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Nvidia Shield TV Pro $279 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Free shipping, 30 units available, limit 1 per customer. Part of their Epic Hour on Wednesday June 30. Runs from 9-10pm AEST.

Update 30/6: It's now part of their EOFY sale, starts at 7pm AEST. Looks like it won't have free shipping though.

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  • +14

    Great price. Great device

    • +23

      Didn't have to tell me thrice.

      • +18

        Once would have suffice!

        • I wonder if it goes with rice?

  • +72

    A warning for anyone who doesn't know but the Shield now uses the Google TV home screen which forces a giant banner ad at the top. It's not even suggesting items from the services/apps you have installed, but from services/apps you don't.

    You cannot disable this unless you use a custom launcher which is absurd for such a premium and pricey device.

    Plenty of outrage over at the Shield subreddit if you want to see more https://www.reddit.com/r/ShieldAndroidTV/

    • -72

      1st world problems

      • +2

        Have to agree. You didn't deserve the negs but it is the internet after all.

        • -4

          True the next generation are a bunch of entitled whingers

          • -1

            @4foxache: mate this sites pretty much a joke now.

            you post bargains you get 20 negs because people don't like the truth.

    • +28

      Thanks. That's pretty off-putting on a premium device. Pass from me.

      • -26


    • +11

      Ah beat me to it. Yes exactly my reason for no longer recommending it.

      • Yeah, I'm conflicted. I can't think of what would be better, on the market, that I would recommend to people.

        BUT I'm not recommending it to anyone until they turn it off.

    • +3

      You can disable Google Play Services to get rid of it, although I'm not sure if that breaks other apps or in-built features. Definitely a rubbish update from Google - so much for their 'Don't be evil' motto hey

      • +1

        They got rid of that dont be evil many years ago. They are as bad as apple these days.

      • Best I could do was reduce it from taking up 1/2 my screen real estate to about 1/4.

    • +7

      plenty of outrage also in NVIDIA's own forum
      I own one and would no longer recommend this after this upgrade. Please note that it's not Nvidia's fault. It's google forcing all android tv users to use this hideous ad banner.
      Anyone looking for an alternative that plays all HDR formats and does not force the ad banners I'd recommend Zidoo Z9X. I've used their products before and had no issues. They use full Android instead of Android TV. Also a little known fact, Nvidia shield does not support HDR10+ and HLG if that matters to you. HDR10+ is an upgraded format of HDR10


      • If it uses Android, not Android TV, does it support streaming apps in 4K, like Netflix and Disney+?

        • +1

          No it won't. Won't have the widevine license to even play in HD yet alone in 4K, android ones just run on a tablet ported version. Some like the one mentioned has a non official license maybe

      • Is it google certified. If not that would be lame due to Netflix and alike not being in 4k

    • +1

      I noticed this on my parents google tv, but made the home screen into 'apps only' which helped.


      • +1

        Apps only does not get rid of the banner ad, only recommendations for channels

        • Strange, didn't notice the banner.

    • +1

      I rather it come up with Google button instead of Netflix 🤷

      • +1

        The little microphone button is basically a Google (Assistant) button. You push it, talk into the remote, and then it goes and googles stuff for you.

        You can, I understand, also recode the Netflix button to do whatever you want. The plex community tends to make it go to plex.

      • +1

        They should get rid of that button altogether. I'm forever accidentally lightly brushing my finger over it and firing up Netflix…

    • Would a pi hole be able to block this?

      • +1

        I'm using a mi box and pi hole and the banner still appears. picked up a firestick to play with last week. Good device, but the entire thing seems to be a giant banner ad

        • I'm waiting for my firestick to be delivered also - I guess that's how they can justify them being so cheap.

    • +3

      It isn't NVIDIA who made the choice. They have been fighting Google to not implement it.


    • +1

      It's disappointing that it doesn't just show ads for servicing that you actually have rather than just random ones but I wouldn't let it stop somebody from buying one— it's still a good device

    • +1

      Agreed. Have had it for over a year and its been great, but this latest update is just bloody annoying and stupid!
      Ads for crappy old shows all over the main screen.
      I just try to quickly jump to my apps. In essence though, still a very good device.

    • +3

      Am I the only one that didn't even notice this update until reading about it here? It just looks like an Apple TV interface now basically.

    • Is that part of the upgrade they are trying to push as i bought mine last year??

      I wont upgrade if that's the case

    • If it really annoys people that much, just set up a "Pi Hole" server and you can block all ads on all devices on your local network

      more info here: https://pi-hole.net/

    • you can go to the google play store and disable automatic updates (you will have to update apps manually after that) then go to the settings -> apps -> system apps and uninstall "android tv home" and the menu will revert back to the original one without the horrible adverstising banners it works for the shield and android tvs too but i dont know what about brand new models coming that might have the latest android tv home menu as the default with nothing else to revert back to

    • +1

      Why does it cost as much as the new Apple TV if it is full of ads?

    • sh!t.. thanks for the headsup, its a no for me just on principle alone, ill go with the google chromecast

    • +10

      For me, it's mainly for its capability to run Plex server

      • +5

        Not to mention this is a great little emulation box too.

      • I can't speak to any differences in functionality but I just picked up a Google TV and there's a PLEX app in my suggestions.

        • +14

          Plex server vs a plex client. Different things.

      • Not sure I get this. Where do you keep your movie data? On a NAS? If so why not run Plex on your NAS, assuming it runs Docker?

        • +1

          You can store your video files on an external HDD hooked up via USB to the Shield. If someone only wants to play Plex locally and access it remotely, then it bypasses the need for a NAS.

          • @skittlebrau: Thank you!

          • +1

            @skittlebrau: Exactly what I use it for. Plays all my large 4k mvk files with no issues at all. Show me another player that does this.

  • +5

    Great device. I use mine every day.

    • +1

      Just a question.

      How does this device work? Do you just stream stuff from your computer or device on to your tv and that's it?

      Or does it come with apps for you to view/stream tv channels from worldwide?

      • +1

        Both. A lot of people use Plex to stream content from their PC to their television.
        As it is an Android device, you have access to apps on the Google Play Store.
        This includes Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, etc.
        You can also stream TV channels (E.g. ABC iView)
        There will be ways to stream TV channels from across the globe, but I am not sure how to do this.

  • +13

    For those not keen on the new Home tab layout, you can use the Apps tab instead, with a long press of the Home button, or a single press of the Menu button (Remotes and Accessories -> Customise Menu Button -> set Short Press to "Open All Apps view").

    It has a grid layout with larger icons, and you can customise the order of the apps too (and it doesn't have the scrolling ads):


    • +3

      A good workaround. Thanks!

      • Agree. That was great advice… though I don't spend enough time on the home screen to be bothered by it. My wife and I are either in youtube or kodi most of the time.

        • What are you watching in YouTube? We just got premium but don’t know what to watch.

  • +2

    Hmm, you know having owned this and an Apple TV, the newest update really puts a damper on Android TVs, there are ads you cannot turn off on your home screen on the Android TV, there's no way around it but to navigate to the apps screen which you can't set as default.

    It's so bad I'm considering boxing this and going back to an Apple TV now it does 4K YouTube, that's the only reason I didn't buy it to upgrade my Apple TV FHD, real shame.

  • What does this do besides stream YouTube?

    • Stream everthing else, runs plex, remote play your games from your PC to your TV given you got an nvidia graphics card.

      • Yup, plus always getting new updates and supporting new Android apps.

        I'm running a 2016 LG OLED TV, and the webos support has been discontinued, apps are outdated, even though the TV is still great. Shield tv stays updated, always gets new app updates and security updates.

    • I have a Hisense Q8 4K tv but it doesn't have a lot of apps I was after like Kayo and disney + or plex

      So I bought one from amazon before they got a local release and I haven't had a problem with it

      • They have got kayo, plex and foxtel now. Disney not yet

  • Hope they fixed the remote battery draining issue on these units, my previous model reports critical battery levels after just 2 weeks of light use.

    • +4

      I've had mine for around a year (got it from Amazon US when it first came out in the US) and haven't had to change the remote battery yet.

    • +2

      Never had an issue either.

    • I’ve got the tube version and the remotes going strong 9 months in

    • That was a a problem with the 2015/2017 remote, i had that issue happen too. No issue with the 2019s AFAIK.

  • +1

    Currently have firestick with cinema hd on and Netflix. Is this much of an upgrade or just keep what I've got? Or get Mibox

    • +1

      Mibox is not worth it anymore. Google Chromecast with andorid TV is the best option now if you don't want the shield

      • +2

        Agreed. Had a mibox, the new Google tv with Chromecast runs better. Shield runs better than both.

        • Just really want to run Netflix Disney plus and cinema hd without lag etc. But not sure if its the internet or the firestick that's the cause

          • @Jono258: I got a fire stick 4k and have no lag.

            Is it far from your router?

            • @ItsMeAgro: Not too far but it's a gen 2 firestivk so getting on a bit. Just started to lag but recently moved to exetel so could be that.

              Disney plus doing error code 42 and cinema hd no longer finding streams. I think it could be nbn

              Should have got a 4k one on prime day

          • +1

            @Jono258: Recently got a 4K firestick and runs much better than my Mibox does (original, not S model).

  • +1

    Can anyone give me some pointers as to why would one should go with this rather than chromecast with google tv

    • You can plug in a USB drive, we'll on the Pro version you can. It's also got chrome cast built into it.

    • +10

      If you don't know. A Chromecast will be sufficient for your needs.

    • Backlit remote? That's about all I can think of.

      • This remote controls also my projector and receiver… Meaning.. When you press On/Off button, it will also turn On/Off your Display and Amplifier. It will also control the sound on your amplifier (receiver).
        I guess if you don't have a proper Home Theather, you can't appreciate the true power of Nvidia Shield.

        • Mine switches on all the gear and lights during a specific time window once my theater door opens up. Auto light off or dim once it starts to play and turn on once its finished

  • +3

    The new homescreen is definitely a downgrade, but the ads are shows which I can tolerate. If it were a product, consumable items, then I'd be losing it

    • Its awful. All ads for rubbish and services we dont even use. AndroidTV has become a bit dystopian.

      • They've done the same thing on webOS, LGs interface 😔

        • +1

          You can disable that in webOS though, or at least I can on my B7 model. It eventually annoyed me enough that I went looking for it one day. Option is buried in the settings, but at least it's there:
          Settings -> All Settings -> General -> Home settings -> Home promotion

  • +1

    Not really worth it now with the new update. If you are interested in streaming services only such as Netflix, Prime Video, Stan, Disney Apple Plus etc, Amazon Firestick is cheaper with the same functionality. I got mine for $35 during Prime Day sale (the HD version). The 4K version with Dolby Atmos, HDR, Dolby Vision support currently
    retails for $84. Wait for a sale to have a good discount

    7-10% Cashrewards available

    • +1

      The 4k firestick was only 40 or 50 bucks on prime day I think.

    • Does the Firestick support the live tv app? I use it with robotv and VDR as a tuning / recording backend.

  • +2

    Is this the way to go if I want to stream games from my PC to a TV in a separate room?

    The latest Chromecast does everything else I need, but running Steam Link on it is a total stutter fest. Same thing happens if using the Steam Link app on my 2018 Samsung smart TV.

    I can run Oculus airlink perfectly fine on the same wifi network (at higher resolution/refresh too)… so I'm guessing my issue is not network bandwidth but rather either the decoding hardware or the Steam software itself. Any thoughts on whether this would do the trick?

    • Also interested in this

    • Yes this is the way. Ensure you have a strong internet connection. I play heaps on PC games on this thing

  • Unless you have a specific need no point getting a shield anymore (I own 3, latest update is shit). Better to just get a CC with google tv or appletv if thats your thing.

    • agreed - Nvidia changes over the last year have really killed it. Apple tv is now better.

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