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[VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS] TP-Link KASA (KP303) Smart Wi-Fi Power Board $25 + Shipping / Pickup @ Bunnings Warehouse (Select Stores)


I saw the deal at Bing was expired so I did a quick search and found that Bunnings are offering them at $25. Bought 2, then posted for everyone.

Edit: price might vary from store to store. I bought it from Springvale, VIC

Edit 2: prices have gone up for all states except Victoria

Edit3: most stores have updated pricing or are out of stock. Check in or call your nearest store to get more updated information. A post from a member in Ashfield said the price dropped from ~$45 to $25 when they scanned the item at the checkout counter.

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    Thank you op. After missing out the Bing, I’ve checked other retailers for bargain but no store was selling at this price.
    Finally bought two. 👍

    • Just got a call from Bunnings that of 2 ordered they have only 1 and refunded for the other.
      Very poor form of online biz that Bunnings doing.

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    Why am i seeing 44.96? anyone else? any specific store?

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      same here

    • The website says $25 for me, I bought it online from the Springvale store in Victoria.

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        Yeah, seems to be specific stores!

        • Thats strange, I thought they would have a national price but I guess not

    • That happened to me when I was accidentally logged into Powerpass.

      EDIT: Looks like it's linked to stores rather than this.

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      $44.96 for all stores on the Gold Coast and northern NSW

      • was 25 for gold coast, after i find my giftcard, it's back to 44.96

    • same here

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      It was $25 for me when I clicked the link direct from here. When I signed into my bunnings trade account it was showing up 44.96. When I tried coming back here and clicking the link it was showing up 44.96. Maybe try copy/pasting the link into a incognito browser page and see how you go?

      **edit - I was able to buy for $25 using guest checkout

  • TP-Link 3-Outlets + 2 USB Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip
    I/N: 0215659


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    I bought 2, $25 ea

  • Needing some ideas, which appliances would u connect to a smart powerboard?

    • Aircon and a smart thermo? Tv? Coffee machine maybe? It may be better to have individual smart plugs for them though.

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      For me it's used for items that you can't easily get to the powerpoint for. E.g. lamps, accent lighting, lights that need schedules (aquariums/plants). So many possibilities.

    • Is there a way to set timer using Kasa’s automation? Ie to ask Alexa to turn off electric blanket after 30 minutes of usage?

      • Yes you can set timers in the App, but you may not be able to do so via Alexa without setting up something more convoluted.

      • i have no idea, but would ifttt work?

    • I've got lights, LED level meters, Lego, electric blankets and phone charger connected to my new smart powerboards.

  • so even the smart part is individually controllable?

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      3 Smart Outlets + 2 USB Ports – Supports 5 appliances simultaneously with 3 independently controllable smart outlets and 2 always-on USB ports. Ideal for charging devices in the home and office.

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      Every one of the 3 plugs can be controlled individually

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    Bayswater has them at $25.

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      Bayswater, WA?

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        Definitely not. Nowhere in WA has this at OP's price.

        • most retails do not love WA. WAxit

      • Bayswater, Vic

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    Can’t think of why I would need these haha must refrain from buying !

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    Thanks op. Just ordered one for $25 as well.

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    Thanks OP! Got one.

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    SA is still $45

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    Oh I thought was Eofy deal, apparently on OZB now! I priced matched earlier today at JBHIFI. Try. Used Nunawarding Bunnings store. Show them.

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    Got 2 thanks OP. Was checking out at local store in NSW and suddenly went OS

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      suddenly went OS

      Suddenly went overseas?

  • Does anyone know how good the surge protection is?

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    In stock in ACT

  • Can confirm it shows as $25 Lidcombe NSW 2141 and Gladesville NSW 2111

    • Not anymore for Gladesville. It's gone back up :-(

  • Online price changed to $44

  • Same price in TAS.

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    Thanks! Available Wollongong and Shellharbour NSW for $25

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    Ok so what you do is, pick a store that has it for $25
    Then select delivery.
    And pay the delivery fee of $10

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      but then its $35. Defeats the purpose of this being a bargain

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        if you buy 2x then its $60 so $30 each.
        if you buy infinity then it is $25.0000000…1 each.

        you just need to buy more.

        • A real ozbargainer wouldn't pay the extra $0.0000000…1 each.

  • $44.96 in SA

    • Same :(

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    just bought one from Vermont South in VIC at $25. THX!

    • You must have got the last one. Vermont is oos

  • Can I connect an EV granny charger to this and set a timer for when to charge?

    • I used to do this for my Nissan leaf. Worked really well. I used a single port plug though. Be careful putting anything else on when charging the car as you might overload the breaker/socket/power board.

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    Springvale said they don't actually have the stock and they were sold a while ago. Will be getting a refund.

    • The website still says it's in stock. Maybe they just sold out?

      • They said the stock reading was wrong and they've already been sold out.

        • Ah ok, that's unlucky. Thanks for sharing.

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    Looks like it is ozbargained in my area 2205

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      Ordered 10x25 off bunnings trade. Hopefully they will order some more stocks

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    I just bought 2 at 25.00ea

  • After the Bing Lee deal I checked and it definitely was showing $44.96, it is still showing $44.96 for me (NSW)

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    Still some in stock in Fyshwick for those in ACT @ $25.

  • Discount not available at any WA store.

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    Ah crap. Was in stock and in my Basket but went to PC to Log into my account, By the time I did that, it went out of stock. Stupid. I should have just checked out as Guest on my tablet. Live and Learn……….one has to be quick. Ha!

  • Note, to turn off all plugs at once, you have to set the board up as a scene.

    Widgets only enable individual plug switching off

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    Just grabbed a couple to click and collect at the Wollongong store. Thanks.

  • Nearest store with stock doesn't deliver :(

  • Showing stock in Gladesville, Caringbah, Kirrawee, Tuggerah, Lake Haven, Morisset, Kembla Grange, Shellharbour, Bennett's Green, Glendale, Mittagong, Kotara & Wallsend. That's as much as Bunnings will show me.

    • Gladesville shows 44.96

      • Ah!

    • $45 at gladesville though

    • Kembla Grange is full price but Shellharbour has them for $25. No stock at any of the other Wollongong area stores anymore tho.

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    If you placed order for click and collect from a store but now if this store is showing ops, does it mean you will receive cancellation?

  • Anyone find that when you have found two at a store and choose to get it delivered, it ends up reverting to the closest store once you put the delivery address in and it goes back to full price?

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    This is useless for devices that require additional key/button interactions after switching on

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      Well yes, hence one would not buy for that purpose or those devices………unless one wanted to turn off the power for those devices to save sitting in standby etc.

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    Checked two dozen stores around Melbourne but none for $25

  • Can we pick up during lockdown?

    • nvm, out of stock everywhere.

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    Amazon AU has price-matched Out of stock Back Order

    • Amazon AU now out of stock

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        Available on back-order at Amazon AU

        • sorry what do you mean by this? it says its only available from 3rd party sellers at full price or higher.

          • @sammyla: It expired now. Was available for back order for $25 at time of comment.

  • Just bought two for $50 @ Port Stephens NSW

  • I see it at $44.96

  • For those of you not nearby a Bunnings store with them in stock, you can have them delivered for $10 or consider this one with 4 outlets but no USB for $20.97:


    • Indeed, and have 4 ports.
      Not seeing any manual on/off buttons next to each socket on that board (TPlinks do)……unless not showing in pic?. That's a must for myself. Might suit some though.

      • All sockets turn on and off together on that one.

  • These use around 10 W of power all the time I believe, something to consider as 24/7 it's adds up.

    • Thanks for the heads up and good to know. Glad I missed out so as it's about the same as what single WiFi plugs are i.e. they run at around 3 W each.
      So unless one was using all x3 sockets at the same time, it would be more economical (powerwise) to have individual WiFi plugs plugged into a normal power board (which is what I currently do). Hope that made sense!

    • Where did you find this info? I am curious to find out, I searched TP Link website for specification, it says 10A output, but did not find anywhere 10W