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[eBay Plus] CTEK MXS 5.0 12V 5amp Battery Charger $82.50 Delivered @ Sparesbox eBay


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Seems to be a good price for this charger with free delivery.

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    Each to their own obviously, but I'd personally much prefer something versatile like this, but I know it's not as nice and easy.


    • Will it stop charging once the battery reaches peak charge? What happens if you forget?

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        Current will eventually drop to 0A.
        Worst case you boil off some electrolyte.

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          Ah, 4. Charge the battery. I missed that. I was like how can a lab PSU charge a battery. lol. All good then.

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          No worst case is you cause sulfation by overcharging it. In many cases that will not be reversible, or only partially reversible.

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          Worst case you boil off some electrolyte and with the universal sealed batteries now you have dramatically reduced the life of the battery.

          The opposite of what you are trying to achieve with this charger.

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            @SamR: My batteries aren't sealed. YMMV

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              @MEnergy: It is getting pretty hard to buy non sealed car battery these days.

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      That is not designed for charging sealed lead acid batteries at all. The CTEK is industry standard and has charge profiles to specifically assess the battery state and charge accordingly.

    • Will that unit charge AGM batteries?

      • yes

    • It is obvious you know nothing about how car batteries work.

      Will it recondition and de-sulphate a nearly depleted battery? NO!
      Will it provide a float charge at the end of the program? NO!

      I could go on…

      There is a reason why CTEK is the go to choice.

      • They aren't implying it does any of those things, nor are they indispensable for the item to be considered capable of charging a battery. They also mention it isn't nice and easy option, doesn't mean it does not have utility for some folks. It's more the 'power user' vs. 'flick the switch and walk away' approach, this is 10A vs the CTEK 5A, plus CTEK can't do lithium, for example.

  • i like mine but was disappointed when i couldnt charge a lithium battery

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      Gotta go with NOCO for lithium.

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        NOCO are great I have two for the car & bike and you can get 3m extension cables for them.

        • Also the new range of RedArc chargers charge Lithium automatically sensing that profile if needed also.

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      Victron bluesmart chargers will do lithium. Can also be set to power supply mode for constant voltage. BT connection and phone app is nice too.

      IP65 5A version is $103 or ~$93 with current ebay plus deal.

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      I've had 2 of them for a long time (over 10 years) & still going strong.
      So convenient, never had a flat battery & get amazing battery life too (just replaced one & the battery guy was amazed it was 8 years old).

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        This is my experience too, have had it for 5 years now. It also recovered the seemingly dead battery in my brother's car, totally worth it.

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      I've also had one for 10 years, I've got several motorcycles that don't get used much that I rotate the charger around, battery life has increased greatly

      • Do you just rotate once the battery is fully charged? Endless cycle of rotating? Im thinking to pick one up for the same purpose.

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      I have used a 7A for at least 8 years. No problem.

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      I also bought a Victron charger in the last couple of weeks. It was 2x the price however:
      - 15 vs 5 amp
      - lithium compatible
      - app with BT connectivity for monitoring
      - arguably better company

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        • constant voltage power supply mode.
        • full configurable via the app, not just monitoring

        I have their 30A IP22 model. good thing.

        5A IP65 is going for $93 with ebay plus at the moment.

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      I have one and they are brilliant. Had mine on for the past year and not 1 issue. You must of got a bad one. Most reviews are positive too.

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    I have this exact model and am pretty happy with it. I have passed it around to friends and family and find the desulphation & recondition modes a great benefit to extend the life of batteries. If I had a problem I wouldn't go to the manufacturer, rather the seller who has the obligation to refund or replace…

  • great price I bought mine because it was recommended by RACQ for well over $100. it stopped working out of warranty but I bought another

    next time i'll try to get one that also does lithium

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    I love my C-tek MXS 5. I've used it so much the last 12 months or so, keeping my batteries in top condition.

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    This was a lifesaver last year during lockdowns in VIC, it made sure my car battery didn't shit itself after not being driven much.

  • Got mine a month ago. Works great.

  • Great charger. Use mine for my car and motorbike and keeps the batteries in good condition.

  • Mine is going really well. I use the permanent eye connection for 1 car which has the battery in the boot and the clips for the other car with battery in the engine bay. I spent about 15 bucks on a rubber case for it to reduce damage from bumps etc as it gets used quite a bit. Like posters above I use mine on inlaws and friends cars periodically as well; may as well use it.

  • Great price. Great charger.

  • I've had two in the past that have died. Admittedly while I left them on motorcycle batteries to stop them going flat.

    Someone else here mentioned a car battery lasting 8 years; I've never had a car battery last less than 10 years and that's with no intervention.

    • Regarding battery life, it depends on the car, some cars are notorious for chewing batteries.

      I usually get 7-8 years but this time I replaced my battery at 8ish years before it failed because the voltage was 12.4v, I didn’t have a CTEK yet and SuperCheap had a 25% of sale.

    • Stop/start cars’ batteries don’t get anywhere near that long, more like 3-5 years.

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    Obligatory reminder that Sparesbox were recently involved with a data breach/leak and have so far left it unaddressed, despite myself and many others receiving multiple emails from spammers since.

    • You’d think they would be able to give some kind of update by now.

  • Is it safe to use it for a Mercedes Benz B180?
    Is it easy for a novice to use it safely?

    I am worried whether if will disturb / destroy the electronic systems of the car.

    Thank you.

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      It's perfectly safe. If you get the terminals wrong, it simply won't work.

      Attach the clamps to positive and negative terminal of battery, don't even need to disconnect form car.

    • I use it on a C200 all the time. Don't connect the clamps directly to the battery use the jump starter positive and negative posts provided on the car. Use the car+ AGM setting on the charger.

  • Is this similar to the $9 one from Kmart? (other than 2A vs 5A)

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        Sorry I am a noob here, how different?
        just a no seems doesnt help the actual use case

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          Comparing AMPS is like merely comparing the flow of two hoses. Sure, they are similar in that one hose flows more than the other, but beyond that those hoses can be completely different due to different uses and capabilities (is it a garden hose or a hose for a fire truck?).

          For instance, you shouldn't be charging sealed lead acid (or which AGM is one type of SLA) batteries with the Kmart one. Basically you shouldn't be charging anything other than smaller (<80ah) traditional lead acid batteries with the six caps on top for electrolyte/distilled water top ups. The Kmart charger instruction manual doesn't even seem to list what voltage it even charges at 2A.

          In my case, the charger I use is $260 because it can charge lithium and AGM and has multiple outputs and have custom charge profiles that I can program as I like. But that is mostly because the batteries I play with are anywhere from $400-$1000 each.

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    I prefer the Noco chargers for long term maintenance.
    The CTEK chargers trip out if they detect too much parasitic draw. Pretty pointless for a maintenance charger.
    Noco ones detect the draw and account for it.

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    They must have updated the quantity available.
    I posted it in the insufficient quantity thread as it said only 7 available when I noticed it.

    Great charger though for the price, no issues with mine.

  • Can I use this with a car jump starter? I live in an apartment and do not have powerpoints in the basement carpark.

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      Not sure what you mean?
      Use the jump starter to start your car. This is to charge your battery so you don't need to jump start it….requires a power point though.

      • I don't have a powerpoint near my car, so want to use the jump starter's battery to charge up the car battery. All good, doesnt look like it is possible.

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          No, it's not possible.
          The batteries in the small jump start packs aren't designed for long term power draw like charging a battery.

  • Great product and good price..
    Paid $80.67 (Ebay plus)

  • Hopefully Sparesbox deliver. There's a bit of negative feedback in regards to supply/delivery of the CTEK from the last sale.

  • Have a 7 amp one on my boat running 24/7 if Im not out in it.
    Been 10 years and last batteries lasted 8 years

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    thought I'd post a similar Victron deal for anyone interested. A bit more advanced than CTEK for not much more $$

    low QTY so ended up here. get in quick!.


    • thanks Watts, purchased.

    • I like that the Victron doesn't do desulphation as part of every charge, but was wondering why it doesn't have that mode at all (but does have a reconditioning mode to achieve the same thing), eventually found this in the old version of the manual on the Victron site…

      "Some battery charger manufactures recommend pulse charging to reverse sulfation. However, most battery experts agree that there is no conclusive proof that pulse charging works any better than constant voltage charging. This is confirmed by our own tests."

      So I guess that explains that. I have a Victron solar charger and it's very good, I expect these battery chargers would be as well. Just wish the low current mode was a little lower like the CTEK, 1A or less to use on small AGMs.

  • I can strongly recommend picking up one of these units, especially at this price. I have 2 of them myself, one that constantly sits on a car I've got laid up at the moment and another I have as a spare. I swear by them, can't recommend them strongly enough!!

  • had mine for years, good price.

  • Thanks OP, been after this for a while - great price.

  • This fine to use a trickle charger for a motorcycle?

    • Yes there's even a motorcycle setting which should Auto detect. May be with downloading the manual to find out more

    • I used my MXS7 on my motorcycle all the time. No problem. They even provide a plug that you leave attached to the bike so you don't need to attach to the terminals each time (because the battery is usually hidden under a fairing, or inside the frame).

      Like this https://frankiesautoelectrics.com.au/ctek-56-260-connect-eye...

  • I never owned any charger in the past (completely newbie here). I bought a new 2021 Mazda CX 5 AWD 2 months ago. I am wondering does it work on new Mazda CX5 and would you recommend to use it on new car? Thank you in advance.

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      Yes, no issue. Just float charge your vehicle once a week or fortnight (if battery drops to 12.5X volt range, otherwise don't bother). Every 3 months whack it on full charge mode to remind your battery that it has a job to do. Always remove on completion of either charge mode.

      Positive terminal first, on battery. Then a negative earth, not on the battery, so like a strut mount bolt or similar. Removal is just reversal of connection.

      This is just basic maintenance. Battery water top-ups should be getting sorted at the dealer during your scheduled services.

      • Do you test the battery's volt range with a multimeter? Last question, would you recommend Victron Blue Smart Charger or this?

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          The voltage will show on the charger itself before you switch on any particular mode, so no need for a multimeter.

          Either charger will do just fine.

          If you want, grab the new Victron ip65s. That would be my pick, I'm grabbing one soon to upgrade from my old charger.

  • Thanks was waiting for this.

  • Has anyone used these on motorcycle batteries? I got a flat yuasa.

  • Hmm still haven't shipped.