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Dell Inspiron 15 5510 i7-11370H 11th Gen, 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, 1080p WVA $1099.20 Posted @ Dell eBay


New Inspiron 15 5510 Laptop 11th Gen i7-11370H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Iris Xe FHD

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  • Just make sure u get dual channel ram.

  • Around the same performance as a AMD 3100x.

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    250 nits, 45% sRGB.

    • 250 nits?? that's bad

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        It's dull and dim. My Dell XPS 15 screen is emitting 500 nits.

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        It’s pretty standard. If you don’t intend on using it outdoors, it’s fine IMO

        • At this price point you can get laptops with much better build quality and screens.

          • @shellshocked: And specs? Such as?

            • @nessism: Look at my posts further down the page.

              • @shellshocked: No GPU though? This is what it is for the screen + GPU, I don't get what you're on about.

                • @nessism: The Inspiron doesn't have a dGPU, only on CPU Xe graphics, so what are you talking about? The laptops I listed have an on CPU Radeon graphics(like Xe) or dGpu like the Nvidia 1650ti.

    • This comment and the response comments come up on every PC deal. Seems some type of automated response as it's always the same. Just ignore them folks.

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        So you're telling folks to ignore the warnings of really poor screens. Keep the great advice coming.

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          They're not "really poor", they're "fit for purpose. Why the hell would you put money into a 500nit 99% srgb screen if you're doing office work indoors?

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            @incipient: Because you value your eyes perhaps. The screen on this unit is "really poor".

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    Overpriced for a laptop with a quad-core cpu, low quality chassis, and low quality screen. You can get 6 and 8 core CPUs, with better quality chassis and screens at this price point. Battery life will also suffer considering this is a 28w-35w TDP CPU.

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      • Well I posted the Lenovo S540 deal with the Ryzen 4800u 8 core, QHD screen, 16gb RAM, 512ssd and aluminium chassis for $1106 on their site and ebay. It is now sold out due to overwhelming demand.


        Unfortunately the recent Thinkpad deal is also sold out for $854


        They do have still have Intel version of the S540, with 20% off coupon on their eBay store


        Much better built quality then this Inspiron

        • -3

          That’s your opinion really. I’m not a fan Of Lenovo’s build and quality. Very bland and lacklustre

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            @Danstar: And made in China

            • +4

              @bOngOCaT: You do realise that Dell laptops are made in China! There are basically four ODM which make the majority of the world's laptops including Apple. They are called Compal, Quanta, Wilstron and Foxconn.

          • @Danstar: I'm only relating it to the Inspiron. Having owned one previously. I also bought a G3 and G5 Dell gaming laptop which I returned due to overheating issues. Dell currently has a class action in the US against them because of this.


            I currently own an AMD Ryzen 4800U 8 core based Lenovo S540 and the all aluminium build is much better then the Inspiron I had with the 10th gen Intel. The laptop is also a lot faster in multi-threaded workloads.

            • @shellshocked: As someone has mentioned in another comment. This Inspiron is an updated model and has aluminium also

              • @Danstar: That's only part of the top cover. The bottom is plastic. The laptops I posted, bar the Gaming 3, are full aluminium.

          • @Danstar: Look who's talking a technocrat

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          This Dell is 15" and your linked laptops are 13" and 14" and OOS. Can you link something 15" and in stock that's better? Keep in mind that this Inspiron 15 5510 is the latest model which has aluminium cover and palmrest.

          I genuinely want to find a better 15" laptop for around the price of $1,100 so I would cancel my order.

          • -1

            @DarkOz: If you want something in 15" why don't you look at the Lenovo Gaming 3 on their eBay store, with a current voucher there is a $300 discount. Plus you can get discounted eBay gift cards to get the price even lower.


            CPU: AMD Ryzen 4800H 8 core
            GPU:1650ti 4GB
            Storage:512 ssd + 1tb hdd
            Screen:1080p 120hz, similar colour gamut to the Inspiron.

            • @shellshocked: That's a gaming laptop and they are heavy. I actually got this laptop to replace a gaming laptop which my kid takes to school daily.

              This Dell laptop is 1.633kg to replace a gaming laptop which is 2.6kg(with a dying battery which only lasts 3-4 hours). The Lenovo gaming laptop is 2.2kg which is still too heavy.

        • Can anyone share the 20% coupon through eBay? I tried the PLNOV20 but it has expired..

    • Yeah wish those lenovo had a number pad and a bigger screen

  • My last several laptops have been XPS's, but man the pricing has shot up in recent times. Might consider an Inspiron next time, only used for general home computing purposes, YouTube etc. Looking to "upgrade" soon as it happens - my current XPS is starting to do silly things.

    • -1

      I use an XPS 15 and anything less now will be hard to accept. Look for a refurbished XPS from Dell, same warranty and more palatable prices. https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/shop/laptops-tablets/xps-l...

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        $280 is not much of a saving.

        Ill rather buy m1 mac. If screen size is not too much of a worry.

        • +1

          I thought same $280 only saving for refurb not enough

        • +1

          Besides my ipad, I've only ever used windows or android.
          The offering with m1 macs have me really questioning whether I will buy another windows machine again since I'm not much of a gamer.
          I am surprised m1 machines are not recommended more often for the general consumer.

          • @S2: I guess most of the general public are raised using windows.

            I love windows too but if i were to spent $2000 on a laptop, it would be a Mac M1 - purely for the pwrformance.

            • @shegeloaf: How is the app ecosystem on macs nowadays?

              For light gaming & things like citrix for remote work from home, are Macs practical yet?

              Thinking of switching camps

        • Not sure XPS users will be considering a Mac

    • +1

      What's your thought on this deal with the same voucher code "DELL20" for $2,479.20? I've owned XPS 9560 for a while, loved it very much and now looking to buy the new 9500 like this one but I feel I am paying too much for it.


      • +1

        $2,479.20 is a good price.

  • This laptop seems very similar to the Harvey Norman's HP 15.6-inch i7-1165G7/8GB/512GB SSD + 32GB Optane Memory Laptop @A$1098 before $50 cashback. Only $1 difference before cashback.
    Both have 11th Gen i7, 512GB SSD, and 15 inch 1080P IPS.
    Dell has 16GB RAM and HP has 8GB RAM + 32GB Optane Memory.
    My friend was considering the HP this afternoon and haven't decided yet, and I found this link tonight.
    Any advice?

    • +4

      I would rather send my money overseas than give it to Gerry Harvey.

    • HP 15.6" Laptop 2S3A6PA $1212 at TGG Commercial after trade discount
      Intel Core i7 1165G7 quad with 16 GB Ram (8 X 2 )

      HP does not use USB C but HP smart pin power adapter to charge. Lenovo uses USB C for almost all their laptops

      Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 - AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD $864.50

      • Thanks @utsc. The Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 - AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U was really a bargain.
        My friend decided to buy it, and unfortunately it was Out of Stock last night.
        Yes, also like Lenovo using USB C to charge.
        I do not have TGG Commercial after trade discount, and the price of A$1,599 before cashback [A$50 cashback]. The price is too dear. I think can add another 8GB RAM later on when needed.

        • The problem is that 8GB is 4+4 so you might need to buy 16GB.

          If you planning to upgrade then then the following might be a better deal.

          HP 15S-FQ2044TU 11 Gen i5 8GB/256GB Notebook - $744
          This laptop is eligible for a $30 cashback via redemption from Intel.*

          There might be a workaround to get the TGG commercial access.

          • @utsc: Thanks @utsc. when need to upgrade the memory, can my friend buy a 16GB RAM (about A$120) and replace one of the 4GB RAMs to become 20GB RAM (4GB + 20GB)?

            • @mem: 16+4=20 and 20+4=24
              Just checking

              • @cdmanxp: Thanks @cdmanxp. It should be 20GB RAM (4GB + 16GB). Today, my friend bought the HP 15.6-inch i7-1165G7/8GB/512GB SSD + 32GB Optane Memory Laptop @A$1098 from Harvey Norman. Thanks all for your help and advice.

                • @mem: If you upgrading better to buy 8+8 or 16+16

            • @mem: Yes 20 GB will be possible as most the motherboard should support it.

              However the symmetrical 8+8 configuration would be faster due to the dual channel processing.

              Requirements for Dual Channel mode

              Arrangement of the DIMMs in pairs in every memory channel (module pair)
              Identical module capacity of the module pair (128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, etc.)
              Identical DRAM technology of the module pair (128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB)
              Identical DRAM bus width of the DRAMs used on the module pair (x8 or x16)
              Both modules either only single-sided (1 rank) or only dual-sided (2 rank)
              Mirror-inverted assembly of the memory slots

      • For anyone else looking for usb c charging, look for any EVO branded laptops and they must support ush charging, even if the manufacturer doesn't say they do (dell doesn't say they do, but it works). I think thunderbolt4 may also mandate usb charging, but I could be wrong there.

    • The i7 on this dell deal is the newer 11th gen i7

      • +1

        But it consumes more power than the previous generation.

        • But it’s faster…by 1% or there abouts lol

  • both have 250 nits and 0% NTSC

  • wtf is that hinge on it. thats asking to be broken in the first month.

  • -2

    I don't understand how this is a good deal??? Quad core, Cruddy dell chassis, Integrated graphics, Cruddy screen.

    • -1

      All the haters just mad they missed out on the real deal for the $750 thinkpad last week ;)

      • I didn't have an edu email to take part in it.

        Anyone kind enough to send beans invite?

  • -2

    Inspiron isn’t known for its good build quality. The plastics are cheaper and become very brittle with age

    • The new Inspiron models have aluminium cover and palmrest. But you are right that Inspiron isn't known for it's quality, that's reserved for XPS which is double the price.

  • +3

    ordered an inspiron 15" 5510. The trackpad is "jamed" after a few clicks & have to push back from the bottom to release it.

  • Dell sent me an invoice and track ID for this laptop. Yet the invoice is for a G3 gaming laptop 🤦‍♂️

    Let’s see what arrives today

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