed Nike one 5 series 40mm GPS +cellular with latitude pay $25 offer works out to be $295

  • Grabbed one that was way outside my price range if it was full price. Rocking a S2 and now an S5 when it arrives. S/S with Cellular and Milanese Loop S6 price $1189 today $480 with Zip.

  • ops, missed the aluminium deal :(

  • Dammit!
    Really wanting the 40mm Nike version.

    Any other stores with Series 5 that would price match?

  • Pulled the trigger on the 40mm gps + cellular stainless steel for $430. seemed like a good deal

  • Needed one to upgrade my wife's series 1 :(, what do I do now??

  • -1

    Don't forget 8% cashback on Apple products running today.

    • You must be new here..

  • NoOooOO

  • 44m SS GPS+ Cellular looks like its still in stock.

    kinda gutted I paid 443 for the 44mm nike aluminium last week

    • $463 now

  • damnit

  • +1

    Got a 44mm SS Milanese loop. $495 + $4.99 Postage.

    5% off GC from Suncorp, $399.99 for $379.99

    $100 balance paid using ZIP to hopefully get the additional $20 Cashback

    Should be $459.99 out of pocket if it comes through.

    • I think it might not be a wise move to purchase gift cards just for low stock deals like this. If they run OOS you are stuck with a bunch of gift cards. Rather pay with a credit card for extended warranty if it goes through.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed the SS GPS + Cellular

  • damn, would have upgraded from S4.
    anyways waiting for M1 version :P

    • That would be one BIG watch

  • All gone?

  • This looks fancy. I don’t need another but thanks :)

  • Do JB send tracking info through? My order is showing as shipped on My Account but no emails received since the confirmation.

    • Yes they normally do, it’s also normally listed in “my account/purchases”.

  • Its back in stock, just bought one.

  • just bought the nike delivered, had some gc ready to go from yesterday when I missed out.

  • hmm some nike series 2 are below $100, ws able to get one, sold out now.

  • Grabbed the Nike series 5 40mm GPS + cellular for $312.99, no time to figure out any other discounts! Let’s see how this plays out…

    • lol… i didn't even realise I bought the cellular version… oh well nice bonus

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    Thank you for choosing to order APPLE WATCH MX3E2X/A S5N+ 44 SLALPPCL through JB Hi-Fi Online.

    We regret to inform you that the suppliers have contacted us regarding this item and unfortunately, they have advised that it is no longer available. As a result, we have been forced to cancel this item from your online order and our product team will be deleting this item from our database.

    Nice one JB

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      That’s a shame. Did you order straight away when the deal was posted? Anyone here who had more luck?

      • I ordered about 5 mins after the deal was posted.

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      Same here, order the 40mm nike and now canceled due to no stock.

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      That's unlucky, my Nike 40mm got shipped out this afternoon, can't trust JB sometimes with these clearance offers.

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      shame, mine shipped out ok and also ordered about 5 minutes after deal was posted.

      • staff privileges!

        • oops, accidentally hit associated

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      Mine (40mm) just got shipped too. I think they might have oversold some units but it is definitely a genuine deal.

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      I got the same message, same watch too. JB have now done this to me about 4 times with sale items. Surely their online system can track stock levels.

    • Unlucky, I had the shipment notification for my S5 44mm Silver Aluminium GPS+Cell.

      Also have a S5 40mm Black Stainless GPS+Cell on the way but that one didn't sell out for ages. And I'll probably return it because 40mm seems a bit small to me.