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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods Max Pink $653.63, Blue $662.21, Green $663 Delivered @ SydneyMobiles eBay


Different prices for different colours. Cheapest is Pink.
As usual, use discount GCs for further saving (e.g. eBay 3% from Shopback app).

Silver or Grey $688.73

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    Enjoying Hi-Res Audio Loseless with AudioQuest Dragonfly cobalt plus AKG K712 Pro.

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      Different use case. Amp + wired headphones can't be compared to Bluetooth headphones.

      As someone who has both, there's minimal overlap in usage scenarios.

      • The use case is that Apple do not give you choice to use wired :( It's best when you have your own use case :)

        • I don't think I've ever used a set of Bluetooth headphones in wired mode.

          Afterall, what's the point? It's unlikly they'd benefit from an amplifier.

        • You can use wired, you just need to buy the wire.

    • Does it go up to 24/192? Have you compared them against topping nx4 portable dac?

  • So many up votes and views but only 7 units sold today.

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      They’re expensive, but it’s still a great deal because it’s great savings.

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      So many up votes and views but only 7 units sold today.

      578 up votes and 8199 clicks here. How many do you think was sold? ;-)

      • Almost 1. Upvotes and views are always more than purchases, the more expensive the item the bigger the ratio.

        I’m seriously interested in these but reviews have left me concerned about their comfort, and that’s the one thing that I dislike about the QC35s and these by all accounts are heavier and less comfortable.

        My favorite headphones for comfort are some wireless sennheiser ones that I still use despite having replaced the ear cups many times, those but with Bluetooth/ANC would be perfect. (Actually even better we’re the even older models that were 700mhz as I could use them at the same time as the microwave….)

        Expensive shit is great, expensive shit you’re not happy with is not fine.

        • No headphone is perfect, you will always sacrifice something. Audio quality for comfort etc.

          • @onlinepred: Happy to sacrifice Audio Quality for comfort, my ears are not that good. Struggling to find something modern where the sacrifice in comfort is worth the benefits though, at any price point. Headphones seem to be getting worse on many measures across the board. Once upon a time the sacrifice something used to be just money or audio quality, you could get everything else that existed. More money should mean less sacrifice though, not more.

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              @jkart: They are in a different league sound quality wise when compared to anything available from Sony or Bose right now. They are heavy for sure but the ear piece pivots 360 degree so they spread the load. For some reason they dont sweat my ears either. I'd say try them at Apple store and see if they suit you.

              • @dealsucker: Yeah COVID and Heath issues have prevented a in person test, definitely the best suggestion though, everyone finds different things more or less comfortable because we’re all sized differently.

                I’ve not had a headphone in decades that I’ve found is better or worse sound wise, my ear isn’t that great, the last time I was amazed by how something sounded it was more due to the very expensive hifi it was hooked up to and the source. Doesn’t make so much difference for me for podcasts and YouTube beyond the ANC.

                Visually they look like they’d be more comfortable than the QC35s due to the ear cup material, though reviews suggested it made up for that with clamping pressure. Seems to be hard to get good ANC without a good seal.

            • @jkart: Comfort is my main consideration too. So far that's had me ditch everything else for a pair of airpods, and bose headphones for loud environments.

              Just picked up airpod pros in the Kogan sale, and they might replace both. I normally hate in ears, but these seem good. They match the regulars feel of wearing nothing, with the option of NC

              • @crentist: Can’t use AirPods unfortunately they fall out and so I’d need ear hooks which make charging a PITA. Basically daily drive QC35s, Powerbeats pro, and Sennheiser RS 180’s. The Sennheiser’s are the only ones I can wear for 12 hours without any discomfort, they’re almost 10 years old. The QC35’s and Powerbeats pro are both uncomfortable in different ways eventually but ok for shorter term use.

                My favorites historically were my old RS65’s, but after a decade or so of use and abuse they finally kicked the bucket after one too many drops. They also had the benefit of being the only ones of those listed that weren’t subject to interference from the microwave.

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    Of you are willing to spend, i say wait for gen 2. These have lots of issues.

    • Let's wait for eBay $99 deal in coming months…

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      What issues specifically?

  • I think they will be a new version in sept?

    • Doubtful. These aren’t something they will release every year. There is a rumoured cheaper “sport” version coming though.

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      No way.
      The may update it next year or one day, there is also a possibility they will never update it. That's happened more than a few times over the years!

      • I think it will be updated as it’s selling like hot cakes. Plus apple just released spacial audio/hi res so they may release a version with optional cable to support hi res? The only time apple don’t update is when the product is not selling e.g home pod.

        • Hard to know the numbers, but i really hope you are right!
          I would love apple to update this along with a new~1Mbps Bluetooth codec supported on their devices. Oh, and a power button ;)
          I rather LDAC support so it could work well on Android, but I'll eat my hat if that happens.

          I suspect Apple will need to finish development on a new H2 chip for a new proprietary codec. I wouldn't expect anything under a year, but who knows.
          If/when they do it, they will do it right though, so i suspect good efficiency and high quality-ish sound.

          I love my Audiophile headphone setups, but I also love my Airpod Pros and i would love to see something of an in between product from Apple!

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      And moki headphones for children are $15. What’s your point?

      • I didn't know the $15 moki were active noise cancelling Bluetooth and wired.

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          I saw on's prime day article an Anker set which are ANC wireless. According to the headline( a quote from a review), they're as good as Bose and only $70!

          Do you think they'd be worth considering for someone thinking about the NC700?

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          I didn’t know the nc700 had apple spatial audio, fast switching between apple devices, actual high end sound, actual leather for a real seal not having to rely on ANC. If you want headphones with certain features and quality, you can’t compare to ones that do not compare at all

  • You need wired headphones to listen to high res audio , none of apples headphones support it, so I’m guessing they are likely to launch pro max with a wired connection will call it Max gen 2

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    In my opinion they look very ugly. at this price I expect them to be perfect in every single way. 0 compromises.

    But I guess Apple sheep will always eat what shepherd Tim Cook feeds them.

    • Lol, how the Apple haters have fallen. You guys used to make legitimate arguments comparing based on specs, performance, compatibility, etc.

      I'm guessing many of them moved on and those who remained are incapable of anything other than regurgitating these generic lines.

      I'd question who really are the sheep when so many of you comment without knowing anything about the product or comment on subjective aspects.

    • I wouldn't go as far as to say these headphones, even at full price wouldn't be considered expensive. My Audeze LCD-XCs at $2049 is significantly more expensive and are nowhere near the price and quality of a flagship model like the Hifiman Susvara ($7499). Would I buy these headphones? Not on your life, but then again what I look for in headphones will be different to what other people are looking for.

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    Case is f#cking stupid for these overpriced apple taxed cans even with discounts I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a set.