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Bosch 9kg Series 8 Front Load Washing Machine WAW28620AU $1,279.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


iDos model - again not the cheapest on OzB but I've been watching this for a while and good enough for me to pull the trigger. Hope it helps anyone else who is after one.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Whats the difference between this model and that:

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      One's a washing machine and the linked product a free Acer Tablet (A200) with Purchase of a Computer from a Limited Range @ Harvey Norman 😅

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      WAW is made in Germany, the other one is made in China.

  • We have had one of these for two years … and have had two warranty claims in that time :( Of course YMMV. And it does a good job when it's working.

    • What have been the issues with it?

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        One issue was that the inlet solenoid sprung a small leak, internally spritzing nearby components with water (unbeknownst to us) for a period of time … including the iDOS compartment connector, a control board and so on. All that stuff got rusty/damaged and had to be replaced. A second, more minor issue was that the "aquastop" hose, which is supposed to stop your house getting flooded in the event of a hose burst emergency, stopped letting water through at all. They replaced the hose, but then the second aquastop hose had a leak from new. IDK, maybe just a run of bad luck

        • Thanks for the info. I was slightly concerned that having more features = more things that can break.

          • @Lewd: No worries. Yeah, although the fancy i-DOS soap drawer did stop working, it was because its connector got sprayed from the leaking valve … so I guess it was an extra feature that broke, although the root cause was a standard component.

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    Bosch Washers with the "WAW" prefix are made in Germany.
    That said, from memory, I think that the current Bosch stuff is made in the former East Germany.

    • Certain batches of WAW are made only on an equinox day in a small workshop in Westest Germany.

  • Great washing machine… absolutely love it.

  • Replaced my 15-year-old Asko washing machine a few weeks ago with this for $1311 delivered from Appliances online, less noisy, and liked the i-Dos function

  • Does anyone know the difference between this model and WAW28420AU?

  • Good price. GG Commercial shows $1425 .

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