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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods Max Pink $653.63, Blue $662.21, Green $663 Delivered @ SydneyMobiles eBay


Different prices for different colours. Cheapest is Pink.
As usual, use discount GCs for further saving (e.g. eBay 3% from Shopback app).

Silver or Grey $688.73

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  • Umm….

    Apple AirPods Max (Pre-order ETA Late March)

    • They re-listed the same ad from early this year and did not bother to update.

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        Well in that case…same deal posted earlier. Just needs pricing updated.

        • I believe mods do not allow price changes on titles. I had several posts that were reverted when I updated prices in titles.

          • @Buy2Much: Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to be a smart a$$. Coincidentally, I saw the same listing about 10mins earlier and was going to post (until I saw the same listing posted earlier and the indication of a March pre-order).

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              @CamM: That's alright (I did not neg you btw). I thought it may be useful to raise attention to the $30 price drop, considering that price changes are not allowed in post titles. If it does not meet mods' policy, they will remove it :-)

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                @Buy2Much: All good. Wasn't aware of the rule re: price changes. Learnt something new today :-)

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    Ooo now we wait for it to get another $250 cheaper

    • If you are willing to wait another 6 months or so.

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      more like $350 cheaper

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    feel this headphones won’t age well and somehow look dated already …any thoughts ?

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      Max pro version is imminent

      • +1

        Yeah they’ll release a Spatial Audio, Lossless Version for sure

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          This already supports spatial audio, but lossless audio isn’t limited by apple, it’s limited by the bluetooth technology…

          • @feigning nervousness: An airplay 2 version with wifi will come out with beefier battery

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            @feigning nervousness: It’s totally limited by Apple - they didn’t think ahead by enabling playback through cable

          • +1

            @feigning nervousness: You've just saved me $688.73

          • @feigning nervousness: It may not be lossless, but 990kbps is much better than 256kbps.
            The Sony's at 990kbps with some much needed equaliser has a good sound actually (for the price point).

            I like Apple's sound signature, but at this price I require higher bit rates.
            If they simply offered a PROPER analogue input that still retained the sound signature I would buy one of these in a second.
            Wireless with Apple device swapping plus the ability to plug it into and amp for critical listening and they would have a killer product!

      • +1

        Classic apple

        • +6

          Fuji or Red Delicious?

    • +5

      Never liked the look on them tbh. Also I have never seen one person wearing it but that might be just me not paying attention

    • +1

      I think they’re the least likely to look dated. They’re hands down the best highest quality build out of any headset on the market being metal. They look and feel premium.

      • I disagree.

      • +1

        The case looks like a handbag lmao

    • yep reminds me of the NADs. these are probably slightly better.

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    Apple tax is getting ridiculous

    • Pink one is cheaper though

    • +4

      Like gambling its a tax on poor people

      • A fool and his money are easily parted .
        Says a lot about you being on ozbargain yourself

        • Interesting that You’re so rage triggered by how someone spends their money.

  • these don't support Apple Music's latest lossless audio, I would think a new version would be announced alongside the AirPods Gen 3/AirPods Pro Gen 2

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      They won't be using Bluetooth then, as support for lossless is a limitation of Bluetooth itself and not a feature withheld by Apple. Currently no rumours say anything about an updated Max model either.

      • +2

        Near lossless is possible with LDAC, AptxHD is also decent but apple being apple refuse to use these and stays with the far inferior AAC.

        • -1

          And Sony doesnt recommend it because it saturates the bluetooth connection and would have connection issues.

    • +3

      I have owned several pairs of various headphones and IEMS over the years. I found that the combination of noise cancelling and audio quality made the AirPods Max quite enjoyable. I guess what they lack in lossless or high bitrate codecs, they make up for soundstage and the spatial audio took it up a notch.

      They sound as good as my Sony WH1000XM3s using LDAC off my Samsung phone; but I'd say that the soundstage (even on tracks without spatial audio enabled) makes the AirPods Max more enjoyable.

      Would I buy another pair of Airpods Max? I paid about $750 for mine and I think they're not worth it at that price if used solely for music listening. However, I pair mine up with Apple TV 4k (2021) and it gives you Dolby Atmos. I don't have space for a huge audio set-up, so this was a big bonus for me. This is what made it worth it for me in the end.

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    I'm sorry but I think you could get a pair of another brand at 1/4 - 1/3 of the price of these that sound at twice as good

    • +2

      I'm not going to argue that these aren't expensive, but in terms of bluetooth headphones there's not many that sound better. It pretty much comes down to: Drop Pandas ($399USD) or the Beoplay H95 ($1400AUD). Most reviewers agree the Airpods Max sound better than the Sony XM4 but definitely not 2x better.

      • +2

        I’d rather give Sony my money then Apple who you know are just price gouging

        • But you can get headphones for like 1/4 the price of Sony

        • +8

          Watch tear down videos. You'll see where the cost went.

          Here's the iFixit teardown:

          With all their intricate, precision-engineered parts, AirPods Max remind us more of a mechanical watch than of any pair of headphones.

          • -5

            @ihfree: You buy airpods max because it is Apple, the brand is worth that much, if you don't think the brand is worth it then buy something else

            • +2

              @ln28909: Assessing a product is much more than this is made by X brand. Your comment is an extremely simplistic view and simply a variant of "if Apple branded a brick, Apple users would buy it."

              It's not hard to recognise that companies put out different models at different price points to target different consumers. I could give hundreds of examples. Focusing on these headphones:

              This is a premium product with a price tag to match. The sound quality is best in class, the build quality matches(see the link in the post above).

              Apple have more than enough market share to release a premium headphone product(approx from a quick search: 50% phone, 30% desktop, 80% tablet). There are more than enough potential buyers. They also have the products under the Beats brand that compete at similar price point to the Sony/Bose offering - Studio 3.

              There's also the tighter integration with other Apple devices. Would you buy it as an Android user or a Windows user? Unlikely as it is targeted toward Apple users with some features only working on Apple devices.. which makes your comment even more redundant as buyers likely already have an Apple device to even consider these headphones.

              • -3

                @ihfree: Apple is a fashion icon not just a tech brand

                Beats is now relegated to being the budget part of apple

                • +1

                  @ln28909: OK, another generic Apple hater statement. Beats is a different story - with the dislike for their products backed by bad sound for the price(in all reviews that I've seen). Their bass heavy sound signature is still loved by consumers despite lack of sound quality.

                  It seems you have an irrational hate of Apple and that's caused you to throw out evaluating the product rationally.

                  You're also an apologist for the quality of the Dell G5. Are you by any chance a Windows fan boy?

                  • -1

                    @ihfree: Don't compare apple to windows or Dell. Think Gucci, LV

                    Beats product is too cheap

                    I have no hate for Apple, it's a high class fashion label

                    And yes if Apple sell a branded brick, people will buy



                    • @ln28909: Lol a third one. You're acting like an NPC.

                      Do you have any actual experience using their products? Or actual opinions?

                      • @ihfree: I have ipad, airpods, airpods pro. Don't really like airpods pro cause of bad fit, otherwise it's fine

                        Wearing headphone is not my style so airpods max doesn't interest me

                        Switch to Android phones as Apple is too strict on their app store

                    • +1

                      @ln28909: Dell put out a brick and you defended it. I guess that's more down to consumer than brand.

                      • @ihfree: Dell is not a fashion brand, if they put out a brick no one will buy it

                        • @ln28909: Do go on.. what makes a Dell a better machine for productivity than as Mac?

                          • -2

                            @ihfree: you're missing the point, Apple is expensive not because it is better for productivity or general use, it is expensive because it's a fashion label

                            And Dell is generally trash unless you buy the one that costs as much as a Mac

                            • +2

                              @ln28909: That's a pretty simple and generic point of view. There are definitely products in the line up that meet that criteria, it's not universally true.

                              If Apple headphones didn't have the construction quality or performed worse than the competition, your argument might hold some weight. They didn't, it's an extremely high quality set of headphones with better sound, noise cancellation and additional features(spatial audio). The tear down shows where much of the cost of the product went. There are reasons to buy it beyond its looks which generally is not the case with a fashion brand.

                              CPU performance wise, Apple are ahead on both laptop(comparable parts), phone , watch and tablet.

                              Taking the M1 Mac as an example, it's universally recommended over the Dell XPS. That's not because it's a fashion product.

                              Have you actually looked at tear downs and component costs? Have you considered the cost of development?

                              • @ihfree: Yes I have considered the cost of developing a brand, that's why it's expensive

                                • @ln28909: … and material, machine costs.

                                  Do you think the milled aluminium costs the same as the plastic construction of the Bose or Sony's?

                                  • @ihfree: Not as cheap as plastic but it's still cheap to make

            • @ln28909: The other set I’m looking at are master and dynamic mw65 but they are much more expensive. Didn’t know apple put tax on other brands too

              • @onlinepred: Has nothing to do with my comment

                • @ln28909: Apparently anything that’s expensive is a fashion brand? I didn’t know this.

                  • @onlinepred: Lol, never said anything

                    • @ln28909: Well again you are wrong hey, you literally said many things.

                      • @onlinepred: Well in case you don't know

                        many things < anything

                        • @ln28909: Technically anything < many things > anything. Ouch. Maybe all the plastic and pleather from your Sony cans are going to your head? Time to get some actual good ones, or fashion cans according to you.

                          • @onlinepred: can't tell if you're trolling or just lack common sense at this point

                            • @ln28909: Well done, I was purely trying to imitate you and your comments. You have come to the conclusion that we have with the fashion label garbage. No clue what you are talking about, commenting on high end cans like they are $200 Sony cans. Provided no valuable input for anyone, and overall just wasted space. Better to keep the dribble to yourself in the future, and don’t comment on what you don’t know.

                              • @onlinepred: If you can't even understand the difference between many things and anything, why do you even bother to look through comments, surely you can't comprehend half the things written

                                • @ln28909: Ouch, you learn something new today! Anything can be a single thing or many, it’s a range. Ouch. Hence why it can be less or greater than many things. Ouch.


                                  • @onlinepred: anything can be many things but many things cannot be anything

                                    Lol, neural function is recommended

                                    • @ln28909: You haven’t done mathematic logic hey?

                                      • @onlinepred: Lol funny you mention maths

                                        Guesd you don't know the saying

                                        A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square

                                        I suggest stop embarrassing yourself

                                        • @ln28909: It’s cute you think that’s a logical comparison. Makes sense

                                          • @onlinepred: I feel bad for you

                                            • +1

                                              @ln28909: Lol, still going… I feel bad for you.

                                              • @ihfree: I wanted to stop, but people keep tagging me, so popular these days

                                                • @ln28909: People love a good argument.

                                                  On this topic, I don't think you know what you're talking about and as a result people assume you're either trolling or someone with a severe lack of reading comprehension.

                                                  • @ihfree: lol, if you read the conversation i have with onlinepred, you will see who the idiot is

      • Negged for stating what's the general consensus amongst audio enthusiasts 😔

        • +7

          These Airpods Max posts certainly bring out a weird group of Ozbargainers.

          My guess is that it's a mainstream product just outside of the justifiable purchase price which I'd guess is about $500.

          Neg me, my body is ready. I don't even like the product but I don't like the irrational and outright false statements that are made about them.

          • +1

            @ihfree: Its an interesting observation and I feel i have add some of my own. They are just an expensive pair of headphones but for some reason they emotionally trigger poor people. First, Are they conscious of their own shortcomings and feel that they cannot ever advance themselves in life that they need to rage post instead of thinking how they can overcome their inadequacies to succeed? If I saw a guy in a lambo with a hot model quality trophy GF I would be thinking how I could get some of that not wave my fist impotently in the air in rage. Second, are they so lacking of moral fibre that they are prepared to compromise themselves by lying to others to make themselves feel better? Why don’t they just buy some headphones more appropriate to their budget. How hard is that?

      • I wish the Pandas sounded better, on paper they are simply amazing.
        I've tried EQ, I've tried all the inputs inc a decant amp/DAC, im just never satisfied.

        Personally I believe I got a better sound out of the Sony's with LDAC and a proper EQ than the Pandas, as much as it annoys me :(

    • +5

      Would be keen to hear a recommendation that's just as good or better in the $160-$220 price range.

      • +1

        Yup I'm scrolling through the comments, lots of trash talking them as worse than alternatives but not legitimate cheaper alternatives posted.

      • The only potential competitor I’ve seen at that price is the Razer Opus which RTings awarded a very solid score for neutral sound (better than the Sonys and Apple). However, the product didn’t sell well and doesn’t seem to be available in Australia. It also doesn’t allow for multipoint pairing (unlike the XM4 and AirPods).

    • +1

      These are pretty much the best sounding and best noise cancelling headphones on the market. Still overpriced sure, but they are the best on the market. Best build quality too, and best transparency mode.

    • Please define twice as good? APM's definitely sound much better, to me that is, than the Sony's.

  • Silver and Grey were $669 not long ago just an FYI, in case you thought this was the cheapest yet.

    eBay 3% from Shopback app

    4% with Swap cards.

    • +2

      $20 is 5%, the rest are 3% now.

  • +10

    Maybe just me but they are seriously fugly.

    • +6

      They look like those 10 dollar Kmart headphones that are made for kids.

      • +2

        That was my thought as well. Kinda expected it to be a thumbnail glitch or somethig

      • +1

        A lot of headphones are actually quite ugly, especially since most are unapologetically plastic…

    • +2

      Everyone said that about airpods.

      • +2

        This is very true. I thought they made people look dumb but now I’m used to seeing them and have my own 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Not just you. They look horrible.

  • +3

    Yeah what a crazy product that 'this' is a deal. It does apparently have very good ANC, and it sounds good, and it's in the Apple eco system, it isn't bad but it's probably the lowest in terms of value.

  • I use these almost exclusively to play Fortnite on PC (paired with a Gigabyte AX210) and absolutley love them. Feel like I hear so much more in game now.

    • Wow. There's much better options for less than half the price. The FNATIC react plus are the best of the best for first person shooters. I got mine for 120 bucks.

      • Without trying to sound rude, I think we're totally different people here.

  • +5

    I find the pink to be the best colour, and I'm a very hairy male in my mid 30s