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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $109 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus/ $0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


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With the Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse you can work between computers and file share with ease. The 910-005698 allows seamless control on up to three computers using just one mouse as you copy and paste text and images between them. You can even use Flow between Mac and Windows computers. Just download Logitech Options on both computers, then pair your computers to the Flow enabled mouse - just like you would with any other Bluetooth mouse. Make sure both your computers are connected to the same wi-fi network and you're ready to Flow.

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  • +4

    Damn this is a good deal

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    I love this mouse so much - I could flick the magnetic scroll wheel all day.
    Big improvement on the prior MX Masters, IMO.
    Tempted to get a backup at this price.

    • I've got one of these for work, and then I've got a Razer at home with a normal scroll wheel. It's painful.

      • I had the exact same setup, now have an MX Master at home and work and my wife has the 2S for her work from home setup.

        Sometimes miss the razer but can't go past the scroll wheel on these mice

  • +1

    Kogan has this in grey colour for the same price, using Suncorp rewards 6% gift cards brings the price down to $102.46. Free freight if you're with Kogan First.

    • +33

      Yes, but, Kogan…

      • Why not? Same item after all

        • +10


        • +1

          Not so same. Kogan charged my credit card then told me dispatch will take another month. I can't cancel order on their website and had to call to get it cancelled.

    • That is not advanced version. The advanced one on Kogan is 132

      • +2

        The only difference with the "advanced" version is the colour. So unless you're OCD about colour matching aesthetics, the advanced version is pointless.

        • +1

          This “advance” is quite confusing

          • +1

            @User394580: Its just marketing, they're both the same mouse. One's black and the other's grey, that's is.
            Buying from Kogan on the other hand…

            • @BargainKen: Honestly, buying from Kogan/DS was infinitely better than buying from Good Guys eBay.

              I bought this mouse from Kogan on Monday, and it got posted Tuesday. No issues.

              It's been a week and Good Guys still haven't posted my order, and they're not replying to any of my messages either.

  • Officeworks matched it but no $10 discount

    • so their price match policy is a lie then? No 5% discount after price match?

  • Thanks OP! Got one.

  • +1

    This worth an upgrade from the MX Master 2S?

    • +1

      Depends. I have an MX Master 2S at work, and just upgraded to the 3 at home.
      The scroll wheel is a lot nicer on the 3 - when you flick the 2S’ wheel, it’s loud. The new one is very quiet, feels higher quality, and is more satisfying. It doesn’t make the same click noise when it reverts from freewheel to stepped.
      The thumb button is less prone to sticking on the 3. I’ve had to dismantle my 2S a couple of times after using the thumb button.
      For a new user, the 3 probably has a better button layout. I find the side scroll wheel too high because I’m familiar with the 2S, and I got used to the awkward back/forward button placement, so though the 3 is probably more ergonomic, I press the wrong buttons. I don’t love having to slide my thumb over the buttons to get to the scroll wheel.
      The side scroll wheel is much more sensitive by default. My partner loves it for Final Cut Pro X, and says it’s a real upgrade over the 2S there. I use it for spreadsheets, and it scrolls too many columns at once (and there’s no setting to reduce the speed on a work computer that doesn’t allow installation of Logitech apps).

    • -2

      MX Master 2 is the best, i got both but after using it just for an hour i switched back tp 2S, it's bit sleak which makes it less comfortable

      • -1

        Performance MX is still better than all the Master series.

        • But there is no side scrolling on the Performance MX.
          Also, official driver support will soon stop for Performance MX on the Mac platform (macOS Monterey).

      • The 2S is actually bigger than the 3, so I wouldn't call it sleek. And you'll be hard pressed finding a 2S review that edges out the 3. Vast improvements were made in the 3 (both scroll wheels and the navigation buttons in particular).

  • really trying to decide between MX Master 3 & MX Anywhere 3 - having never used an interesting looking one like this, keen to hear what others think of transitioning to this one

    • +1

      Just bought this today from Officeworks for $119. Really love it so far - I have quite large hands and it is very comfortable to use. My understanding is the MX Anywhere 3 is fantastic too (and more compact) but not as comfortable for large hands.

    • +2

      I have been using the MX Master 3 for a few months now and it is a great mouse, it only took a couple of days for me to get used to it, you can configure it to your preference and improve your productivity.

    • +7

      Pretty much what scotchward and ravij said but I actually have both - the Mx Master 3 I use in the home office and Mx Anywhere 3 with the laptop when out and about.
      I love the Mx Master 3 which is great for larger hands and more comfortable for longer duration use.
      The Mx Anywhere 3 I got later (because I loved the magnetic scroll wheel on the Mx Master 3 so much) for its smaller size that makes it so much easier to bring around as opposed to the Master 3. It does not fit the palm as well as the Master 3 but then again I do not use it for as long when I'm out.
      Another major difference is that the Mx Master 3 has a thumb scroll wheel which is useful for side scrolling on pages or to change between tabs on browsers. So if you intend to use programs like excel for work or feel this might be an important feature to you, you may want to consider the Mx Master 3 instead.

      • Can you use the Anywhere mouse on top of mattress or pillow?

        • yes

  • +1

    Is it good for gaming? My son wants to get one for Minecraft.

    • No.

      • Um why not - it’s just mine craft, not twitch FPS gaming.

        • It's just a bit overkill for gaming. The freespin wheel, the thumb wheel, gesture buttons, the easy switch between devices, none of those things are useful for gaming.

      • @Gallifr3y you need to go back in time and rethink that response.

        • +1

          true. i was using an intellimouse with a ball when i started gaming and that was unreal tournament and quake.

          you'd think it was more so the actual size of the mx master than anything else.

          why not just buy the kid a $40 logitech G203

          • @Gallifr3y:

            Nostalgia. I remember the glory days of LAN parties playing Starsiege: Tribes UT and Quake. Seems like a lifetime ago!

            But yeah, I agree with you on that point. While it's fine for gaming, it's probably a little overkill for Minecraft.

            • @KangaDrew: Looks like that #Nostalgia made things a bit OTT. Probably should've checked the formatting options first!

          • @Gallifr3y: Thanks for suggestion Gallifr3y. Will get the same.

    • +4

      This is more of a office/work mouse. You're better off getting a gaming mouse, something like the Logitech G305 for your son (or something cheaper if he isn't fussed).

    • Depends on the size of his hand, MX Master is quite large.

    • This would be a better option for gaming: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631219

    • +2

      Logitech MX3 is quite heavy(141g), get your kid a lighter mice and save his wrist.

    • the mouse contains a lot of additional buttons designed to be easily accessed in work operations that will definitely be fat-fingered in the heat of games. And in my experience can potentially cause adverse effects, even close the window.

      That and its a large mouse and heavy, not for small hands.

  • cheers op, was waiting for a deal of this sorts to pop up before june 30. ordered one

  • Can also use 3% cashback on eBay gift cards at ShopBack to bring the total to around ~$106.

    Got spot OP! Grabbed one!

  • Thanks op. I grabbed 2

  • Thanks

  • +11

    Still rocking MX Master 1st gen. Haven't missed a beat

    • Same

    • Same - apart from the side button sticking which seems to be common issue. Have opened it and propped it back up.

  • +1

    This mouse is fantastic for productivity. Have had mine about a year and setup for all the different apps. I’m constantly marking up technical drawing in PDF so the ability to zoom and scroll and use different tools with precision is perfect.

  • Will jbhifi price match this?

    • On one hand, JB and Good Guys are owned by the same parent company, and I'd say it's a legitimate price match. But they are often very reluctant to pricematch with eBay offers/coupons. Just give it a shot, and the worst case is they say no.

      • JB wouldn't even price match TGG when I had a printed quote for a 4K player, SMH.

        • +1

          JB only consider advertised price, not individual quotes. I mean I get it, they don't want to be put in the situation where they give a quote then you take that back to GG and get them to match that one, then back to JB….

          • -1

            @ashanrath: I asked them to match it not beat it.
            Seems odd that they're the same business but cannot sell at the same price…

  • I’m not getting the C&C option?!

  • Tempting

  • Thank you OP. Been after one for a while after my work MX Master 2S started faulting after 3 years. Happy to replace at this price.

  • Argh I bought this on Amazon last night for $128!

    • +1

      Pretty easy to cancel if it hasn't shipped yet.

      • Preparing for shipment unfortunately, can't cancel

        • Amazon can easy return if you have prime.

      • This!

  • No Click and collect :(

  • +1

    Price match at JB and pay with LatitudePay to get a further $25 off.


    • -1

      Price at JB is 135. .135-25=110. Same price as this. But you can click and collect.

      • +1

        Ask JB to pricematch GG's $109 first?

    • Can u price match via online or in store only?

      • Don't think you can price match online, try ringing a store if you can't/don't want to go in.

      • I don't think so, have to try your luck.

    • Will JB price match at 119 or 109?

      • They will only price match it to 119, I just went to get a price match. But still quite good with the Latitude Pay discount ($25 off).

  • Still thinking whether I should get this? I am still using MX Master 1 or the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed which I skipped during Prime Day special.

    • I would keep using the MX M1, as these are designed to last many years, and MX M4 might be out by then (or the M3 would be discounted).

  • +1

    Any deals on mx keys?

  • Happy with my MX Master 1 but after raeading all these comments wondering if I should upgrade (potentially) to this?

    • Same

    • wow, I'm the same. Would like to know too

    • Me too, I'm waiting for mx 4 as the 3 seems to have reliability issues with scrollwheel over time

      • +1

        Hmm issues on the new ones, OG is best. I just had a quick look through my emails - got my MX 1 in July 2015!

  • How many and what colours do these usually come in? What colour is this specific one?

  • should i get this or wait for mx master 4?

    • I'd go for this otherwise you'll be asking the same question when the MX4 does eventually come out. This is a great price for a great mouse. I paid around $148 last year in Jan and haven't had any problems with it. Probably the best investment for office work I've made.

      The great thing about these mice is the longevity (obviously alongside all the specs). There's no confirmed date for the MX4 and honestly with Logitech, they have no reason to release an MX4 anytime soon (much like with the time between the MX2 and MX3).

  • They are gone.

  • I snoozed. 😟

    • sorry for your loss

      • thanks 😥

        Currently $119 from OW which doesn't sound too bad still…

        • They jacked up the price now to $134

  • Got one, thanks

  • Ok for anyone still looking to get one, they are $116.62 including (free) delivery from OW ebay, after 2% CR cashback.

    • Or Grey on Kogan for $109