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[Prime] Klipsch Reference R-51M Bookshelf Speaker Pair $273.48 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


I believe this is the lowest price for this, correct me if I am wrong, thanks

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    FYI these look cool but they are 'bright' and depending on how you like your music can be fatiguing due to the horn loaded tweeter.

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      Do they look cool? By and large Klipsch products seems stuck in the 1980's from a case perspective.

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        They're suits approved
        Although maybe not misso approved

    • Yeah, i wonder if a decent valve amp would help mellow them out, like it does with DynAudio gear…

      Im still looking for some Jamo c607 myself, they've become rare 2nd hand, despite being one of their biggest sellers.

      I guess thats what happens when gear is truly 'flawless' for the purpose it was bought for.

      • I have the Jamo 606 and love them. Best $250 i ever spent.
        I agree, good hifi gear is hard to find, there's tonnes of crap out there though :(

        • I have the Infinity R162 and it is so good, I bought it for around $250

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          Without meaning to be elitist, the 'S' series of Jamo was sold to big brand stores, and is genuinely only about half as capable as the C series, which was only provided to dedicated hifi stores with listening environments.

          The S606 is indeed very good, but if you can ever find C607's, you'll be absolutely blown away by just how huge the difference is.

          That said, it does make sense considering the $2XX to $2XXX price difference….

          I had a customer once order TWO (yes two) Pairs (so 4) of the $250k PER SPEAKER solid gold French Triangle speakers.
          They spend 3 months blasting your provided sample sounds through the speakers to help shape the gold….
          When I asked the customer what he was going to power them with, he honestly replied "I don't know if i'll ever really play them, but the guy on the super yacht next to mine, just bought expensive speakers for his deck; so I want to embarrass him"
          well…. touche!

          EDIT: People on Ozbargain love minus voting facts; I dont understand how that works.
          Do people just hear facts they don't like and blame the messenger? I dunno.

          • @MasterScythe:

            Without meaning to be elitist, the 'S' series of Jamo was sold to big brand stores, and is genuinely only about half as capable as the C series, which was only provided to dedicated hifi stores with listening environments.
            The S606 is indeed very good, but if you can ever find C607's, you'll be absolutely blown away by just how huge the difference is

            the retail price difference between these two wasnt that big
            like $1200 v $1800 or something

            They sell the 'c' series only to hifi stores to allow for hifi stores to maintain margin and not have to price comparison shop against big-box stores

            • @SBOB: Yep, but not in the direction you'd expect…. The big-box stores had a higher margin (Jamo C series had about 7-15 points in it, at most, to reach the $1800 price tag).
              My dads mate owns a HarveyNorman, and they had upward of 27 points in the S series.

              If you've ever blown them up, and had a chance to unwind the drivers, the difference in accuracy on the copper is actually visually different; and the magnets are subtly differently shaped also. It wasn't an 'all in the name' thing.
              Probably the biggest difference was the cabinet tough; the C series was extremely thick.

              • @MasterScythe:

                Jamo C series had about 7-15 points in it, at most, to reach the $1800 price tag

                been many many years since my time in HiFi retail, but we had Jamo and B&W higher end series, and they definitely had WAY more margin than that.

                In hindsight I wish i had spent way more on my own staff purchase of speakers from Jamo with their awesome discount. Only bought the 'e' 600 series back then.

                • @SBOB: B&W had worlds of margin, hells yes.
                  We actually had a staff policy in store in regards to the Jamo C607 specifically; unless the customer specifically asked for them, they had to be our 'last' demo we provided. Purely because selling them barely covered our staff+product cost; It was probably specifically that model that had low margin (and it's accompanying bookshelf version). If we started being able to move centre channels and stuff like that, yeah the margin jumped to 15-20 points or so.

          • @MasterScythe: +1 for the funny story (can't comment on the facts) :)
            At least he was honest :D

            • @gunslinger: Yeah, dude was straight up baller.
              Turns out he owned all those giant twin-corkscrew trucks that turn swamp into farmable land, and he was almost literally printing endless money, as various governments\councils rented them.

              He was my biggest ticket repeat customer; before him, it was a dude who kept buying M&K home theatres and wouldn't explain why he needed so many (because he wasn't buying them under a business name or whatever for tax).

              Beyond-rich people are weird.

      • The Jamo S 803 actually dips below $300 quite frequently on Amazon and would be a great option for a 2 channel setup.

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      also comes down to what is powering them!

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    Great price. Just wish these are powered

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      Very important detail there, do these require a power amp to drive?

      • These are the powered versions Klipsch R-15PM

      • yes, you need an amp.

        I'm using an SMSL AD18 on my desk but other speakers i'm using an AV receiver

  • great price, the last deal was $468.30


    a quick google locally shows $494 at Clef

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    Seems to be linked to this Christmas in July sale in the US

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    This is for one speaker, and delivery is $145.10

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      it says in the specifications 'Number Of Items ‎2'

      it's the same listing as last time.

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        My mistake! Thanks for the correction :)

        Though delivery is still $145.10

      • Is there anybody here who can confirm they got a pair from this listing last time and not a single?

  • Is this just for 1 speaker? The picture is 1 and the description does not use plural "speakers" -

    Leveraging a 1" aluminum tweeter matted to Klipsch proprietary Tractrix horn-loaded technology - the R-51M bookshelf speaker delivers incredible acoustics to fill your home with loud, crystal-clear sound and robust bass that no ordinary bookshelf speaker can.

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      it's for a pair. See previous deal and also in the specificaitons it lists 2

    • "Number Of Items ‎2"

  • Never heard these before, would it be better than my current edifier s3000pro? (In terms of sound quality) (the edifiers are preamped)


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      Speaker are quite difficult to compare and very personal and also depends on what you will use it for and what kind of music.

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    I would suggest holding off one this one and look for a RP series deals, those are the premium range Klipsch speakers - e.g. RP-500M , RP-504c (for center channel) etc.

    The RP (reference premiere) series have titanium tweeters and Cerametallic woofers and are considerably less bright than reference series.

    • I agree with the RP series but what's the price?

  • Despite reassurances it REALLY looks like one speaker only. The specs list for any Amazon product is notorious for being filled out incorrectly, and '2 items' could relate to it's a two way speaker.

    • Two way speaker means 2 drivers, it's still 1 speaker. Don't see how 2 items would indicate 1 speaker.

      • I agree on both your observations. But my point was errors often occur obviously made by people without the same understanding or attention to detail as you or I.

        If it wasn't for the title showing a single speaker AND announcing a "speaker", while the other related listings show images of a pair, and say "speakerS" plural, AND even say "pair", I wouldn't be so suspect.

    • It says it's a 2.0 speaker system, it says there's 2 items, and the ASIN points to multiple sites saying it's a pair.

  • One great thing about Amazon, one can easily return the item if it does not meet the expectation.

  • My old Mission M71 Bookshelf Speakers died recently. Without the benefit of listening in person, do you guys reckon this Klipsch would be a good replacement?

    Been using the M71 mainly for music, powered by a Denon audio amp.

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    The price is up to "$345.01"

  • I have R-41M's powered by a Cheap Chinese amp i picked up from an ozbargain deal for $40. People say they're bright but i don't find them overly bright. Mind you i bashed my ears with loud car stereos for most of my late teens so this might have an impact.

  • Back in stock, this time @ $319.92.

  • Trying to understand if will be any additional charges such as GST or import duties. Anyone able to confirm?

    Also does the price fluctuate based on a few different factors (Was $273.48, now $313.98)?

    Considering buying these as rear, 5.1 speakers.

    • Double post ;-/

    • It will state if additional charges are applicable.

      Best to keep watching as the pricing and availability are all over the place, thus it's best to by from Amazon when on sale under Prime.