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Dell 3422DWG $495.20, S3221QS $369, Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop $899 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Monitors Start 7pm AEST)


Edit - extra stock added for the Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor and S2721Q

Negotiated a few more deals with Dell overnight. The monitor deals will go live at 7pm AEST.

Now available -

Starting 7pm AEST -

Original Coupon Deal

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    • What wrong with yesterday's deal?

      • same as what @deliriouss said earlier (copied from him/her) ..

        .. the DWG has
        * a higher refresh rate (144hz vs 100hz)
        * faster response time (2ms GTG to 4ms)
        * is brighter (400cd/m vs 300cd/m on DW)
        * has display port 1.4 (vs DP1.2 on the DW)
        * has picture in picture and picture by picture

        features which the DW doesn't have.

        • -2

          You are also paying $70 more

          • @congo: my last (and current) monitor is from dell is from the 2013, but it's an ultra line .. so if I get at least the same amount of mileage out of it, it would be worth the price bump.

            tried to call dell but they were closed. hope to catch them tomorrow.

    • Yeah, this! ^^

      Edit: just took a gamble and bought it anyway. Hopefully they see the logic and cancel my other unshipped order.

      • lol .. did the same .. just gotta wait till tomorrow and call Dell to see if I can cancel the order. (No eBay account.)

  • I missed the aw38. One more tonight please

    • It is back to stock

  • I knocked an extra $1 off!

    That pushed me over the line! I bought 5! Thanks!

  • +2

    Negotiated a few more deals with Dell overnight.

    Can you try to negotiate a laptop deal like the one that's available on Dell US website?


    $833 USD (~$1100 AUD)

    Same specs as the deal you posted except comes with Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3050 Ti for ~$200 more.

    • +5

      Same specs as the deal you posted except comes with Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3050 Ti for ~$200 more.

      Been working on a deal for a Ryzen 7 laptop for possibly tomorrow.

      Check BAM tomorrow.

      • Damn, just bought the G15.
        What's the speculative price for the Ryzen 7 laptop tomorrow?

    • How is this for a 3060? USD $1077 on the Dell USA site.


      I can wait 6 months or so before getting a new gaming laptop, anyone can chime in if they can see the chip shortage being over then and gaming laptops becoming cheaper, or should I just buy this now if prices aren't coming down/specs aren't getting better?

  • Is the AW38 for $1300 really worth the extra $800 over this AW34?

    • Of course not

  • Which monitor would be more enoyable for watching movies and viewing photos?

    • 34”
      Bigger is better

      • That's what she said

    • +1

      I think 16:9 is better for watching movies.

      • Depends some movie you can actually play full screen on 21:9

    • A tv is always better.

  • Thank you for your service !

  • Purchased a 3422DWG at a more expensive price on 24th June. Very happy with the unit so far.

    Any chance Dell will credit or refund the price difference without me having to return and repurchase the unit?

    • Contact Dell and ask? The worst they can do is say no.

      • Yep already been in touch with them, but will have to wait until Monday for a response I'd imagine. Just looking to see if others have had the same experience as I know their monitors go on sale quite often.

    • 24 June is quite recent. I did it for one of my monitors which dropped in price a couple of days later. They will probably give you some credit.

      • Ah ok, did you get credit or a refund for the difference in your case?

        I'd rather not have to pack it all up and go through the return process, so I'd happily take a credit.

        • I got a refund for the difference through my payment method.

    • Could you tell me how the text clarity is on this monitor?
      I mainly wanna use it for coding and word/excel with multiple windows that's why I'm leaning more to this than the 32", I just don't want my eyes to get blurry after long days

  • +1

    Shame if it’s a 3060 I’d pull the trigger

    • +2

      3060 for $900 would be excellent

      • The best I have seen is 1660Ti for a bit over $1000

    • It was already an incredible price for a RTX3050.
      Don't think we'll be seeing 3060 laptops sub $1k anytime soon

  • -1

    Can you do much better value for money wise with that gaming laptop? I assume the RAM is upgradeable?

    • Thanks for the neg 🙄

  • Can't add the 34 inch monitor to cart

    • I just bought it. No issue adding to cart. Thanks OP

      • Mine keeps saying "The seller isnt accepting bids or offers" when i click buy now. Adding to cart doesnt do anything.

        • You need to change your address to none po box address, did you do that?

          • @Aerith-Waifu: Yeah, got a residential address there. Can add it to cart when I'm logged out. Tried from chrome and it says "Buyer is blocked" under the add to cart option. I have beeen blocked by Dell ebay?? WTH &!&! HAHA
            Edit - Can't add any of Dell products to cart. I've been blocked 😆. No idea why :(

            • @47: wow! what did you do to dell?????????? lol

              • @Aerith-Waifu: I've only purchased one thing from them in the past. I left a bad rating for it advising other users not to take the estimated delivery date seriously as they delivered my product after almost a month of the estimated delivery date. Now I am blocked and my review has been deleted too lol. At least this is why I think they did it. Thanks Dell.

  • Pulled the trigger on the 32 for work purposes. Thanks for the deal, 5 star, would eBay again.

  • Thanks dealbot, got the 4k 27.

  • Can you nego a deal on the Inspiron 13 2-in-1s please?

  • Since this laptop comes with 2x "SuperSpeed" USB 2.0, anyone knows how those SuperSpeed ports perform ? Just that I got a few external HDDs lying around and cannot stand USB 2.0 speed.

  • looking at other laptops, dnt see anything for $900 close to these specs
    any ideas guys? can $900 buy a better spec lappy?

  • Thanks dealbot

    Bought 2 of the 32". I think they'll be good for WFH.

    Interesting stats
    S3221QS - 155 viewed per hour., 337 sold
    S3422DWG - 527 views part hours, 32 sold

    • +1

      300 of the QS were sold a few days ago.

  • For computers shipped with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050/3050Ti
    1. SuperSpeed USB 2.0 | 2. SuperSpeed USB 2.0 with PowerShare

  • So tempted to get another monitor but already have 2 27inch monitor. Must resist..

  • Hi guys, is this a decent futureproof laptop with little thermal throttling issues? USD $1077 on the Dell USA site. Or is the Lenovo Legion a better buy?


    I can wait 6 months or so before getting a new gaming laptop, can anyone chime in if they can see the chip shortages being over then and gaming laptops becoming cheaper, or should I just buy this now instead of waiting 6 months if prices aren't coming down/specs aren't getting better?

  • Would've preferred the 5600M variant over the RTX 3050

    The $999 one with the 8GB 6GB 5600M only has a 4600H :(

    • There was talk back on the 1st page about maybe a Ryzen 7 deal coming up tomorrow.
      Only one i can see that's close enough is this one: ebay

      • There was talk back on the 1st page about maybe a Ryzen 7 deal coming up tomorrow.

        Yeah I saw, hopefully it comes with at least the 3050TI. Although I would really like to know the TGP of that as well the one in OP tbh.

        Only one i can see that's close enough is this one: ebay(ebay.com.au)

        Yeah the 4800H is not bad, but that's a full $300 more than the OP price.

        • Well actually, if you check out the listings available, the G15 that's available now on discount: eBay, is also this one eBay, just not discounted. So perhaps there's a little hope there that a few might drop down in price.

    • 120hz screen and RGB keyboard on top.

  • I just sent a ebay message to customer service via ebay messaging asking if I can pay the extra $56 to update from the S3422DW monitor I bought yesterday to this S3422DWG.

    Not sure if this is able to happen but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • +1

    NOT for G5 listed here but the one with 3060 has TGP of 125W it seems:

    Keen to see if the OP can do his magic with hopefully one with 3060?

  • The old G5 chassis had severe thermal issues. . Not sure how the thermals perform on the new chassis. .
    Btw the earlier Acer deal with RTX 2060, 6gb for a hundred more was a much better deal. .

  • 4800H is better than 5600H ?
    You would think that 5 is better than 4, but not in this case.
    The 2nd digit ‘8’ vs ‘6’ is more important.

    • Confusing - I thought this too! A little deceptive, really.

  • Thanks Dealbot. Interested to see if the ryzen 7 3060 spec will be discounted soon. Its currently on sale in the US for around 1500 AUD :(

  • Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 8GB RAM 256GB SSD RTX 3050(ebay.com.au) - $899 (200 available, expires 9am 4/7)

    FYI. Still appears to be a live deal after that date & time.

  • I am looking to buy gaming pc for my boy to play COD warzone, Cold War, modern warfare…

    What is good option this one dell g15 5515 plus 34” monitor or this one from techfast, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634844#comment-10693033

  • Laptop now OOS

  • does the laptop run cool when not gaming?

  • +1

    Dell got back to me on eBay messaging, said to swap over to this 3422DWG from the 3422DW all I would need to do is confirm a cancel of my first order and then buy this one which I just done.

    So simply its going to cost me $56 more.

    Am hoping they dont take a month to refund though, anybody know how long approx a refund may take?

  • Whoops no more DELL20 voucher, dam should of bought the Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop after midnight 🤣

    • I also regret not buying this.
      Oh well, there will always be the next deal.

  • damn missed out on the notebook!

  • someone bought it at 6 Jul 2021 at 15:42:08 AEST AU $1,299.00

  • Bought this laptop, I'm not really tech savvy but I would like to get a bigger hard drive for storage (doesn't need to be SSD). What sort of HDD should I be looking for? Something 2.5" SATA?
    Also should I look into buying 16GB RAM to make this machine run better?

    • +1

      It won't take HDD… it has two M.2 slots for SSD, can take the 2230 and 2280 form factors.

  • For those who bought the laptop, anyone received shipping notification yet? Mine is still at order confirmed stage.

    • Nope. I'm still waiting as well

    • Waiting for the dispatch details

    • None yet but should be soon. Delivery is supposed to be around 4th-9th Aug for me.

  • Same, nothing yet, ship date is today

  • In Production now

    • Mine still says order confirmed on eBay 😅

    • Revised Delivery Date

      Aug 18, 2021

  • Mine just shipped, so i am expecting delivery friday

    • +1

      Shipped: Aug 1, 2021

      Estimated to Arrive By

      Aug 10, 2021

      • Received yesterday, upgrade the ram to 32 gb, no 2230 2280 M.2 SSD Mounting Metal Bracket to install 2nd SSD

        • There is a YouTube video on the SSD mounting bracket issue: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DbkWIOLL-io

          Some in the comments said Dell posted them the bracket for free after complaining. This is what I will be doing, as the bracket should really come with the laptop. Hope this helps.

          • @okc0mputer: Thanks for the tips, would you mind telling me which channel you used for complaining, did you send the message via ebay, or did you phone the dell support to talk to someone

            • +1

              @ginger-nick: I used Dell chat on their website. I don't have an outcome yet, though. They said they would get back to me in 24-48 hours.

              I told the person that the second m.2 mounting bracket was missing. Then, they told me that they could forward me to sales so I could buy the second bracket. I explained that it was deceptive that the bracket was not included and exploitative that Dell expected customers to buy a second bracket. Then, they said they would forward the conversation to a higher-up and get back to me. Fingers crossed.

        • Would you mind sharing the type of ram you used for the upgrade?

          Is it normal for the setup screen after entering the WiFi credential to sit for 10+ minutes? "Now we have some important setup to do."

          My guess is that it's extracting the system image. You would think with so much computing power, it can do it in the background.

          Edit: Seems like a common issue. Force shutdown fixed it.

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