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Anko RGB Backlit Programmable 10000dpi Mouse $3 (In-Store) @ Kmart


22-Jul-2021 Product is sold out online. Available in store only.

Extremely low price on this USB mouse that was previously $20. I picked one up tonight and I have to say it's a serious bargain considering how much you can customise in the software, as well as the general feel and build quality of the mouse. Instore pic of box and price.

As seen in the instruction manual you can customise all 8 buttons, record macros, change the report rate (125/250/500/1000Hz), change the DPI (200-10000DPI) with 6 saved profiles, adjust the RGB backlight with multiple colours/effects, adjust the click/scroll speed and import/export the config.

The drivers for it can be downloaded here with the model name KM42902058. It has a 1.8m long TPE cable with a velcro strap and the dimensions are 180cm (L) x 4.2cm (H) x 6.5cm (W).

Kogan sell a near identical mouse from the same OEM for $24.99 and that uses a Pixart PMW3325 sensor, so it's very likely that the Anko uses the same sensor.

There's also a $5 16000dpi mouse on sale too. if you can find stock.

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  • +15

    Thanks for the write up OP.

    • +79

      Sometimes OzBargainers associate too cheap with being really crap so I had to make it absolutely clear that this is not crap.

      • +2

        And you did a great job. This is the second mouse that I'm buying today because of OZB.

        • +2

          The box really wasn't appealing either when I saw it. It's the 10,000DPI that got me as I was genuinely curious how the software was going to be.

          • +14


            I had to make it absolutely clear that this is not crap.

            Thanks for making it clear Clear.

      • absolutely clear, user name check-out ! yes clear enough!
        hopefully, I can grab one on my weekend shopping trip.

      • User name checks out

    • +14

      Mice will only get cheaper, there's plague of them.

  • $3 is a stellar deal if it works as advertised tbh

    • +35

      Plugged it in, the cursor moved and responded to my movements so I'd say yes it does work as advertised.

      • Will it help me reach global elite on counter strike global offense with my r5 3600 and gtx 970 with 16gb 3200mhz RAM?

  • +5

    Looking at the shape, it is basically a no-brand Basilisk..

  • +25

    This click and collect admin fee BS is seriously climbing on the top of my… Admin fee for what? You're still paid anyway to be at work and do that admin work 9 to 5 with or without orders.

    • +7

      It’s the new age min eftpos fee.

      Sad that the best bakeries all have min eftpos fees still lol

      Petrie village shout out

      • +2

        Local shops get stung by card processing fees, and at a higher rate than big business.
        Of course it'd be better for business if they just bumped the price of all their items by 3% to reflect these costs, but instead they're being transparent about it in a way that Woolworths etc don't.

        • How prominent are fees? I know lots of banks offer things for small businesses that help counter the need for it.

          Tbh the min is fine if the prices for products aren’t also rising pretty mental, $5 for a pie feels crazy but maybe I just don’t visit bakeries often anymore

    • +2

      yeah, puts me off buying anything

      • they rather be talking behind the bike section about tonight's dinner

    • Wasn't a thing before covid, companies have had to roster heaps more for online cnc orders and have to charge a fee now

      • Definitely was a thing before covid.

    • +20

      As someone who worked at Kmart, I'll say it's probably because while it's fine if there's only 1 or 2 C&C orders to fulfil, it becomes a headache when you start having many different C&C orders.

      You only have so many people on the shop floor and they all have their own roles and they have their different managers so the C&C picker role is usually done by the service desk staff - the same staff who usually have to handle 3 queues worth of irate shoppers wanting refunds and what not.

      Don't forget the store is huge, if you get an order with items from opposite ends of the store you'll have a good trek getting to the area, and then actually locating the item. All this takes time, and then there's also the issue of finding space in the stock room to store the item for collection.

      So I'd say the admin fee is definitely a deterrent since C&Cs can cause quite a hassle. Looks like it's free for orders over $20. Having a staff member track down just one or two items for a total value of <$20 is definitely a waste of time lol.

      • -17

        Are you gonna get paid more for fulfilling those orders? No

        Gonna get an extra work member to help with orders? No

        Go Home eariler? No

        You're just doing what's your jobs role description to do. 1 order or 101 order.

        That's the businesses fault, understaffed, don't offer a service that you're not capable to provide, this is a mega business we're talking, not a local mixed business convenience store at the street corner. I understand the worker, honestly do and im compassionate BUT at the end of the day it's the greed of the business when the line is drawn. Kmart isn't a small business so they'd be this tight. Same as with Cinemas charging admin fee for ticket purchases online etc. I wouldn't mind the fee IF it means more work places created but they AREN'T. Everything seemed fine before without fees BUT one genius gets cocky and gives it a go, if it passes great, if not back to old, apparently it passed so the rest of the gang jumps on the bandwagon like with everything else, excuses, eexcuses.

        • +19

          Happyangus literally said the admin fees are there to deter people from using C&C for small purchases. The admin fees are waived for orders over $20. Why would Kmart want to priortise fulfilling C&C orders under $20 at the expense of providing less customer service to shoppers who are there?

          Looks like the admin fees are serving its purpose by deterring you for using C&C for $3 order 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +5

      No wonder people prefer Amazon than local stores.

    • Cost of a person going and picking packing stuff for you

    • +14

      Don't buy it and throw it out straight away then?

  • -3

    Thanks OP, bought 30.

  • Just got the $5 one this morning. Pretty good imo.

  • +1

    +1 for this mouse. Bought one last week at this price. Total steal for $3.

  • Where exactly is the RGB on the mouse? I can’t see it in the images.

    • +1

      Mousewheel, light below DPI button ontop and the sides of the mouse. The Kogan mouse linked shows it. The only difference is this doesn't have the backlit scorpion logo.

  • Looking for a good basic mouse with programmable buttons. For this price I'll definitely pick this one up and give a shot. Maybe even grab a couple just in case (for longetivity's sake).

    How's the clickiness by the way? Any stiffness when clicking any of the buttons or operating the scroll wheel? That's one of my main gripes with most cheaper mice.

    • +1

      No stiffness at all.

      • Cheers! I'll pop down to Kmart tomorrow and hope there'll be some left for me :)

  • Previously bought the 10000dpi for $8 and is definitely worth it. Just bought two more and one 15000. Cheers

  • +2

    I am yet to see a person actually set their mouse to 10000 or 16000 DPI and use it with any accuracy. I get that higher DPI provides better tracking accuracy but no one would actually set it that high. I am a wrist mouse user so I have my DPI already relatively high around 2600 to 3200. At 16000 to 18000 DPI your cursor is just zooming around like a crazed rabbit.

    • exactly. its polling rate that matters, not dpi.

    • +1

      I have been living with 400 DPI for years now. Yes, it is slower, but give yourself a few weeks, and you will be landing shots really accurately because smaller DPI allows for much more accuracy and no chance of pixel-skipping.

  • The mouse is honestly so good

  • I just got one myself too. I think the 5 dollars one kmart (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631226) is slightly better since it is slightly lighter with all the weights removed and the ergonomic side plate makes it more comfortable for a palm mouse user like myself.

  • +6

    I tested the software provided by Kogan and it works with this mouse. There are however a few differences. For starters the light between the 2 DPI buttons can be changed within the Kogan app for each "DPI profile" you're on, e.g. red for 2000 DPI, green for 3600 DPI and blue for 6000 DPI. The other addition is the Gun Editor which is obviously used to help assist cheat with recoil in FPS games.

    Other than that the software is pretty much identical with some new branding, though I did find it to be somewhat laggy in comparison to the Anko.

    • +18

      So I did some digging in the files of the programs provided by both Anko and Kogan.

      Browsing to *C:\Program Files (x86)\ankomouse* where the mouse software is installed I discovered the "modules" folder that has the code for the Gun feature found in the Kogan app. Within the "setting" folder of the same directory is several .bin files that contain all the configurations you've set for your mouse within the software. Upon opening the "apConfig.bin" you'll find this:

      selectGun=0, 1, 2

      Changing "isGun" to equal true makes the "Gun Mode" show up fully functional within the Anko software. It seems pretty obvious that Kmart didn't want that feature to be included with their mouse so the manufacturer added the option for that functionality to be removed.

      Interesting enough if you change "is55328" to true then it disables RGB and you can only set a single colour. As expected the software is being recycled for different mice with different brands/hardware configurations as the Kogan app has identical options in their configuration.

      Within the Anko configuration it points to this website who we can assume may be the manufacturer, while the Kogan configuration points to Kogan.com. It also goes by other models like JLR-74412 in New Zealand and PJT-DMS985 on Alibaba.

      • +4

        Thanks for all the ground work and keeping it nice and clear.

      • Did you by any chance find a driver for this mouse that runs on Linux?

  • +6

    I wonder if Kmart is finishing up with their "gaming" gear…Seems a lot of gaming related things have been going on clearance lately.

    • +1

      It's weird because 2 weeks prior my Kmart store only had Nintendo Switch accessories on this shelf and gaming mice were no where to be seen. A month before that the area had Mirabella bulbs. It seems like that Kmart stores are getting a few pallets of gaming gear and immediately putting it on clearance. I'm sure one of the many Kmart employees here could answer.

  • cheeeeeap

  • silently waiting for the mechanical keyboard to go on sale

  • +1

    Thank you. I picked one up, there is a 16000dpi version for $5 as well.

    Some stores also have this headset for $5 (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/virtual-7.1-gaming-headset/...).

    Kmart look like they're clearing out their gaming stuff?

    • $5 one has a braided cable.
      Kmart Firle SA has 10 left of them

      • +1

        kmart turning me into an e-girl for less than 50 bucks

        very cheap 'gaming' gear indeed

    • I got the $5 headset, it's okay for $5. Bass heavy like all cheap headphones, the cable is really annoying design if you are using it with a phone/game controller though as you have extra stuff hanging off the cord everywhere and whenever the cord touches your clothes it gives annoying feedback noise. If you have a shirt with a chest pocket you could tuck the extra crap into that possibly.

  • look at all the proud little brodens snapping up multiples…

  • +3

    you can overclock most mice to 500-1000hz manually, if you have an old one lying around: https://www.overclock.net/threads/digitally-signed-sweetlow-...

    i do this to all my mice, its fine the one i've been using has been running for 8 years hasn't blown up

    if only i was close to a kmart i would grab one, $13 inc delivery makes this meh

    • I don't understand, what's the point of overclocking your mouse?

      • standard mice run at 125hz, so that's a 4-8x gain which is insane if you think about it, a must for serious gamers

        it shows up if you have a high refresh monitor, the cursor is much smoother

  • Morley store has none left on shelf despite the online store showing stock. Picked up the 16k DPI one instead (which funnily enough, showed out of stock online)

    • I was trying to get the $5 headset and the dude looked it up and said theres -1 in stock… the online system a joke and so is there in store one by the sounds of it.

  • Comes up as OOS online for me (both DPI's)

  • good deal, but sadly out of stock online and my local Kmart

  • Kmart Firle SA has about 12.

  • +1

    Still a bunch at Kmart, Keysborough

  • I wish this were in the US. That's a decent mouse.

  • which one is feels better out of the two?

    • +1

      My main mouse is a razer basilisk and I have medium size hands for a bloke with hybrid palm/claw grip.

      The $5 one is slightly larger, the hump a little higher and prpbably more suitable for palm grip. Its light when you take all weights out (5 in total so u can adjust to your liking). It also has a softer click with less travel compared to the cheaper one which has firmer/harder click.

      $3 one is more comfortable for me as it is similar to my basilisk. And the scroll wheel feels smoother. I would say if you have smaller hands/claw grip the $3 one might be more comfortable.

      There's around 10 in stock Moonee ponds kmart Vic

      • thanks. i tried out both ones and i hated the scroll wheel on the 16000 dpi mouse (too lumpy). the scroll wheel on the 10000 dpi mouse scroll wheel feels much nicer, although i'm not too fond of the way the side lights feel on that one

        • I agree the side lights a bit too much. I plan to use it to replace one at work and looking at how to disable the light or make it less in your face.

  • This $3 one was out of stock at my local but instead, there were around 15 of the $5 one, so I grabbed two of those instead. Here's hoping they last for a year or two, thanks OP!

  • Love the build quality on this, was pleasantly surprised. Miles better than any of the stock office mouse I've used.

    $3 is way too cheap, thanks!

  • Grabbed the $5 one from Kmart in Belconnen, about 10 more were on the shelf. Great mouse and a steal at this price!

  • +2

    By the way, there is protective film on the pads. Make sure to remove it - the mouse will glide much better!

    • Thanks for this! Had it for a while and didn't even know.

  • What does dpi mean in a mouse?

    • +2

      According to Microsoft:

      DPI is the standard used to measure the mouse sensitivity, expressed as the number of DPIs (dots per linear inch) that a device can detect. By changing the DPI, you can instantly adjust pointer speed for precision tasks, such as in-game targeting or photo editing. The greater the number of DPIs, the higher the mouse sensitivity, and the faster the pointer speed. Some mouse models include dedicated buttons (DPI On-the-fly buttons) you can use to instantly adjust your mouse sensitivity (DPI).

      So a higher DPI means that the mouse will be more sensitive and the cursor will move more quickly. 10,000 DPI is overkill for most people.

  • What does dpi mean in a mouse?

  • +1

    Just logged in to confirm. Got a $3 mouse. Works flawlessly on windows 98 and window XP retro gaming PC if someone is interested in getting one for that usage.

  • Burwood One has quite a few this afternoon

  • Plenty at fountain gate, Vic.

    Hidden feature is ability to swap out the side panel for a pinky finger rest, which makes it super comfortable and hidden weights you can remove on the 16000 dpi model.

    It's RGB ….. This is a 5 dollar mouse. Wtf. Epic deal for a spare mouse.

  • Found the $5 mouse in store despite the website saying no stock at that store. YMMV.

  • I got the both the $3 and $5 one from my local kmart and both are nice. The $5 has braided cable and is more ergonomic with the right palm extension. The $3 one is still good even for general use.

  • None around inner Sydney from what I can tell online (Broadway had none there), but I ordered click and collect for Bondi Junction and am hoping they can't find it and just deliver it to me at no extra cost.

  • Went to Burwood Kmart today, and there were still a couple remaining despite the website claiming that it was out of stock.

  • Got it on Kmart Online. Thanks OP, epic deal!

  • Got the last one on shelf, great product, nice build quality & rgb. Being able to change dpi on the mouse is good. Guessing they wanted to clear before eofys

  • Really good mouse…. thanks

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