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Dell 32 Inch Monitors - S3221QS $370 (OOS), S3222DGM $423.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


I managed to negotiate a couple of great prices on these 32 inch Dell monitors.

These two deals will go live at 7pm AEST.

Original Coupon Deal

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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  • Any chance for 49"?

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        lol, true. sometimes you just don't think. Amazing deal though!

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          +1 for being a good sport lol

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    Nice Deal OP.

    Are you able to share if there is any chance of the most recent S2721Q deal being restocked at that price before EOFY?

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      You might be in luck. I’ll find out later!

      • Thanks mate, will keep an eye out here at BAM.

      • keen on this too. btw. anyone happen to know if Dell issue invoice straight away? or do they wait unitl dispatch? thanks

        • Ah, good point.
          I bought something else off Dell earlier in the year and the invoice purchase date is noted as a week after the eBay purchase date (looks to be the date posted), no date in the invoice aligns with the eBay purchase date..

  • any chance the afterpay code would stack with this?

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    • Nope, since this deal also requires a Coupon code (and eBay won't allow you to stack codes).

    • stack it with egift cards and cashrewards.

  • any difference between S3222DGM and S3222DGF? besides the last letter?

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    Any deals of 30"+, IPS, 4k, non-curved monitors?

    • would love to see that….
      for similar requirement, i just ordered 27" IPS 4K

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    One day there'll be a deal on a flat 32 inch 4k monitor, I believe

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    no matter how cheap the price of these are, after 20 years of buying DELL their poor customer service team have shifted me to alternative options!

    i used to be a 1-eyed dell person, but now i realise companies such as Samsung etc produce the same quality monitors for less… crazy to think i didnt see that earlier.

    good luck to those who choose this monitor.

    • Cool story brah

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        yea, just telling it how it is. actually, since 1997 i was purchasing dells, for the company i worked for and then personally, so nearing 25 years. michael dell needs to fix things if he wants my business back. its a no, for now.

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          'OK, thanks sanchez01.. Bye.' - Dell, probably.

    • Not sure where you're buying a Samsung curved high refresh monitor for ~$400 but I'd love to find out

      (P.S. Dell support is some of the best I've dealt with, so different strokes I guess…)

      • Samsung G5 Odyssey 32" (QHD 144hz) is $399 but it is cheap for a reason …. take a look at reviews first.

    • Don't have brand loyalty with either one, but if you are in the market for a fast curved 32", the G5 32" has terrible reviews and the G7 is double the price of the Dell S3222DGM. (FYI, I didn't neg you)

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    Got the S3222DGM, thanks OP.

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      meeee too, spent the day umming and ahhing on which one. :D happy days

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        Same about the indecision all afternoon!

        But I'm pairing it with an existing 27" 4K IPS screen so the S3222 gave me the greatest versatility for productivity and gaming setups.

        Great price can't wait for it to arrive and return this spare 24" 1080p to the office!

  • Thanks heaps OP. Perfect timing for EOFYS, bought the $370 model - even cheaper than using a $100 voucher on dell with whatever coupon codes I could use by at least $50 despite their sale prices.

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      I already have 3 monitors ,, dont know why I bought another

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    Thanks OP! Bought the 32 4k monitor!

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    Thanks OP. Bought the S3221QS. Estimated delivery Wed 28 Jul - Wed 4 Aug.

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    i cant seem to use the coupon DELL20. it says COUPON CANT BE APPLIED here. help!

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      Same here… this sucks I've tried the code multiple times, even searching the product on ebay instead of using the link.

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        yea exactly! copy and paste. Incognito page. cannot. sighhhhh

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          Ok I figured out a way - use incognito and purchase as a guest (do not sign in).

          I just used a different email but everything else (address, credit card, phone number) was the same as my main account.

          And then voila - I was able to enter the 20% discount code and purchase a monitor!

          But it's ridiculous to have to jump through so many hoops!

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            @wrongwright: Ok done! thanks, mate! got it through your way. awesome! got the S3221QS. Estimated delivery Wed, 28 Jul - Wed, 04 Aug.

            got a new monitor and a new ebay acct. haha Thanks OP! Thanks @wrongwright!

  • Thanks!

  • Ordered the 4k one. The realestate upgrade to my 27’ Samsung is attractive

  • Got the 4k one. Great price!

  • Does anyone know how to get a tax invoice to claim this back on tax?

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      If you read the fine print in the item description..

      TAX invoice from Dell emailed once the item has been delivered,,

  • Got the 4k one. But delivery date is showing up as 4th August. 😳

    • yep, me too that is a long wait. previous dell monitor I ordered arrived in 2 week, keeping fingers crossed that this will be also same

  • Mac M1 have a lot trouble with this 32 inch, just beware.

    • The 4k or the low rez one? What problems?

      • Google Mac M1 and S3221QS, you will see, pay attention to those on Dell site

        Everything is true and have not been fixed by now.

        "It just works" my big fat axxx

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    Ok pulled the trigger on

    Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD S3221QS Monitor AMD FreeSync 3840 x 2160 60 Hz(ebay.com.au) - $370

    After spending the whole day contemplating between whether I want 4K resulotion or the better refresh rate of Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3222DGM 165Hz 1ms QHD(ebay.com.au) - $423.20, as I am a casual gamer playing RPG games online.

    But normally I would mostly use it for my work purposes mainly programming. Hence I think S3221QS is the right choice. But posting this comment here to get some positive validation :)

    • 1440p at 32” is a joke for productivity. 4k is the best choice you made without a doubt.

    • +2

      Had the same dilemma and came to same conclusion.

      Coming from an old Samsung 27 1440P monitor - I decided the lower pixels per inch (PPI) was not a good enough tradeoff for high refresh rates (which I'd only use 10% of the time anyway). Plus now I'll be able to enjoy 4K content natively which is a big plus in my books!

      For reference, a 24" 1080P panel has the same PPI as a 32 inch 1440P monitor and I can definitely notice the pixels on a 24inch Full HD monitor.

      • Don't forget you should be seated a lot further back with a 32" as compared to a 24" though.

  • Just ordered the 4K curved. Hope I don’t regret. I have a Acer 27” QHD predator 144Hz TN. And a dell U2719D 27” qhd. Not sure how I should set up 3 monitors ? How would you guys do it ? I have a 1070ti. I guess the Acer would still be the FPS gaming monitor ?

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  • Hey guys, which cable to use to connect from HDMI to USB C to connect this display S32221qs to xps 13 any links would be appreciated… Thanks

  • Is the 4K good for PS5 ?

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    Hi OP can you get a deal for S3422DWG? Really want one, thanks


    • If this goes below 400, I'm pulling the trigger.

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        not even the Xiaomi 34" has gone below 400, think you can keep that bullet in the chamber ;)

        • True, but a fool can dream :)

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    Hi OP. Can you get a discount on C3422WE?

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    S3221QS is out of stock (300 sold/0 available), S3222DGM (50 sold /550 still available)

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      Who would have thought? Productivity trumps gaming.

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        may be that's because a good proportion of us are working from home, after all half of our major cities are in lockdown.

  • Thank you OP, much appreciated

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    Hi all here is my 2c

    I have the S3221QS which was purchased on the previous deal to replace two 24" UXGA cause they were taking up too much real estate on my desk.

    Definitively smaller physical footprint (20-30% saving) & reduction of cable clutter
    4K is brilliant for productivity if running in native res at 100% scaling
    Seamless switching between HDMI inputs (I have two different PC's hooked up to the monitor via HDMI's, and the monitor is able to detect active input)
    Mild curve of the monitor

    Having two monitors is a LOT better (think of having two distinct surfaces rather then one that is segregated)
    The vertical space does not seem as valuable as horizontal space in 4K
    Most of the time running application in full screen is overkill & impractical (think of viewing a web page at 4k Res stretched over 32")

    In summary I think if I had my way again I would have bought 2 x 24" UXGA monitors with very thin/no bezel even if they would take up almost 90% of my desk.
    (if you are on the fence and unsure if you need one big monitor or two smaller ones i would look at your usage and if you predominantly work on single work space and need extra screen real estate then one large monitor is the way for you for all other cases buy two smaller monitors)

    Some examples where a single 4k screen is actually a lot less then 2 x 24"
    * changing stuff on one side of the screen almost always effects the other side on a single large monitor
    * when sharing your screen for a presentation you can have the other screen to do what ever you want (chat, web research ect)
    * the large high res monitor is usually makes it too hard for other people to see, so you end up dropping the resolution which effects everything that you have opened
    * you can leave a non/slow responding application opened on one monitor without effecting your work on the other monitor
    * having distinct task bars on each monitor is way better then one common one

  • Anyone have regret buying a S3221QS that wants to on sell it in Brisbane? 🙃

  • Anyone got their Dell order number and tracking number yet?

    • nein

      • It seems like we have to wait for another month to see delivery to start

        • Think they are shipping the QS today. I bought it almost sharp on the clock when this deal went live, got my tracking number (star track) with an ETA for next Tuesday just now. They ship from Sydney, so you guys should get yours very soon.

          • @deliriouss: Radio silence on the DGM. Estimated delivery still Wed, 28 Jul - Wed, 04 Aug

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              @bmxr: My eBay says the same, Dell deals with everything eBay manually, some Sydney folks didn't get the tracking info until a few hours before Startrack was out for delivery in the earlier deals, so hopefully yours is on its way too. Keep us posted.

        • Is your OSD menu pixelated? Just wondering if mine is normal or faulty.

  • No tracking number for me yet… Ordered right on the clock.. From Sydney…

  • Got my tracking number. Says it's coming from Sydney. I'm in sydney. Hope is high.

    • Just received mine too ..

    • same, it said will be delivered before the end of day

      • Just received mine in the morning as well :) Haven't opened it yet, will do so after the meeting :)

        • For me.. It's not out for delivery today .. Might receive them tomorrow

        • great, just received my as well

    • Got mine this morning and it looks as though its being delivered sometime today.

  • Tracking just received for the DGM. Estimated delivery tomorrow!

  • Got mine delivered today!

  • S3221QS arrived.

  • DGM just arrived!

  • Both back in stock.