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[WA] 51% off Gas Usage and Supply Charges for 12 Months @ AGL


I was already with AGL and my 2 year 44% discount was ending. I had a flyer a few months ago so I tried the generic address listed on it, once I put in my address and went through to switch plan it says 'guaranteed 52% off'. A friend of mine got same result.
Not sure if this is a typo or not as through the normal channels a WA address is offered 51% off. I signed up for this and it worked so thought I should post so others can get it. Let me know if this isn't a deal as it's only 1% more than usual discounted price..

Looks to be the same as this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/610546

Edit: It appears there are 2 deals here:
1: I have changed the main link to the 'better deal' - 51% off usage AND supply charges. This page has a 51% off banner, with a cartoon stylized woman figure. Check the deal before you submit the change to ensure it is both usage and supply.

2: The original link (and the deal I signed up to) has a photo image with people sitting at an outdoor table. This got me an offer for 52% off my USAGE ONLY (may vary depending on location). This link is: https://www.agl.com.au/localWA
If you signed up to this, people have has some success switching by using the online chat.

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                • @Aerith-Waifu: Make sure it says 'usage AND supply charge' - this will get you 51% off the 15.169 per unit (usage) PLUS 51% off 21.98 cents per day supply charge

              • @motherdough: Sorry how do I switch? Do I just create an account and ask them ot switch so I dont end up with 2 accounts? Thanks again, very noob at this…..

                • @Aerith-Waifu: yes they will notify your current supplier for you, you will likely get a final bill. I am not sure but it should be emailed to you etc depending on your current situation

                • @Aerith-Waifu: I helped my parent switch to AGL couple months ago. The steps like….
                  1. sign up at AGL
                  2. AGL will notify your current gas provider for the switch
                  3. Your current provider may call you and may offer you a better plan.
                  4. If you still choose to switch to AGL, you will wait for your last bill on your current provider (~60 days for me)
                  5. You are switched to AGL after you received your last bill.

        • Try just clicking through from the home page here: https://www.agl.com.au/
          From there go to "Energy Plans" and then type in your address

    • Similar to my kleenheat bill. I'd like to know as well

  • Does anyone know if Victoria offers similar plans

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      These discounts in WA are actually an illusion.

      They say 51% off, but have the original rate just be twice as much.

      Like 50% off a $2 rate, is worse than 5% off a $1 rate.

      As WA isn’t under the national energy laws, they don’t have the regulate price caps that other states do, so retailers just charge high rates with huge “discounts”.

      In Victoria, you have the VDO which sets a cap for maximum prices so prices have gone down a bit recently.

      Your best option is to look on Energy Compare and find what’s cheapest: https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au/

      Then repeat that every 6-12 months to make sure you have the best deal.

      • When I checked last time the unit rate was the same as Alinta (I think government set) but the supply charges do vary.
        AGL supply charge is quite low compared to the others and 9 months of the year in WA we use very little gas usage for hot water only (inductive cook top and don't need a gas heater on)

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        WA residential gas tariffs are regulated by the state government and these also serve as a cap that retailers can charge.


        I do note that not all of the charges are regulated, for example the daily admin fees. However if you look at these fees, they're actually pretty stable over recent years and are relatively low compared to the regulated charges.

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          As per the article that only applies to: the Mid West/South West, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Albany supply areas.

          I could be wrong, but I believe these are regional areas.

  • Any good deals for Qld?
    Power and gas?

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    Don't forget to set a reminder in 12mths to sign up to a new discounted plan or they will slug you full rates.

    • no, after 12 months it is still 50% off I am with they for a long time. It is same as all other providers

  • Currently on 50% off gas in WA. Possible to upgrade to 52%?

    • Yes. The better option is 51% off gas usage AND supply charges.

  • Always check the supply / daily admin fees. Usually they offer a cheaper % off and recoup it in the daily fee

  • Thanks. Ordered it.

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    Thanks Op!

    I had an alarm set to remind me to renew in 2 weeks time when my previous 44% off supply and usage 24 months contract would expire. I wasn't expecting to renew with 51% off :)
    I just logged into my account and changed the plan that way and it took seconds.

    These are the steps:-

    • Log onto AGL,
    • Click your name top right,
    • Account settings,
    • Property and plan,
    • Add or change your plan - edit on right,
    • Gas, change plan,
    • Select 51% off gas usage and supply


  • On a somewhat related note, has anyone tried to get them to price match plans? I went through 3 agents then finally the resolution team which stated they didn't. Put my order in for a competitor. Looks like they don't want my money.

  • Sorry, it doesn't look like we currently supply energy to your area.

    Northern Suburbs

  • Can't see how this is a deal at all. Kleanheat rates are the same. Defo not 50% cheaper than competitors

    • No but around 15% cheaper (kleenheat and alinta are running 35% off discounts), plus more with the discount off supply as well (which competitors aren't offering AFAIK)

      • Yes have confirmed this with them. Discount is applied to bill. Not sure how they do it and others haven't followed. They use Atco here in perth

    • there is no account fees for AGL.

      • Yes they do, on my bill it's about 6.15 cents per day

        • oh damn, you're right. is it charged daily or percentage or fixed amount?

          • @PissLUR: I just looked up the fact sheet, they charge account service fee of 6.78 cents per day (I forgot mine didn't include GST)
            Only provider that I am aware that doesn't charge this is origin but this may have changed

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    For those wanting to switch over from their current supplier (say Kleenheat, Origin), this works as well.

    I called AGL (I'm currently with Origin) and at first they didn't see the 51% supply/usage discount but once I mentioned it they ended up digging it out (Set and Forget).

    They confirmed rates inclusive of GST:

    • first 12 units the rate is 15.16c/unit 13.68c/unit (compared to Origin at 15.18c/unit)
    • daily supply 21.96c/day (compared to Origin 21.98c/day)

    51% discount on both, compared to current Origin offer of 35% off usage only. I did call Origin and they said this was the highest discount they could provide.

    Overall saving for me (compared to Origin) is $75/year

    So switchover in progress! Thanks OP!

    • I'm with Alinta,
      First 12 units 15.18c/unit
      Supply charge 21.98c/Day

      This is their standard plan with no discounts. Agl 51% off plan is hardly any better than this.

      • yes so Alinta are offering 35% off the usage (cost of units) so the rate you listed would come down to 9.867 cents.
        This deal is offering 51% off both usage and supply rates listed by @pumpkins (supply down to 10.76 cents p/day approx)
        For comparable usage and supply rates to begin with, it is cheaper to go with AGL

        • So these numbers that pumpkins is quoting is the rate before discount?

      • Even if the rates were identical, I'd still prefer to support the Aussie company.

      • Discount is applied to the bill so ends up 7.?c/unit and roughly 10c supply charge. Compare that to alinta

    • Just a heads up, have 35% off usage and supply charge with Origin. (9.87c and 14.29c)
      Unsure how we obtained this, been with them for a while, from rental to now new home, direct debit payments.
      Not too bothered to change from this, but am wondering if others can get it somehow too?

    • Are those rates before or after the 51%?

    • Sorry, the rates I noted in my post above are PRE DISCOUNT.

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    Or you could just use someone who doesn't screw you. This is not a discount, it's a penalty if you pay late. I would never sign up to AGL again. Ever.

    • Ever heard of direct debit? No chance to ever pay late…

    • Nice model but your Origin model is wrong because it doesn't account for the discount in supply charge too. Also, you need to update your rates to the new rates that were effective on 01/07 and the rates with other suppliers that will be effective 01/08 :)

  • Cheap way to ruin your kids lungs! 'The indoor air pollution from gas used for heating, cooking and hot water disproportionately risks children’s health https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/resources/gas-habit-how-ga...

    Go all electric and save your kids, wallet and planet

    • +1

      Isn't gas somewhere around 50-80% less C02 compared to electricity? I mean the data will be vastly different if you're using solar to power the electrical devices but at night time when you're using the bulk heating/cooking/hot water, it would be coal produced right?

      All good and well to say you'll save with electric but if you're already using gas and don't have solar, the change over cost would be rather substantial.

  • In Victoria here, I'm with GloBird, they seem OK, after i was paying a fortune with Simply Energy.

    33% Less Than VDO for Direct Debit, my bills seem so much better.

    So if you're with Simply Energy, at least shop around.

    • Great. Thanks for that. I am with Red Energy and I think their rates are high. Time to explore.

      • I usually enter all my details into the victorian energy website, and it shows me the best prices.

        Plus there's a $250 rebate if you have a disability/concession card or are a pensioner/unemployed.


  • Dammit, turns out the 52% that I changed to initially that just said "usage" also included supply charges. Just got the mail pamphlets for both as I changed it to 51% usage and supply after. Now the 52% is not an option anymore.

  • Careful with AGL, they always get you one way or another on your bill. They are the most profitable middle men in energy supply for Australia. So they are making monkeys out of a lot of people, just don't be one.

  • After the discount the rate drops to about 7 cents a unit. Plus you get a lot of discounts for shopping and discount cards