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Ampol Gift Cards: 6% Cashback @ Shopback


I have been using this Ampol card instead of wish gift card 4%. By combining the NRMA free membership and Ampol gift card, I work out cheaper than Caltex Woolworths.
Ampol is alway 4cents more expensive than Caltex Woolworths but by using Ampol gift card it’s worked out cheaper. Hope this benefit people in Ozbargain.

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  • Cheers OP. Do we know if this is a short or long term deal please?

    • +2

      I just checked at the ShopBack, the deal did state deal end at 25 Jul.
      Worry they will end the deal early, I have purchased 3 x $100 using the Coles Master card, we, Ozbargainers, got.

      • Cheers, will do the same with a few $100 Coles MC later today. Great idea!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Caltex is now Ampol, isn’t it?

    • Yes

    • Sure is

    • They must still be doing the re-branding thing. There's no Ampol sites anywhere near me (closest is about 6km away) but there's still a lot of Caltex branded sites

      • Yeah. Sorry, Perth doesn't matter that much.

      • The bigger sites/foodaries are getting changed first then the smaller station later at least where I have been.

      • Ampol is accepted at all Caltex. They just have not changed their signage yet

        • awesome, thanks

  • Max straight off discount @ Caltex Woolworths/EG is 8c/l, but Ampol/Caltex is 4c/l or none.

    EDR redeemable @ Caltex Woolworths/EG only.

    • +2

      There is also an extra 5 c off per L that can be combined at Woolies/EG that stacks on top of the 4c docket when you download the EG app and scan the barcode in the app. So 4c + 5c + 4% wish should usually work out cheaper.

      • Instore $5 shop for 4c/l off. If on top of 5c/l, totally up to 13c/l off?

        • Yep that is correct.

    • Max straight off discount @ Caltex Woolworths/EG is 8c/l, but Ampol/Caltex is 4c/l or none.

      EDR redeemable @ Caltex Woolworths/EG only.

      That’s true except for Tasmania.

      The max straight off discount @ Caltex Woolworths/EG Tasmanian fuel stations is 10c/L (because the fuel vouchers you earn at Woolworths, BWS or BIG W in Tasmania are 6c/L), but EDR is not redeemable at any Caltex Woolworths/EG fuel stations in Tasmania (and you cannot earn any EDR points either).

  • +3

    I have been using this Ampol card instead of wish gift card 4%.

    The regular rate for Ampol card from Suncorp Rewards is 5%. All you need to do is open a Suncorp bank account online for free and deposit a few dollars will be fine. AAMI insurance will also do.

    • To get the benefit, does it require to deduct the funds from the suncorp bank account to purchase these gift cards or can it be purchased from other bank cards if I have opened a suncorp account?

      • +6

        No you can use any credit card to purchase

        • I opened the suncorp bank account, does it require to purchase another suncorp product to use the gift card portal? When I try to purchase a gift card, it says you need to add an active product into your app or your website account.

    • +4

      No need to keep money in the account once opened. I have been using this for more than 12 months with a zero balance

      • So only need to put some money into the account, but does it require to deposit once a month or having $1 in the account will give you the benefit for the whole year and no account keeping fee?

        • +1

          You don't need to deposit anything, just open the account and forget about it.
          Use the app to buy the discounted gift cards and make payment with an Australian issued debit/credit card.

      • True. You don't need to, but it's good to have a few dollars.
        Just in case they change their policy one day and start charging monthly fees or fees on zero balance accounts.
        That would attract a negative balance and hence further fees on overdraw.
        I am too busy to read their million words emails. lol

        • +1

          Even when they charged fees, they never charged the monthly fee on a zero balance.

          Most likely is after a number of year, two to seven depending on the bank, will close your account if no transactions.

    • I've got suncorp rewards through my ACT CTP insurance with GIO which is our cheapest CTP insurer, so most ACT residents would have access.

  • Yes I didn't think of combining with nrma, I thought can't stack, but now you have convinced me. Thanks op.

    • +8

      Here my steps At the cashier:

      1. scan NRMA QR code for 5 cents for premium and 3 cents for regular discount.

      2. Scan Woolworths Reward JUST to get the point for the spend, NOT the 4 cents discount

      3. Ampol gift card to pay.

      • interesting. yesterday was at Ampol trying to scan WW card after scanning NRMA and the staff said it's one or the other. System can't accept both. Edit..upon checking Rewards points, previous scan actually did credit.

      • How do you get 3c discount?

        • +1

          NRMA Blue membership or NRMA Roadside Assistance membership allows you to get 5c/L off premium fuels or 3c/L off regular fuels at participating Caltex/Ampol fuel stations (one transaction per day, up to 120L in one transaction).

  • BTW, I have been using shopback for quite a few things starting with the $10 ebay card $10 cashback even though I opened the shopback account years ago. I think shopback is fighting hard to increase their market dominance with all the recent deals to attract new users. Although I still participate the TA's deal regularly (have been a long time cashreward user). There are woolies and coles just like there are cashrewards and shopback. Wonder how long it will take for a third player to come out, like an aldi version…, or someone leaving their company cashreward or shopback and do their own start up like the story behind other corporate giants.

    • +1

      Australia almost always has duopolies. The only reason there are four large banks is that it is government policy not to let them merge.

  • Do these work at woolies fuel stations? I know OP said he was using these instead of wish cards but I want to double check they work there and not just Ampol.

    • Yes, I want to know too, although I try to use wish gift card at ampol but was rejected. So will it work the other way around? Ampol cards at woolworths caltex?

      • +2

        Ampol card only can be used in Ampol, it cannot be used at Caltex Woolworths

        Wish gift card only can be used in Caltex Woolworths, it cannot be used at Ampol.

        • I’ve successfully used the old Caltex Starcash physical gift card at Woolworths Caltex before. I haven’t tried with the new Ampol gift card but I assume it will still work.

        • Thanks for the reply, looks like I'll avoid as I normally use Woolies for fuel.

        • +3

          You’re technically wrong on both points.

          • Ampol digital gift cards cannot be redeemed at Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations, but Ampol physical gift cards can be redeemed at Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations (and I have done so in the past).
          • WISH eGift cards cannot be redeemed at Ampol fuel stations, but some Ampol fuel stations accept WISH physical gift cards.
          • @WookieMonster: Interesting that Caltex service station search returns quite a few stations which accept both cards. For example, Caltex Rydalmere.

          • @WookieMonster: I see a number of Caltex / EG sites that accept Ampol Cash!

            • @Coops1: That's weird. I was told a while ago by an EG fuel station attendant that they cannot accept StarCash/AmpolCash digital gift cards, because their POS has not been set up to accept AmpolCash digital gift cards. Heck, EG's POS has not even been set up to accept WISH eGift cards by scanning the barcode…

              Can you give an example of an EG fuel station accepting AmpolCash digital gift cards?

    • +2

      Redeemable only at “participating sites”:

      Terms and Conditions
      AmpolCash Digital can only be redeemed at participating Ampol and Caltex branded service stations (not all Ampol and Caltex branded locations)
      • Please visit the Ampol Site locator: https://www.ampol.com.au/service-stations/find-a-service-station
      • Enter your location and then set the filter to AmpolCash Digital Accepted to find the participating site.

      • Remaining balance may take up to 24 hours to be updated on your pass.
      • You can also check your store receipt for the remaining balance. Any remaining balance is forfeited upon expiry.
      • For full terms and conditions, visit https://www.ampol.com.au/fuel-cards/ampolcash/conditions-of-use
      • For any queries contact Ampol Customer Service on 1300 365 096

    • Ampol digital gift cards cannot be redeemed at Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations.

      Ampol physical gift cards can be redeemed at Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations (and I have done so in the past).

  • +1

    The My Toyota App also gives a discount on Ampol. I think its 6%

  • +3

    By looking at the prices of Ampol fuel station even 10-15% discounted gift cards are not enough!!

  • A reminder to the two-headed cousins in Tasmania that some Caltex/Ampol fuel stations give you a 6c/L discount for showing (not scanning, just showing) your Everyday Rewards card, so it can be stacked with Ampol gift cards (assuming the fuel station accepts it) and it may also be possible to stack this with the NRMA discount.

  • Only one card allowed per account? Keep getting payment failed.

  • +1

    i just need a discounted gift card for 7/11

  • +1

    Rather the instant 5% off via Suncorp rather than tracking and cashback via shopback

  • +1

    The comments in this thread prove why I hate Caltex Woolworths, EG Caltex, Ampol etc. when it comes to gift cards and deals. the whole thing is so damn confusing!

    • +2

      You only need to know the servos close to you and how it works.

      • true, but I like to know where to use it during my travels etc. And places near me may not always be cheapest, so I might have to cast a wider net….too many Servos near my place to be 100% aware of the finer points (inner suburbs)

  • Pretty sure wish card is 3% disc?

    • +2

      Some places sell WISH gift cards for more than a 3% discount.

      • Cheers, didn't know that.

      • redeem your gift card asks for a promo code- can you help with that?

        • According to the OzBargain discounted gift card page, shopper or egiftcards should work. Keep in mind that using a different code to access the site will change the gift cards on offer or the discounts associated with each gift card.

          If you are going to go to purchase a gift card through them, I would suggest you take a look at some of the expired deals to get a sense of what they may be like to deal with, since they apparently operate differently from other discounted gift card portals. I have no personal experience with them btw.

  • +1

    Ampol jacked their prices in NSW recently, so even after this discount they are not competing with others

  • I just purchased ampol digital giftcard from Shopback for the first time. I can see the QR code. Is the QR code all you need or is there a pin number as well?

    • +1

      No pin, just press OK (green button) after scanning.

    • +1

      Just an update. My ampol did not have the qr code scanner but after hitting see voucher and show preview on the shopback app there is a (i) button near the QR code with the ampol giftcard number starting with a 7 and the expiry date. The operator entered these to use the gift card.

  • I just tried scanning my Ampol gift card QR code at an Ampol store and the teller told me there is a problem with the communication system and cannot accept the QR code for payment. They mentioned it's been happening for a few days. Has anyone else had the same issue?

    • Yes, it did happen to me before. Hence, I do not support this deal according to my comments above.

      • From your comment, it sounds like it'll work, it's just that an extra step is needed by pressing OK on the eftpos terminal?

        • Fuel is not grocery as you can hardly return it. You definitely won't be happy if giftcard payment option is temporarily down (not the PIN issue).

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