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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $99 + $6.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Both the chalk and charcoal versions are available, C&C or add delivery (starting from $6.99).

These are going for $124 at Officeworks so consider doing a price beat for another 5% off the JB Hi-Fi price.

Free 3 Month Trial of YouTube Premium for New Users with Selected Nest Device Purchase @ YouTube via JB Hi-Fi / The Good Guys

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    I want it, but don't really need it…

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    Nest Hub Max $100 off is a good deal too:
    https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-nest-hub-max-charc... at $249

    Officeworks price beat it as they still have it for $298

  • Can purchase from Bunnings for a price beat against Harvey Norman. Bought two last week for $70 each.

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      Are you sure it was Gen 2? Haven't seen $70 price for Gen 2.

      • HN have gen 1 for $78. Maybe you got lucky at Bunnings and got gen 2 without them checking properly.

        • Yes, was gen 1 at HV, and Bunnings only has gen 2. They checked several times and did the price beat.

          • @NBSales: I had no luck with Kingsgrove one last week. They search up HV on their end & saw gen 1 & 2 listings. GL for everyone else

    • Hi, are you referring to the 1st gen? Thanks.

  • Purchased gen 2.

  • Seems they have added an extra bonus offer. Add a Lenovo smart plug for $10, normally $29


    • That offer seems to have been removed - there is a "buy 2 smart plugs for $40" offer on though

      Purchase 2 x Lenovo Smart Plugs for $40!
      All items must be purchased in the same cart transaction to receive bundle offer, delivery fees apply.
      Offer valid until July 31 2021.

  • Any doorbell that can stream a video feed to this hub on ring? Seems like the Nest Doorbell is the only one, with some iffy comments around "Google Assistant supported" third party doorbells. Would have to import one if that's the case.

  • Does JB accept return if its not opened? Ordered a gift at relative's place and just thinking if they can return if not required.

    • Yeah, JB are good for returns and refund.

      • Just never buy thier extended warranty, I had a nightmare of a time trying to claim it. Raising a case to the ACCC under Australian consumer Law would have been far faster and cheaper in my experience.

        • Not really worth buying extended warranty on a $99 item (in my opinion only) especially when a non essential item.

  • Might be better off going with the max these are tiny like my bank balance.

  • does bunnings not price match with jb hifi?

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    Google official store has the Nest Hub 2nd gen at $99 as well. I think postage is free.

    • https://store.google.com/au/product/nest_hub_2nd_gen?hl=en-G...

      Free delivery is good.

      Also, once I had an issue with a mini that the official store sorted really quickly.

      Doesn't say anything about 3 months free YouTube though, but I suspect it might offer when you open up the box.

      • So there are some informative/worrying aspects to the website & accompanying YT video link.

        Sorry no mention of the 3 months free YT Anywhere - think it's an other than Google retailer bonus to get buyers in (I think even Telstra has it, but maybe on the Max Hub).

        They say "Your snores and other noises don't leave your device" - assume this IS true - however you need to set your usual sleeping position - device has light, ultrasonic, some other motion sensor and presumably sends data on when the go to sleep calming noises are started and whether you snooze the hub alarm in the morning and how many times.

        Video on YT is 4 months old and says free preview of sleep sensing ends "Next Year". Only reason there is a subscription is due to either data going back to Google OR just so the data can be sent to Google Fit - either way that's data transfer even if it's private and simple data on timing of events.

        Free delivery ends sometime and presumably this special price ends due to :-

        *Promotion period starts 15/07/2021
        at 00:00 and ends 23/07/2021 at 00:00
        Unless otherwise allowed, this offer
        cannot be combined with other offers.

        What was eye-opening was under which device works or is available in which country - No Google Wifi + 3 extender devices in Australia, also No padlocks, security cameras or any thermostat controls in Australia either - don't know if bought if they'd work or Google simply won't let them register in Australia (was gonna buy the G WiFi & 3 extender cheaper restored model - may not work at all IF it needs logging in as country location).

      • OK, both Gen 2 Hubs arrived (great work by Telstra & StarTrack sent Friday arrived 4:40pm Monday cheaper postage not premium) - slight disappointment with capabilities so far, need to leave mobile at an 8 foot distance to use it.

        YES 3 months free YT is offered (in YT BUT only for first time users - just the standard spiel offer nothing to do with Hubs.).

        So was wondering - G Home app says Hub uses V low power radar to check if you are moving, rolling over too much while sleeping. (not scared more EM from under a giant Powerline or within 2 blocks of an AM radio station).

        Also yeah says "next year possibly not free" but "will inform you before" and don't have to give CredCard detes to enter free sleep preview. Also says pets & kids in same bed will invalidate results. Would need one on either side of a double bed.

        Hub is a sort of touchscreen swipe, music/video player & audio response device - just plain searching with a button click and voice seems impossible (yeah can "Hey Google…" but a button would solve the Double response from mobile & Hub issue - thought it had a home button on right rear side - nah volume up & down.)

        Love the voice, updating graphics, even the 2 power cord click doohickeys to hold the 4 loops is great. Not a fan of the larger round 2 pin power plug - design gimmick or maybe built-in fuse protect?

        So yeah G Home routines seem to be different from my phone ones - wow speaker seems loud - will try alarm tomorrow - alright selection of Light, Medium & Heavy tunes - set for Heavy Acoustic.

        Having a fun time trying to get my one Vivitar Colour & Bright bulb to connect - will have to move Bulb, mobile & Hub 10 metres closer to modem to set up (best Android app is Vivitar Smart Security 2 - easier but slower to log bulbs/device in).

  • $89 on eBay from The Good Guys (using code AFTERPAY10). Was possibly $84 yesterday if PJULY17 worked.

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    $75 via the good guys (10% code: TODAY) and with latitude pay ($15 off)

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      Nice, $74.10 in total with discounts, don't need it, but can't pass up a bargain.

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    These trojan horses should be free

  • GREAT price OP BUT :- Telstra Rewards has :-

    Home Technology & IoT
    Hot Offer

    Offer ends 12 Aug 2021

    Google Nest Hub Gen 2

    OLD → >50,000 points
    NOW → >32,000 points

    Choose how many points you’d >like to use to redeem this reward.

    50000 points + $0
    32,000 points + $0
    Min. 2,000 pts + $99

    Verify and Redeem

    Free delivery.

    and YES you can order 2 (got 66,000 points to use - chat said order one through MyTelstra app or website then order another - suggest use same method for both).

    ALSO see can get Chrome Cast with Google Remote for $79 + Delivery or Free? C&C at Good Guys OzB link :-


    so will get for older lounge TV too .

    • +1

      Telstra need to lower their points+pay price for that to be competitive. Technically they should drop the points amount too.

      • Agreed - was gonna wait till Monday to order (due for 1st vaccine shot on Tuesday - but missed out on the 2 year old Motorola phone stock so went ahead - hopefully re-direct to Post Office if needed).

        Missed out on still running Click Frenzy GaGa deals too - might still get an Apple 6 watch thru a donation - darn thing won't talk to Android phones anyway.

        Due to Covid delays could take a While to get sent even - Aaah just received 1st "# is why" (# is first name) email from T's latest fricking weird touristy-looking campaign.

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