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Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom 10GB (Non LHR) $1788 + Delivery @ TechFast


Update 2pm 19 Jul: My order which was placed 1 minute before posting this deal just got a tracking number, for reference

Luke from TechFast reached out to me about this incredible deal on a RTX 3080 non-LHR model, a good $150+ off from the recent popular deal

Gainward may not be a well known brand in Australia, but they are a subsidiary of Palit, the largest GPU manufacturers in the world. From a quick look around, this gpu cooling is decent enough to mine ethereum without any further modification if you so choose

Upon further inspection, this card seems to have the same pcb as the Palit GameRock 3080, (Source), and the Palit GameRock is renowned to sometimes be able to mine Eth at 100Mh+ @ 175W, (Source), so you may get lucky :)

From Luke:

Cards will be shipping now through to the end of July. These will be the final non LHR cards we have and are getting.

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  • Thanks OP, bought one.

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    For people on the fence, you can get this and start mining straight away and pocket around $200 bucks/mth instead of waiting and waiting and waiting…

    I went from a 2070 super to a 3080 last October and the performance uplift in 3440x1440 was incredible.

    • any guide on mining ?

    • Don’t forget the tax though. So $200/month may become $140/month depending on your regular income. Of course you can claim back the cost of the machine. It this would be a moot point if you could already claim it for normal work purpose though.

      If the card value decreases more than $140-$200/month in the next months and go back to RRP towards the end of the year then you may actually end up with a loss, if you plan to use the card just for mining.

      • At what point would tax become applicable to mining profits? Would have thought some might just spend their coins.

        • As soon as you mine anything its taxable.

  • Are the capaciter issue still a thing with these cards? Or have they been resolved now?

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      (profanity), what's this?

    • +1

      That was shortly after launch and immediately remedied with a driver update. Absolutely of zero concern.

      • good to know

      • Remedied by dropping clock speed tables and adjusting voltage through driver updates (it took multiple to fix it for everyone)

        • I've had my 3080 since launch and that was close to my memory of it. I never had any of the reported issues (Asus TUF 3080), but the drivers dropped clocks by 15mhz at most on any point of the voltage/frequency table iirc, and from first rearing it's head was solved well within one month.

          • @foxpants: Yeah the TUF cards were one of the only ones that didnt need fixing like the others which is why it was selling out before any of the other cards. My 3080 (gainward not the one OP posted) needed 3 driver updates before it stopped doing weird stuff. GN has a video about it from when these cards launched

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    If you want top notch performance for a little more, the 6900XT for $211 more might be a better buy


    • Extra 14GB of vRam too.

      • Nah 6GB, you're thinking of the 3090

        • You are right.

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    what's the price of 3060Ti will be if i hold? looking to get one , seems prices heavily dropping

  • Why did he “reach out” to you? Why didn’t he post the deal himself?

    • I believe a store rep has a limit of how many deal they can post in a given time

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    sigh… weak-minded soul here and couldn't hold…bought 1 after waiting for so long without gaming… ;'(

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    The reviews are not the best. Here is one:

    There are others writing about it being loud.

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      2-3 Arctic p12 will do wonder

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    What was the RRP in aus for this card when it was released? 1k?

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      around 1100

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    Pass. That logo splatter design across the fans… 🤮

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    At this rate my 1080ti will be replaced with a 4080ti… if I can get it.

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      1080Ti with FSR rocks, so may as well wait for the 4 series :)

    • My 980ti still going strong :D

    • My poor 480…

  • How did things change so fast? All the doomsday folks said wait 2 years until prices drop.
    This is amazing!

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      It's still $700 over RRP.

      • More like $300-400. 3080 was never less than $1100, most of them at launch were between $1250-$1500

        • most of them at launch were between $1250-$1500

          Were those RRP? Or were those prices already jacked?

          FYI, the RRP for Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom is $729 USD.

          After converting to AUD and adding GST you end up around $1071 so I'll stick to what I said about this still being $700 over RRP.

          • @HomeAlone: Its original release price was around 1100 but it was never sold at that price since the release due to the extremely high demand. The jacked price is totally understandable given the demand is incredible. The GPU is never again only for gaming, but making some profit. Therefore, the GPU price will most likely be dynamic in the foreseeable future. Namely, the price will somehow move with those cryptos.

            Maybe someday the price will go back to normal but that will be at least after the release of 4 series and 4 series rrp will be much higher than 3 series because of the reason I mentioned before unless mining is made unprofitble at all by that time either by crypto price itself or GPU manufacturer.

          • +3

            @HomeAlone: ~$1100 was for the founders edition ~$699USD which never came to Australia. PLE, Centrecom, MSY, etc were all selling cards at $1250-1500 well before the mining boom happened - this aligns with AIB cards being $100-200USD more.

            • @ozb1986:

              ~$1100 was for the founders edition ~$699USD which never came to Australia.

              The RRP I mentioned ($729 USD) is specifically for the card in this deal, the Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom. It's RRP is $30 USD higher than FE.

              Also, we have seen cards near that price point.

              eVGA GeForce RTX3080 XC3 Black 10GB $1139


      • Yoiu're confusing Nvidia's MSRP for their cards v.s. the price of their partner cards which were are much higher (with the exception of eVGA).

        • +2

          I'm really not.

          The RRP I mentioned ($729 USD) is specifically for the card in this deal, the Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom. It's RRP is $30 USD higher than FE.

          • -2

            @HomeAlone: Cool well i guess you'll just keep waiting for rrp then.

            Good luck.

  • What's the shipping estimate on these like? i.e. are these currently in stock?

  • +10

    if you have held out since late 2020, no point to buy now - prices will reach close to MSRP.

    or better yet, hold off for next gen.

    would only buy if ur GPU dies or is on its last legs

    • +3

      better yet, hold off for next gen.

      would only buy if ur GPU dies or is on its last legs

      Kinda reminiscent of what people were saying about RTX 2xxx series mid last year…

  • Is instant stock still available?

  • Happy to buy on eBay, Willing to take the risks, as their better than the comments on here.

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    I usually go back to the EVGA Australia page if I need a reminder as to what ‘decent’ pricing should look like … https://au.evga.com/products/productlist.aspx?type=0&family=...

    • +6

      you say 'decent', i say 'unobtainable'

      • Yeah, same as looking at stale prices on StaticIce for out-of-stock listings - waste of time. Not sure if we're ever going back to pre-COVID pricing for GPUs with crypto here to stay

  • Sounds good considering the previous pricing but $1788 is still a good amount of cash just for a graphics card.

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      "just a graphics card" - for many particularly when building a gaming PC, the graphics card is the most vital component.

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    Any good reviews on this card, best I can see it runs noisy and hot, but maybe thats all the 3080s

    • The first comment has a link to a Youtube video. Seems like it's one of the better cards out there.

      • watched that and it seems mainly theoretical, not many actual reviews of the card.

        • It's the same internals as the Palit GameRock which Hardware Unboxed has done a review of - very positive.

          • @ozb1986: I think the cooler is slightly different, but it looks like that fin array is flat and you can just take the shroud off and put proper noctua fans on

            • @mainmast: Someone who had one on Reddit didn't think that was possible, wonder if anyone who gets a techfast build shipped will write a review

            • @mainmast: If that was possible I'd definitely buy it and accept the price but the noise doesn't bode well for my airflow case.

  • Any need for memory cooling pads on this card?

  • If we were not in a pandemic with a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, what would a fair price for this be?

    • +2

      AUD 1100 approx

    • +3


    • +1

      If no shortage with pandemic/crypto etc - street price with discounting would be in the $1000 mark by now, may be even dipping to 950 with ebay sales and whatnot

  • +2

    Anyone had their order shipped yet ?

    • +2

      Ordered within 30 minutes of deal going live on OzB. Have been advised likely shipping near end of July. 🤷‍♂️😢

      • +1

        I ordered within 5 minutes and then another order 10 minutes later (so within the first 15 minutes).

        Not shipped yet and here is the official response from email:

        "Good Morning Matt.

        Thank you for contacting us. The card are being shipped to date order, and will be shipping after all system have had their cards allocated. As such we will be sticking to the July dispatch as mentioned on our website and on our listing. When your order does indeed ship you'll be notified via email, and also be informed of your orders tracking number, which you can use to track your item all the way to your door.

        Kind Regards,

        Sales/Support Agent"

        • Oof, I'm sitting with a faulty GPU and I ordered based on Lukes comment earlier in the thread instead:

          It's both. Good numbers in stock now, but also more coming which will ship later this month. The listing will go dark when it sells through. We aren't taking unlimited preorders.

          • @XSidd: Also ordered based on that comment. Would of been nice to know how much they actually had in stock to ship immediately.

        • +2

          They have been processing my build(with 3080) since Jun, while waiting on that. I am putting more money into their account for another 3080… not sure if this is the right thing to do :-/

    • i'm also still waiting too

    • Only received transaction email so far.

    • Just got the tracking details for my card :)

  • +1

    I picked up a Sapphire 6800xt for $1500 the other day. Good deal or nah?

    • Where?? I've been hunting far and wide for a reasonably priced nitro+ 6800xt.

  • How many are this sold ? Hopefully this are legit with the claim shipping end of July. Just a concern this could turn out a big scam.

  • For people are gamers, this seems to be a very good deal too: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636472

    AMD Ryzen5 5600X 6 Core/12 threads Processor
    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB Video Card (non-LHR, confirmed in the forum)
    1TB SN550 NVMe SSD
    EVGA 850 GA 850W 80+ Gold Full Modular Power Supply
    Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case - White

  • Order placed 13th of July and no update so far, still says order processing on the website, contact by no response, and they don't take phone calls, will go through the bank to report scam and claim money back if they don't ship or respond in the next a few days

    • Hi Petite,

      Are you able to send me a PM regarding this with your order number and I can look into this for you, thank you!

      ~ Christian

      • Status of mine is the same, do I need to send a PM too?

        • +1

          Need more clarify why they only respond, when people wants to claim money back !

      • Ordered 13/07/2021 4:34pm, express post, no shipping details yet. Any news on those will start dispatching ? I've noticed several people already got theirs and was hopeful the second batch would also be dispatched tomorrow? I can provide the TF number if required.

        Thanks and appreciated :)

        • +2

          We sent a large batch out earlier this week, small batches throughout this week and the remainder will be sent when the delivery arrives next week. We are operating at sligthly reduced capacity due to COVID lockdown in SA but we're on track for everything to go out in July as stated. Hang in there.

          • @luketechfast: Thank you kindly.

          • @luketechfast: It's annoying these shipping delays weren't made clear on your webpage.

            I paid the CC surcharge and express post thinking it would speed up my order. It's now been over a week and my order is still sitting there 'processing'

    • I emailed asking if the listing on the site still had instant delivery stock available and they sent a really passive response back almost immediately.

      • Would love to know this too. I paid for Express Postage as I was under the impression they had stock ready to go.

        • There was someone who said they ordered within 30 minutes and it won't be delivered until end of July, so something tells me they really only had stock available for the end of July.

          • @Slutty Bianca: That starts to make sense. They probably has null stock. Just presale way in advance to collect more money for them to preorder even more from the manufacture.
            BTW, my mid Jun build is shipping in next week. I am not sure if anyone here purchased before me got their build already??

          • @Slutty Bianca: I received the tracking number for my card around an hour ago :)

  • I'm just wondering if anyone has received their card yet? How does it perform? How noisy is it etc.?

  • Hi @luketechfast I've placed an order for 2 on 13th July. Order confirmation received 3:15pm. TF4655752631. Deal was posted 2:44pm.
    Paid for express shipping. Havent received any shipping update.
    Can you please confirm the order status mate?
    Based on the wording I'd assume early orders would have been fulfilled but it doesn't look like it from previous comments.

    • +1

      Package received:)
      I'll be able to chuck it in my pc tonight. Happy to try answer any questions then

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