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$10 off in-Store with QR Code or Online with Coupon ($10 Min Spend, Membership Required), e.g. 4x AA LADDA $0 in-Store @ IKEA


Greetings everyone, the Quarterly IKEA rewards are out and here is the coupon / QR code for $10 off (no min spend) at IKEA.

It seems to work on any account currently on their website using the coupon QREW3Pe79, and I believe it should work fine at checkout in store for anyone going off the previous deal. $5 C&C fee or $9 delivery on the website.

Makes the new AA 2450 Ladda's free :)

To use coupon online:

  • In your shopping cart under "Continue to Checkout" you will see a "Use a discount code" dropdown. Make sure you're logged in as a family member and apply the coupon.

As always, enjoy!

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    • Yes but $5 fee for even pickup!

      You have to select a date to pickup (currently this wed or thurs) but under the T& C have 3 days to collect or refunded.

      • I tried it in Perth and it worked with the QR code. They were curious as to how I had acquired it and said you really need to have been sent an email after spending $100 and my user was not really legit.

        • I heard that last time with the Ikea discount code - you had to show them the email as they said the code was not valid if you were not send it in email. Maybe Click and collect is better but only getting $5 discount.

          Can you scan the code yourself in the self service? This would be the way to do it without them challenging you.

          • @PerthectDeal: Yes you could if you were more savvy than me. I could not even supply a Family Membership number correctly so needed the Checkout Assistant's help.
            Bought the $9 Thermos and $6 Ladda aaa batteries for $5 outlay.
            I complained about the maze and she said there are secret passages.

          • +1

            @PerthectDeal: When you scan at self service it requires a staff member to "authorise" it. They won't allow screenshots.

            • @fuzcatt: Thanks Fuscatt

              So we need the original email not a screenshot. Edit the email so it looks like it came to us and keep it in draft Email folder is maybe enough to fool them ;)

    • Is there an IKEA in Perth?

  • +2

    The IKEA maze walk is such a pain!

    • +2

      do you walk the whole path? just use the shortcut doorways and be in and out of the shopfloor in a few minutes. lining up for the cashiers is another matter.

  • Thanks for the deal, anyone willing to post a screenshot of the email?

    • -1

      I am just going to take a print out, as I wont have my phone on me to show them an email anyway

      • +1

        Erm how do you do the covid check in without your phone? Does your local Ikea have pen and paper option for checking in?

        • +1

          All places need to supply a supplementary way to check in without your phone.

          In my case, the Richmond Ikea have an attendant with a pad, who takes your details.

          Also, this worked fine, they never questioned why I didn't have a phone or ask me to show an email.

  • -3

    That's one QR code I won't mind checking-in with!

    • +2

      and what's your problem with the other QR codes? big brother? bikie?

      • -2

        Don't give me a discount. Yes. Yes.

        What's your problem with Big Brother, and Bikies?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. paid off the postage fee.

  • Damn that was quick, OOS for delivery

  • A member at checkout at adelaide one wouldn't let me use it unless i had proof of email

    • Same here. The check out operator at the Adelaide store wanted to see the email and refused to let me use it.

      • probably same one

  • +1

    Can I scan the new member QR code and this code in the same transaction in store?

  • +2

    IKEA has found to be super spreader on numerous occasions now
    They should be forced to shut doors instead of offering discounts

    • Or maybe have the discount as delivery only

      • crazy delivery costs for metro sydney and poorly packedd for shipping

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Cheers doweyy - Good find. Anyone with access to Suncorp Rewards can get 5% off on IKEA GC which can be used for instore (Excl. C&C orders) & online purchases (Excl. SA & WA )

  • cheers Op, worked for online order

  • +1

    What charger do people recommend to go with the LADDA batteries?

  • Would be good if the new cells were available for delivery not sure if I want to pay $15 to try the older white ones.

  • +1

    Got 2x 1900mah for $12 delivered. Thanks

    • How did you get it for that price?

  • Free only if we can leave home to collect it.

  • -3

    So 60 dollars for 4x AA ladda delivered. Amazing deal.

  • If we buy the batteries, what charge should we buy for it? I’d prefer a good brand and hopefully charger is durable. Link to any?

  • Richmond has 4 2450mah AAs on display, 20 in the system. About 20 1900mah AAs and 10 AAA 750mah batteries on display.

  • Has anyone used the QR code at rhodes?

  • +1

    This code is not working for me, although I have been a family member and logged in as a family member

    • Conditions of the offer state that you have to spend $100 in the previous quarter, it may be that their system is setup to provide a generic code but check that requirement when you try to scan.

  • I was in need of some AAA rechargable batteries and thought I would just get a pack from aldi yesterday when I did some shopping but they didn't have any only alkaline batteries.

  • +1

    Didn’t work in-store (vic) for me. Said invalid barcode. Thanks anyway!

  • +1

    QR code confirmed working at IKEA Perth yesterday.
    Scanned my own IKEA family barcode, then this QR code at the self-service checkout.
    Needed an IKEA Rep at the self-service checkout to approve the discount.
    Good stock of the 4x AA Ladda

    • +1

      Great! The Rep didn't ask for the email showing the barcode - you must have been lucky. They cancelled my order and my wifes using the code, should have collected today from Perth..

      • Same here in Melbourne, I don't have the emails, gonna use the click and collect.

  • get free covid

  • Contactless delivery is unavailable
    Unfortunately, either all items are out of stock or we are not able to provide home delivery right now. Please try again later.

    anyone got this ? im in NSW

  • Damn just received a text that my order has been cancelled due to my Ikea family membership not being verified.

    • +1

      Same with my wife - she has been using Ikea family membership for years.
      I got a text message today canceling mine as well but due to a system error.
      We were suppose to pick them up from Perth Ikea today….

  • +3

    Mate wasted time to pickup and was told they wouldn't honor if you can't show the email.

    No issue of not being entitled but 1. Ikea shouldn't have let the code be used in the first place, and 2. Ikea should've cancelled non-qualifying orders immediately.

    Poor form on Ikea.

  • We are lucky that IKEA does not sell toilet papers!

    • Or maybe ikea should sell covid vaccines. Then we can reach 90% vaccination rate in no time

      • Exactly. like the idea

  • Worked for me at IKEA Logan. Did not ask for an email.

  • -1

    Does not work in WA Ikea checkout

  • Anyone know the in store price of the Lada AAA 900's in SA?

    They were listed here the other day at Rhodes store for $5, but come up as $12 online.

  • Can the voucher be used in the food court? In other words can I get $10 off my meatballs?

    • Yes

  • Does anyone know if this can stack with $10 new sign up welcome credit or can it be used on 2 separate >$10 transactions?

    • It seems no $10 welcome credit when I sign up with IKEA couple of days ago.

      • Got it when signing up online last night

  • They disabled the online purchase for this item.

  • Tried in SA Ikea. When I tried to scan the barcode staff asked for the email, which I didn't have so this seems to be targeted.

  • Has anyone ordering with delivery had their orders cancelled? May order something but dont want to if its going to be cancelled, ty

  • Hey @Doweyy Do you have a screenshot of the email?

  • $5 for click and collect? Jeez.

  • Thanks for the code!!!
    I can't believe after more than 1 month it still works.
    The online delivery cost is $9 and this code discount is $10. More than a free delivery woohoo!!
    I ran out of the resealable bag (the red and grey colours are my favourites). They are more durable than the supermarket ones. Even I'm within 5km of the store but very happy it saves me a trip to the store.

  • Are you able to use this code for more than one purchase on the same account?

    • +1

      Don't think so. T&Cs state can only be used once. Tried an online shop after using in-store - online order was cancelled.

  • Does anyone have experience with Ikea blacklisting user accounts?

  • Can anyone confirm if the code can be used multiple times for the same account?

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