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Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" Ultrawide Monitor $575 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Quite cheap compared to all the other prices around at the moment.

I have just ordered and delivery to Sydney was $28.00.

3 Year Warranty and very close to overall cheapest albeit the Mwave offer included postage.

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    60Hz monitor and IPS. I'm still hugging my Xiaomi 34 though

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      I'm just waiting for a 34" that can do USB-C charging and display so I can just connect my laptop with 1 cable then I'll finally be happy.

      • U3419W The updated version of this does it all, however it is alot more expensive!

      • usb-c monitor

        65w through usb-c

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          I've been keeping on eye on it, but haven't seen too much info in terms of reviews (and because of Kogan I kind of steer a bit further away) and because work pays for my monitor I don't want to get stuck with a something thats a dud.

          I'm in no huge rush.

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        I have your 1-cable USB-C charging dream! My laptop goes through an eGPU (3070 in a Razer Core X Chroma) onto the Xiaomi 34". The eGPU box has a USB hub that connects my wired mouse, keyboard and printer, so it's just one Thunderbolt USB-C cable.

      • Me too! So I can use Samsung Dex with a new monitor via USB-C cable :)

        • You need a dex pad if you want the full 3440 res

    • Same here!

      Although the Xiaomi 34 has a VA panel, it is more than sufficient for WFH + casual web browsing + gaming IMO.

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      It's a six year old model. Tech has been superseded.

  • Wondering how much difference comparing S3422DW - $439.2 before at Dell eBay


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      This is the new model, the one to get. Thread model is >6 years old.

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      It comes down to usage.

      Ultrasharps are meant for office and/or graphics work, they come pre-calibrated, have more adjustable stands (swivel, up down, etc, although this S looks pretty good too) and tend to have extremely good colour reproduction. Also have great warranties (the 3 years, no bright/dead pixel warranty). They're usually IPS screens so great viewing angles (which can be good in an office, multiple people looking at one screen), bad refresh rate/blacks. My partner is a writer and graphic designer, she usually has an ultrasharp.

      Although with the model number being U3415, this means it's the 2015 model, it has been sitting around a while.

      This S is just a generic monitor, albeit a big, wide one. It has better refresh rates/hz than a U series but still not good as a dedicated gaming monitor. It has good colour reproduction but not as good as a new IPS monitor targeting colour reproduction. It has pretty average brightness so not going to do HDR or be great for movies. It's not a particular high resolution either

      Pretty good if you want ultrawide but don't want two screens and a monitor arm, perfectly fine "work from home" monitor that'll do whatever you throw at it without being amazing at anything.

      • Great comment !

      • quality comment for potential buyers

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    To save others a click:

    Screen Size (Inches): 34"
    Screen Resolution: 1440p WQHD
    Aspect Ratio: 21:9
    Screen Panel Type: IPS
    Screen Refresh Rate (Hz): 60Hz
    Response Time (ms): 5ms
    HDMI: 1
    DisplayPort (DP): 1x DisplayPort 1.2
    VGA: None
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A: 4
    Height Adjustable:Yes
    Swivel Adjustable: Yes
    Tilt Adjustable: Yes
    Speaker Included: Yes
    VESA Mounting: 100 x 100
    Curved: Yes

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      Pixel density: 109.68 PPI

      Not good for those used to Mac Retina screens. You need this to be at least 160 PPI for things to appear sharp for macOS users.

      • Apple target 220 PPI for retina, 110 PPI for standard in terms of scaling for macOS, even if you buy a 160 PPI screen (which would be 4K for a screen of this size) it will use objects based on 1440p and scale them rather than render them nicely as "retina" objects.

        Widescreen 5K 34" is about $2k though, so not really an option for many, but 4K doesn't look hugely better on macOS, IMO. Just from personal use, but there's plenty of stuff around online that seems to support this - https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/391622/what-extern...

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          but 4K doesn't look hugely better on macOS, IMO. Just from personal use, but there's plenty of stuff around online that seems to support this

          For people who have terrible eyesight, sure. For everyone else, 4K always looks vastly better on all operating systems over 2K. And the UI scaling means you can have UI elements as small or as large as you like. No downsides, only advantages. In this day and age, it's absurd to argue that higher DPI isn't better.

          • @deadpoet: UI scaling is different on macOS. It has assets that targets 110dpi or 220dpi, if you want "retina" then the display has to be able to do pixel doubling, which means everything looks a whole lot better. Going somewhere in the middle gives you slightly blurry assets that don't actually look any better.

            This isn't true of games, movies and such for sure. But the benefits of going a higher res on macOS isn't the same as Windows, you really want to make sure you've got an actual retina screen to get the most benefit out of it.

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              @freefall101: I don't know if it is scaling, but MacOS doesn't 1080 screens at all without turning off text anti-aliasing (font smoothing/subpixel anti-aliasing) via CLI. Don't know if it will be the same case for 1440's.

              Lettering and lines that looked clean and crisp in Windows on my Dell u2913wm were so fuzzy, I thought my mac mini had video issues. Eventually found that you can disable and/or change the levels of anti-aliasing the OS helped a lot; but still not as nice as Windows on this screen.

              In case anyone gets this for use on a mac and has any issues:


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          I'd take 4K over 2K any day and find it adequate for my needs/eye sight.

          Widescreen 5K 34" does not necessarily mean we can view at the native resolution as things are too tiny to read. We would any way scale the resolution down to 4K. And its pixel density is 163 PPI.

          I've used 34" Xiaomi, LG 27UD88-W and LG 34WK95U-W.

          Much prefer the LGs because of the ~160 PPI. Of course, higher real Retina-ish pixel density would be even better. But such monitors do not exist w/o costing an arm and leg as far as I know.

          Note: This is for use with a Mac.

          • @sridhar: Ah, gotcha, I'm a derp. Yeah, the LG 34WK95U-W was what I meant when talking 5K. Despite not being quite the same dpi as an iMac, it still uses pixel doubling so everything is very crisp. I imagine things are somewhat bigger than usual on MacOS but it would still look amazing. I was thinking 3840x1600 rather than 5k x 2k (which, now that I google it, doesn't exist)

            Weirdly if you get a 27" 4K monitor it generally it won't do pixel doubling (although it has been a while since I've tried that), but 34" 5K it will. I guess with all the extra real estate it's possible.

            Still looks far more awesome for games/movies regardless, but I've seen people buy 27" 4K monitors and be disappointed at some blurriness to it. Considering they can cost 3-4x the price for those screens, it's a little frustrating.

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            @sridhar: Agree on the 4K sentiment. My Samsung UR55 (28” 4K IPS) has great pixel density but I would like another. Though my work laptop won’t be able to drive 2. I use all the bandwidth on my USB-C connector for 4K @ 60Hz. I’ve got my home PC running gentoo Linux scaled nicely too.

            When I go into work and use 1080p monitors, eugh!

      • Retina is a relative concept, you need to take into account the viewing distance. That's why the pixel density on mobile phones are higher than the pixel density on laptop display, so and so forth.

  • Would any of you know if this monitor have the feature where a single monitor acts like 2 side by side monitors ?

    Prefer that to manage application windows

    How do i search for monitors with that feature

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      Picture by picture. This monitor has that function. I have the u3419w and it works great - can plug in two computers and use simultaneously.

      • thanks a lot

      • I use remote (mstsc) applications which aren't be split screen and PIP have been a great help. Took ages to workout I couldn't do it through windows display settings. I had to do through intel graphics options.

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    What are the returns / RMAs like in case of DOA?

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      heard a friend got dell monitors and got screwed around when it was DOA

      • How so? Dell business monitors come with a 3yr advance exchange warranty. Consumer montiors..well that's probably a different story.

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  • Price now showing $645…..?

  • damn would have preferred the ultrasharp gave up on waiting

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