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[Afterpay] 15% off Millions of Items ($50 Min Spend) @ eBay (The Good Guys, Mobileciti, Bing Lee, Big W) Xbox Series S $364.65


Another Afterpay deal for you. Should apply to most retailers.

Some deals -

Full T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on 28 June 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items, when you spend $50 or more (up to $2000) in one transaction and check out using Afterpay during the Offer Period. A maximum discount of $300 per transaction applies. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
'Eligible Items' means all items listed at https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Afterpay/bn_7116498445 where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code PAYAFT15 is displayed in the item listing.
Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption codePAYAFT15 into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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  • Awesome! Thanks

  • Hello Jack

    some sellers are still jacked but good to see the other sellers are back in this deal without jacked prices

  • +14

    series S for 364…. that's a killing deal on a machine… sadly no one want it…

    • -2

      512gb hdd is so pathetic for a current day console. Clearly Microsoft is trying to drum up sales for their exclusive expansion hdd. A lot of feature games use upto 100gb of hdd space. I suppose this would be fine if everyone had gigabit D/L speeds.

      • +2

        So you can'y use any external hdd for storage lie on the previous model?

        • -1

          I think you have to use the expensive Microsoft one because of speeds and USB limits etc

          • +7

            @TightBungholio: You can use any external HDD to store games you're not playing. Then transfer them to the SSD when you need to.

            • +1

              @ozb1986: That’s pretty good might grab one now lol :)

              • +1

                @TightBungholio: plus gamepass, best deal in gaming at the moment. I have a Series X, but would consider a Series S for the second room just because of how cheap it is

        • +1

          You can, if you play mostly non Series S|X enhanced games. While the smart delivery is a good move from Microsoft, it would have been good to have patched enhanced games (rather than proper true Series S|X with direct storage support) playable on external hard drive. It is annoying that Tetris Effect Connected needs to run on internal SSD or that proprietary add-on memory dongle. Come on, Microsoft, it is only Tetris.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: Its Tetris you rotate it a couple of times and it fits in the gaps between the bigger games

            • +1

              @natedawggg: When it fits the gap, it zaps other games next to it that form a straight line. Nice…

    • So nearly got one after selling spare gaming PC.
      With the AMD "dlss" coming to games shortly this little beast will be best value in gaming for years to come. Cheap usb hdd and your sorted.

      • +4

        except series S|X games won't run off an external HDD… so you'll spend a fair chunk of time moving data between internal and external storage…

        i want a series S (i have a series X already) at some point simply because its small and cool… this is nearly the right price for me to say screw it and get one…

        • Correct, Transfer is quicker than downloading and not hard to think ahead:-) but anything beats price of that 1tb ssd card.
          Have a 3080 and an SX, this would be for kids room and yep almost cheap enough to be impulse buy with $80 controller included.

        • I'll pick one at some point for another room for easier multiplayer with the series X.

          On the X I have a 4TB external which is fine for older games, and I haven't really felt a limitation on the internal HDD, though I think it'd be more of a problem with the S.

        • +1

          Takes around 5 minutes to move a 60GB game, no big deal.

      • It's already here, and it's a bit meh. Go have a look at 1440p FSR comparisons on PC.

        • -1

          Yep, it's here but not yet written into most games, and I was more thinking that they could use it in conjunction with VRS and machine learning to provide further scope for enhancement with built-in hardware at this super low entry point. So 60fps and ray tracing on a series S at 1080p would be achievable down the line. Especially since they can just retro add FPS boost already :-)

          • +1

            @elcheapodeniro: It already is an ML model, but it's super lightweight because RDNA2 sucks at tensorflow maths, especially in the context of a gaming workload.

            VRS is a 10-20% performance bump on non-VR applications (ie. without an eye tracker or an obvious central focus), dependent on the game style and the developer effort put in to tune for it.

          • @elcheapodeniro: Machine learning (like nVidia DLSS2)… if FSR is any indicator, is that a realistic expectation, at least in the short term? You really think AMD put some tensor cores equivalent in RDNA2 and has elected to do nothing about them so far?

            FSR is AMD's DLSS 1 equivalent and we all know what people feel about DLSS 1. It's one thing to use FSR in an attempt to do 4K or 1440p. If you are talking about FSR to do 1080p, you are talking about using source data that's ~720p. How good is that really going to be? Ray tracing on S, honestly, it just isn't great.

            • -1

              @netsurfer: Lots of smarts built in and then asset streaming from cloud in real time also toying with. Cheap entry point not a flagship.

              • @elcheapodeniro: You don't understand the tech of FSR, there is no machine learning part at all. You can check out Digital Foundry. In fact, the most DF Direct Weekly basically clarified a lot of it:

                • Unlike DLSS, FSR has no machine learning component (no machine learning image reconstruction, NOT even like DLSS 1).
                • A lot of reviewers compared that to DLSS 1 (performance wise), but the issues with DLSS 1 isn't the same as FSR.
                • Series S simply lacks the power to make FSR useful (because FSR works better with higher base resolution - yes, the base resolution is lower than native, but if your target is 1080p, your source could be 720p or lower). Richard from DF mentioned the same thing (i.e. not going to be that useful for Series S). I get Series X could benefit from it, but Series S, FSR won't be that great.

                A lot of misconception about what FSR is, even I got it wrong. It doesn't have machine learning. It's not DLSS like. FSR is an upscaling technique and it isn't really the best either. For games not willing to spend time on TAAU based solution, FSR could help. FSR isn't what we initially thought, we thought it would be DirectML Super Res scaling, but it is not, at least not the current FSR.

                • -1

                  @netsurfer: No you missed my point - there is various options in tech available to developers to pick and choose to optimise games as they see fit.

  • Does anyone who pays for this 15% discount? Afterpay or Ebay or 50%-50%?

    • +4

      Afterpay & Ebay, not sure about the portion tho, when I request for an invoice to the seller directly the discount is not shown on invoice.

      • Yeah, we are all convinced that the seller is not involved except for selling the items.

        Would be interesting to know the percentage between Ebay and Afterpay. Ebay is desperate to keep up their market share by offering and subsidising the discounts. It kinda gives you a big hint on how desperate Afterpay is trying to grow and get established.

    • +2

      ebay gets 10% fees from seller, so can easily take up to 10% of the sale.

      • but then ebay gets 0% profit?

        • +1

          Only from certain sellers for a short time and gets people on looking. Not bad advertising really.

  • +4

    boo hoo - voucher glitch has been closed

    • So, does it mean we can't even do part payment with ebay gc's plus After Pay?

      Sorry, I haven't kept up recently 🤦‍♂️

    • +1

      Are you sure? I bought the iPad Pro with 15% off last time and then paid with $1,100 in gift cards. Also managed to stack that with SocialGood cash back (crypto) of 100% up to USD500 which has since doubled in value (granted the cash back takes 90 days to finalise and I’ve yet to cash this out so it could be worthless by that time).

      • would also like to know before I buy a $1000 gift card

        • Where to get ebay gift card?

          • +2

            @tarken: shopback has 3% off ebay GC

      • How long ago was last time? Was it fully in gift card or partial payment with afterpay?

        • +1

          2 weeks ago. Paid $1,100 across 7*100 gift cards @ 8% off and 1x$400 gift card @ 3% off, balance of $46 with Afterpay.

          Really need another sale on eBay gift cards so I can top up. Keep having to go to classifieds and I’m missing out on cc points and an additional 2% off for a total of 10%.

          • +3

            @neilpatrickharris: GCs just worked for me.

            • @Juice08: gc's only didn't work for me

              looks like you have to pay some with GC's and a smallish balance with afterpay?

              • @Maglia Nera: Maybe. I could only buy $500 worth of GCs and that was less than 1/2 the total price.

                addit: when I said 'just' I meant time-wise, not 'I only paid with just GCs'

          • @neilpatrickharris: Can anyone confirm some giftcards + some afterpay still works?

            • +1

              @ezza: I just made a purchase at the good guys. Item was $599 and i used $360 in GC.

              Combined with 15% afterpay code and $30 referral.

              It took a lot of fiddling around. i had 7 GC codes and afterpay was not detecting it. Had to remove 1 GC and it worked

              • @HCH: GC and code together have total number limit.

  • +12

    Prices jacked.
    iPad Air (4th Gen) 64GB after applying 15% off comes down to $764, and thats the current price at HN, JB and other stores.

  • +1

    Afterpay Afterpay …………….. 😫

  • Is it me or I cannot browse through the discounted items?

  • +5

    Having a look through there's so much that's been price-jacked like this Homepod Mini which is now selling for above RRP @ $159.98 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373617775501?epid=19041718987&ha...

    • +10

      this has been going on for years, im suprised the ACCC hasn't fined anyone over this yet

      • +1

        Unfortunately price manipulation isn’t illegal in Australia. See airline seats and electricity plans.

        It’s best to be an informed buyer. OzBargain helps tremendously.

    • +1

      I’m so over everything price jacked, and you have to spend so much time finding what is an okay discount after code. If they just left it and only made some items available you could see all the ‘real’ deals in 5 minutes.

  • +1

    I'm never able to process payment on these deals.
    Afterpay always refuses me.
    What's the trick?
    My credit score is too good perhaps (they can tell they'll never make any money from me)?

    • +1

      contact afterpay and find out? i have zero debt, no credit cards and use afterpay frequently "because i can"… i had issues with LatitudePay and it was because your details have to be 100% accurate to your legal info, was annoying but their support fixed me up and i can use it now if i want to… so yeah, contact afterpay

      • I similarly have zero debt, outside of a credit card that is always paid in full before interest kicks in.
        Never defaulted on any credit payment.

    • Are you within the limit? New account limit is $300 or $600 I can't remember

      • Says $600 limit.
        Rejected at less than half that

    • I think afterpay will only approve lowish value purchases at the start, sub $200 or so?

      Afterpay also takes a cut from the seller, so they make money off the transaction, rather than you. I think afterpay, unlike credit cards, may actually prefer people to repay debts so they don't need to worry about bad debt?

      • FYI I just made my first ever purchase with afterpay, and the item was $1399 -> $1189.15 after the discount, and had no issues.
        N.B. I had to pay most of it upfront due to my limit being $600, which translated into $450, as the first $150 payment was also requested right away.

    • -3

      coz they think you are JV?

    • I thought afterpay don't do any credit checks??

    • I was getting rejected with no explanation trying to buy the Xbox. Changed my address from my Aus Post parcel locker to my home address that I'd registered during afterpay sign up and it worked. So if your billing address is different to shipping then this might help

      • I think that's just parcel locker. A few items said it doesn't ship to parcel locker and needs me to change address. It doesn't have to match billing. I've even shipped stuff to friend in a different state and it worked fine for afterpay.

        • Thanks. Good to know. It'd be nice if afterpay actually gave a reason for declining!

    • Have you actually signed up to Afterpay? They don't actually credit check when signing up.
      I would say something is amiss on your details.

  • +1

    Has mobileciti removed all iphone 12s? Why would they care what item they're giving the discount on?

    • I assume the seller is covering a percentage of the fees?

  • +1

    Cool, discount stacks on top of the Big W Toy sale prices. Ordered the Lego Medieval Castle for $94.35.

  • +4

    Is it me or all items (bar 3) have been removed from Appliance online store? OR have I got the store wrong.


    • +6

      Not removed, just hidden.

      They might be trying to figure out how much they should jack the prices.

      Try searching through their completed listings.


      • clicked through an old deal link and item was still there.

    • I had a fridge sitting in my cart (Samsung SRS675DLS) from Appliances Online since yesterday. I was able to apply the Afterpay code.

      Original price was $2499, discounted to $1454, then applied the Afterpay code, dropped 15% to $1,235.90 (which is less than half price!)


      • +1

        Same I had this Electrolux dryer in my cart from the last 15% i didnt pull the trigger on. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303201987906

        List price $1199, discounted price $737 and Afterpay got it to $626.

        That said it's on BingLee for $849 plus postage, so I'm not really comparing it to the $1199. It's actually also on another eBay shop for $599 but that is pick up only.

  • thoughts on MSI Tomahawk Z490 or Z590, difference is about $30 to pair with a 10700K

  • At this rate, Series S will be free in Christmas.

    • +2

      Don't be stupid

      By Christmas they'll be paying us to take it off their hands

  • Thanks, picked up MX Master 3 from Wireless1.

  • Can we use most of the payment through gift card and little on afterpay?

  • Ipad Pro M1 128GB 11 Inch available for $1,019.15 in wireless1 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254991845062

  • +4

    Insane price for XSS and I am so tempted to buy. But I cannot justify this purchase given I have had PS5 + Switch + a gaming PC but very little time to play games :(

  • Bought something on Friday and now I could get it for $75 cheaper!

  • +4

    mIlLiOnS oF iTeMs

  • No available for phones? Any lots of the good guys are not available for pickup

  • can we just tick pay by AP then use ebay giftcard to make full payment ?

    • And if only partly pay by afterpay?

  • I've only just signed up to Afterpay and have a $600 limit - is there any way to purchase a $1200 washing machine from The Good Guys through this? Can I part-pay half of it or something?

    • Most website allow part purchase. At checkout select Aferpay and it'll it's say you need to pay x amount with your own money.

      • No over a certain amount it will remove the afterpay option.

    • Buy swap giftcards from shopback for what you need after the $600 afterway, you'll get a % back!
      EDIT: thats if someone can confirm a combo of giftcards works!

      • Do you know the minimum to pay via afterpay for this to work? Suncorp has 3% off ebay GC and allows you to use custom amount.

        EDIT: GC combo confirmed working above, but don't know what the minimum to pay with afterpay

        • oh so now we still need to pay part with AP not all GC like before ?

          • @ChiMot: That is correct, you cannot fully pay with GC. Need to pay some amount with AP but not sure what the minimum is.

            • @CodeXD: ok too lazy to open AP account i dont like the idea of this kind of business make people spend what they cant afford. not talking about you Codexd im sure you are wealthy enough but those bogans will fall and got trapped financially and we tax payer need to bail them out one day

              • +1

                @ChiMot: Better cancel all your banking products too then as they do the same thing.

    • I managed to sign up and pay over $600?

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